26 Hilarious Animal Cosplay Of Your Favorite Kids Cartoon Characters

Cosplay is for everyone, you guys. Whether you’re short, tall, big, not big, with a skin pigmentation hex value of anywhere from #FFFFFF to #000000 and all points in-between. One of the things we’ve overlooked here at TheGamer, however, is the involvement of our beloved fuzzy buddies. Those four-legged, hairy companions that make our days brighter when we come home or when we’ve had a particularly bad day. They help us get through the tough times in our life, and in return, all they ask for is some food, some water, and some cuddles. We truly get the better end of the deal. So it’s only a matter of course that we should share our nerdy little passions with our pets.

As it turns out, doggos and kittehs (and all the other little companions we find) seem to also love the camera just as much as the cosplayers who make their outfits. And when those outfits end up being absolutely hilarious or really innovative, then my friends - then I am contractually obligated to make an article about them. Well, everyone - there was no shortage of wonderful outfits that I could find. And let me tell you - some of these will blow your mind. From the expertly-tailored to the simple and silly, these animal cosplays are sure to make your day. Enjoy 25 hilarious animal cosplay of your favorite kid’s cartoon characters!

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26 Part Of Your World

via BuzzFeed

You have to give it to this owner - they took one of the most iconic (and fan-arted) Disney princesses out there and fusing it with one of mankind’s most sloppy, yet endearing creations thus far: the Bulldog.

Sometimes, you just need to take the sheer ridiculousness of your dog’s looks and run with it.

I have to admit, for the longest time I wanted a Bulldog, but my attentions have shifted towards wanting a Corgi. However, I do love the “ugly cosplay” possibilities shown off here by this owner and his pupper. Not enough to ever make me reconsider Corgis for a single second, but still. Pretty hilarious, nonetheless.

25 Nanananananana BAT-HORSE!

via AnimalCosplay.com

Is that…

Is that a horse… in a Batman suit?

No, actually. It’s just a horse hood with a Batman symbol on it. What’s a horse hood, you ask? Well, it’s something that horse people put on horses to make them horse better. Specifically to keep warm or keep their manes in place during horse shows.



However, were this horse about to take up the life of a crimefighter, I feel very reassured that their identity would be kept secret, so their loved ones wouldn't be a target from other Bat-based competition, like this llama in a Batman suit.

*clicks on his own link*

Oh my god, it’s real. Thank you, Internet. Thank you for everything.

24 And Rob-Bun!

via ViralScape

Okay, so I usually don't do this, but before I get into this ADORABLE cosplay, I need to direct your attention to the background of this picture. Who's holding the little bunny in a Robin outfit? That's right, someone in a full Batman cosplay. This picture just became about eight hundred times cooler.


Did you know you wanted a bunny Robin cosplay? Because I sure didn't!

This cosplay is equal parts cute and punny in equal measure. You have to love the foresight of the cosplayer who wants to bring their pet with them and have them match at the same time. This obviously came about with this Batman and Rob-Bunny cosplay, and I couldn't be happier.

23 B-MO Scaly

Via Instagram (TheReptileGirl)

Ooh! Ooh!

I know that this is! This is a blue-tongued skink! And it’s a very good boy (or girl, figuring those things out is pretty complicated with lizards). They’re one of the most chill lizards you can get as a pet, and very cool to look at. And while I’ve still only seen one episode of Adventure Time (yeah, I know, get off my back already), I know enough to know that little BMO jack their owner made for them is absolutely adorable. Time will tell how long that stays on, of course, but judging from my own experience, the skinks will probably just go with the flow.

22 COOOOKIEEEEE (And A Dentabone, Pls)

via EMGN

When you want a dog whose looks match the idea for your Cookie Monster pet cosplay, you really are starting from the wrong end and should have chosen a pet because you wanted it, you monster. That being said, a French Bulldog is a really good and silly choice to dress up in a Cookie Monster outfit.

It's like this dog's face matches Cookie's deep anticipation for a treat cookie.

Either that, or Cookie Monster might have finally given up the cookies and decided to eat cuties instead. I don't know why you suggested that, it's really creepy. Can't we just look at cute pictures of dressed-up animals instead?

