25 Hilarious Comics That Prove Your Favorite Childhood Games Make No Sense

A lot of gamers got started pretty young in video games. Whether you grew up fighting aliens as Samus, slaying monsters as Link, or snatching rings as Sonic, many video games like these were probably a big part of your childhood.

My love of video games also got started when I was just a kid. I loved the idea that I could have an active role in the story and be the hero. Whether or not a world was saved depended on my and my actions, and it was both scary and exciting. And whether I was playing with friends and family or just having an adventure on my own, I was having a pretty good time.

But we can all agree that video games aren't perfect, and some just have really weird elements. And the more we think about it, a lot of our favorite games we played as kids really didn’t make much sense. No matter how you think about it, many classic games we grew up with have a lot to question and joke about.

And that’s why we make comics! There are a lot of comics that have fun with video games and often bring up an element in them that was weird or didn’t make sense. It’s an entertaining way to show our love of video games and still laugh at their quirks.

So here are 25 hilarious comics that show many of our favorite games really don’t make sense. Think we missed some? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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25 Hey, You Gonna Use That Armor?

via: funnywebcomic.com

A lot of games deal with armor and different upgrades you can do to them. Sometimes that armor is super helpful in your battles. Your defenses are upped, making you stronger. But sometimes, the armor isn’t all that helpful, so what do you do? You sell it of course.

What doesn’t make sense in games that have useless armor is how they sometimes talk it up. It’s this mystical armor that will be very valuable to you on your quest. And that doesn’t always happen. Plus, why does it give you the option to sell it if it was so important to the game? Sometimes armor in video games just doesn’t make sense. Also, who do you sell it too? Some other chump who doesn’t realize the armor is useless? Eh, whatever, armor’s overrated.

Comic by Cameron Davis.

24 That’s One Stealthy Horse

via: penny-arcade.com

In the Assassin’s Creed games, much of the game depends on you being able to sneak around your enemies. (Or you can just end them all when stealth fails. Whatever works for you.) This means your character has to be pretty stealthy in order for you to get into some pretty crazy places. But what about your horse?

Somehow this horse is as stealthy as you (probably even stealthier)

In Assassin’s Creed 3, you can use the horse whistle to call your horse. And when you call your horse, he just shows up where you are in a second, and yet no one notices this horse. Somehow this horse is as stealthy as you (probably even stealthier.) And it seriously makes no sense. This comic points out the craziness. Apparently, you need to step up your stealth game if you’re getting beat by a horse.

Comic by Penny Arcade.

23 We’re Shooting Zombies Now?

via: jamesdonaldson.deviantart.com

Call of Duty has been around for quite a while, and each new game always seems to try and mix things up a bit. But it usually just comes down to one thing: you’re shooting at different people. (Sorry, I guess first-person shooter games aren’t my favorite, so maybe I’m a little biased.)

What, did the franchise run out of ideas?

What doesn’t make sense is the Call of Duty: Zombie Chronicles. What, did the franchise run out of ideas? This isn’t even that original. There are so many zombie shooter games out there, so why did Call of Duty decide to jump on that bandwagon? And why would there be zombies in this game? This isn’t some fantasy horror series; it’s a game that focuses on military fighting. Yeesh, I don’t know what they were thinking with this one.

Comic by James Donaldson.

22 Well, That Escalated Quickly

Via: brainslugcomics.deviantart.com

Final Fantasy games are a pretty fun series of RPG games. You’ve got all these characters, a fun storyline, and some great battles. But the games did have a tendency to escalate. By the end of the game, you’ve got all these superpowered characters, more gold than you know what to do with, and most of your characters are changed forever.

This comic has a lot of fun with this little quirk, showing just how ridiculous the Final Fantasy games really could get. Seriously what are you going to do with all that money, guys? Though I do like that the Black Mage is just summoning meteors everywhere. Eh, we still love this game series, even if some of the game mechanics aren’t all that realistic. Stay awesome, Final Fantasy.

Comic by Brain Slug Comics.

21 How Does That Old Lady Run?

Via: reddit.com

Since it’s debut in 1997, the Grand Theft Auto series has entertained many of us with the ability to steal cars and commit all sorts of crimes. To be honest, this game is not that logical in general. You can get away with crimes if you just go inside a house. You can sneak past the police just by repainting your car. And many other things just make this game pretty crazy and nonsensical.

Seriously, what’s up with these old ladies?

But this comic shows one element of the game that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes you get these old ladies that can apparently run really fast. If they’re startled, they just book it out of there. Like seriously, what’s up with these old ladies? How are they so fast? I hope I’m that fast when I’m old. But this game just doesn’t make sense.

