20 Hilarious DC Memes That Could Even Make Batman Laugh

Marvel and DC comics are two of the fiercest competitors in their markets today. Combined they feature hundreds of characters from many different genres of storytelling. Everyone seems to have aspects that they love and hate about both companies, but almost everyone likes one over the other. Now this is not going to become an argument about which we feel is better, but we will have a little fun at DC's expense. DC's sometimes darker and more adult themes seem to make them prime targets for memes and fan jokes from both sides. This most likely is because of the contrast between the more modern comics and movies opposed to the silly or funny cartoons and shows we grew up watching.

For example, thinking of how dark and brooding Batman is depicted as today, a man who sinks large amounts of money into gadgets that help him fight crime. Then think of the 60's Batman show, as he was a walking Ex Machina with anything he needed sitting snugly in his belt. Then we have the futuristic teenage Batman from Batman Beyond bringing us a Batman for the modern age and exploring the idea of Bruce Wayne having a hard time keeping the mantle as an older man. Different Batmans for different audiences and times, but the contrasts are vast and sometimes hilarious. Maybe this will cheer up some of us DC fans who keep hoping the DC movies will start becoming amazing, but until then let's look at some of the best DC jokes we could find.

20 Batman's Women Problems

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If you are a Batman fan, you know that Batman himself can be a cold and dark character who is uncompromising in his attempts to rid Gotham of its criminal underbelly. This often paints him as an emotional trainwreck of a man, but several depictions of Batman over the years have shown him to be quite the ladies man. He dated quite a few characters in his comics, including Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Talia Al Ghul, and Vicki Vale, just to name a few. In the case of Batman Beyond, apparently his love for justice has prevailed but that does not mean that a millionaire like Bruce Wayne did not attract female attention. Just do not be surprised if he blows off his alter ego's girlfriends. Talk about being married to your job!

19 Now That I Think Of It...

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A lot of people forget that a large number of the villains in Gotham are very well educated, so much so that many of them have a doctorate, from psychologists to a toxicologist. Apparently, Gotham either has a great education program or a really bad one, as a lot of the people trying to tear the city apart have been a part of it. Many of them have either had something extremely traumatic happen to them causing them to abandon morals or have just been driven to lunacy for various reasons. One of the most disturbing is Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow, who is a psychologist obsessed with the human emotion of fear. It makes him go so far as creating a hallucinogenic gas that causes hysterical terror to all exposed, sometimes including himself.

18 Man, We Hope Those Rumors Are True

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So currently it would seem that Megan Fox playing Poison Ivy in the movie Gotham City Sirens is only a rumor. With the return of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, this spicy scene would break the internet without a doubt. Either way, this is a very popularly created and shared type of fan art. This actually happened in the Injustice Gods Among Us comics, issue #21 of "Injustice: Ground Zero" to be exact. So could it happen in this new movie? Anything is possible. It is very obvious that the newest depiction of Harley Quinn is very popular, regardless of the movie's ratings, and adding a steamy kiss with Megan Fox? I am pretty sure it would blow the minds of many fans if it were to happen.

17 Aquaman Is Actually Pretty Intense!

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Aquaman has long been the target of tons of DC related jokes, specifically Justice League related ones. Normally they pertain to how he is the worst member of the Justice League or how he is less effective outside of the water. But if you think about it, the Earth is roughly 71% water and if you are anywhere near it, Aquaman might just wreck your day with a small army of Great White Sharks. On land, he is inhumanly strong, has almost impenetrable skin and enhanced senses. Not to mention he wields the Trident of Poseidon, which can control water and shoot bolts of energy. So, hypothetically he can bring the water to the battle instead of needing the water to battle. If only he could control the water within a human body since we are nearly 60% water ourselves. Not quite as useless as he once seemed is he?

16 Daffy Duck Is The Best Green Lantern

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A lot of people make fun of the Green Lantern Oaths, with many different parodies making fun of the things he does with his ring when he could do much more effective and direct things with it. This example is one of the absolute best examples of one of these parodies as it not only makes fun of Green Lantern, but also Batman, and mixes in the United States Pledge of Allegiance just to hammer home how silly it is. Daffy Duck used to mix up things in the old Looney Tunes cartoons all the time and this would be his exact wording if he was the actual Green Lantern. Then all of the strange things he makes would actually make sense, like giant hammers or boots to kick his foes. Did you know he once conjured up an entire diner so he could sit down and feel sorry for himself?

