25 Hidden Missions Only Super Fans Know Are In Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series, or GTA as it is often called, is an action adventure game by Rockstar Games. It is one of the highest sold and rated games in the video game industry drawing plenty of acclaim (and controversy) with the games released for the series. Believe it or not, this worldwide bestseller began in 1997 under DMA Design, that would later become Rockstar North Limited. The series really took off and carved itself a spot in video game history with Grand Theft Auto III its first 3D and open-world title.

The object of the game is to rise up in the ranks of the criminal underworld, with players able to perform a number of crimes that gains them money and status. Pulling heists, taking out enemies (or anyone that gets in the way) and, of course, stealing cars are only a few things to do in the fictional cities of GTA. GTA V is still one of the best selling games after five years, selling over 100 million copies since it first came out. And with GTA Online, fans can play together with up to 30 people running the streets of San Andreas.

To progress through the story in single-player, players must complete missions which can earn them cash, status and will even unlock new items for them to use like cars and outfits. People who are fans of the GTA series are usually die-hard ones, where getting a 100% completion on the game is a must. But is a little hard to do, as there are missions that are easily missed or downright hidden within the game. This list brings 25 hidden missions most fans have missed in the GTA series.

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25 Crash Rescue (GTA V)

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There are 60 random encounter missions in GTA V that can only be triggered by being at the right spot at the right time. A player can help out the survivor of a fiery car crash, Taliana Martinez, and escort her to her safe house in Sandy Shores.

The player should make sure to have a fast car and get Taliana there quickly, or she'll succumb to her injuries and pass away.

Completing the mission successfully gains Taliana as an ally for future heists!

24 Double-Action Revolver (GTA Online)

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Rockstar Games has had a teasing relationship with game modders in GTA V, leaving behind messages and clues to keep them guessing on what they'll release next. And there were quite a few clues leading to the release of this new mission created by Rockstar to promote the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PS4 and Xbox One. This mission involves a treasure hunt to unlock a new weapon called the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online. It also unlocks another challenge that will earn the player $250,000 and unlock the same weapon for them in RDR 2!

23 Epsilon (GTA V)

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For fans of the GTA series, the Epsilon cult is familiar as it was indirectly mentioned in GTA IV. In GTA V it plays a much bigger role in the game.

Michael can even become a member.

The player can go to the in-game Epsilon website to initiate the mission. From there the player has to complete a series of eight missions. In the final mission, the player can choose whether to stay loyal or betray the cult. Loyalty gets the player a rusty tractor, and betrayal about 2.1 million dollars. Decisions... decisions.

22 Countryside Robbery (GTA V)

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Los Santos has no shortage of criminals from petty thieves to Kingpins. It wouldn't be unusual to drive by a crime in progress that the player best stay out of. But being nosy pays off with this random encounter as the player finds themselves witnessing a standoff between two criminals and the police. The player can walk off five grand richer by stealing the two briefcases that the criminals have and taking them out, without drawing the attention of the police.

21 Hunting With Cletus (GTA V)

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There are a number of hobbies and past times available to do in GTA V, including hunting! It can only be unlocked by Trevor and only after completing his second mission with Cletus Ewing, a friend of Trevor's. Players are able to complete three more challenges once hunting is unlocked and the player can hunt and sent photos of what they hunted to Trevor to gain money. But be careful, there are cougars about and they will attack the player.

20 Omega (GTA V)

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Aliens have been talked about in other GTA games in the series, and they are referenced more than once in GTA V. The missions are given to the player by Omega has them looking for 50 Spaceship Parts that are scattered all around San Andreas. The player can then gives the Spaceship Parts to Omega who builds a glowing device that can fly! The player is rewarded with a special vehicle called the Space Docker. Rock on Space Cowboy, rock on.

19 Lester's Hit List (GTA V)

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Anyone who plays GTA V has gotten very familiar with Lester. He's one of the characters that gives out missions throughout the game, and is the planner and information scout for heists. He is quite the character and while he isn't one of the nicest in the game (honestly, who is "nice" in a GTA game), his social awkwardness can grow on a person. It also helps that he will make a player a lot of money, especially with his series of side missions that has the player taking out characters that affect the stock market.