20 Poor Mario Needs A Hospital

Via: humor.gunaxin.com

You can’t get much more classic than the Mario games. Many of us practically grew up with this brave plumber, fighting Koopas, breaking blocks, and taking on the King Koopa himself to save the princess. Mario practically defined platform gaming, and he probably isn’t stopping anytime soon. I think he’ll still be around for my kids.

But you have to admit, sometimes his games can be a little unrealistic. And this comic points out the fact that if Mario did try to break through blocks with just his body, he’d probably end up in the hospital. Seriously, there’s no way you could punch these brick blocks and not end up hurting yourself pretty badly. Just what is Mario made of? Apparently, he’s a lot tougher than we give him credit for.

Comic by Chris Toumanian.

19 Seriously, How Does That Work?

Via: imgur.com

The Legend of Zelda has quite a bit of interesting lore behind many of its characters. You have quite a few interesting races, like the Gorons, the Zora, and the Rito. But the Gerudo people are quite unique, mostly that they only contain women. According to legend, a male Gerudo is born once every hundred years. But here’s the question, how was he born?

This does get explained (sort of) later in Breath of the Wild, where it shows that the Gerudo women actually do marry outside of their race, but their genes are so strong that their children usually end up being Gerudo women. I don’t know, that still doesn’t make a ton of sense. But I did remember being so confused during the early games, trying to figure out how on earth this race survived.

Comic by Omocat.

18 These Parties Get Pretty Intense

Via: nerdragecomic.com

If you think about it, most of the games in the Mario Party series are pretty crazy and kind of disturbing. Seriously, these guys are putting themselves in danger just to get some coins? How on earth did Mario convince everyone to come party with him if that’s what happens each time? In fact, this whole series doesn’t make a lot of sense. Like why is Bowser there? Aren’t he and Mario usually enemies?

Poor Luigi just wants to have a normal game night

This comic points out the ridiculousness of these games and questions why Mario gets so... intense about party games. Poor Luigi just wants to have a normal game night, but that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Sorry Luigi, make sure you don’t crash and burn, and maybe Mario will finally take pity on you.

Comic by NerdRageComic.

17 I’m Seeing A Pattern Here

Via: dorkly.com

Mortal Kombat is the fighting game that you’ve at least heard of, even if you’ve never played it. (And who can forget the theme song? It’s so iconic!) This surprisingly bloody game has been quite the staple at arcades and many of us grew up fighting with our favorite character, whether it was Subzero or Scorpion. Wait didn’t those two look a lot alike?

Wait didn’t those two look a lot alike?

This comic points out a weird quirk of this game, where a few characters looked pretty much exactly the same except for different color clothing. Characters like Subzero and Scorpion ended up looking very similar but just having different colored vests. Granted, later versions of them do look different, but in the original game, it was a little hard to tell them apart.

Comic by Dorkly.

16 She’s Gotta Work On Her Wording

Via: aminoapps.com

We know that Pokémon, in general, has quite a few strange things going on in that world. (Seriously, the whole concept of catching creatures to make them fight each other is pretty disturbing.) And the game mechanics can be pretty weird. (How does one lone bush block you from continuing down a path?)

This comic tackles a subtler little oddity in the Pokémon games: Nurse Joy. When you leave the Pokémon Hospital after fixing up your Pokémon, she says something a little weird. She tells you “We hope to see you again!” I don’t know about you, but it almost sounds like they want us to hurt our Pokémon. I guess that means they stay in business, but that’s a pretty creepy thing to say to a trainer.

Comic by J.E. Donaldson.

15 Ended By Chili?

Via: awkwardzombie.com

Super Smash Bros. has quite a few items that you can use to kick the other players’ trash. Between laser swords, bob-ombs, landmines, and so much more, you can do a lot of damage. But there’s one item that doesn’t quite make as much sense as the others. And that’s the super spicy chili. If you eat this chili, you suddenly have the ability to spit fireballs at everyone. It’s a good item to use, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Having your mouth be literally on fire probably isn’t the best thing for your health

This comic points out that having your mouth be literally on fire probably isn’t the best thing for your health. In fact, it should probably end you. Granted, Super Smash Bros. isn’t all that realistic anyway. I mean, how many times can you hit somebody and not make them pass out?

Comic by Awkward Zombie.

14 Even Blocks Need A Vacation

Via: optipess.com

I think for many of us, Tetris was one of the first computer video games we ever played. It was surprisingly fun to try to find ways to get the different shaped blocks to match up. It got even more intense when things started speeding up. (I remember freaking out as I was about to lose and just panicking, putting the blocks anywhere.)

