25 Hidden Quests Fans Missed In The Witcher 3

The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt is the final installment of CD Projekt Red's The Witcher series. The video games were adapted from novels originally penned by Andrzej Sapkowski. Though the series already has a place in many gamer's hearts, there will never be a The Witcher IV starring the primary protagonist, Geralt of Rivia.

Fear not, The WitcheIII has once again gotten fans' attention. The novel and game series is currently in works as a live-action Netflix series. Geralt is also set to appear as a playable character in Soul Calibur VI, to be released this fall. Fans are also hoping that Ciri, Geralt's time-hopping adopted daughter, will appear in CD Projekt Red's upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

All of this attention on The Witcher series has inspired fans to enter once again the fantasy world crafted by Sapkowski. The third installment of the game is the largest of the trilogy. Gamers may have skipped out on side quests to rush Geralt and Ciri's reunion. There isn't a better time to replay The Witcher 3 and uncover those lost side quests. Even if you think you played the best quests of the game, there's still plenty more to experience.

Our list compiles hidden quests that gamers may have completely missed during their fight against the Wild Hunt. If you're planning another playthrough, you won't miss out on those great treasures and rewards because you want to complete the game. If you're new to the game, be warned that there are massive spoilers throughout the list.

25 Help Yourself While Helping Others

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When Geralt first stumbles into the Novigrad bathhouse, there is a meeting in progress. In "The Gangs of Novigrad,"

Geralt learns that there is unrest within the group of crime lords.

Carlo "Cleaver" Varese wants to take out Cyprian Wiley, who runs all of the casinos and is one unsavory character. This aligned with Geralt's interests in speaking to Wiley about Ciri's whereabouts. Though this doesn't help Geralt take down the gangs, it will at least put an end to one of his casinos.

24 Not Every Quest is Complicated

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Many of the side quests in The Witcher III will open up opportunities to complete others. After finishing "The Gangs of Novigrad," Geralt can spare Wiley's helper, a Halfling named Rico. It will begin another quest called "Honor Among Thieves." Rico will thank the Witcher and promise that his boss, the King of Beggars, will reward him. All Geralt has to do is visit the Beggar King to obtain the Eirlithrad, a silver sword, and Freya's Warriors' armor

23 To Harm Or To Harm Worse

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In White Orchard, a griffin is hurting the local townspeople. During "On Death's Bed," Geralt will have to make a choice. He can either keep a valuable health regeneration potion called "Swallow," or use it to help someone else. The potion can treat a peasant girl named Lena injured by the Griffin. If she uses the magical potion, it will harm her mentally. If Geralt walks away, Lena will pass on to the next life painfully. Either way, Geralt will have to make a difficult choice.

22 Reimagine A Tavern Into An Entertainment Hub

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Dandelion has always helped Geralt in times of need. Geralt will have the opportunity to make his friend's dream come true in "Cabaret."

Dandelion wants to transform the remains of the Rosemary and Thyme building into a cabaret but needs decorating help.

Geralt will help Dandelion with all of the smaller details to transform the shop into The Chameleon. Though the quest may not be as exciting as fighting monsters, Geralt can never have too many friends to help him along the way.

21 Help Another Obtain Magic Wishes

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The world of The Witcher plays off of old fairy tales and magical creatures. Geralt will have the opportunity to obtain a Magic Lamp for a sorceress named Keira Metz. She helps Geralt find more information about Ciri's whereabouts, so it's only fair he helps her as well. Geralt will have to travel with Keira inside of a series of underground passageways to find the magic item. After some detective work and puzzle solving, Geralt will obtain the lamp for Keira.

20 Witchers Pay Taxes Too

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It can be challenging to earn a large number of Crowns, which is a type of currency in The Witcher III. With hard work and fulfilling monster contracts, Geralt may come across a nice chunk of change. If he has at least 35,000 Crowns in his possession, he is confronted by Walthemor Mitty in "The Taxman Cometh." Mitty will ask Geralt a series of questions, which either implies Geralt is a thief, cheating, or is selling pearls for profit. If you answer yes to two or more questions, Geralt must report to the Vivaldi Bank to pay a tax of 1000 Crowns.

19 Discover Valuable Treasures

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After the events of The Witcher II, King Radovid has hired fighters to capture magic users, specifically sorceresses.

In "Novigrad, Closed City," Geralt is led to believe that bandits are searching for their beloved friends.