18 Xin Of The Father (GTA: Chinatown Wars)

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Chinatown Wars is a GTA series originally released for the Nintendo DS, PSP, and later released for mobile phones and tablets.

Players take on the role of Huang Lee the spoiled son of a Triad Boss who finds himself in Liberty City after losing his father.

Just like any other GTA game, there are missions and side mission to do to progress the story, but the only way to unlock this mission was to have a registered account with Rockstar Games Social Club and to find the game collectibles, the Lions of Fo.

17 Bus Tour (GTA V)

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Fans of the series love all the action and adventure that comes from the high-speed chases and the rain of bullets. But every once in a while it might be nice to just... relax and take things easy. Well, players can with this random encounter mission by approaching the tour guide in western Vinewood. The player gets to enjoy a nice and relaxing tour for $40. The whole tour takes between 15-20, but it is a great way to see the landmarks and Vinewood and Rockford Hills.

16 A Starlet In Vinewood (GTA V)

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This mission is only unlocked after finding all 50 letter scraps in the game. It unlocks the mission "A Starlet in Vinewood" for Franklin. The mission is about the unfortunate events that surround the actress Leonora Johnson. It reveals the identity of the person who took her life, Peter Dreyfuss in 1975. The player can confront Dreyfuss at his house and either let him go or dish out some vigilante justice. There isn't a reward for completing this mission, but solving this cold case could be considered enough of an award.

15 Emergency Vehicle (GTA III)

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Need a little break from all the crime and mayhem? In GTA III players can save lives and bring a little bit of order back to Liberty City by hopping into any emergency vehicle. With the ambulance, players have to pick up and drive patients to the nearest hospital, safely. Players can rise up in levels with every successful delivery, gaining more money as a reward. There's even an added bonus for players who rescue a certain number of patients, they can gain health and adrenaline pickups and even unlock Infinite Sprint. Looks like it does pay to be nice!

14 Burial (GTA V)

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Another mission that fans might have missed in the GTA series is the "Burial" random encounter. It is triggered by driving along a certain dirt road in Paleto Bay. The player will find two men trying to bury a woman. Save the woman by taking the men (and grabbing their stuff), and then give her a ride to Vinewood Hills.

On the way there she reveals that she is Antonia Bottino, the daughter of a former crime boss.

Once she's dropped off, the player will get a phone call from her and receive $60,000 as a reward! Grazie Antonia!

13 Grassroots (GTA V)

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The Grassroots mission is apart the Strangers and Freaks missions in GTA V. It can be played by any of the three protagonists. All three of them come across a guy named Barry, who is trying to strum up support for his uh... cause. He gives out a free "sample" to each of the characters, which cause Michael and Trevor to see things. Michael has to eliminate aliens while Trevor has to take care of a horde of clowns, two things each man fears respectively. Franklin's mission is more based in reality and is a pickup and deliver mission.

12 Duel (GTA V)

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This random event mission only shows up for returning players on Next-Gen consoles. Once the mission is started, a car will spawn that the player can get into and drive off. However, two Cluckin' Bell trucks will cut the player off in the middle of the street, and the drivers of the trucks will step out, submachine guns blazing. Taking cover and taking out both truck drivers before they can fire at the player is the strategy for this mission. And the reward is the car used in the mission, called the Duke O'Death!

11 Becoming Bigfoot (GTA V)

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Everyone has a wild side to them, an animal that is just waiting for the chance to be let out of the cage. And in GTA V, players are given the chance to let those wild sides loose by collecting and eating the Peyote collectibles that are found in Los Santos and Blaine County. Each plant will "turn" the player into a different animal and give them the chance to unlock the special "golden" peyote plant that will let them play as Big Foot in Director Mode!

