10 Hilarious Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Memes Only True Fans Understand

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is big news. Destiny 2 on Steam is big news. Bungie leaving Activision was big news. What goes well with big news and trending topics? Fresh, new memes. These memes take the pain away of server kicks, endless grinding, Crucible losses and the hunt for Exotics. Nothing is off the table this time around. Crashing servers, weales and baboons, overpowered guns, and industry shade are included in this batch of memes. May they garner more upvotes and shares.

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Here are some of the most hilarious Destiny 2: Shadowkeep memes only true fans will understand!

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10 Server Overload

As of Oct. 6, 2019, Destiny has a concurrent player base of over 209,000 with their peak hitting just over 290,000. One could imagine how many players were cramming onto the Bungie servers on Oct. 1. Well, it was so bad that many players were experiencing server crashes or getting kicked out altogether. Sometimes players got kicked out in the middle of Raids or right before they picked up Exotics! While these events can be really frustrating, the community still found a way to make light of the topics.

If it’s any consolation for Bungie, Destiny: Forsaken and its Shadowkeep bundles are the top-selling items on Steam right now.

9 Weasels and Baboons?

Remember all those server issues they had at launch? It got even worse. As the Bungie team was scrambling to make more room for their 200,000 players, some players were getting these error messages that kept them stuck in the sign on queue.

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Community members lunged at the opportunity. Some people put Eris Morn’s helmet on actual weasels, claiming they invaded the servers. Other versions have baboons being the subject of the meme. The best version was a player relaying their experience grinding a raid until they were slapped with a BABOON error. Amazing.

8 The Slowest Things On Earth...

If players purchased the Season Pass, they immediately obtain the Exotic Sidearm Eriana’s Vow. After obtaining the weapon, players can go to Banshee-44 to obtain a Catalyst Quest involving the weapon. Like most Quests that involve a weapon, a player needs to get kills in certain game modes with the weapon.

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The thing is, the progress is really, really slow. Unbearably slow. Like run 10 strikes and five Gambit matches and get only 2 percent slow. Paul Tassi of Forbes discovered how to circumvent this issue, but that’s the not subject here. One cheeky Destiny 2 Redditor created a four-panel meme claiming the slowest things in the world. The nominees are: a snail, a sloth, a turtle and Eriana’s Vow Catalyst Quest. That deserves a clap.

7 Eris Morn And Her Posse Of Shadows

Whenever there is someone being surrounded by a group of people, it’s going to be co-opted for a meme. Eris Morn for no exception. Constantly stalked by the floating Shadows, players found interesting ways to re-interpret these moments.

There is the “Mom said it was my turn on the Xbox” version. There’s a super relatable one about gum. The list keeps going.

6 "Bungie Eliminated Activision"

One of the biggest shifts in the gaming industry this year was when Bungie up and left Activision. Despite the Forsaken expansion selling rather well across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the publisher claimed that it did not meet their sales expectations.

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Shocking but not surprising, Bungie decided to split ways with Activision in January. The fanbase rejoiced and non-Destiny fans rejoiced at this decision. And now that Destiny 2 is doing well in its first week on Steam, fans are not hesitating to rub it in Activision’s face. Just search the Destiny 2 Subreddit and type "Activision." Oh, boy.

5 The Riskrunner Experience

The Riskrunner is a wonderful Exotic Submachine Gun. What’s also wonderful is its Intrinsic Perk: Arc Conductor. Take some Arc damage while having this gun equipped? No problem. Just deal more damage and resist Arc damage.

Want some more buffs? Keep on dishing out death and you can keep the power going. One Redditor created a laugh-out-loud meme to perfectly embody the Riskrunner experience. It deserves the 2,000 upvotes.

4 About That New Ghost Skin…

If players purchase the Shadowkeep Deluxe Edition, it comes with Eris Morn-themed items, including an Armor pack, an Emblem and an Exotic Ghost Shell. Some players are on the fence of the latter cosmetic item. While it’s eye-catching, foreboding and comes with some great perks, the design choice is somewhat questionable to others.

Luckily, a Redditor swoops in with the most relatable meme on the situation. While it shows a clear bias, it’s still a good application of the Drake meme nonetheless.

3 New Kinderguardians!

The Destiny community is thriving with returning, veteran and new players! Since there is a boom of new players starting on Destiny 2: New Light, community members are eager to help each other out. With that said, new players are not hesitating to make light of the mountains of Quests and activities they need to complete. Those who are playing New Light are automatically Power 750, so they can jump into most planets immediately.

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Veteran players are also taking advantage of this relatable and funny situation; some of them are starting new characters, being reminded of how much they have to do at the beginning.

2 Destiny Vs. Fortnite

It’s no secret that some adult gamers are not the biggest fans of the mainstream battle royale Fortnite. After Shadowkeep launched last week, it shot up in the charts on Twitch. The game brought in over 200,000 viewers on stream. While it’s unknown if the shooter can keep up the momentum, the community took it as a victory.

Not only did they celebrate, they used it to jeer and make fun of Fortnite. Whether players are a fan of the battle royale game or not, seeing the Destiny 2 players’ reactions are fascinating. Simple but funny!

1 Moon’s Haunted

One of the most popular memes to probably come out of Shadowkeep. Issues with the Moon dates back to the first Destiny game, so now that Bungie brought as back to the giant rock, veteran players are going to take advantage of this.

The original meme came from Twitter user Dustinkcouch, but the Destiny 2 iteration came from a small but amazing comic strip between the player’s Guardian and Ikora Rey, the Vanguard Warlock. Simply typing in “moons haunted” on the Destiny 2 Subreddit will yield many entries mimicking this iconic meme.

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