25 Hilarious Cosplays Of Childhood Cartoon Characters

You all need to buckle your seat belts for this one, because it’s going to be a wild ride full of bumps. The cosplays in this article will make you want to shudder simply because of how confident these individuals are. Even if a cosplay isn't so grand, you have to own it. We’ve searched high and low for some of the most surprising cosplays of childhood cartoon characters you know and love. Be prepared to let that love go forever though, because after seeing these cosplays, you’ll want to run.

From CatDog wearing jeans to Princess Peach turning up the dial, everything is seriously on this list! We don’t even feel like you’re ready for all the chaos that’s about to ensue, so proceed with caution. Maybe you could show your friends this list as well, while being able to sit back and watch them flinch to the max. What a fantastic delight that would be!

In all seriousness, though, this list is full of crazy cosplays we’ve found all over the internet. Some are fantastic and take a lot of guts to wear out in public, while some others are a bit embarrassing. Nonetheless, we’re here to give you a little backstory on these characters, the shows we loved growing up, and some thoughts on the final cosplay pictures. We’d love to hear from you too. Just share this article and let us know your opinion on some of these cosplays! What cosplay was your most and least favorite?

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25 DeeDee Does It Again

via: tumblr.com

We’ve all seen Dexter's Laboratory, a kids' show that really brought that classic 90s feel to life. But these cosplayers have gone above and beyond to really push the limits of this cosplay to the max. Not only do their wigs look straight out of the cartoon, but he is literally on his knees, kneeling on shoes to look super short!

He is literally on his knees to pull off this cosplay look! From his dyed ketchup-red hair, huge fake glasses, the lab coat, and her outrageously colorful outfit, it’s safe to say that they would do anything to make this duo cosplay a reality. It really makes you wonder how many times they’ve done this cosplay at conventions, or if they just did it for the photo. What do you think? Also, do you think he actually walked around on his knees all day or only for pictures when asked?

24 Yes, They Actually Cosplayed As The Car

Via: Pinterest

Yes, you’re seeing this right, they actually decided it would be a good idea to cosplay as the mystery mobile! It’s like a cute version of a transformers bot! With the bright colors and serious gaze, this cosplay is equally shocking, impressive, and funny. While the cosplay overall is put together very well, you can’t deny that this is pretty out there, almost past the line of creativity.

Let’s just hope it was a group effort that inspired this guy to cosplay as a car in his spare time.

Maybe he was just really a fan of the cartoon and the ways transformers look? While we may never really know the inspiration behind this look, we hope he rocked it with confidence even when people inevitably asked for him to honk for them. Would you ever want to cosplay as a car and make all of the costume yourself in your spare time or would you pass?

23 It's Pickle Rick!

via: tumblr.com

How could we have a cartoon-inspired list without having Rick & Morty involved? Not just any Rick though, Pickle Rick! Oh wait, it’s PICKLE RICK!! Is that better? The fans of this show are immersed in the world of this cartoon. So, something as simple as being turned into a pickle is very important and one of the most iconic moments of this show. While not everyone will understand the hype behind the show, it has become seriously important in the nerd community.

This is especially in the cosplay world. People have embraced this show with open arms, especially artists who can make amazingly detailed cosplays like this one. Just look at the detail in that pickle! But in all seriousness, this cosplay for both characters are impressive, but you know they probably got some intense stares because of how out there this cosplay is.

22 Where’s The Poké Ball?

via: tumblr.com

Of course, we love all things Pokémon, but this cosplay is a lot to take in when you first see it. Beedrill is one of the first Pokémon that people think about when they think of bug Pokémon, but this look really takes it to a whole new level. Let’s break down this outfit a little further.

There are the headband and black wig, majorly intense makeup, and some super tight PVC clothing.

On top of all that, there’s skin showing, which is perfectly fine. It just makes you wonder what exactly inspired her to choose Beedrill for this cosplay. Would you have the guts to wear an outfit like this and then go out in public? Plus, why would you choose this look when you can’t even use your hands for literally anything?

21 The Princess Has Arrived

via: tumblr.com

Lumpy Space Princess, aka LSP from Adventure Time, has always been one of the most iconic characters from the series. From her spicy attitude of not caring and just being herself to her lumpy form actually making way for a huge wave of body positivity, she’s one of the best characters on TV. But it is interesting to see someone actually paint their whole body purple just for a cosplay! She totally pulls it off, but there’s no question that she needs to have some guts to pull off this look. Lumpy Space Princess has really been a very important character for many individuals. Because of how judgmental some people can be in the cosplay community about weight and overweight individuals, it’s refreshing to see someone have the guts to rock this character with confidence.

