20 Hilarious Digimon Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

Despite fighting for the spotlight, Digimon can always rely on its legions of loyal fans.

Digimon was one of the late 90s shows that most kids can remember. Created in 1997, this show featured a group of kids destined to help protect the Digital World: a place where monsters not of this world existed. This show was based on the popular trend of digital pets like Tamagotchis, only with more of an adventure and action twist. The franchise consisted of several different shows, toys and popular games that a lot of kids loved. With its last season not too far behind, it’s still a big part of our cultural relevance today!

Unfortunately, this show was often compared to Pokémon, its predecessor which held very similar principles and themes. This would lead to the aging audiences to have an all-out, never ending battle of which show was better and why. In reality, both of these shows had their own respective plots and characters.

Just like any television series, they both had flaws and plot holes, but also had inspirational morals and fun episodes that made them appealing to watch. Despite not being as popular as Pokémon, Digimon still had a good thing going and a loyal fan base that will always feel nostalgia going back to their childhood. The show is also still relatively recent, going eight seasons strong with its most recent series Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters airing in October of 2016. While it looks like this battle will never be over, this one is for all the Digimon lovers: 20 fun comics about Digimon to make you laugh!

20 Any Digimon Comics?

via: tinycartridge.com

It’s sad, but true! There are far more Pokémon comics than there are Digimon. But we’ve got your back with the ones we've found! Digimon is often compared to its monstrous predecessor, especially since Pokémon got a lot more fame since its debut. While Digimon is only a year younger, real fans know that this show is by no means a copy and is extremely creative in its own right.

The world needs to start making more Digimon fanart!

Digimon follows the stories of adventurers seeking to protect the Digital World with their trusted companions: a story which changes and grows with each season. You could say that this show follows the laws of Digivolution very seriously. Already, it distinguishes itself from Pokémon pretty clearly.

Comic by Tiny Cartridge.

19 Some Things Never Change

via: dorkly.com

We give Digimon a hard time, but this comic really does have a point that it was at least innovative in how its casting would grow and change with the show. Digimon would always try to keep things fresh with its casting and storylines, often creating something viewers could grow and engage with. It gave us a new perspective of the Digimon world and helped us explore it in depth.

Pokémon never really gives us that chance because we’re always stuck with Ash. While everyone loves him, he still remains the same 10-year-old no matter how much time seems to pass. The only thing that ever truly changes is his side characters, but Pikachu always remains the same. While this is great for nostalgia, it also doesn’t let its aging audience feel renewed each season like Digimon does!

Comic by Dorkly.

18 What To Do...

via: axel-comics.deviantart.com

Agumon seems a little too pleased to have eaten that bathroom piece! Of course, we know this little dino Digimon is pretty much hungry for anything and his appetite has always been a little odd. Besides, Agumons in general are known for their fearlessness.

Technically, they’re still children so it’s not surprising to see them putting things in their mouth that don’t belong there, but it’s still a little concerning to see this one gobble down an entire portable toilet. Where is he supposed to go now? It’s not like we can give him a second one!

Agumons are notoriously hungry Digimons that’ll pretty much eat anything. Remember that scene from the original anime where Agumon literally swallowed a fish three times his size? As insane as that was, it makes the toilet in this comic look like amateur hour.

Comic by Axel Comics.

17 Do Anything!

via: katyoukai.deviantart.com

It seems like the logical thing to do, right? Ken was the Emperor of the Digital World at one point, so couldn’t he just find a chair that fit him better? Of course, Ken has been through a lot in his life that led him to being the Emperor of the Digital World and creating his base, but it’s clear that Wormmon isn’t going to let it slide.

Ken, can't you just make it fit you?

Ken was probably one of the most interesting characters in Digimon because of his past and the future he chose to build. Always being overshadowed by his older brother, who eventually passed away, Ken had a lot of pent up feelings that led him to his position as Emperor. Eventually though, he joins the team and tries to move beyond his mistakes.

Comic by KatYouKai.

16 Evolve!

via: dorkly.com

Digivolution has a lot more to it than a Pokémon evolution. Digimon can regress when things like deletion happen and the relationships to their humans can often spur different forms of evolution. This kind of fluidity is what makes Digimon so popular.

At least Digimon get to choose what they want to be!

Pokémon simply don’t have that. While one can argue that they do have Mega Evolutions in their recent series, it is still a very short spurt of power before the Pokémon has to go back to their permanent evolution. It’s always fun to grind through a Pokémon game and overpower your favorite monster, but it’s still a very simplistic idea that Digimon simply doesn’t subscribe to.

Comic by Dorkly.

15 Who’s That Digimon?

via: neoslashott.deviantart.com

If you thought guessing a Pokémon was hard, try guessing a Digimon! That’s right, it’s still going to be Pikachu. What we love about this comic is that it should be so obvious what the Digimon should be. If you didn’t guess Pikachu, we don’t know what to tell you! It’s frankly elementary.