21 Pup-Nub Fights The Empire, Is Incredibly Adorable

via TheAwesomeDaily.com

I have maintained this belief for centuries: Shih Tzus look like Ewoks. So do guys who have big pouty lips and full beards. But I see Shih Tzus more often. And the person who dressed their doggo up like this obviously thinks so, too. I am so glad to have been vindicated on this front. Pretty much this entire entry is going to be me doing a victory lap about how right I was for so long.

Rick was right! Shih Tzus do look like Ewoks! Wooooo!

I do have to marvel at just how good this costume is, though. The leather looks great, and so do the little bolts and ears on the hood. That walking stick almost looks like a piece of dog jerky, but I can't think it would've lasted long enough for the owner to take a picture.

20 Corgi Link Is Best Link

via Cosplay.Kotaku.com

Erhmahgerd, a Corgi in a Link cosplay. And not a thrown-together one, too. If you take a look at a lot of pet cosplays, they're simply made, and I can see why for a number of reasons. You need to make sure the piece is easy to get on and won't impede your pet's movement, but you also need to make sure your pet won't hate it and rip it off themselves the first chance they get. But you have to give it up to the finishing touches on this piece.

From the leather buckles to belt buckle itself, all the way down to the Deku shield, this is one top-notch pet cosplay. 

The fact that it's on a Corgi is just icing on the cake.

19 About As Smart As Goku, Just Kawaii-er

Via Twitter (@animalscosplay)

Pomeranians are mankind's way of foreshadowing direct DNA genetic engineering. How else can you explain breeding an animal to the point where it's only remaining assets are an impossibly fluffy coat and big adorable button eyes?

Pomeranians look ridiculously cute when you put them into a Goku cosplay.

Sure, that explains it. There's not much you can't justify when you add the proper amount of cuteness and creativity. Just make sure she doesn't chew up those dragon balls too much. We don't want to lose our connection with an omnipotent guardian dragon who grants wishes just because Fido there didn't have anything else to munch on.

18 Would You Like To Bork A Snowman?

via EMGN (merlinthecorgi)

You guys, Corgis are incredibly photogenic. I'll be totally and completely honest with you,* I did not know that was actually a dog until I printed the photo out and took a long, hard look for myself. Only then did I realize this was not someone cosplaying Anna from Disney's Frozen, but a Pembroke Corgi in a wig, dressed up like Anna from Frozen.

*He is not being totally and completely honest with you.

The little cloak this doggie's in looks great, but I can't help but want to see what's under it thanks to the little bit of material we see peeking out. That wig, too, is completely on point. I mean, if you didn't notice the giant black nose and lolling tongue, you'd totally think this was a human, right?

17 About As Happy As Cats Get When Cosplaying

via TheAwesomeDaily.com

You don't see a lot of cats in cosplay. I have three, and I can tell you why. First off, they hate wearing things. It's like the fur they already have is sufficient enough for them to survive normal outdoor and indoor conditions.

When you can get cats to dress up, the results are... adorable? 

I'll let the expressions on these two's faces explain the rest. Then I'll give you my next reason why you don't see a lot of cats in cosplay: they absolutely HATE WEARING THINGS. I have one cat that, if you try to put something on them, does something completely hilarious. Instead of normally trying to tear it off them like its napalm, they freeze in place. They are rendered completely immobile. It's like they short-circuited because there's an article of clothing upon their person.


via FashionablyGeek

There's only one thing cuter than a Corgi: a Corgi puppy. And it is only then, when you have the Corgi puppy, that you realize something: they look amazing in outfits. And when you are a Star Wars fan, it's a pretty simple leap to put your puppy in a Jedi outfit.

Your own little Obi-Wan Keno-bork!

The tailoring here is awesome. The fabric looks authentic, and the belt looks even better. I love the buckle detail off to the side. The coat might not make it the easiest to walk around in, but I'm pretty sure that's why this pupper's lying on his back for the picture.

15 Cat-Aline Claws At Button Eyes

via Tumblr

Everyone who loves Nightmare Before Christmas loves Neil Gaiman's story-turned-movie Coraline. I guess other people like it too, but that Venn diagram is pretty darn close.

This might be the best cat cosplay we've got on this list. 

The outfit itself is really accurate to the character, and they even got kitty to keep a wig on for more than ten seconds! That's an achievement. I love the accessories they've put here. the little purse and the knick-knacks at the kitty's feet look awesome and well-crafted. It's a one-hundred percent awesome look, and one that fits with the mystique of a black cat. You know, all the superstitions and mumbo-jumbo that make black cats cool? It all works with Coraline's character.