20 Jake Is Uncomfortable

via: tumblr.com

Here we have Beemo and Jake The Dog from Adventure Time! While focusing more on Jake’s cosplay, it’s always very interesting how people throw together outfits like this out of regular clothes and call it cosplay. Of course, it still is to some degree, but it really is in another world that this is cosplay.

But as you can see here, when someone quickly throws together an all yellow outfit and dog ears, it can actually come off as rather funny.

But regardless of how funny this outfit is, it takes some major guts to wear this outfit out in public, especially around people who have spent months perfecting their handmade DIY cosplays. The Beemo cosplay is totally adorable. But we think we can all agree that even though the Jake cosplay is funny, it needs some work. But at least they look good as a team!

19 Super Sonic Is Here?

via: tumblr.com

A Sonic and DBZ crossover?! This whole cosplay is super intense. While he should feel better about wearing it because he doesn’t have to show his face, overall the look is just insane! To jump around a convention in a look like this takes some confidence, whether or not you can see his face. You know he probably dealt with people all day who told him he’s just a furry. This super Sonic cosplay is pretty well put together, but overall it just looks like a bunch of Halloween costumes all jumbled together to create whatever this hybrid character is. While we can already assume that he received a ton of stares throughout the day at the convention, it's no wonder that he opted to wear something that hid his identity. Let’s hope the cosplay community puts out some more creative and impressive hybrid cosplays!

18 CatDog Didn’t Look Like This

via: tumblr.com

This cosplay tops the list, that’s for sure! This CatDog cosplay is seriously jacked up! From the floppy ears and what looks to be a glued on fabric tube to some yellow t-shirts... it’s just a mess. First of all, let's talk about the choice they've made to wear jeans as the main part of their cosplay. Yeah, we understand they didn’t want to include their legs. They were possibly trying to make their legs blend in while their torsos remained in the spotlight. But there is no excuse as to why they had to wear jeans.

Jeans should never be the main component of any cosplay!

Overall, this cosplay is very shocking and would make anyone break their necks trying to get a second look. But if they happened to be going for a more humorous look, they nailed it.

17 It’s The 80s Again With This Gem!

via: tumblr.com

Let’s throw it back a bit more than you might expect with a character from the Gems! This list wouldn’t be close to complete without a classic oldies cartoon thrown into the mix. But once again not only does this revealing cosplay take guts to wear to a convention, but it also takes some nerve wearing a cosplay that doesn’t look to be completely handmade. Many individuals in the community have embraced any kind of cosplay, but many people still really don’t appreciate when a cosplay hasn’t been created from complete scratch. While this might seem a bit unfair, the community has spoken out about this problem many times over and over again.

16 Max Goof Is Goofy

Via: Pinterest

Max Goofy has always been a favorite Disney character, but this stretch of cosplay is seriously insane. From only painting on a black nose and wearing a hat with ears, it’s actually quite shocking that he would post this and be super proud of it. This also seems to be a part of a meme that has been going around the community where it popularizes really simple cosplays and they all have to have the original character reference next to them to show who they are because otherwise, no one would even be able to tell.

Sometimes you can’t just rely on your natural born looks to pull off a cosplay.

Max Goof is a great character and many have cosplayed it actually quite well. But simply doing your nose and getting basically dressed for the day is not exactly what many people would call great cosplay.

15 We Could Use Some Burger

via: tumblr.com

Even though this cosplay is actually pretty simple, it’s nice to see a very professional simple cosplay that looks like they actually put some effort into it. While many would just buy a premade shirt and burger pillow, this cosplayer actually made these pieces which really make the whole outfit. Plus, we’ll give them a pass on the jeans, since the character actually does wear just a t-shirt and jeans. Steven Universe is a fantastic cartoon and even though the main character Steven is a guy, it’s nice to see people getting out of their comfort zones and trying something new. It’s also refreshing to see someone not care about what other people think because she looks completely comfortable with her cosplay. You can see it in her smile and the way she’s posing!

