25 Hidden Things In Red Dead Redemption 2 That Are Too Awesome For Words

For most gamers, the thrill of jumping head first into any game is the action and story. Whether you're heading into a massive online multiplayer session of Call of Duty or following the galactic struggle to defeat an ancient enemy in Mass Effect, the games are known to draw players in with these two elements. Yet, there are some dedicated gamers who look at games far past the action and story elements. They look to discover every secret, object, or easter egg the developers of a game left behind for their fans to find. Rockstar Studios is no different in this regard, as they have left a plethora of items to find in their smash hit Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game is well known by now, but for those who don’t know the story, the game follows the event before the original game. Set near the time where cowboys and the gangs they ran with were set to fall, the game follows Arthur Morgan, a member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang, as he sets out to make a name for himself and explore the vast regions of the Old West; however, among the fictitious states of the game and new (and returning) characters, the game is filled to the brim with some truly incredible nuggets.

From collectible items and strange encounters, to mysterious sights only true Rockstar fans will recognize, Red Dead Redemption 2 is chock full of amazing mysteries, so take a look as we explore the top 25 best kept nuggets in the game and where to find them.

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25 Crashed Airship

via IGN

This next piece is a bit of a puzzle, as it seems to hail from another era altogether. Located in Big Valley, West Elizabeth, the remains of a crashed airship can be found.

Travel southwest of the Stilt Shack in the Northwestern corner of West Elizabeth. Take a detour off the path and across the river, into the trees, you will discover the crashed airship. Where did this ship come from?

24 Manmade Mutant

via Eurogamer

This next item is a bit curious, as its origins are unknown. Travel west along the southern path leading away from the Van Horne Trading Post and begin traveling north when you reach a fork in the road.

Eventually, you will stumble upon an abandoned home. Or is it?

On the second level of this creepy home, you’ll see a light in one of the rooms' windows. Climb on top of a nearby cart and then climb through the window. Here, you will discover the manmade mutant, which seems like a weird art piece of some sort. But by who?

23 Braithwaites’ Secret

via YouTube (Somewhat Awesome Games)

Located on the Eastern side of Braithwaite Manor, you’ll come across a large collection of houses located on the edge of the water. Head south into the shrubs at this point and you’ll start to hear the voice of a young girl.

Heading further into the overgrown area, you’ll find a small white outhouse. Braithwaite’s Secret is located inside this outhouse, but be warned, as armed guards patrol the area and will fire on you without hesitation.

22 High Stakes Treasure Map

via Push Square

This next map is a bit difficult to find, since it happens on a chance encounter. Most notably found lurking at the top of a large rock to the northeast of Riggs Station, an older treasure hunter will hold the first map in the hunt; however, he is not willing to give up the map or sell it, so you’ll have to either rob him, tie him up, knock him down and make him drop the map so you can get it, or just end him permanently. Kind of dark, but there's no other way to get this map in the game.

21 The Nite Folk

via Gameranx

We couldn’t resist some creepy enemies hidden within this game. Go to Bluewater Marsh at night, and you will find a body hanging from a tree.

Stare at it for a few moments and you'll soon see a large group of creepy looking people running at you from the trees. Deal with the enemies how you see fit, but once you do, shoot down the body from the tree, and you’ll retrieve a letter telling you all about the enemies you just encountered, who simply go by the name “The Nite Folk.”

20 Strange Statue

via VG247.com

This next item on our list is located in Grizzlies East, New Hanover. Located north of the Mysterious Hill Home and East of Donner Falls, you will find a mysterious narrow path that leads to a hidden cave entrance. When you enter the cave, be warned that there are several creepy statues of humanoid-looking beings standing in a circle. Who put these statues here? And for what purpose? Is this the work of a cult? Who knows…

19 The Heartland Hills Dreamcatcher

via IGN

One of the many collectibles you can gather in the game are dreamcatchers. These are very popular and traditional items from Native Cultures.

One of the first dreamcatchers you can find comes from the Heartlands, NH.

