25 Hidden Quests Fans Missed In Console Games

When it comes to open world games, most of us have spent more time than we'd care to admit trudging through digital worlds. We've all spent a few hours on the annoying mission or quest that you just can't get through. Days being sucked in by the storylines when you play through the main quests. Genuinely grinding your way through for the new weapon or spell. While all this is fun and all, much like in real life we all need a little break sometimes. Players can take this in the form of farming for gold, or a fun little adventure that you don't have to put 110 percent of your brain power towards. The point is, no one can run at full power constantly. Occasionally a night out on the town is needed.

As much as you want to slay the dragons and claim your hero status, a little comedy is needed, even in war. Besides the mental sigh of relief, the side quests and missions in games tend to give out some pretty wild rewards. Weapons you would never get otherwise or a good spot for looting gold. Whatever your fancy, you can guarantee the good games have it, you just have to find them. After all, the path to the countless different missions won't be easy to find.

Sometimes, they're hidden deep in the back alleys or high up in the mountains. This is what separates open world games from ones with a linear story. The thousands of different paths and combinations you can go down will lead everyone to a different end game.

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25 Why Can't We Be Friends: Fallout New Vegas

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This one really is some pro bono work for our lawyer friends out there. You find out that some escaped convicts have set up shop in the vault. The weakness as always is the case is people just can't get along. These outlaws should have followed the wise words of Caesar!

There's a reason divide and conquer is a thing, and that's exactly what you'll have to do here. Choose a side to back and get down to the dirty work. If you succeed, you've just made a group of allies, crazy allies that have experience with explosives.

24 Kyne's Sacred Trials: Skyrim

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With this quest, we have some fun by hunting powerful animals and prove your worth to a notorious hunter. For this, you'll receive a powerful bow which is good news for the long-range inclined. It's rare that you find a great bow for the lower-level hero.

The worst part about it is actually getting to the house to meet the hunter. He lives on the side of a mountain that you have to trail up without a misstep, or you'll be sent plummeting to the bottom and back to your first steps.

23 Walking With Spirits: Fallout 3

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Most of us have been there: you're trying to get accepted into a group, when they slap you with some form of initiation. Unfortunately for you, this comes in the form of a punga seed.

When you activate it, you're left in a haze of worrisome and mildly amusing visions that lead you back out the way you came.

When you finally wake out of your haze, you'll come to realize that they've performed surgery on you while you were out. Who wouldn't want to join them?

22 A Fun Romp: The Witcher 2

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Nights out are usually a good time, at least for the moment. If you've been known to go over the top from time to time, then this is your quest. After breaking up a fight between locals and The Blue Stripes, you will continue downing at the headquarters building up to an eventual blackout.

Waking up and finding your neck tattooed leads you back to the inn and finding your buddy. You'll recount tales of the previous night and decide whether or not to keep your new ink. You'll reclaim all your stuff and be on your way.

21 The Epsilon Program: GTA V

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With this, you'll delve into the cult life. You'll sink your funds more and more into the sinkhole while going through the various missions. It's quite long, it's tedious, and it empties your pockets. As awful as it sounds, when you finally get to the end of the journey, you get a mighty big reward.

What sane man turns down over 2 million dollars?

While this might be cutting it a little too real, The Epsilon Program has become a major player in the game's structure, and you'll be following the white rabbit.

20 Sins Of The Father: Oblivion

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Oblivion quests come in many shapes and sizes, and this is one of justice. Sort of. Someone has stolen something from the Thieves Guild, however ironic that sounds. You can choose to go three ways about this: keep the item for yourself, return it to the owner, or give it back to the guild.

Talk about a moral dilemma.

Whether you give it back to the family or the guild, you will get different rewards. The only difference is the Thieves Guild will owe you one and will get you a few favors at a later date.

19 Bleed Me Dry: Fallout New Vegas

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You've found yet another community in this wasteland you now call the world. The only problem is there are no animals to be found. While nobody likes pesky animals when they're around, after a while of barren living they yearn for living things.