14 Wendy From Gravity Falls, It’s Her Twin!

via: ryoko-demon.deviantart.com

This girl seriously looks exactly like Wendy from Gravity Falls, it’s mind-blowing. From the red hair, the fuzzy hat, plaid button down, to even her goofy smile. She has it all! Generally, when people cosplay characters which happen to be super simple and dressed in regular clothes, it can often turn many people off. It’s just too simple to some. But when you mix that with someone who actually looks like the character, naturally it really does take it to a whole new level.

Even though this cosplay looks totally normal, she totally nailed this look with ease! Even that smile!

We know that the Gravity Falls show has a huge fan base that is very passionate about this series, which is another reason why we had to include it on this list for those who have an everlasting love for the show!

13 Spooky Terry Rick Is Spooky!

via: tumblr.com

What would this list be without just one more Rick & Morty mention? Like we were talking about before, this show has gained some serious mainstream traction. The show has a community that would support anything these creators do. This cosplay is seriously impressive, even though it would take some guts getting used to looking like this. This guy has no shame in putting himself out there and really just committing to the insanity that is this character because otherwise, he would probably be too nervous to even wear this. Overall, the look is very put together and clean, we especially love the mask. We wonder how long it actually took to make this. Do you have any guesses? We also wonder what other kinds of cosplay he’s made if he pays this much attention to detail normally!

12 The Female Danny Phantom

via: twitter.com

While we don’t want to just hate on a cosplay because it’s up to you to judge whether or not the cosplay is actually good or bad. This is a strange one too look at, mostly because the character is actually male! This is a genderbent version of a character that's much loved.

Danny Phantom didn't air long, but made a lasting impression on people.

Anyways, though there's not a lot going on in this cosplay, it's still pretty cool and Kinpatsu Cosplay is owning it! We hope that she actually walked around a con like this, because it'd be really nice to see.

11 What A Creative Look

via: tumblr.com

Miss Bellum is a character from the Powerpuff Girls series that never has her face revealed. She either has her face out of the screen or she has something covering her face. This was never really explained in any way throughout the show. We do have to admit this is an interesting cosplay choice to make, especially since this individual would have no way of seeing what’s around her throughout the convention. We have to wonder if she resisted pushing the wig out of the way just so she could see.

Who would have ever thought that someone would be totally fine not seeing anything the whole convention! Fun fact: Miss Bellum gets her name from her being the brains behind the Mayor who is in the show. She basically runs everything in the show for the mayor, which makes her the smart one.

10 Why Does She Look Just Like Fry?

Via: Pinterest

It’s totally crazy to see how much she actually looks like Fry from Futurama! She has everything down, from the body language, the clothing, to even the type of jean shirt she’s wearing. We absolutely love how she got the wig to actually act like real hair for this shot, overall giving the shot a much more realistic look.

Even though this look is very simple, she’s gone above and beyond with the details to showcase her skill as a cosplayer.

Plus it even looks like she made the shirt and jean skirt herself which is always a great surprise in any cosplay, especially when she could have just bought the outfit online cheap! Also as a little bonus, do you see the unhappy Beemo behind her with a frown on his face? What a fun surprise! You might have to look closely to see him.

9 ThunderCats Rock

via: tumblr.com

To go out there showing off all your muscles, crazy red hair, and huge sword... talk about having no shame and being confident! He completely nailed the ThunderCats look. Portraying Lion-O is bold and not everyone can pull it off, especially without looking like a furry in the process. He has everything from the different colored skin, the thick eyebrows, and even the cartoon looking outfit that would only belong in this show. With the intense look on his face, you can’t help but wonder if he was actually a real ThunderCat because he looks exactly like the character! But there is one thing you’re probably wondering. Did he really wear a full-on unitard to a convention? That would take some big guts. If so, we’re cheering you on Lion-O, good for you! Do you remember watching this show as a kid?

8 Sassy Princess Peach

Via: Tumblr

A super sassy Princess Peach has, of course, made this list! While it’s quite unsure whether or not she hand made this entire cosplay herself, we have some doubts. If this individual had no shame whatsoever and just hopped up on a cosplay contest stage and actually won through a voting system just because she was showing off some skin, you can bet there would be a serious riot that would ruin the whole convention.

Cosplays like this are why many individuals have actually made stricter rules when you apply for a cosplay contest.

Some even ask that you have your idea approved by individuals judging it beforehand to make sure that you’re not just buying pieces of a cosplay online.