15 Dress For the Job You Want Not The One You Have

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We all wish we could have super powers and anyone that denies such a fact is either a liar or does not realize how awesome having powers would be. Whether the power would being able to fly, super strength, shooting lasers out of your eyes, or anything else. Unless you have money to just buy equipment to make yourself on par with a superhuman, most of us can only dream. So when someone says you should dress for the job you want, a lot of us will think of a job we can't have or one that does not exist. We then we put on our nicest clothes and head down to the office because even though we can not be a superhero, one day we might make the money to buy the powers instead.

14 Dude... Wrong Movie

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J.K. Simmons did a fantastic job as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man, so to see him as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League threw us for a bit of a loop. Superhero movies have been mixing and matching a lot of the actors from one series to the next and from Marvel to DC movies and vice versa. It is starting to become a little confusing, as when you see Simmons in the context of a superhero movie you most likely think of Spider-Man, so in the next Spider-Man movie, if we see Gary Oldman as J. Jonah Jameson, we think our brains might just melt. I know actors hate to be typecast and known for only one character, but all of these "dude... wrong movie" memes seem to have hit the nail right on the head.

13 Does John Constantine Even Know What He Is Doing?

Constantine is not really a superhero and to be honest, he is about as far from a hero as it gets. However, his existence in the DC universe is canon to the comics. A snarky magic practitioner who can outwit both the Abrahamic God and Satan himself, he's a man who spent a steamy night with a succubus and had a demon blood transplant. There is little to hate about Constantine unless you are his friend and he has even accidentally sent close friends to the Underworld, left a friend's soul in a powered off computer and even more. With all that John has been through, does he really know what he is doing? As Strange as it is, the comics suggest that sometimes he just wings it, for better or worse. As long as he emerges with a one-liner and a smile he really does not seem to really care.

12 Maybe Bane Isn't Such A Bad Guy After All

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Bane has become famous for his breaking of Batman's back in The Dark Knight Rises and we're sure that most people know something akin to this happened in the comics. Though there are some creative liberties taken with how this translated on screen, the goal is for Bane to not only break Batman physically, but also mentally. But what if it was all a test? He makes sure that Batman is within reach of a doctor right after the attack to see if Bruce is up to the challenge of recovering, escaping and saving his city. Only then it will prove that Batman has more force of will then Bane, something we're sure Bane could appreciate. Otherwise, why would Bane not just tire him down in a fight again and break him again?

11 When Batman Catches Robin On Facebook

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There is just something special about the 60's version of Batman. Something is both off and strangely innocent about Robin in that show. He is a teenager who is portrayed as being naive and still learning the ropes of superhero-ing. This meme pulls him into a realm of reality that a lot of males have been in many times before, looking at something he is not supposed to on the internet and being caught. Combine that with a phenomenon that is strictly a more modern issue, Facebook-stalking a crush. As we said, before a lot of people think Harley Quinn, in nearly any form, is very attractive, so it is not a long stretch to think that Robin would feel the same.

10 Batman Is Punch Happy

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Anyone who has played the Arkham series of games will know exactly what this is talking about. You have been tracking The Riddler collectibles, finding his informants and generally hating The Riddler with every fiber of your being. So when you find an informant you will want to be done with him as soon as possible, so you can move onto the rest of the quest. So, in your rush, you end up knocking him out before he can talk and all your work is for naught. The entire Riddler collectibles and side quests are a huge pain, so if you are trying to 100% the game, you will only feel extreme frustration at a mistake like this. They do come back with time, but it can be very demoralizing and may cause you to just skip The Riddler altogether.

9 We've All Been There

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In this modern age, going to the restroom is normally accompanied by a phone or tablet to have a small amount of entertainment. This has replaced keeping newspaper, magazines, or even books in the restroom for the same reasons. This scene from Watchmen is meant to show just how alone Dr. Manhattan feels as he is the only one of his kind, so when you have nothing to do but focus on the present in the restroom, even more so in a public toilet, it can feel uncomfortable and solitary. We're not saying you wish that you could see others while doing your business or that you would like to talk to someone at the time, but you just want to be left alone. Just like Dr. Manhattan. Shame there is no graffiti to look at on the moon.

8 The Secret Is Out

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As the Arkham series has evolved, this has started to feel a little less ridiculous, but the games revealed to us Batman's greatest strength: Gargoyles. Well, in general, having some kind of height advantage to his enemies at any given time. The games do not show that these hiding places are specifically dark, nor hidden. So what could one do to have any chance against the Dark Knight of Gotham himself? Well look up from time to time and see if he is above you, since we have also learned that Batman's stealth on the ground is dubious at best. We know Batman is a fearsome fighter, but he is still susceptible to bullets and tends to get caught red-handed when unable to hang people upside-down from gargoyles.