10 Dock 'U' Mental (GTA: Chinatown Wars)

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The PSP version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars offered two missions and a new character. These missions and character are exclusives to the PSP and are the last two mission for Huang. Dock'u'mental is the first and it finds Huang meeting Melanie Mallard, a documentary filmmaker. Melanie wants to make a name for herself by capturing the activities of the Triads in Liberty City and Huang has to escort her to the docks, where she can film the Triads getting a shipment.

9 Escape The Paparazzi (GTA V)

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Fans of GTA V are already familiar with Paparazzi due to several missions involving Beverly Felton, a paparazzo that enlists Franklin's help. The things Beverly asks the player to do are far from savory, but this random event mission just might help clean one's conscious. In it, the player comes across a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi. Driving them home and shaking the paparazzi that chase after them relentless will reward a player with $750. And a great opportunity for a selfie; say "VINEWOOD!"

8 Getaway Driver (GTA V)

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In this random event mission, fans get to see a familiar face from GTA IV, Packie McReary! They also get the chance to help him and his boys out as they need a getaway driver. To complete this mission the player has to drive Packie and his gang back to their hideout, safely and without drawing too much attention from the cops. Completing it will earn the player $1000 and Packie's services in future robberies. Just how sweet is that?

7 Nuclear Waste (GTA V)

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This hidden mission is only available after completing "The Merryweather Heist" and buying the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove. Upon unlocking it, a Minisub will be available to use for free that will help the player find the various barrels of nuclear waste that located in the sea of Los Santos. Use the Trackify app to locate and keep track of the barrels collected. Each barrel is worth $23,000 and collecting them all grants an additional $250,000! Who knew being environmentally friendly could pay so well?

6 Monkey Mosaics (GTA V)

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Most fans might find a few of these monkey mosaics around town as they play, but how many of them have actually found out why they were there? Taking pictures of all 50 of the monkey mosaics unlocks new outfits (different ones between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin), and the Monkey Mosiac random event where the player can unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista. The random event has the player trying to catch the maker of the mosaics and is only available in the enhanced version of the game.

5 Factory Fun (GTA: Chinatown Wars)

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This is the second of the PSP exclusive missions for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It features Huang doing another mission for the documentary filmmaker Melanie Mallard. This time she wants Huang to break into a warehouse owned by the Triads. While Melanie films the activities going on, Huang has to battle his way through enemies destroy what is inside the factory and take out the factory boss. The mission pays homage to a mission in GTA San Andreas, which has a similar premise.

4 Stop A Mugging (GTA V)

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One of the interesting things that have made the GTA series so fun is that bad behavior is most often rewarded. But it is nice to do something good every once in a while.

Something to bring a little good karma between all the crime and destruction.

There are several random event mission that has the player helping instead of hurting Los Santos, which include three missions where the players can retrieve the stolen wallets of citizens. In one of them, the player can gain $200 and a full Ability bar!

3 Hidden Packages (GTA III)

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Most fans will remember that in GTA III the only collectibles to be found are in the Hidden Packages that are spread Shoreside Vale, Portland, and Staunton Island. The main character, Claude, can collect these packages for money. About $1000 for every package. What is even nicer is that every ten packages that are collected earn the player a new weapon pickup at every safehouse. They can even get Body Armour. And the best part is that collecting all 100 packages gets them a Rocket Launcher and $1 million!

2 Seaplane (GTA V)

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The Dodo plane has been in the GTA series before, with GTA III and San Andreas. While it certainly is not the fastest plane available and its description on Elitas Travel a little more than sketchy, fans that have the enhanced version of GTA V on the Next-Gen consoles were able to grab this plane for their own. During the Seaplane random event, players have to take out a group of gangsters in the Coveted Cove and steal the plane.

1 Stone Hatchet Challenge (GTA Online)

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This challenge comes directly from Rockstar and ties in with the future release of the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. Trevor's friend Maude Eccles sends a text message to the player, putting out five new bounty targets for the player. Turning each bounty in (or taking them out) reveals the location of a powerful new weapon called the Stone Hatchet, that allows the player to go into "Rampage" mode. Just like with the Double-Action Revolver challenge it will also unlock a weapon to be used in Red Dead Redemption 2!

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