Here, you can travel to the “N” in Heartlands on your map. There, you will find a lone tree filled with dreamcatchers. Once there, you can observe the scene and gather your first collectible out of twenty total in the game.

18 Meteor Crash House

via Attack of the Fanboy

While the beauty of the great outdoors and the interaction with the stars themselves are incredible to behold in this game, not everyone who encounters these rocks from space are lucky to make it out in one piece. Another encounter with a meteor comes from the Roanoke Valley area. To the northeast of the “A” in “Roanoke Valley,” you’ll discover a home. Here, you will find inside the unpleasant remains of some people, where it appears a meteorite crashed into the home and decimated whoever was inside.

17 Jack Hall Treasure Map 01

via Shacknews

One thing that stands out in most Old Western games has to be the classic treasure hunt. Out of nine maps, the first you can find in the Jack Hall Gang treasure map side quests comes from a fellow treasure hunter named Maximo.

Located near Flatneck Station, you can meet Maximo shortly after starting Chapter 2 in the game. You can either grab the map from him for $5 or take him out entirely and grab the map off his body.

16 Horseshoe Overlook Dreamcatchers

via IGN

Don’t let the name fool you. The next batch of dreamcatchers you can find in the game still come from Heartland, but north of Horseshoe Overlook. Follow the tracks north of Horseshoe Overlook and on the left side of the “E” in “New” on your map, you’ll discover a large tree filled with the relics. They may be a pain to find and difficult to navigate towards, but these collectibles are really fun to see and include some breathtaking scenery as well.

15 Roanoke Ridge Overlook Bone

via VGR.com

One of the other collectibles you can find in the game are dinosaur bones. These prehistoric creature-remains are notorious to be found in the Old West.

With over 30 bones to be found in the game world, you’ll be asked to help a paleontologist unearth the bones. Finding all 30 will unlock the powerful jawbone knife, so finding them is crucial. One such bone is near the Roanoke Ridge Overlook, located on a rocky plateau south of the railway bridge.

14 Fossilized Man

via IGN

This next find is unique as it’s the complete fossilized remains of a man lodged into a rock. Whether or not this man and his remains are signs of ancient man or some poor unfortunate soul who got trapped ages ago in a fall is unknown, but the find is interesting nonetheless. Near the railway bridge that connects Roanoke Ridge and the East Grizzlies, the bones of the man can be found embedded into the lowest ledge near the tunnel. Who says nature can’t be grim and fascinating all at once?

13 Meteorite

via Hold to Reset

It’s time to see how the Old West handled encounters with debris from outer space.

Continuing the exploration of Roanoke Ridge, this next item is a meteorite crash site found northeast of the fossilized man. Heading to North Roanoke Valley, you’ll follow the path located to the furthest northern point of that location, and soon come upon the decimated ruins of the forest and the meteorite itself.

12 Old Tomb

via YouTube (GamerForEternity)

Located west of Deer Cottage in Roanoke Valley river, the Old Tomb is not only a point of interest, but the location of several key items in the game. Cross the river and head west until you reach a path. Follow the path until you discover the tomb sunken into the ground not too far away from the path. There, you will find the Viking Hatchet next to an altar and the Ancient Viking Comb hidden behind a stack of skulls that you can shoot and knock over with your weapons.

11 Tiny Church

via PerezStart

What, is this a church for ants?! (Bonus points for whoever gets that reference). Seriously, whoever built this next mystery has some explaining to do. Located in Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne, this building is located northeast of the “Y” in “Lakay” on the map of your game. There, you will find the building in the middle of a bunch of swamplands east of the path that leads to Lakay. Use caution, however, as alligators roam this area frequently.

10 Mysterious Hill Home

via Gameranx

Located in Grizzlies East, Ambarino, this building is quite the conundrum. Head northeast of Bacchus Station above the Cumberland Forest border, and you will find the building built into the land itself.

What is really strange about the building is the question of whether or not it’s a natural formation, or something created by some unknown settlers to the land. This building looks similar to the hobbit home of the classic Lord of the Rings series.

