25 Hidden Quests Fans Missed In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has an expansive world with lots of quests to find. Here are some of the ones that are most commonly missed by players.

To say Fallout 4 is packed with content and quests would be an understatement. There is no shortage of adventures to be had and it would be no surprise to find out that you may have missed some of Fallout 4’s more subtle yet entertaining side quests along the way to finding Shaun.

These quests most certainly vary in size with some being simple fetch and grab while others are much more in-depth and require many steps to complete them. None of these are derived from the main story of the game so you're not guaranteed to have found these quests on your playthroughs unless you thoroughly explored the Commonwealth to see what glorious treasures and stories she had waiting for you.

Some of these quests are also miscellaneous and you may even need to follow a lead you hear about on the street or while drinking a beer at a bar. And while several require the Far Harbor and Nuka-World expansions there are no mod or Creation Club adventures here. It’s all available if you own the game and those two DLCs.

There are a ton of hidden secrets and quests hidden away in the ravaged cityscape of the Commonwealth and you owe it to yourself to get out there and find everything that the world has to offer you so that can truly master the wasteland!

25 He's Been Trapped A While...

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So we’re gonna start off running with this one! With this quest, you will find a child inside a fridge (as the name suggests) near University Point. You will learn about how he came to be trapped in the fridge and how long he was in there for. You will then be tasked with reuniting him with his family or a very sinister alternative that only the truly evil choose. But hey, it's your game, do what you want!

24 A New Faction

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You'd be doing yourself a huge disservice by not heading southeast and meeting the Atom Cats. They are most certainly one of the more interesting groups of survivors in the Commonwealth. They’re a rad group of cats who are super into their power armor and as long as long as you're also into power armor than they are sure to dig you! It's certainly not a long quest and there isn't much to it but you owe it to yourself to at least meet them.

23 Mixing Things Up

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Make sure you check out the Hotel Rexford the next time that you're in Goodneighbor, as you can pick up this sweet quest there. Talk to Rufus inside the hotel lobby and he will task you with going to a local drinking hole and retrieving a custom Protectron named Buddy, designed to be a server. What really makes this quest cool is that if you want, you can decide to keep Buddy all to yourself and send him to one of your many settlements where he will continue to provide you with different Gwinnett brews based on how many recipes you have found for him.

22 Here There Be Monsters

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It is VERY easy to miss this quest as the only hint you have to find it is a small kid yelling from a dock about seeing a monster in the water. Except it isn't a monster, it's a Chinese submarine named the Yangtze and it’s actually the one responsible for the nuking of Boston. You will be tasked with making repairs to the ship so definitely go check it out whenever you get the chance. And make sure you bring Rad-X.

21 The Lost Treasure

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Nothing pulls people in like the rumors of treasure and that’s exactly what you get with the Treasure of Jamaica Plains. Once you manage to get through the large number of Ghouls infesting the ruins, make your way into the bunker and past the crazy defenses to grab the treasure that lies within. Make sure you bring Preston along too as his reaction to the treasure is one of my favorites. It will definitely be worth your time… or is it?

20 A Mystery To Solve

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Want to break up the monotony of going somewhere and ending something and getting a reward? Then check out this quest if you haven't already as it’s actually a mystery and you must use your detective skills to figure out whodunnit! It’s a pretty unique quest and you can find it in a secret vault inside of a hotel in Far Harbor. Just talk to the crazy robot running around the town of Far Harbor. It’s got quite the twist ending!

19 Strange Material

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If you thought that Trouble Brewin’ was the only quest available to you inside the Hotel Rexford, then you got another thing coming. When entering the Rexford, you can speak to Fred Allen about work and he will send you to the Hallucigen Building where you will see first hand the effects of hallucinogenics on the minds of your enemies. Plus you get to see some of there test areas during this quest and you will be able to see the many battlefield applications for the substance.

18 Flexing The Artistic Muscles

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What is one of, if not the most recognizable landmarks in Boston? Well, it’s Fenway Park of course, and even after 200 years of decay, war, and radiation storms, the great wall of Boston has managed to stay vibrantly green all this time. But that doesn’t happen by itself, so you will be tasked by the walls caretaker, Abbot, with running to grab a fresh coat of green paint from the local hardware store and apply it to the wall. Simple enough.

17 Trip To The Stars

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How do you feel about fanatical nuts? Well, this quest will let you help out a group of wackos who worship a hubcap… yeah, a hubcap. In the dangerous land of Nuka-World, if you decide to explore the area outside of the park you may come across the Hubologists who will ask you to fetch a few things for them so that they can make their grand pilgrimage to a “crashed UFO.” It’s definitely not formulaic and gives an interesting decision to make at the tail end of the quest.

16 The Great Hunt

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If you have been to the town of Far Harbor then you likely met the Mariner. She is the repairwoman in charge of maintaining and strengthening the Hull of the town and will send you on several trips to help her secure the town. After those trips, she will tell you about an urban legend that you get to track down which ends in a deeply hilarious way. Just make sure you do everything the Mariner asks of you so that you can see for yourself.

15 Becoming A Scientist

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Who likes Chemistry and experimentation? How about an absurd amount of radiation and deeply aggressive Feral Ghouls? If you answered yes, then have I got a quest for you to check out! If you happen to find yourself by Cambridge then you may come across a lab. When you enter you will be mistaken for a very late employee and you will need to complete the experiment if you hope to get out. It involves finding chemicals and combining to make the right compound. It’s pretty different from the usual quest formula.