7 Now That Is Some Bad Luck

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Yes, Superman has Lois Lane as a love interest, but we are talking about the survival of his race. Superman is meant to be almost incorruptible in every way, but we're sure he has thought about this Noah's Ark kind of scenario. What are the chances of the escaping Kryptonians being Superman, his cousin, General Zod, and a... dog? Of everyone who could have escaped Krypton, two cousins, an evil dictator, and a dog used to test escape rockets, really? Not to mention there are clones and human hybrids, but we are talking about full-blooded Kryptonians here. So unless we want to get into some weird taboo fan fiction territory, let's assume that the Kryptonian race is doomed. On a brighter side, Kryptonian-Human Hybrids have been made, so not all is lost.

6 What A Tip!

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The question here is; are these gold doubloons? Atlantian currency? Well, assuming it is a golden doubloon, each of these coins would be worth roughly $5 million each at an auction, more than enough to send your kids to college with enough leftover to go to college yourself. Assuming your kids do not take 10 years to graduate, a Ph.D. normally costs around $50,000 and a business degree costs roughly a third of that. As long as you do not splurge too much and go broke before your children can get to college, this is more or less like suddenly willing a small lottery. We're sure you've given some big tips, but we guarantee you will never see someone tip an amount this exorbitantly high.

5 It Just Isn't The Same

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Liam Neeson is a pretty great actor and his portrayal of Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins was a serious and dark one. He became more of a doomsday cult leader turned monk, but with the themes of that trilogy, it seemed fitting. So how is Matthew Nable doing? It would seem that some people are conflicted, with some saying he is not very menacing and some saying he is perfect for the role. In the more comic book inspired depictions, I find myself wondering why the creators do not show him as a slightly younger man? As he uses the Lazarus Pit fairly often to keep extending his life or even bring himself back to life. Regardless, who you prefer as Ra's Al Ghul depends entirely on you.

4 Always Get Batman His Doritos

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There are seemingly endless amounts of these "Batman Slaps Robin" memes. The origin of this story is much darker than the jokes make it seem. In this story arc, Batman is led to believe that Superboy was the killer of his parents, therefore going after him and, by extension, Superman. Understandably, any time that Batman thinks he is on the trail of the killers of his parents, he drops everything and puts all of his effort into tracking them down. Robin disagrees with this new obsession, leading to Batman slapping Robin, erasing his memory and sending him back to the orphanage. That is brutal and just goes to show you that you do NOT get in the way of Batman's will, whether for revenge or snack preference.

3 Marvel Fanboy Logic

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It seems that if you are a fan of either DC or Marvel, you are a die-hard fan of that source and many will speak badly about the other. With the negative reception of some of the new DC movies, a lot of their fans will point to any small victories they can to compete with the critical acclaim of the Marvel movies. As toxic as the argument can be, Marvel fans often fire back saying that the awards and praise that any DC movies received are flukes or undeserved. Now, while we do not always agree with every award given to every movie at various ceremonies, people forget that DC has made some great movies, just with less steady results than Marvel. Keep your fingers crossed that this will change so we can all enjoy more great superhero movies overall.

2 Putting Two And Two Together

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What is a superhero without villains to fight? This idea often leads to the argument that masked heroes create these opposing supervillains. For us fans, we have a love-hate relationship with our favorite hero's villains. It does seem suspicious that these archenemies always seem to slip away or escape prison over and over, giving purpose to our heroes time and time again. Maybe this is not as coincidental as it seems, as perhaps the enemy knows they are nothing without the hero or vice versa. Or maybe, they are secretly putting on a show during the day and sharing nights together on the side. Perhaps even the disasters that the villains cause are all just cries for attention to force their lovers to come and get them. Sometimes fan fictions can make more sense then we want them too.

1 She Has Been Messing With Us The Whole Time!

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So if Wonder Woman does have a jet that no one can see, how does she find it? Can only she see it? Can she control when it can and cannot be seen? Then why has no one ever seen it? Where did an Amazonian princess learn to fly a jet?! The collective answer: she does not have an invisible jet. She, instead, can fly and for whatever reason likes to mess with the rest of the Justice Leauge by telling them she cannot fly but needs a jet, which conveniently cannot be seen. Wonder Woman is the biggest troll in the entire DC universe since in newer reboots it is revealed that she could fly the entire time! Even the writers knew that invisible jets were just plain silly.

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