When you needed this block the most, it would never show up

And the most popular block was the straight-line block. If you used it right, you could get rid of a ton of layers (or you could accidentally sabotage yourself spectacularly if you did it wrong). But it always seemed like when you needed this block the most, it would never show up. This comic provides some sort of explanation. While I’m glad that the straight-line block is getting a break, we still need its help.

Comic by Optipess.

13 Is That How You Get the Heart Container?

Via: blogberlinmd.com

In most Zelda games, you go up against quite a few dungeon bosses. These bosses could be hard, they could be easy, they could be ugly, they could be ridiculous, and they could be intimidating. But in the end, you were rewarded if you emerged victorious. And that reward was a heart container, giving you more life. But where exactly did that heart container come from

This comic illustrates maybe what Link would actually have to do to get that extra life. And it’s a little disturbing. But it does kind of make sense if they were the actual hearts of the enemies you just ended. Taking the heart out of your enemy isn’t exactly a new thing. But if Link did this, these games probably would get a much higher rating.

12 Let’s Be Honest, You Would Do This

Via: gamercat.com

Even if you never actually played the Assassin’s Creed games, you probably recognize the iconic outfit they wear with the white hood and the infamous knives that slide from your wrists. It’s like you’re a ninja Wolverine! But I could see this outfit having a few downsides, especially for someone who’s a little new at it.

It’s like you’re a ninja Wolverine!

And that’s what this comic tackles. The Gamercat comics in general are fantastic at poking fun at elements of video games that don’t make sense or wouldn’t translate well to real life. And the concept of the wrist knives definitely fall under that. It’s a really cool idea, but to be honest, you’d be more likely to accidentally skewer another part of your body with these weapons, especially if you were doing something and not paying much attention. Oh well, they still look cool.

11 Everything Has A Price

Via: arcaderage.co

I always find the concept of paying money to unlock more features of the game to be kind of strange (maybe I’m just old school). But it’s a pretty common thing with games and even games like Call of Duty have done this as well. And that’s what this comic has fun with.

Let’s be honest, Call of Duty isn’t necessarily the most accurate representation of war and the military, but it does a pretty good job. So, the idea that you’d need to pay money to get more supplies and features is definitely a game mechanic that wouldn’t really make a ton of sense in real life. I do like that this comic does make fun of this type of culture, mostly because I’m not the biggest fan of it, but it does point out a weird trend that many games have had.

Comic by Mart Virkus.

10 Well, That Got Weird Fast

Via: imgur.com

One of the big staples in the Zelda games since the beginning are the fairies. Throughout the games, you could find fairies that would heal you of your injuries. It was a pretty smart idea to have a fairy in a bottle since it would automatically revive you if you fell in battle. But where do those fairies go after they heal you? In the games, they just disappeared.

Where do those fairies go after they heal you?

Well, Gamercat has an answer, and it’s not a pretty one. This comic is pointing out a more potentially disturbing element of Zelda than confusing, but it is something to think about. The idea the fairies actually perish after they heal you force you to think more about using them. Just how badly do you need a fairy? Is it worth it?

Comic by TheGamerCat.

9 There’s A Lot To Worry About Here

Via: cit2.net

We’ve established that the Grand Theft Auto series don’t make a lot of sense in general. Granted, I don’t think people really care if game that has you stealing cars and committing crimes makes sense. But what’s another confusing element about this game is the reactions to it.

But the minute a more weird scene pops up, it’s the end of the world

This comic points out some people’s rather weird reactions to the game. Many are fine with the game having pretty graphic depictions of violence, glorifying crime, and cop ending. This is a common thing in a lot of video games where a game can get away with a lot of violence, but can have very little innuendo. I don’t know, the rating system in general can be weird.

Comic by Joy of Tech.

8 Seriously, This Is What We Get?

Via: joyreactor.com

Halo was actually the game that got me semi-interested in first-person shooter games. Going around and fighting aliens, or ending your friends in slayer mode, was pretty fun (even though I was pretty terrible at it at first.) But we have to admit that Halo isn’t the most logical of games, especially with some of its equipment design.

This comic takes a look at the Halo suits and shows just how stupid they kind of are. Now there are some cool elements to the suit, like the fact they do regenerate themselves if you step away from battle for a bit. But there’s the fact that you can’t run in them. Seriously you can only sprint for a few seconds. I thought these guys were the super soldiers. That’s just sad, guys.

7 Ooh, Someone's Sleeping On the Couch Tonight

Via: newgrounds.com

It's no secret that Bowser has caused a lot of trouble for Mario. He's the main reason Mario has to go save the Mushroom Kingdom, and he's taken Peach multiple times. (I think he even tried to marry her once.) Not to mention all the times he's actually tried to end Mario. He and Mario are pretty obvious enemies, so why are they racing go karts together?

