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Think Ariel signed an unfair contract when she gambled her soul for a pair of legs? Well, you’re right! One lawyer on Twitter wrote a detailed legal analysis on why the contract would not hold up in sea-court. Assuming that magical, octopus-witch contracts are beyond the

purview of Triton’s justice system, it’s clear that Ursula could have done far worse than she did.

Ariel clearly got off easy! Ursula could have given Ariel crab legs, like the comic above to really sabotage her chances at love. Also, if sending eels to interrupt a love song doesn’t break their contract, Ursula could have probably sabotaged Ariel in far worse ways. As naive as Ariel was not to bring the family lawyer to her meeting with Ursula, you have to give Ursula credit for giving the girl a fighting chance.

Comic by ElectricBunnyComics.

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