In reality, they were seeking the witch hunter who destroyed their goods. The next part of the quest will lead Geralt to the missing bandit. They all have a set of keys. All of the keys are needed to unlock a safe which holds treasures for the ones who open it.

18 A Father’s Struggle

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Geralt is searching for his adoptive daughter for most of The Witcher 3. He hears that she previously stared at Crow's Perch, home of Phillip Strenger. During her stay, he'll learn that Ciri rescued a little girl named Gretka. Geralt will have the opportunity to visit the room she stayed in. During "Ciri's Room" he will discover more information about Ciri's travels, including her clothes, a book about curses, and a spinning top. The quest will give you insight on Geralt's pain as he searches for Ciri.

17 Be Forever Remembered

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Geralt has the opportunity to help all kinds of humans and non-humans along his journey. In Beauclair, Geralt has an unusual offer during the quest "A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man." A painter is intrigued by Geralt's unusual appearance as asks to use the Witcher as a model. If Geralt agrees, the pair will go on a quest to find his art supplies, then travel for the perfect amount of light. Unfortunately, Geralt will have to take down a fearsome beast before the painting can begin.

16 The Interest Is Worth It

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In most RPGs, the protagonist is assigned to take out a terrible enemy or rescue a princess. In The Witcher III, Geralt not only deals with monsters but also taxes and banks.

During "Paperchase," a man thanks Geralt for saving him several years ago.

Since the stranger didn't have a chance to say thanks, he set up a bank account in Geralt's name. Travel to the Cianfanelli Bank and Geralt can take out all of the Crowns. If he decides to wait a week, he can take out the Crowns, with interest, plus a steel sword named The Reckoner.

15 Take Down An Icy Monster

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Once Geralt arrives in Skellige, he will get mixed up in political matters. He will be asked to help take down an ice giant in "The Lord of Undvik." The ice giant tormented the town a year ago. Taking down the beast will help Hjalmar an Craite convince his father that he's worthy to be king. Not only will helping Hjalmar aid his quest to become king, but you'll also have the opportunity to ask him to help battle against the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen.

14 Anything To Survive

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Witchers may slay monsters, but they take on other jobs. Villagers will often ask for Geralt's help to find loved ones or take out villains. In "Without a Trace," an Herbalist named Otto Bambler is looking for his missing apprentice, a Halfling named Folkert. No one else will help him, except for Geralt. Using his Witcher sense, Geralt will discover what happened. An elderly couple has captured the apprentice and in desperation for food, used Folkert as forbidden meat. Geralt can either tell the herbalist the truth or allow the senior couple to continue their terrible ways.

13 You Can Only Choose One (Or None)

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The Witcher III is the final game in the series, and Geralt is forced to choose between two sorceresses: Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg.

If a greedy Geralt decides to romance them both at the same time, he'll have to face the consequences in "It Takes Three to Tango."

Triss and Yennefer will both convince Geralt he's in for a treat, only to be chained up overnight. Dandelion will then discover Geralt the next morning and scold Geralt on how to treat women.

12 Save A Loyal Friend

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Vernon Roche and the Blue Stripes have been loyal since the previous games. Roche continued to help Geralt without demanding payment. In "An Eye for an Eye," Geralt has the opportunity to help his old friend. Ves, Roche's second-in-command has gone rogue to take out Nilfgaardian soldiers. After being assigned the quest, Geralt will have to hurry. Ves can meet her end here. One Nilfgaardian soldier will survive the battle, and it's up to Geralt on if to allow Ves revenge or stop her.

11 Only GWENT Can Save You Now

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Zoltan is one of Geralt's oldest friends. In the previous game, he found himself in trouble after a failed engagement and getting mixed-up with the Scioa'tael. Zoltan has once again found himself in trouble. During "A Dangerous Game," Zoltan is now in debt to the King of Beggars. He needs to find and sell several GWENT cards to pay back the debt. If Geralt has discovered a fondness for GWENT during the game, he can also choose to keep them, which may cost you a longtime friendship.

10 Discover The Fallen Soldiers

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Olgierd von Everec has kept bandits and various fighters at his side after leaving his wife. If Geralt takes the time to meet with his group, he'll learn that one of one of their friends, Kluivert was recently hurt.

After an investigation, Geralt will discover that it was members of the Order of the Flaming Rose, now the Fallen Knights, who committed the terrible act.

They were no longer a fighting force and were now manufacturing substances. Geralt will have no choice other than to stop the operation for good.

