10 Hilarious Call Of Duty Logic Memes Everyone Can Relate To

The Call of Duty franchise has a bunch of great games. Whether it’s striving for historical accuracy when depicting World War 2 or testing the limits of technology in Black Ops these games have some excellent moments of realism and plausibility.

Except there are times when either the requirements of gameplay, video game traditions, or just plain developer oversight leads to some questionable logic. When fans pick up on these moments they can become immortalized on the internet forever as hilarious memes.

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10 Sprinting In An Exoskeleton

Exoskeletons are powerful pieces of technology that play an important role in the Advanced Warfare and Black Ops series. Armed with these mechanical suits the average soldier is now a super soldier capable of lifting tremendous weights, surmounting various obstacles, and becoming terrifying hand-to-hand fighters.

But you think with these abilities to augment the player character’s strength it would also give them a boost when running. Sure an exoskeleton made of metal would be heavy, but it’s own strength capabilities should negate that and the wearer should be able to run forever.

9 Need To Reload?

It’s a running joke in the FPS world when players reload after every single engagement even if they’ve only used a bullet or two out of their massive clips. What makes this meme funny is that the character in the game makes the comment that a player should reload even though their magazine is 97% full.

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Whether this was a mistake by the game for failing to realize how many bullets the player had left or a clever joke by the game developers, it’s nevertheless a great example of logic fail.

8 EMP Resistant Comms

EMPs or electro magnetic pulses are designed to fry the electrical components of items and render them useless. It’s actually a very effective weapon in the Call of Duty franchise considering how intertwined soldiers and the military are becoming with technology, there’s even robots for Pete’s sake.

What makes this meme funny is the idea that your squad leader would be able to use the radio to let you know an EMP went off and electronics are disabled. Perhaps the radio everyone’s using to communicate has been hardened against EMPs, but it feels like more of an oversight.

7 Too Much Effort

The Call of Duty series does a great job of introducing realistic concepts to the weapons in their games. One instance is the side saddle attachment on the shotgun that allows the user to hold an extra six shells for quick reloading.

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But it seems the character must assume these are for decoration as once they’ve run out of shells in their pocket they’ll declare the gun useless and the player needs to get more ammo. Maybe the character is saving those for something more important than a life or death situation, like when he needs to shoot something in a cutscene and the player went in with zero ammo.

6 Supersoldiers Struggle With The Basics

Whether it’s an exoskeleton or bodily augmentation through robotics and prosthetics, the soldiers in Call of Duty can do some incredible things. Running along walls, turning invisible, leaping around with jet packs, or firing powerful weaponry from their bodies these enhanced beings are capable of more than the average soldier.

But it seems even they struggle with the basic concept of reloading a gun while on the run. Sure a case can be made if they're trying to reload a revolver, but slapping a new magazine into a pistol or SMG while jogging seems like it could be doable by the guy who just clambered up two stories in one jump.

5 Stealthy Reloading

This is undoubtedly an oversight by the game developers unless they’re subtly hinting that your enemies are as deaf as a post. Many players have probably jumped out of their skin when standing out of sight behind the enemy and went to reload only to have their overzealous character scream what they’re doing.

Granted it would be funny if the enemy became visibly startled by the outbursts or a fellow soldier cussed your character out, but it would spare players a few mini heart attacks if the developers learned to put the character on mute in these situations.

4 Live. Die. Reload Last Checkpoint.

Given the nature of players when confronted with a permanent death system game developers have adopted various techniques to give the player another chance to fight over and over again. Whether it’s respawning after a few seconds delay or reloading an old checkpoint, your character is capable of going back in time or resurrecting to keep going.

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Sure it doesn’t make sense logically, but many players would be enraged to have to redo the entire game with a new character every time they die so we’re all willing to suspend our disbelief a little.

3 Horse Vs Tank

Call of Duty: Black Ops II had an interesting mission where the soldiers used horses to go up against Russian tanks in Afghanistan. It was a cool moment as black op soldiers who’d become known for utilizing advanced tech in battle, relied on classical transportation methods to fight their enemies.

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But it’s apparent that the soldiers weren’t accustomed to this type of warfare as shown by their foolish idea to charge the tanks head-on with their horses. Sure it was an epic moment and it ultimately succeeded, but it seems like a really, really bad idea no matter how you slice it.

2 Sninper Run, SMG’s Camp

It’s a familiar joke for players of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. After players started diving into multiplayer they noticed an interesting trend of snipers rushing and fighting aggressively while sub-machine gunners were holing up and camping.

Largely this was a result of game mechanics and cultural trends among gamers. The developers wanted to discourage camping by limiting long range shots which incentivized snipers to join the fray and short-range burst guns like SMGs to hole up and ambush people. It also had a lot to do with young kids trying to ‘360 no scope’ each other for their social media audiences.

1 Attack Helicopter Support

It’s an amusing criticism of the logic at play in Call of Duty multiplayer. Players who manage to succeed in killing seven players in one life were able to call in attack helicopters to provide them with support.

It’s amusing and horrifying to think of how this would play out in real life. Can you imagine being one of the surviving rangers in Black Hawk Down calling for air support only to be told you need to kill six enemy soldiers first?

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