15 Hidden Secrets In Console Games That Mess With The Player

These video games don't want you find these secrets so much that they'll make the game even harder for you if you do.

When you go and buy a 60 dollar game, you think it's safe. It's yours to do whatever you want with it: beat it, explore, and maybe find a hidden thing or two. And many games do have a lot of hidden secrets and things to find!

But if that's the case, then why do developers think it's funny to punish us, the players, for being creative with our game, for trying to see the limits of the system? It's probably because you were doing something not intended. It's just like when you were a kid and got curious about the stove. It burnt you, didn't it? Punishment is served everywhere, and nothing is safe.

Today we're going to go through some of the hidden things games implement that actually end up punishing you in some way of the other. From hacking the intended code, to being inappropriate, to just not being good enough to play an m-rated game, the game knows that it just has to make you pay. Whether or not you've run into these things, they're in the games, and you should watch out next time you play something you've never played before!

15 Nice Hat

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Disgrace is a word that means something or someone brought upon shame. There’s few things in a game that give off the signs you’re a shame to gaming; taunting like in Smash, the dunce cap from GTA 5 and the chicken hat in Metal Gear Solid V.

To get this one is quite simple. If you die on the same mission or area numerous times, the game will ask if you would like it to be easier. If you answer yes, the game makes it so you can take more hits, you can be seen more than once, and makes you wear a chicken hat. It’s nothing but a cosmetic change, but it’s the look of shame; it ruins intense moments in cutscenes since you would appear with it on. It’s a bummer you’re now playing on easy mode!

14 Cheaters Get What They Deserve

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We all know cheat code screens and rooms were a huge thing in the older days of console gaming. You would read it in your Electronic Gaming Monthly or Nintendo Power and try it. Though, here’s the question: would you try out codes if it had a chance to erase your saved game completely?

Well, in Banjo-Kazooie that would happen, called Grunty’s Code VengeanceIf you tried more than two “illegal” cheats it would trigger. “Illegal” being a cheat involving opening a level or not solving a door with a puzzle. If you try to enter a third code, Bottles would tell you that your file will be deleted, however your file isn’t erased right away. That's only when you quit, get a game over, or turn off the system. Then you notice that your save is no more! Either go and finish the game with those remaining lives, or I guess you're doing Mumbo’s Mountain again.

13  The Other Half Of Your Adventure

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So, you beat the first castle. On to the second castle, right? Well, did you finish that quest to find all those hidden items? No? Well, sorry, but the other half of the game is not yours to play. Here at number 13 that's the case. Reverse Castle is the other half of the game from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Most didn’t know about it or didn't think it was important, since the quest isn’t mandatory and you can still beat the game without knowing about it. Reverse Castle isn’t that different from the first castle. Its name kinda explains that it's a vertically flipped version of the normal castle with different names. If it was something that important, you think someone in the development team would give you at least a clue that you're getting more than what is said. It’s pretty crude that the game hides this from you, ‘cause you're too lazy to look for the items like a telescope.

12 Trigger Happy?

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Few games bring the thrill of being alone and helpless, and the Resident Evil series does it with style! Well, yeah, they had some slip-ups, but all seven main games are good. Resident Evil 4 is one of their best; you play as Leon going out to Spain to go and save the President's daughter, Ashley, who was taken by cult members. Though, going to the foreign land with parasite-infested people and cult members makes you kinda skeptical about if there’s anyone here to trust.

Two people, however, do play important roles in Leon’s adventure: a man named Luis and the Merchant. The Merchant is, well, a walking store unaffected by the apocalypse around him, and Luis is former researcher trying to help Leon escape. But what if you are too cautious? Pulling your gun out on the Merchant will kill him for the rest of the area, making it so you can’t buy items and update. Luis will dodge your bullet and kill you, leaving you with a game over. It’s not worth it, you don’t even get a trophy. It’s a rip-off!

11 Not Guilty

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Chrono Trigger is an adventurous JRPG on the SNES and DS with time travel, fighting, and saving the world. So, the punishment has to be in the first couple minutes of the game, you know, to see if you’re ready for this quest. The trial is famous when talking about Chrono. Your actions leading up to it has an effect on it, and you were warned from the first second of the game from your mother. It’s a secret because it’s possible to get guilty, don’t steal, and listen. Most people would take the sandwich instead of waiting and then lie. That already affects two of the ends in the game! It’s unbelievable that a game that old has a morality system hidden to the player and punishes you when you do too many disgraceful things.

10  Hey! Come Back Here!

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Not everyone has the money (or Rupees) to buy anything or everything. Sometimes, you have to go out and take matters in your own hands and run. In The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you could get away with just that. There’s a shovel you need to purchase, but if you don’t have the Rupees to buy it, there’s a few ways to still obtain it. You could just run out the door or run around the clerk till he looks the other way and run. But here’s the thing: people around town will call you a thief, and if you return because you forgot to buy bombs for a hidden wall? Well, the clerk will call you out and kill you with a thunderbolt! Brutal, but that’s what you get for being too stingy.