7 The Signature Burglar

via: tumblr.com

We know, we know! Sims isn't a cartoon show, but we just had to include this amazing cosplay as a bit of a bonus! This completely shameless look shows off their complete commitment, that’s for sure. While the smug burglar with all of their clothes just stands there for the picture too, it’s no wonder they look totally shocked.

Even though this isn’t a cartoon per se, we just had to include it on our list! If you love this game series and have played it for years and years, you probably know about this easter egg that would be very annoying but often times pretty funny if you’re in the right mood. Let’s just hope this never happens in real life, no one would ever want this kind of thing to happen in the real world, remember to lock your doors!

6 The Ice King Is Here To Steal The Princesses

via: tumblr.com

Since we’ve had so many Adventure Time princesses on this list, we had to include the Ice King! He’s one of the signature characters of the show. Even though he’s “evil” he is one of the most loved characters, especially since he never gets his way and he doesn’t even understand what he’s doing wrong.

But little does he know, everything he does is wrong and people just constantly feel sorry for him.

It’s refreshing to see someone actually turn into the cartoon version of a character instead of just making a human version of the character. From the huge crown to the giant nose and beard, he has all of the qualities of Ice King nailed perfectly. His human hands peeking out from under his robe is a bit distracting but we can try to ignore this little flaw.

5 This Takes It Too Far

via: tumblr.com

This gender swap of Blossom and Mojo Jojo seems to take a bit too far. From the brutal makeup, the overbearing chest, and those white go-go boots, all of this is just way too much. But it gets even better! Moving on to Blossom, the huge head with an open mouth where you can see this guy's face and the pink dress, the body hair, socks and sandals, and jean shorts. It gets so much better when you add in all that intense body hair.

This is one of the most disturbing cosplays we’ve ever seen, now we’ll never go to bed, thanks! Granted, if they were going for a more funny perspective when it comes to cosplay, they really nailed that, even though the looks are still a bit disturbing. But let’s just assume that that is what they were trying to do.

4 Kim Possible Didn’t Approve That Wig

via: tumblr.com

It somewhat defeats the purpose of cosplaying if you put no time and thought into your outfit and you can literally just buy everything online. Many people don’t appreciate this kind of individual in the community. It’s been known to even start up arguments as well, especially when people get more attention for outfits they didn’t even make themselves.

Plus, if you’re going to go out and wear that wig in public, you might get a second look and not for a super positive reason either.

The wig looks like it wasn’t even styled, it’s pulled way too forward, and it overall doesn’t fully match the style of the Kim Possible look that this individual was going for. Maybe after this con, she’ll go back and revise how she portrays this character in the future because right now, something’s just off.

3 Family Picture Time

via: tumblr.com

Choji and his father Choza are a very loved set of characters from Naruto. This anime played an important role in many of our hearts. What we love the most about this cosplay is that two friends are playing these characters and totally getting into the whole roleplay behind it as well, not caring what others think. They have no shame when it comes to how they want to cosplay these two characters, not to mention they play their personalities quite well! From the cheeky winks to even the smiles, they completely pull off everything these characters are as a whole. It makes it even better that two friends decided to cosplay these characters together! Even though it takes some major confidence to go out as a plus size cosplayer, these two have done it with ease and that should be an inspiration!

2 Princess Pancake Nails It!

via: tumblr.com

We can’t get enough of the Adventure Time princesses! There’s a princess for literally everything in the world, but Princess Pancake has gone above and beyond without caring about what other people think whatsoever.

She’s rocking the short blonde wig, a great bacon bow, toast top, belted with bacon, and a skirt of pancakes and syrup!

This cosplay might look simple, but she’s made all of the elements of this dress herself and we give her some major respect for pulling this together. Not to mention she looks really confident and wears the outfit quite well. We have to wonder if she’s gone out of her way to make any of the other Princesses from Adventure Time, because that would be something we’d all love to see! Just look at her attention to detail, it’s perfect!

1 My Little Pony In Real Life, Oh No

via: tumblr.com

Yes, My Little Pony has made it onto the list. While the photography and cosplay are actually not that bad, it does seem to be made up of a ton of different elements that don’t really seem to go together. It looks like many of the clothing items they’re using are basic pieces of clothing you could find anywhere, with just some super colorful wigs. While they look fantastic to some extent, there are so many creative ways to take on these characters in a unique way.

We think we can probably all agree that we don’t want to ever see this cosplay at a convention. My Little Pony in real life as humans might be an interesting concept, but not one of the most original if we’re being completely honest.

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