Thankfully, the Digimon anime didn’t really have anything like this on their show. How many kids accurately guessed the Pokémon that would appear after commercials? A Digimon equivalent sounds like it would be harder than any Pokémon test was.

Who needs that kind of embarrassment? Note: a safe bet in any situation is just to throw out the answer as “Pikachu”. Clearly Ash knows nothing about Pokémon or Digimon if he can’t even guess this one.

Comic by Neoslashott.

14 All These Kids!

via: blueike.deviantart.com

Poor Yoshino just wants a break from all this hard work! Davis is a sweetheart, but he clearly is causing her a lot of stress in this comic. Yoshino was actually the oldest one in the Digimon Data Squad group at eighteen years old, so she was also always considered the most mature out of all of them. It’s no surprise to see that just like in the anime, she’s pretty burnt out from always being in charge.

Yoshino deserves a really long vacation! 

Davis isn’t even from her series, but it looks like he’s going to be causing problems anyways. If Digimon Data Squad taught us anything, it’s that the last thing Yoshino needs is to be taking care of another person that’s not even in her original group.

Comic by Blueike.

13 Not A Ripoff!

via: dorkly.com

It’s completely unfair! If the previous comics above have taught us anything, it’s that Digimon was extremely creative in its own right. Pokémon was created in 1996 while Digimon was created the year after, but it doesn’t mean that the two were really anything alike. Battling monsters is a concept a lot of shows and cartoons embody, but that doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same. In fact, from what it looks like, Digimon seems to have wanted to separate itself from being comparable to shows like Pokémon.

Pokémon did get a lot bigger in terms of it’s franchise and it is a very recognizable brand, but those who loved Digimon as a child still stay loyal. The show had a lot to offer right off the bat, so while this comic is certainly snarky, it brings up a good point that popularity doesn’t always mean originality.

Comic by Dorkly.


via: mdchan.deviantart.com

It feels like every time one of the characters wanted to achieve something, it always came a the price of something else. Each one of these characters had high hopes of gaining some kind of greatness, but ultimately seemed to mess up something else. Unleashing Skull Greymon or having their Digimon end up as an egg… those are some pretty big mishaps to overlook.

Lesson learned: never force your Digimon to do anything.

Davis was a little too pure for this world. He just wanted his Digimon to be happy. Sometimes, simpler is better and Davis truly did just want what was best for his monsters. Sure, he was a little boisterous and abrasive, but those aren’t always bad traits considering he never messed up nearly as bad as the other main protagonists!

Comic by MDChan.

11 I Said We Could-?

via: imgflip.com

We don’t think that’s how this works, Chespin! Of course, after all these great Pokémon burns, we’re not surprised to see one of them agrees with their Digimon counterparts. In this list, we’ve been really hard on Pokémon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be fans of both! It just also means that we’re not going to overlook some of its flaws just because we love it.

Chespin seems to feel a little differently. Maybe he doesn’t want to be the very best, like no one ever was. Maybe he just wants to get into the Digital World rather than being crammed into a pokéball for once! Is that really too much to ask for? All we’re saying is, you can be a fan of both and not be a traitor.

Comic by Imgflip.

10 Get My Digivice!

via: memecenter.com

Who wouldn’t want to catch a Omnimon? It was one of the most dashing, gundam-esque Digimon in the entire series! He’s literally a knight in shining armor, so how can you not love him? He’s a multi-type warrior, meaning he was made from two separate Digimon. Fused from Virus Busters WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, Omnimon was created out of the wants of those hoping for goodness.

We would all run for our digivice if Omnimon was around.

If that hasn’t sold you on Omnimon, I don’t know what will. He’s a legendary Digimon in his own right and he comes with all kinds of special moves. Omnimon has "Omega inForce", a legendary type of Digivolution that was specific to him. This is partially a foresight that makes Omnimon almost impossible to defeat.

For those who love Digimon, this makes him almost impossible to resist.

Comic by MemeCenter.

9 How To Make A Digimon

via: in-the-machine.deviantart.com

This comic will give you everything you ever need to know about building your very own Digimon or Pokémon. One takes quite a bit if imagination, if you couldn’t already tell… There has always been a lot of critique that new Pokémon generations aren’t as unique as their predecessors. No one can really argue that with Digimon because it takes a lot of weaponry to get to their level of greatness.

If you’re not fully convinced, Digimon has always taken original concepts with their monsters and applied them in different ways when new series came out. So while Mudkip might always stay Mudkip, other Digimon might move past that first stage and get some new gear in the next game or show.

Comic by in-the-machine.

8 To The Internet!

via: blitzkrieg1701.deviantart.com

Digimon was all about the digital world, but I think everyone can relate to this comic no matter the topic. After all, the Internet takes us to some pretty amazing places! (Hint hint, our website). Of course, the whole point of Digimon was that these monsters and their battles took place in the digital world. Our original group of heroes were sent to go protect the Digital World from the forces of the other side.

Going on the Internet really does feel like this comic.