This is your task: you have to go out and retrieve animals eggs to populate The Thorn once again. This isn't an easy task, as you have to get through the parents to get to them. Making your way through this will get you rewards and respect, naming you the greatest hunter The Thorn has ever seen.

18 Getaway Driver: GTA V

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While it's not one of the deepest storylines on the list, it does provide you with one of the most useful rewards in the game. A good getaway driver. In the criminal underground, few things are so precious as a good getaway driver.

Now, what could make her any better? She's not a greedy one, only asking for 5% of your profits. She quickly becomes a vital part of your team. All you have to do is save her from her wrecked car and drive her to the safe house, and she's yours for life.

17 Forbidden Legend: Skyrim

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Recovering pieces of a magical amulet; what's the big deal, right? Well, it's being protected by the ghosts of three warrior brothers. As you go through, defeating brother after annoying brother, you start to feel a little accomplishment.

This is one for the persistent.

Who can stop you? When you eventually retrieve all pieces of the amulet and put them together, they all reappear. I know. If you find yourself finally defeating them all, you'll receive the powerful amulet along with a great staff. Along with the assortment of goodies you pick up along the way.

16 How Little We Know: Fallout New Vegas

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You find out that a lieutenant has been doing a few deals and actions on the side, going against the Family's policy. This information proves pretty useful, because it puts his life at risk.

While you have him stuck between a rock and a hard place, you'll be able to make the choice.

Do you help him get away with his disloyal actions or give him up and see what waits at the end of that tunnel? Either way, you're in for an interesting ride filled with rewards.

15 Solaire Of Astora: Dark Souls

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The man, the myth, the legend. Solaire of Astora is one of the only side characters you'll encounter in Dark Souls. This makes him stand out in the storyline in a big way. However, that's not the only thing that makes him stand out. Solaire is your light in the darkness. He's probably the only positive character you'll stumble across, and he's not even alive.

Being one of the favorite characters in the series makes your decisions that will ultimately affect his destiny all the more important. You can either send him into madness or help save his depressed self.

14  The Pale Lady: Skyrim

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The Pale Lady isn't a mission for the faint of heart. With powerful enemies with a range of fairly annoying attack styles, you'll find yourself hard-pressed to get through this. Stumbling upon a bandit being attacked by her campmate, you will hear her tell of a blade that is causing issues.

To go any further in the quest, you will have to delve into Frostmere Crypt. While this isn't especially appealing, the reward will be great. Once you get down there, you'll find the Pale Lady once you draw the Pale Blade from its holding.

13 Ammu-Nition: GTA V

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While you don't exactly have to be a Battlefield-level shooter to play Grand Theft Auto, there isn't exactly a lot of opportunities to improve your accuracy skills. That is, without getting five stars and having the police after you. There are actually only two Ammu-Nation spots that will give you that opportunity to test out your rocket launchers.

If you put in the time to beat the golden challenge, then you will get a discount off all your weapons and ammunition. If that's not a motivation to get shooting, I don't know what is.

12 The Field: Oblivion

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It seems a lot of quests are a bit like old-timey security gigs. That's something they don't tell you in hero school. A goblin group is attacking an old man's farm and have pushed him out of his home. Your job is to help his sons in reclaiming the farm and collecting your well-deserved reward. If you get a little carried away and forget about the sons, then you'll be paid a few gold coins. If you manage to keep them both alive, you'll be rewarded with a special sword.

11 For Auld Lang Syne: Fallout New Vegas

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This is your chance to recruit a team and participate in a crucial battle for independence. Depending on which side you choose to fight on, you'll have to convince some of your team.

While there isn't an insane amount of action in this one, this will be one of the most important decision-making moments that lead to the finale. What side you choose changes how the battle is fought. Stick to it unless you want a messy, confusing battle at the end.

10 The Sunken One: Oblivion

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While you're wandering through the lands you'll come across Shetcombe Farm. This quest will take you on a treasure hunt. You'll be acting as a sword-wielding Inspector Gadget. Following the pages left behind for you into a dark cave.

This might not seem like the smartest move, but if you manage to hack and slash your way through, a reward waits for you at the end. The treasure chest fit for Blackbeard, filled with precious metals and jewelry. While you won't gain any weapons, you'll definitely get the gold for one.

