20 Hidden Quests Fans Missed In Final Fantasy 7

There are a lot of missable quests, items, and special abilities in Final Fantasy 7. We're here to tell you how to get them.

The Final Fantasy series is known for its in-depth characters and long storylines filled with adventure and fighting. There are often hundreds of people to talk to and trade with, learn more about the world from, and even perform special tasks for. There is no shortage of content in this series, but we suspect that amount of gameplay is what makes up for there being no real online multiplayer.

That always seems the case. A game either has hours of multiplayer content to grind through nonstop, or it's an incredibly long game with hours of story and quests to fill the time. There's a clear debate on which games are better. For example: Mario 64 vs. GoldenEye vs. Final Fantasy 7. They all were released around the same time but offer wildly different experiences. Many consider each one of those games to be one of the greatest. But they are in different categories.

Mario games can be picked up and put down, replayed over an over regardless of how short they are. GoldenEye can be played endlessly with friends without the need of plot or narrative content. And Final Fantasy 7 is like a book, the more you read, the more you find. And within that great novel-like story is dozens of side quests some of you avid fans may have never known about.

We're here today to show you some of the quests that you likely missed along the way. Time to go back and replay Final Fantasy 7!

20 Key To Midgar

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After you leave Midgar in a wild fashion, you can't really get back in. You want to get back in, but everyone there wants to beat you up. Also, the gates are locked. But there is a key to the gate if you look for it later on.

There's a guy chilling outside the gate he mentions dropping his key while digging and excavating up north. That place you need to dig is called Bone Village. There's a whole to-do when digging, but don't leave there without your key, since that's the most important part here. Happy digging!

19 Golden Chocobo

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The Golden Chocobo quest is something that hasn't been repeated in any other game in the series. We don't know why. You basically capture a few awesome wild Chocobos and race them to champion, then breed them.

Breeding winners with special herbs and nuts, the infantile result could be a mountain or river chocobo. Then you breed those two to get a black chocobo, capable of traversing mountains and rivers both. Finally, you breed the Black with a regular wonder wild chocobo to get Goldy: the go-anywhere Bird. It's a long and tedious job, but it's something that is necessary if you really want to play this game to completion.

18 Yuffie & Vince Valentine

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Not too many people realize how optional these two characters are. You don't ever even need to talk to them if you don't want to. It's cool. But you get Vincent by opening a safe, defeating monsters, and answering some questions in Nibelheim.

Yuffie, you have to answer questions correctly on the road to Wutai. After, of course, she robs you of all your materia. Catch her in Wutai and add her to the team. They are both great assets to the party. Though you don't really need these two for your quest, you'll have a much richer game experience if you add them to it.

17 Knights Of The Round Summon

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There is only one way to get this summon materia, that's with the Golden Chocobo. But the Golden Chocobo itself is a long process necessary, it's worth it. This summon rests in the final materia cave on the planet.

Getting the Golden Chocobo takes hours. But they made it so fun that it's kind of worth it just for the enjoyment gained. You basically become a thoroughbred jockey and breeder. You gain status. Along with being heroes of the world. And hey, you get a pretty sweet summon out of it. And everyone knows that summons are the best part of these games, through and through.

16 Fort Condor Battles

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Fort Condor is a very forgettable place. You can either chill and fight their battles, support them as money lending warlords, or just ignore them fools and their bird tower. But it's fun to fight.

So you head in and after a time, you can lead a weird army in battle. It's a really fun mini-game if you are into that. And it's not without reward, you get a sweet summon, Phoenix, when the Condor egg hatches. Phoenix Materia+Final Attack= life after the end. This one is definitely worth it if you're so inclined, just saying.

15 The Ancient Forest

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The Ancient Forest is super annoying. There are serious puzzles to figure out. First though, to get into it. You need a mountain, black, or gold Chocobo, OR, you need to defeat Ultimate Weapon so he crashes into it.

This place is like a second-tier treasure trove. As opposed to Crashed Gelnika being 1st-tier. The Ancient Forest has a lot of late game weapons and materia, but nothing really end-game material. Still, it's kind of fun to get it all, and it's the kind of place that really only the most seasoned and determined adventurers will find.

14 Ruby

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You get the idea when you fight Ruby that there is no easy way to do this. He knocks your team out of the battle and knocks them out just as easy. You need to have all the strongest stuff ready for this battle.

If you beat Ruby, which you probably won't because you're not strong enough, then you get the Desert Rose. Which, at that point in the game, is useless because you get a Golden Chocobo, something you probably already have. Either way, it's the kind of thing you'll want to do if only for bragging rights.

13 Emerald

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Emerald Weapon is different and supposedly easier. For being the easier of the two super bosses, the reward is so much better. Master Materia. It's awesome. It's the easier way to get them.

Emerald is underwater and you need to get two items before fighting it to make things easier. You need to have strong characters who can go toe-to-toe with monsters, and the underwater materia. Helps you breathe under there, which I'm sure you could have guessed. It still won't be an easy battle, but it's one that we believe you'll be able to do.

12 Crashed Gelnika

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This thing is basically a crashed ship in the ocean you find with a submarine. But if you go in there too early, you're going to get smacked in the face by some super tough enemies. Don't go in there fighting.

You should escape all the battles you can, just grabbing the valuable items. Then escape and return later in the game when you need to level up or something. These monsters in here are no joke. The plane is just south of Costa Del Sol. There are a lot of good things in here, though, so we definitely recommend heading over there.