14 This Force is Not With This Cat

via TheAwesomeDaily.com

*Rick stifles a laugh*

This poor, poor kitty. I'm sure this owner meant well. Heck, the cat may have even been blinking. Whatever happened here, the final result is absolutely hilarious. The standing outfit style of pet cosplay is something that a lot of people still end up doing, and this one is is one of the better examples.

Gotta love a Leia that can't keep its eyes open.

I mean, this cat is essentially an emoji at this point. It also helps that it's one of those adorable smushy-face cats. I don't really know cat breeds, and will probably not ever learn, so smushy-face cat is what you're getting as a descriptor.

13 Guinea Pig Link! WHAT?!

via Instagram (Blanka.Cosplay)

Oh, hey! Look! It's the inspiration for this article!

Now, I know that pets in cosplay was a thing for years. As long as we've been putting ourselves in costumes, we've been putting our pets in them as well. But it wasn't until I found the cute little guy's Instagram page that I thought "huh, I wonder if TheGamer has done anything like this yet."

This is the most accurate Link ever, especially early-game. 

Seriously, this little guinea pig has a full Instagram of himself in adorable costumes to show off for the world to see. And this Link outfit is essentially a hat, but the accessories that have been brought to the table (and a generous helping of Photoshop) have made this a truly awesome cosplay.

12 Meow-io Prepares To Save The Princess

Via Costume-Works.com

Alright, so this might not be the best costume on the list, but hoo boy does this kitty have the best expression of any of the animals here. This is a Cat-Mario that's been aggroed by a laser pointer, and the owner just ended up getting the picture at the last second before they darted off.

Half a second later, this cat was GONE. 

I would love to see a cat like this take a picture with something like a Great Dane dressed up like Bowser. Then it would look pretty true-to-life. Even though we don't have this, the outfit for this kitty is still pretty awesome.

11 Attack Of The Minion Pupper Nightmares

via Instagram (rubiespetshop)

Guys, can we just be done with Minions already? I understand. I thought they were awesome when the first Despicable Me came out. They were this silly amalgamation of voices, languages and cute little characters, but now? I mean, I can't prove it, but I think they might be responsible for The Emoji Movie.

Now, it feels that the Minions are just the realm of tired Facebook memes posted by your aunt because she thought it was funny.

But as this picture will show, it's pretty good for a doggo cosplay. Though it's kind of funny to see the Shih Tzu here with its fish-eyed expression matching up with the silliness of the costume as a whole.

10 This Doge Has No Face

Via Twitter @AnimalsCosplay

One of these days, I will watch a Hiyao Miyazaki movie. And one day, I will stop being aggroed by the one Miyazaki fan I met who has made it their personal mission to throw things at me until I watch one. However, that doesn't mean I don't about the iconic characters that he's responsible for. So thankfully, I get this incredibly simple and smart cosplay. You gotta love the noble Shibe Inu for chilling long enough for their owner to stick those little felt pieces to them. I love how this look is so complete and so easy at the same time. It's awesome.

9 For Some Little Kid, This Probably Is My Little Pony

via Pinterest

There are a ton of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans out there. However, I don't think a lot of them will dress up their pets like their favorite pony. Thankfully, however, some of them will. And that's where we get this brilliant cosplay. The color here is actually pretty amazing in how close it is to Rainbow Dash's skin, and the rainbow wigs look great. The little leg pom-poms make this pupper look more like a Clydesdale horse than a dog.

This little puppy probably made some little girl's day. 

Having a puppy to dress up is awesome, because it allows you to share your affinity of your favorite fandom and usually the outfit you make is easier than making one for yourself.

8 Stay On Target (And Adorable)

Via Instagram (CorgiArya)


And this guy? This lil' pupper over here? This is absolutely adorable. I love every part of this, even though there's no actual character they're going off of here. It's just a simple rebel pilot, but it's the quality of the outfit that makes it look absolutely perfect. The tailoring in the suit looks perfect, and it feels like there are details on the underside that have been added, even though they weren't going to be seen.

Is that a tiny Corgi mini next to the little Corgi in an adorable outfit? ∩(◕▽◕)∩

I love the look of the helmet, too. It looks pretty much identical to the film's helmets. And of course, the BB-8 mini there is a perfect little addition that required no effort but makes the image so much better.