9 Take Part In A Cosplay Party

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Though the Blood and Wine Expansion contains a gripping new storyline, there are still plenty of secondary quests to unlock. While traveling East, you'll discover a man named Gaston helping another who's wounded. In "Extreme Cosplay," Geralt is led to the Doren Alma Estate, where the group will discover a spooky scene. Geralt knew he has to uncover the monster or monsters behind the scene. Instead of a massive battle, Geralt and his companions will have to example various "cosplay" armor and weapons and give offerings to statues before uncovering the truth.

8 Save The Sorceresses Or Plot Against Them

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While enjoying The Witcher series, you may have quickly learned that Sorceresses are often up to no good. Philippa Eilhart tormented King Radovid as a child, and he took her sight in revenge at the end of The Witcher II. He suspects she's still in the region and wants to know what she's doing in "Redania's Most Wanted." Geralt manages to find Philippa's hideout and obtain a damaged megascope crystal. The Witcher can then decide to take it to his sorceress friends, which may save their lives, or turn it into Radovid.

7 Save A Sorceress’ Life

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For the Battle of Kaer Morhen, Geralt will need all the help he can get.

Getting on Keira Metz's good side will not only net you a third sorceress but will save the life of your Witcher brother, Lambert.

After helping Keira enjoy fine foods again, she will gather notes on a cure for the Catriona plague in “For the Advancement of Learning.” She intends to inform King Radovid, a man with a hatred for sorceresses. If Geralt lets he go, it only means the afterlife for Keira. He can instead convince her not to go to Radovid and instead travel to Kaer Morhen.

6 Avenge Dandelion’s Friend

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After being unsuccessful in finding Ciri in Velen, he will travel to Novigrad. Geralt will learn that a terrible fiend is hurting women in the city, including Dandelion’s friend Priscilla. Geralt will do his best to investigate the crime in "Carnal Sins." The women were asked if they were willing to do anything. Whether they agreed or not, they would meet their ends then and there. It's up to Geralt to either stop the criminal or learn more about the real mastermind behind the crimes.

5 The Magic Continues With Another

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The Witcher III seems like the reunion between Ciri and Yennefer. There were still many others who helped Geralt along the way, including Triss Merigold. Before Triss helps Geralt at Kaer Morhen, she asks for his help in getting mages out of the city in "Now or Never." Geralt has a moment to say one more thing to Triss. He can either say goodbye or say he loves her. If he chooses Triss, she won't leave with the other mages. She'll return to Geralt, thrilled that he wants her over Yennefer.

4 Being Nice Pays Off

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The Witcher II gave players a choice that would affect the world of the third game. Geralt could duel Letho to the end or let him go free.

If Geralt let Letho go free, he can discover the former Witcher of the Viper School in Lindenvale.

Letho is now in hiding from Emhyr var Emreis and has no other choice but to run. While Geralt is catching up, scouts will attack the small village. If Geralt helps out Letho once again, he'll have the opportunity to recruit him for the battle at Kaer Morhen.

3 Reunite The Baron And His Wife

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Not every side quest has a happy ending in The Witcher III. Philip Strenger cares deeply for his wife and asks for Geralt's help several times to save his family. If you want to save both the Baron and Anna, Geralt will have to deal with the Ghost in the Tree before starting "Return to Crookback Bog." If Geralt begins the quest first, it only means the end for either the Baron or his wife. Geralt can also fail the quest by wandering too far away from the Baron. If Geralt turns his back on Philip, he won't find out what happened to the Baron and his wife.

2 A Final Goodbye

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Most of the side quests have multiple endings. It all depends on Geralt's choice of words. If he failed to convince Keira Metz not to visit King Radovid, she would meet her end. Geralt will find her remains in the middle of town. Triss Merigold, one of Geralt's close sorceress friends, doesn't want Keira to suffer anymore in “A Final Kindness.” She will ask Geralt to help her retrieve the remains and give Keira a proper burial. Geralt will either have to deal with the guards before he can retrieve Keira. Triss will have one last moment with her friend before the burial.

1 A Trial Of Virtues

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The most powerful silver sword within The Witcher games is the Aerondight. It must always be earned and never purchased from a shop. Geralt has the opportunity to obtain this sword once again during "There Can Be Only One" in the in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Geralt must take the time to prove the five chivalric virtues of Toussaint: valor, honor, compassion, generosity, and wisdom.

He will have one final battle against the quest giver, a hermit before he is awarded the Aerondight.

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