11 The Pagoda Of Wutai

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This entry is about Yuffie and her desire to be a master ninja. She has to enter the Pagoda and fight the Wutai Gods of War. The last one being her father, Godo. The best way to do this section of the game is with a Ribbon.

Most of the ninja stuff is all about turning you into a toad or poisoning you. With a Ribbon equipped on Yuffie, she's free to lay into the bad guys. Also with your team's best materia, spells, and weapons. You'll have to really prepare for this one, so be warned.

10 Master Materia

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The Master Materia can be obtained two ways. You can probably guess what they are. The first is to just level up every single materia to mater level and turn that into a Master Materia in Bugenhagen's observatory laboratory.

The other way is to fight Emerald. Do both. Be the Master of all the little balls in the world. All those powerful little baby marbles filled with the power to destroy gods. Makes tons of sense to me, when you really think about it. If you want to totally complete this game, this is the way you should do it.

9 Cloud's Ultima Weapon And Omnislash

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These next couple are where to find each character's ultimate weapon and final limit break. To get Cloud's ultimate weapon, Ultimate Weapon, you have to defeat Ultimate Weapon. Haha, good luck deciphering that, nerds. I guess you could just look up a guide online.

Omnislash is very straightforward. You have to win a certain amount of battle points in the Battle Arena at the Golden Saucer. Takes a while, but it's probably the easiest one to get since it's right there for you to see. Want to be able to completely obliterate enemies using Cloud? This is the way to do it. Good luck, adventurers.

8 Barret's Missing Score And Catastrophe

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You can Find Barret's UW when you return to Midgar before the fight with Hojo. It's in a chest at the top of some stairs. But you need Barret in the party to have access to it. If you miss it, it's gone forever. That's the kind of thing that happens with these games a lot.

Catastrophe is pretty in line with the game as well. You have to stop the runaway train from crashing into North Corel. The Tent village where everyone is poor and hates Barret. Save it, and one of the citizens gives you the item.

7 Tifa's Premium Heart And Final Heaven

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So after you get the key to Midgar, you head back and say hi to all the losers you left there. In Wall Market, there's a hut with a machinegun guarding a computer. That's where you head with Tifa to get her weapon. As long as you have the right code for the computer.

Final Heaven is miserable to find on your own. Well, it's in Nibleheim in her house. You just need to play the piano correctly to get it. So you might as well do the research and find what buttons to press, because it's difficult to figure out otherwise.

6 Aeris' Princess Guard And Great Gospel

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Aeris is the character that no one cares about because she perishes. Why get her limit and her best weapon if you'll basically not get to use it? Because 100% is more respectable than 99% completion. You get Princess Guard, her weapon, in the Temple Of The Ancients in the clock room.

To get her final limit, you need to trade a piece of Mythril to the weapon seller on the Gongaga peninsula. So where to get the Mythril? Well, you have to talk to the sleeping guy in a cave somewhere and have your total battle numbers be identical digits. It's a process, but it's worth it.

5 Red XIII's Limited Moon And Cosmo Memory

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It's pretty easy to get Red's final weapon. All you have to do is go back to Cosmo Canyon after you defeat Hojo and talk to Red's Grandpa, Bugenhagen. He'll give it to Red after a thoughtful conversation.

Cosmo Memory is gained by defeating the same beast you have to defeat to get Vincent. Once you open the safe in Shinra Mansion, the Lost Number beast you fight gives you the Limit Break upon defeat. Compared to some of the other final weapons, this one is a cakewalk, but that doesn't mean that it isn't easily missable.

4 Cait Sith's HP Shout

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So Cait Sith's Hp Shout is found when returning to Midgar. It's in a locker room on the 64th floor when returning to Midgar in Shrina Tower. It's pretty easy to find and it works well the higher HP Cait Sith has.

Cait Sith Doesn't really have a final Limit Break. He got jipped in that regard. At first, he has Dice, then he uses Slots. Slots is better. But we think the reason he doesn't have a real limit is because he's a puppet. But that's okay, since by this point everyone else will be overpowered anyways.

3 Cid's Venus Gospel And Highwind

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To get Venus Gospel, talk to the guy standing outside in Rocket Town three times to get the weapon. But you have to do it after you come back from space. Which sucked because you weren't even allowed on the moon.

The limit break, Highwind, is found in the Crashed Gelnika, a plane in the water that's discussed in this list. It's in there along with a bunch of other cool stuff and super dangerous enemies. Be careful when going there, especially if you haven't grinded too much in the game at this point! It's a tough world.

2 Yuffie's Conformer And All Creation

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Wow, this Crashed Gelnika thing really has a lot of items in it. Including the Conformer, Yuffie's super shuriken. Almost seems like the Crashed Gelnika is worth finding and reading about. On this list, though.

All Creation is gained when Yuffie defeats Godo at the top of the Wutai Pagoda. It's kind of cool how each special weapon or limit break is found somewhere relating to the characters past. Except for Cloud's. Because he has no past... right? Either way, this gives some depth to Yuffie, a character who it's possible to just miss entirely. Good stuff.

1 Vincent's Penalty And Chaos

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You have to go to Lucretia's cave, y'all. It's dope. It's under a waterfall and stuff. But you need a submarine to get there. It's right near the Ancient Forest. You have to head their twice over time in the submarine.

Chaos, oh Chaos. To what do we owe this honor? Nothing. It's in the same exact place as the gun. It's in Lucretia's cave in the waterfall. This one, we admit, is not as interesting as the other's, except Lucretia is Sephiroth's mother. This adds some weird depth to the story.

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