9 Mammoth

via YouTube (LopMuSiC1)

The blast from a very icy past comes from the Grizzlies West, Ambarino area of the game world. One of the most giant and incredible creatures of our planet has to be the Mammoth. Long after their extinction, the Mammoth is regaining new life in the form of genetic experimentation these days. Yet, in the Old West, they were still the stuff of legends. Located north of where Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge meet together, the remains of a large Mammoth can be found laying just off the path in a patch of snow as if it were still fighting to survive the ice age.

8 Frozen Settler

via Reddit

This next item reflects the fate of some poor unfortunate soul who couldn’t handle the icy location he found himself in. The frozen settler is located at the highest point of Mount Hagen.

Traverse the snow-covered ridge of this area until you reach the middle of the “M” in “Mount Hagan” on your game map. There, you will find the frozen remains of the settler, and can even grab the helmet off of the skeleton for you to use.

7 Mysterious Cave Paintings

via Shacknews

Located in the area of Window Rock, West Grizzlies of Ambarino, you will discover what is deemed another “Strange Statue” location; though in reality, this is just a series of mysterious cave paintings. Make your way up to the large rock overhang on Window Rock and look for the large hole in the rock (or the top of the “O” in Window on the game map). Here, you will find the cave paintings on the wall of the cavern. What story are these paintings meant to tell?

6 Obelisk

via IGN

One of the big mysteries of this game world is who built some of the statues and monuments in these areas? One such instance arises in Big Valley, West Elizabeth, when you discover an Obelisk. On the western edge of the map area, head west across the Upper Montana River, between Black Bone Forest and Lake Owanjila. The Obelisk is on top of the hill here, overlooking the path that leads all the way into and around the Lake.

5 Giant Remains

via YouTube (Somewhat Awesome Games)

This next item find is a bit larger than can be expected. You can find the remains of what appears to be a giant, or giants, in Mount Shann, Big Valley, West Elizabeth.

Head north of Strawberry to Mount Shann and you will find the remains along the pathway under a small cliff near the top of the mountain. The bones can be found at the top of the “T” in East Elizabeth. Follow the pathway and you’ll ride right by these large remains. Are these the ancient aliens we’ve been hearing about on the History channel?

4 Whale Bones

via Shacknews

These next remains are strange since they are far away from their natural habitat. Located in Big Valley, West Elizabeth, you will find the remains of a whale. Head west of Owanjila Dam and the Faces in the Trees point of interest, stop once you reach the hill that overlooks Owanjila. On the very top of this small hill, you will find the whale bones on top of a large flat rock. How did these remains get here?

3 Bigfoot

via Twinfinite

To begin looking for this item/easter egg, you have to study (not discover) at least 30 different animals in the game (no horses or fish). Then, you can head to the east side of the Wapiti Indian Reservation.

Follow that to the west side of the river beside it. There, you will see some strange birds that cannot be taken out. Follow them into the hills until they stop at the mouth of a cave. There, you will find the Giant, or Bigfoot, and can talk to him. Then, return to the same location in three days to have another conversation.

2 Bonnie’s Beloved

via ign.com

This next one is a bit of a blast from the past for fans of the series. One of the first game’s main characters you meet in your travels as John Marston was Bonnie MacFarlane. She was a widow and a rancher who helped John when he first began his mission. During your travels in the game, you will randomly stumble upon the remains of a man with a note on his person called “Letter to Bonnie;” indicating he is the husband of the infamous rancher.

1 UFOs

via VG247.com

To take in an otherworldly event, travel north of Emerald Ranch and the Heartland Overflow reservoir. There, you will find a small lake with a cabin on its north shore; however, be prepared for a grim sight inside the cabin, as a mass cult event took place.

The only thing to find inside, besides this unfortunate reality, is a note from the cult leader, referencing “at the second hour under the half moon.” Return to the cabin during a half moon lunar cycle at 2:00 am, and you’ll come across the Red Dead Redemption 2 version of a UFO encounter.

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