14 Doing Some Cleaning

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Hey, do you like ending bad guys indiscriminately? Of course, the wasteland is filled with them, but if you chat it up with Whitechapel Charlie and purchase some drink from him, he’ll offer you a job where you will just have to do some “light housecleaning” in the warehouses around Goodneighbor. It's simple and to the point and gives you plenty of action.

13 Solving The Case

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In case you don’t search every inch of every room you walk into you may not have realized that there are case files in the office of Nick Valentine. You can pick up this file to follow the trail of the Gilded Grasshopper which will take you through some very intense Super Mutant infested areas as well as a graveyard. It pays out pretty handsomely as well so definitely give it a look next time you're in Diamond City.

12 Bettering Her Life

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She’s trusty, she's awesome, and whenever you need her, Cait is there to beat somebody down for you. After hanging out with Cait for long enough she will ask you to help her with a personal matter. This quest will take you to a vault to help Cait undergo a very dangerous procedure in hopes of bettering her life. However, this quest will be unavailable until you have built up a relationship with her so you better get to spending time together if you hope to access this quest!

11 Out In Left Field

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Baseball is one of the most beloved American traditions and if you go talk to Moe Cronin in Diamond City he will send you on a quest to retrieve 3 very important artifacts of pre-war baseball. It is nice to think that you are working towards preserving something instead of always destroying when it comes to the Fallout universe. Of course, Moe is an idiot and has no idea what baseball actually was or how it was played but it's the thought that counts, right?

10 Cleaning The Pool

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When traveling around Diamond City you will come across Sheng Kowalski who is a kid who runs a water purification system in the back of the city. He will ask you to help him by cleaning out the water supply. However, you will find more than you bargained for when you go down there and find something that definitely shouldn't be there, and it will make you question if you should ever trust the water in Diamond City again.

9 Short Stories

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This is nice and simple and the reward is pretty great to boot! All that’s required for this one is for you to tell a story of your adventure to a class of students inside Vault 81. You're free to embellish the story or just blatantly lie about what unfolded. You will be gifted with a skill magazine upon completing the very short quest and all you had to do was interact with children. That's not so hard, right?

8 Memories Are Fickle

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This is one quest that most of you are very likely to have missed as it's likely your first time in the Memory Den will be when you head there with Nick, and at the point, the quest is no longer available. If you head there before saving Nick Valentine then you will be able to hop into a Memory Lounger and you get to relive the worst day of your character's life all over again. Yay!

7 Bank On It

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It was definitely an epic moment when the Brotherhood of Steel finally arrived in the Commonwealth and if you find yourself within their ranks, then you will likely want to explore the Prydwen in all its glory. Though you may have missed speaking to Senior Scribe Nariah who will ask you to help her with her research. All you will have to do is bring her Viable Blood Samples from the many wasteland creatures you end and she will reward you with a special Anti-Radiation substance.

6 Hole In The Wall

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This quest requires a bit of groundwork before becoming available as you will need to first gain access to Vault 81 and then rescue a cat and then come back and find out that a horrible Mole Rat disease has taken hold a small child and you must venture deeper into the vault to find a cure and save the child while also meeting a friendly face. It's a lot for such a small underground bunker.

5 Going Back To The Beginning

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Many of you likely never found this quest as I imagine most people probably stopped playing once they finally destroyed the Institute. However, if you make your way back to Diamond City after the final duel with the Synth creators, you will find that one of Piper’s many ramblings was, in fact, true all along and you must save an innocent person from a mechanical menace. I won't say who it is so that you can find out for yourself. I’m not a jerk like that.

4 Something's Wrong With The Museum...

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While exploring and doing the usual in the Commonwealth, you may overhear someone talking about the Museum of Witchcraft located north near Salem. You will need to go explore the museum and see what evils are lurking there. And then you will be faced with an ethical dilemma where you must choose whether you will help the enemy or get paid! Which will you choose? You are going to have to face-off against quite the beast first!

3 The Mystery Of Vault 75

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This may be one you haven't found if you aren’t one who particularly enjoys searching around vaults without any prompted reason to. When you are exploring Malden Middle School you will receive the quest, and all you have to do is make your way to the overseer’s terminal and read the entries. However, there is an army of Gunners between you and your goal so you will have to get through them first.

2 Pickman's Craft

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If you find yourself in Goodneighbor, make sure to ask Hancock if he has any work he needs done. He will inform you of a place he needs checked out. This place is the Pickman Gallery and to say that the place is interesting wouldn’t do it justice. There is a good amount of loot to be found here but that's definitely not the only thing you will find here. Just wait until you meet Pickman himself…

1 Running The Gauntlet

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The start of the Nuka-World DLC is anything but forgiving as you have to run the gauntlet and face off against the overboss of the park. Well, if you haven’t gone back to Nuka-World in a while after getting the place up and running, then you may be missing out on the opportunity to really flex your muscles. Just as you had to, you will face off against survivors as they manage to make their way through the gauntlet and it will be your job to put an end to them every time they show up. One of these encounters will even net you a pretty powerful unique weapon.

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