9 Nuclear Waste: GTA V

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Once you've got your very own dock in Paleto Cave you get a chance to use your submersible. You can be your very own eco-warrior while getting paid large amounts. Diving down into the depths around San Andreas and collecting nuclear waste doesn't exactly sound like an action-packed adventure.

While you're collecting these barrels, you will also find other hidden gems that lurk in the depths. When you get to the surface you will receive twenty-three grand a barrel with a big ol' $250,000 payout at the end.

8 Oasis: Fallout 3

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As you're roaming the wastelands, you will eventually come across a forest. You'll meet Harold, a mutant who has slowly and painfully transformed into a tree, creating life for an area called the Oasis. People have gathered and begun worshipping him as a god.

Harold doesn't want anything to do with this and wishes to end his pain, asking you to eliminate him. The worshippers around him have different ideas. This is where your morals are tested. You'll get different rewards for the side you choose and have to make the choice to follow his wishes or not.

7 The Mind Of Madness: Skyrim

via: nexusmods.com

Pelagius the Mad needs your help to fix some of the many issues going on within his mind. You get to fight the physical embodiment of the demons that haunt him. While it all sounds like fun and games, don't be fooled; this will take you through a series of difficult challenges.

They'll test the fighting ability of many heroes while giving you some much-needed distraction from the seriousness of Skyrim. If you manage to make it all the way through, you'll be awarded a weapon for the risk takers.

6 Beyond The Beef: Fallout New Vegas

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This is a quest of decisions. The White Glove society has some disagreements among its ranks. Previously being a society with despicable nourishment, Mortimer has an issue with this and wishes to return to the old ways.

He's planning a feast in which the dishes will be served with weird meat.

His plan went under when his victim escaped, leading him to find a last-minute main course. This happened to be the son of a powerful baron who asks you to track him down.

5 The Wayward Knights: Oblivion

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With all the great quests in Oblivion, this might prove to be one of the more annoying. You're acting as an escort for some knights who have lost their way.

The best way to go about this is getting everyone through the stronghold as safely as possible.

Fighting your way through tight cramped hallways is always a hassle, let alone looking after the goon squad. They'll attack just about every enemy they see in any direction, so you'll be doing a lot of herding.

4 Forgotten Names: Skyrim

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If you don't have incredible luck, you won't be able to complete this mission without consulting the internet. It doesn't come up in the journal. When you manage to get through and attain all five rings that are placed upon the creepy hand, you will summon Velehk Sain.

Admittedly, he's a bad guy, but he will try and convince you to free him from this binding. Rather unfairly, if you do decide to go dark he will reward you with a mass of loot. If you don't, you get few items that aren't that special.

3 Tears Of The Saviour: Oblivion

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Amidst the epic quests of many fantasy games lay a few quests that are just a joy to play. They don't have to be challenging or draw you in.

In this quest, you'll be going through the Frostfire Cave to find a noble knight locked in a battle with a huge frost guy.

You will have to fight a few of these off yourself. You'll also be rather gathering his tears from around his frosty body. On the bright side, each tear will get you a hefty sum of gold.

2 Ironbind Arrow: Skyrim

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This one is in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere. The giveaway is that you'll find two random adventurers in the middle of this barren land. Once you agree to accompany them they stop loitering outside the cave and enter with you. This is your typical cave, for the most part; a few draugrs, and assorted common enemies.

The only thing that makes it stand out is the loot. You'll find a rare weapon, a spell, and a shout. It's the Skyrim trifecta. Oh yeah, also a difficult boss named Warlord Gathrik.

1 A Night To Remember: Skyrim

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This is one of the quests in the game that stuck out in a big way. If you're a frequent visitor to the taverns around Skyrim, then you'll eventually bump into Sam Guevenne. A friendly guy who will offer you a competition. Once you're done, you will black out and appear in a temple, with no recollection of where you've been.

This will send you on a Dude Where's My Car type adventure to find out exactly what happened that night. When you eventually do find out you'll receive a powerful reward and meet some very interesting people.

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