That sounds like a pretty fantastic adventure and sure beats scrolling through Tumblr at midnight! Battling other monsters and becoming literal heroes sounds like a much more better way to spend a Friday night. Besides, if it means we get to wear Tai’s super cool goggles, you can bet we’ll be there to join the fight!

Comic by Blitzkrieg1701.

7 Groovy Moves!

via: dorkly.com

Bonds are really important for Digimon, whereas Pokémon really just need the proper equipment. It’s a little funny considering how important bonds were in the show verses the actual game. In the Pokémon shows, there’s a lot of emphasis on how Ash and Pikachu’s bond makes each other stronger, but once we got past the original series we saw very little friendship between the characters and their respective Pokémon. In the games, you also need special items to help your Pokémon evolve or do special moves.

Digimon has pressed the importance of creating a strong bond with one’s favorite digital monster. Granted, Burst Mode can be very dangerous for the tamers but that is a part of the appeal. There’s a feeling of sacrifice in Digimon and a need to protect both tamer and monster whereas Pokémon is more about pitting them against each other.

Comic by Dorkly.

6 Instrumental Change

via: misspink95.deviantart.com

Ever notice the heavy instrumental changes in Digimon? They made sense, but they also got pretty intense! This scene in particular really drives home that point. Whenever something inspirational or challenging would occur, the score would rise to meet the challenge. This isn’t super uncommon in any show, but it always felt a little dramatic.

Granted, the drastic music change in this scene isn’t super uncalled for. Tai and Sora might not have ever come home and who would have known what could have happened? Being the protectors of the Digital World is a big responsibility for such young kids. At the time, this was one of the biggest battles in their lives so the scene held a lot of significance for the rest of the series. The music needs to be just as drastic as the situation!

Comic by MissPink95.

5 Let’s Get Creative!

via: dorkly.com

Credit where credit is due, Pokémon does seem to change quite a bit. However, these new revamped versions of classic Pokémon have nothing on what Digimon would do to their monsters when a new quest or story was present! Digimon seems to be very dedicated to creating a completely new experience for the viewer, which includes giving you new ways to explore the old monsters you know and love.

New characters, new adventures, new designs!

Pokémon has tried this, particularly with recent expansions, but it’s simply comparable at best. Their revamped versions tend to include similar themes and storylines that have just been dressed up a little differently. As cool as recent games and shows look, Digimon nailed it a long time ago with the same things Pokémon now seems to be trying.

Comic by Dorkly.

4 A Friendly Discussion Gone Wrong

via: husbandandhusband.myshopify.com

Despite Digimon and Pokémon being around for years, even grown men are still debating which was the best series or game. If you’re one of these grown men, don’t feel too bad about it because you’re clearly not alone. Fans of both Pokémon and Digimon have been at odds since the shows aired around the same time. That audience has clearly grown up with a love for both deep in their child (and adult) lives. This is a feud that won’t go away anytime soon.

Please do not start a conflict over which show was better. 

Our opinion? You can like both and not dislike each other! Even in the comic, everyone is still friends after this fight. Pokémon or Digimon, we all have a love for fictional monsters and kids with dreams to be the best they can!

Comic by Husband and Husband.

3 Don’t Tell Me That!

via: digivice.tumblr.com

We all know the feeling of a power outage or our Internet simply failing. This comic certainly shows anyone’s face during such an event! It can happen at anytime, anywhere. Not having the Internet on you or in your home is like losing a part of you! Of course, for Tai, this probably holds a whole different meaning, especially considering the whole Digital World is out there needing protecting!

We’re sure the feeling in his heart is that he’d never want to leave his Digimon out there unprotected.

Would you want your virtual friends to fear the worst? Of course, at least the Internet didn’t fail during a super important battle: we’re sure some of you gamers out there have experienced that feeling of loss.

Comic by Digivice.

2 Literally Anything!

via: shinoot.tumblr.com

Yujin was always just a little overdramatic, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t there for those he cared about! Getting a glass of water is nothing compared to what he’d do. Haru has always been a little bit of a nervous guy, his descriptions usually follow under the category of “shy”. He still has a good friend in Yujin, who’s just a little more outgoing.

Yujin is a good friend... sort of!

Of course, it sadly wasn’t always the case as Yujin did turn out to be a villain sent to spy on Haru. This turned out to be the stake out of a lifetime. Yujin worked for Leviathan and had some pretty strict orders, but he eventually revolted and it really did cost him a high price.

Comic by Shinoot.

1 Don’t Get On My Nerves!

via: tumblr.com

We all have that relative who feels we’re on our electronic devices for far too long. To that, we say: stop getting on our nerves! If all you want to do is chill out on your favorite website and maybe read a list or two, it’s not all that uncommon to hear a relative complain. This comic should give you a fairly decent and sort of snappy comeback to save some face.

One of the things we’ve always loved about Digimon is that it reflects to us our love for the Internet. In fact, it gives a pretty realistic view of just how much we in the real world love our digital lives. But if we got the chance to live in the Digital World?

We’re sure none of us would be opposed to having a Digimon of our very own.

Comic from Tumblr.

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