I can understand why Peach would be pretty angry

This comic shows how the premise of the Mario Kart series is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. We have quite a few people that normally should be fighting just casually racing each other (Well, as casually as Mario Kart can get). I can understand why Peach would be pretty angry. Mario’s going to have to do a lot to get Peach to forgive him this time.

6 This Is Actually Pretty Clever

Via: awkwardzombie.com

Metal Gear Solid is another classic series that you at least know about, even if you’ve never played the games. (I’m sure more people got exposed to it when they put Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I’m still not sure how that happened.) But you can’t deny that the game isn’t without its own quirks. For example, what’s with the supply drop boxes?

This comic points out the ridiculousness of these drop boxes. I mean seriously, if you weren’t paying attention, you would get it dropped right on your head. But then, again, I like that Snake from this comic gets an idea on how to use it on the enemy. You have to admit, that’s a pretty resourceful way to turn a problem into a useful tool.

Comic by Awkward Zombie.

5 These Little Guys Should’ve Been Way Scarier

Via: gamercat.com

Pikmin in general is a pretty cute game, considering the situation you’re in is actually rather dark. You’ve crash-landed on this planet, and the only way for you to survive is to rely on little creatures called Pikmin. Really, your chances for survival rest solely on these little multi-colored plant-like people. They help you out in navigating this world and fighting off any enemies.

But here’s the thing: just how do these little guys fight off enemies? In the game, you would just throw them at the enemy, but that didn’t really make a lot of sense. This comic shows what things could’ve been like if the Pikmin were a bit more... vicious. It’s absolutely terrifying, but a game with this type of Pikmin would be pretty interesting.

Comic by The Gamer Cat.

4 Seriously, How Does This Work?

via: dorkly.com

In video games, there usually has to be some way for you to regain your health. Whether it’s picking up energy tanks, gathering hearts, or getting supplies to make food, there’s usually some way to gain back the energy your character desperately needs. But the games the use food to restore health can get a little weird.

It really doesn’t make sense to chow down on several cheese wheels after you’ve been shot 

Mostly that when you’re in the middle of battle, you can just pause the game to eat several apples or chow down on a dish you made. Just imagine if that were happening in real life. This comic points out the strange situations you’d probably get into with these types of games. It really doesn’t make sense to chow down on several cheese wheels after you’ve been shot by an arrow. But hey, we still like these games, and the inclusion of food as restoring health is pretty cool.

3 Sonic Has Gone Through A Few Changes

Via: sonicfanon.wikia.com

Ever since his debut, it seems like Sega has been trying to recreate the success with Sonic the Hedgehog. Some of them have worked, while others... not so much. And a lot of these games include several variations of Sonic. The question many gamers have is, why do all the changes? What worked about the first game was just that it was pretty simple.

That’s what this comic makes fun of. Seriously, Sonic has been so many things: a surfer, a tennis player, a brawler, and even a werewolf (don’t ask). What happened to the games when this guy was just a speedster? That’s probably what’s so confusing is the fact that many games of Sonic don’t actually have him running around. I get they’re trying to mix things up, but this is just a little weird.

2 The Truth Hurts Sometimes

Via: efunnyimages.com

This comic is poking more fun at actual gamers instead of games. But it does bring up an interesting quirk we have. Gamers in general tend to be pretty determined. We can spend hours on just that one level, because we are not quitting until we conquer it. Gamers tend to be pretty dedicated and will not give up until they reach their goal.

Does this always apply to other aspects of our lives? Well, not always

Does this always apply to other aspects of our lives? Well, not always. When it comes to real life applications, or learning other skills, they can quickly lose our interest. It is kind of weird that someone could spend hours on one level of a game, but would hate to spend more than 15 minutes practicing a musical instrument. Maybe if we treated practicing like levels, things could be different...

Comic by Jim Benton.

1 Seriously, Ganon?

Via: awkwardzombie.com

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, was a great game to play that had beautiful stylistic graphics, a fun and interesting story and characters that were both memorable and entertaining. But there were some confusing elements in the game. And one is the puzzle you have to solve in order to gain access to the Master Sword room in Hyrule Castle.

The puzzle itself isn’t confusing; in fact, it’s pretty easy to solve. But that’s the problem. This puzzle was apparently set to keep evil from every finding the Master Sword. And apparently Ganon was relying on Link to gain access to this room. So why didn’t Ganon solve the puzzle himself? This comic has a pretty funny answer to this question, but it really does make you think.

Comic by Awkward Zombie.

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