9 The Rage of the Flower Lady

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When one has a passion, you tend to not want to take it away from them. But what if you're a heartless hero that just wants to have fun? In The Breath of the Wild, you can have your own flower-stomping dream come true at only the cost of a few hearts and a ramping, rambling woman! If you step on the Flower Lady’s flowers 3 times, ignoring her pleas to stop, then she will going on a rampage and yell and knock Link down. If you have 4 hearts or more, you’re fine, but if you have 3 or less, it’s a game over. Listen next time someone tells you stop!

8 An Error Has Occurred

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Pokémon is everywhere nowadays. From Pokémon GO to the new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it’s hard not to know what “Pocket Monsters” are. Though in the older days of the GameCube and Game Boy, where there were no Global Trade or QR codes, getting a Pokémon past an event or a legendary that isn’t in the main game was nearly impossible. So often, people would GameShark their cartridge and add the chance to get that shiny Mew.

When doing anything related to adding to extra codes into the game, or adding source files that weren’t there for the finished product, some problems will occur. This entry is just that. Bad Egg is a sort of glitch that appears in your game since Generation 3. Bad Egg is when you or someone happens to add that Pokémon in, and an error occurs and tries to fill that slot. Sadly, in some cases, this ‘egg’ isn’t tradeable, takes up space in your party, and/or crashes your game. Though, that’s what you get for trying to add that Mew!

7 Good-Bye Ship

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Not so fast, space cowboy, if you think you can just get away with the legendary code. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A. Everyone knows it, but you're mistaken. In most games, attempting this gives you an award or a congratulations of some sort. But in Gladius 3, that's not the case. Entering the code will instantly blow up your ship! Hah, that'll teach you not to enter it again. Here, you should replace the buttons right and left with the triggers. This way, you can have full power ups, and have the code be useful and not a punishment. I guess you can't win them all, huh?

6 Mr. Resetti Didn't Appreciate That

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Many people when playing a game will reset till RNG is on their side. Sadly, this isn't the case when it comes to Mr. Resetti. It's surprising that this light-hearted game, Animal Crossing, could have someone threatening you for doing a simple thing like turning off the game. Once you reset your game even once without saving, this mole will pop up and talk to you about the dangers of it and how dumb it is for you to do a thing like exiting without saving.

He'll even make you write him an apology letter if you still aren’t doing it properly. If you don't take his words of warning, he'll even turn off your game! And if you're careless again, he'll appear and rant to you! Don't you wish there was an autosave so you don't have to see his face?

5 Cuccos Will Rule!

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Cuccos are notorious for being the little nuisances of the Legend of Zelda series. However, the punishment for attacking them is always the same: they summon a fleet of cuccos to their aid. They all attack you for a couple of minutes or till you die. Could you imagine being one yourself? In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the game between Link and the Cuccos has changed; it turns you into a cucco instead of attacking you, lasting a minute. You can't do much, just walk and hop, but that's what you get for attacking a helpless little bird.

4 The Fourth Wall

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The walls that surround the viewer from their entertainment create a false world, taking you in and distracting you from reality. So once broken, it can spook you. These fictional beings can see through what's around them and know about you.  Few characters can do this and do it well. For example, Deadpool is known for it, and the villain Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.

Mantis is a boss you face that not only reads your actions, but can read your memory card and can make your controller not work. He can also read if there are other controllers plugged in. He's evil because he can read the player so easily to make them work harder. It's another case of telling the player to not be so lazy and simple.

3 Hacking The Online Servers

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Games like Grand Theft Auto V have tons of mods made for it for the community to make their own fun after the main story. From playing any character to even a Pokémon GO mod, the community has probably made it. You can download and use it, but only in single player. Using money codes or infinite health can get you in a lot of trouble because it makes the game unfair to the rest of the people playing GTA Online.

Being caught cheating will either get you completely banned from playing online and have everyone know about it, only being able to use an explosive car, or being put into the cheater pool. That's a server with other cheaters with nothing in it! Sounds like it's not worth being banned...

2 Again With This?

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We are back at it with another Konami code punishment, this time in Super Monkey Ball Jr. for the Game Boy. Unlike this one though, your monkey ball doesn't blow up. No, this one is not as bad, but does change your game. Entering the code on the menu where you would enter other codes will get you a title screen that reads, "Super Nice Try." It's not terrible, but it does change the game, and here everyone will now know that you tried the code in a non Konami game. Why would you try something that silly in a Sega game, of all things? It's more humiliating then anything.

1 Get Gud

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Ah, the original hard, rage game; Ninja Gaiden. Not just any one, but Ninja Gaiden Black. NGB was release in 2004 by Tecmo for the Xbox. The game is your typical hack and slash adventure but with ninjas; awesome, right? Nope. Even the first level doesn't go easy on you, just throwing you right in to show you just what this game is.

Dying so many times in only the first level unlocks easy mode, or Ninja Dog mode, where enemies are easier and you get help in the form of Dead or Alive character, Ayane. The game from here taunts you and teases you for not being good enough for even the first stage. Talk about taking the blame. Maybe next try playing something easier or just get better!

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