7 In The Name Of The Moon... They Will Steal Your Heart!

Via Twitter (@AnimalsCosplay)

Man, Sailor Moon was not my jam back when it was on television in the 90s. But that was a different time, when it was totally weird to like things that was coded for girls to watch. I have since grown past such things, but I have no time to watch the crap I've got stored on my DVR, let alone grab a CrunchyRoll subscription and watch a twenty-five-year-old anime. However, these adorable little Chihuahua puppies look perfect.

Who knew puppies in skirts were something you actually wanted to see?

This a bunch of little cool-looking tailoring projects that ended up looking even better now that it's been donned on a five adorable little puppies. Even if these little doggos are going to grow up to look like squeaky little rats, in this moment, they look awesomely cute.

6 She Ate The Apple. And The Couch. And...

Via Instagram (Winnie_The_Terrier_Princess)

I was never the biggest Snow White fan. It was always kind of the lamest Disney movie to me growing up. It had barely any anthropomorphic singing animals, and the main character did absolutely nothing but talk in a voice that went straight through my head.

Someday her prince will come. And then they'll get sprayed with a hose.

This Instagram account is still really interesting, though. Winnie has many other great pictures for every dog lover to embrace, and the cute little faces she makes will melt your heart. The outfit itself here looks really cool. It's accurate and has a bunch of great little details in the bow.

5 You Will Never See A More Active Slimer, I Guarantee You

via Instagram (NerdCavesOfficial)

Alright, man, I'll come clean. I love Ghostbusters. The original was the best, the remake wasn't bad, and Ghostbusters 2 is the worst. So putting dogs in an outfit based on the most iconic characters from the films is great. And the fact that it's been put on two Boston Terriers is so much better here.

A Boston Terrier in a Slimer outfit would be the most accurate depiction of the crazed little spud ever. 

The outfits in this picture are awesome. The Stay Puft outfit ends up looking like a sailor suit with a cool hat, but the Slimer piece is really cool. The eyes and the general form of the outfit looks really accurate to the character.

4 Proof That Umbreon Is Actually A Cat

via EMGN

There's one simple wonder of this outfit for your pet. I'm pretty sure it's a cat in there, but I can't see the natural stank face he's undoubtedly wearing. I do marvel at how exactly they fit this animal in this outfit, though. It looks like a whole body suit, but there isn't a zipper to be seen. Just a really angry-looking, but well-tailored Umbreon outfit.

There's a bunch of really great details to like here. The ears are free-standing and completely realistic, the rings and the tailpiece are in the right place, and those eyepieces look awesome. There's really no problem to be found... Listen, don't try and explain around it.

3 What Is UpDog?

via EMGN

I don't know how this cosplay was conceived. All I know is that I love it a whole bunch. And, of course, this pup's face has a look that ends up matching the face most of us make after watching the first ten minutes of Up. The house, I guess, is pretty much the main crafty part of this outfit, since the mylar balloons are something you can get anywhere, and the biggest challenge in making that sign would have been laminating it, if they actually did. Still, it's a clever and funny cosplay. The owner should be proud. Maybe for the next one they could fit their puppy in a costume that looks like one of Boo's outfits from Monsters, Inc.


via Twitter @AnimalsCosplay

Three words to assure my happiness on any given day: Corgis. In. Costumes.

Four more words to turn that happiness into elation: Dragon. Ball. Z. Themed.

I don't know who thought of this, but they have my undying gratitude. Everyone knows that Corgis are the royal warrior race of dogs that will never be surpassed in power or influence, so it just makes sense that they should get a Saiyan cosplay at some point.

You have been scanned and found bearing treats. Give now.

All the best people know that DBZ is the best show on the planet, so I assume at some point we were going to see a dog in a scouter at some point. But I'm so glad it came sooner rather than later, I was just late to the Google search.

1 BONUS GIF: Boingy, Boingy, Boingy...

via BuzzFeed

Before we left, I just had to squeeze this in. I mean, we've all played with our pet's stuffed animals at some point to annoy them. They, of course, end up grabbing it and whipping it around the room. And this shot of a little Puggle dressed up as Bowser is pretty amazing, I have to admit. This person really knows how to set up a shot and make it look great. And I love how the little guy is just kinda loving the whole deal, as the wagging of its tail is any evidence.

Anyway, until next time, may your days be filled with doggos, kittehs, and all those adorable little fuzzy and scaly dudes that make life better.

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