10 Hilarious Destiny 2 Logic Memes Only Everyone Relates To

Even with all the fixes and patches, there are still some curious logic issues floating around in Destiny 2 that fans have pointed out through memes.

Destiny 2 has gathered a dedicated following over the years, and that number has grown quite a bit since the game recently entered a free-to-play state. As much as we may bag on the title or scrutinize some of the mechanics, it's hard to deny that Bungie hasn't stepped up and at least tirelessly attempted to set things right with their community. That's more than we can say for some other developers.

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But even with all the fixes and patches, there are still some curious logic issues floating around (some present from the original Destiny). It's only a matter of time before the Internet points them out in sassy meme form. Here are some of the best.

10 Playing Fair

Destiny 2 features an array of various enemy types that are meant to truly test the skills of the guardians. Most of these baddies will appear from big ominous dropships, or they'll be scattered along the map in established bases.

Then there's the Vex. Their organic AI leader is capable of sending these robotic troops anywhere in the universe at a moment's notice, and you'll often find yourself ambushed in a seemingly endless room. Don't worry, though—you're never in any "real danger," as the big bad will only send in small groups for you to eradicate. This is the Destiny 2 version of an action film where the bad guys wait patiently and take turns running at the hero one by one.

9 The Future Of Banking

This particular meme (like a lot of the memes featured on this list) could apply to both the original Destiny and its current sequel. That's actually been the issue with much of Destiny 2's architecture and gameplay. A lot of the strange logic quirks and core mechanics that bothered players in the original release are still present (and still annoying) in the current adventure.

Take, for example, this little display of logic. Guardians are capable of manifesting speeders (and their ghosts) out of thin air, but they'll have to physically travel to a hub to gain access to their weapons and gear? Granted, there are certain ways to "get around" this bit of game logic nowadays, but it's through the use of third-party apps.

8 Less Armor, Less Damage

In terms of video game logic (and real-world logic, for that matter), we're taught early on that weak spots are the key to doing the most damage to an enemy. This is especially true for bosses, as some of them feature a multitude of weak spots and smaller hitboxes to make the battles even more intense.

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The Spider Tank from Destiny 2 (and the original) has weak spots located on its slender legs. Once they take enough damage, the armor covering them will pop off and the boss itself will take a massive hit. The only issue is that once the fragile legs are "exposed," they suddenly stop taking much damage.

7 A Looter Shooter Minus The Loot?

Now, it's important to note that this has changed over the years, and Destiny 2 isn't exactly the same game that it was when it first came out. But there are still many out there that would argue that the loot drops are rather stagnant in Bungie's release, especially when compared to other titles in the same genre.

Loot overflows in both Diablo and Borderlands but you'll spend hours upon hours grinding in Destiny 2 only to come across a single exotic that ends up being useless (or isn't even for your class).

6 Cheaters Never Prosper

This particular logic meme is actually a dig at the community itself. There are some players that adore Destiny 2 for what it is and would definitely defend it should it "come under fire" for any reason.

There are groups out there that claim the gameplay is stale, a horrible grind, and filled with all manner of unfair glitching and frustrating disconnection issues. Yet, these same players are the ones that immediately hop into exploits and un-patched issues to quickly and easily grind for gear that usually takes other players an entire month to access. We can definitely understand the animosity when the ones complaining aren't even playing the game as intended.

5 Crafty Cabal

The Cabal are one of the most technologically advanced races in Destiny 2 in terms of pure engineering power. They're capable of creating grand machines and weaponry and even concocted a scheme to "catch the Traveler" in a massive trap they designed and built. Simply put, they're a lot smarter and more resourceful than they look.

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Well, at least some of them are. Whoever designed their shields wasn't exactly thinking straight. The "electrical systems" that allow their shields to work are located on a small panel at the front of the device. A couple of well-placed shots and the shield is useless.

4 Warlocks Are So Unfair

Ask any Titan or Hunter main about the Warlocks (especially in PvP) and you're likely to hear a mini-rant about how Bungie loves the class and does their best to give them access to all of the best abilities and exotics. While this isn't necessarily true in Destiny 2, with each of the classes getting a little love, there are still some things the Warlock does that drive us nuts and make no sense.

One, in particular, is their seemingly endless melee range. It seems to fluctuate (obviously it doesn't, but it feels that way!) We can't tell you how many times we've seen a melee kill from what looked like meters away.

3 Strength In Numbers

It's a phrase we've heard Shaxx say numerous times during team-based activities in the crucible. There is strength in numbers and we should be using that to our advantage at all times, especially in the hostile-alien-filled world of Destiny 2.

So this begs the question, with access to millions of guardians at a time (each with their own form of transportation), why do only six step forward to face the great evils that pop up in the galaxy? If a big bad is bent on destroying all of humanity, you'd think it would be a little smarter to send more than six people to deal with it.

2 Fashion Forward

This is less of a logic meme and more of a community gripe, but we're classifying it as a logic flaw considering Bungie had ample time to change it between the original Destiny and its predecessor.

Warlocks can equip unique armbands with crazy effects (as well as some of the coolest armor in the game), and Hunters gain access to fashionable cloaks with large visible crests and icons. Titans, though, get access to what basically looks like a towel. This is great for any Titan who wants to randomly hit the gym, but from a "cool equips" aesthetic, it's rather lame.

1 Packed With Nutrients

The Hive are a race of aliens that are very cosmic in nature. Unlike the Cabal, Vex, or Fallen, they don't have access to traditional firearms and weaponry. Instead, they use swords, "magic," and brute strength. Simply put, you aren't going to come across a group of Hive sitting on a pile of weapons and ammo.

So why exactly do Husks (and other Hive, for that matter) drop ammo when defeated? Where exactly is it coming from?

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