21 Hilarious Disney Logic Comics That Will Make You See The Movies Differently

Nitpicking isn’t all that bad. Not on occasion. Sometimes when we pick apart a film we end up dissecting some plot points that make no sense. More often than not, the films that are scrutinized are those that belong to mainstream media. This is so because of the numerous offerings that studios offer of the same kind of product. Over time some outline becomes discernible in the studio’s works that also relate to the other films they put out.

In the case of Disney, there are a variety of tendencies the studio has that show up in their movies. On the flip side, however, Disney is well aware of these gaps in common sense. In fact, the company has built its persona based on this. It has created worlds where it is common to kiss a frog and have it become a prince, or a boy owning a magic carpet and having a genie as a best friend.

And yet fans have adapted to this as well. They have accommodated Disney’s fantastical worlds and found flaws even in them. None of these logical oversights are intended to be slanderous in nature, but they do present Disney films in a different light than how we perceived them.

The following comics either point out the Disney logic applied to them or show another scenario where real-world logic would render its Disney counterpart moot.

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21 Buried To Infinity And Beyond

via funsubstance.com

Toy Story presents a logical flaw in that the toys are functionally immortal. This would mean they are cursed with life as they have no rights of their own and are slaves to fate. Andy was far too attached to his toys, keeping them with him in his room till he was off to college by the events of Toy Story 3. Although in that film he decided to give up his favorite toys to a little girl called Bonnie, this comic showcases a grim future for Buzz and Woody had Andy let his affection remain in old age.

In the above comic, we see an aged Andy refusing to part ways with his toy friends.

This results in Buzz and Woody trapped forever with Andy’s bones. Ever wonder if any toys had to undergo this fate in the Toy Story world?

20 The Greater Issue

via dorkly.com by paul westover

Mulan’s dilemma in her film had to do with being a woman in the chauvinist army who looked down upon females besting males in war. It’s weird, however, that no one considered the fact she had a real-life dragon to keep her company to be a little weird. Sure, she kept Mushu a secret from the others, but had she revealed the dragon earlier on, no one would have questioned her aptitude.

Imagine the warlord Shan Yu’s reaction upon realizing fantasy is a reality in their world. Even though Mushu is a small guy, being a dragon among humans is more than enough to instill some measure of fear. It’s a pity we never got to see this come alive on screen. Then again, considering how Disney usually handles these things it would’ve been passed off as a joke.

Comic by Dorkly.

19 The Bumbling Sultan

via pinterest.com

Exactly what was up with the Sultan in Aladdin? We’ll never know. Agrabah is supposed to be a thriving and prosperous kingdom under the Sultan. However, he never displays any measure of wisdom. He is seen as reasonable when he allows the rule of Princesses only marrying royalty abolished, but this meant all the trouble from Aladdin was for nothing.

Aladdin’s wish to be a prince was for no reason.

Ultimately, it seems anyone can simply waive the marriage clause away and allow a commoner to become part of the royal family. Because Disney has a practice of conjuring up some scenario which allows all to end up happy. Taking all this into consideration would take the weight off Aladdin’s adventures to some degree.

18 Snow White Uses Her Brains

via dorkly.com by paul westover

If characters in Disney movies just had been a little smarter, a whole lot could have been avoided. For some reason, there are a moral set of codes–that are never communicated to the protagonist by anyone–which have to be adhered to despite no one forcing them to.

Snow White could have been free from her problems a lot easier had she utilized her resources better. She had a number of dwarves doing her bidding and said dwarves just happened to be miners. This comic illustrates a smart piece of logic applied by Snow where she bribes guards with diamonds dug up the dwarves for a much smarter ending. Now, if only we could’ve had this instead of the actual ending we got, kids would have been niftier than they are.

Comic by Dorkly.

17 Who Doesn't Like Dancing?

via art-zeolot.deviantart.com by art zeolot

When you’re watching a Disney movie, you should be mindful that once the singing starts, all sense is thrown out the window. If you happen to be a Disney character yourself, then you know you’re in for a music number somewhere within the next few minutes. In general, all Dinsey movies do this. Take Hakuna Matata, for instance, where Simba forgot all about his father’s very recent demise and busted one dance move after another.

In Frozen, Elsa forgot all about her troubles once she started singing.

This also includes overlooking her reluctance to dance as well. When she was seen in the palace, Elsa was pretty much an ice queen with her drab personality. But after ‘Letting go,’ she was more than happy to dance around because the cold didn’t bother her anyway.

Comic by Art-Zeolot.

16 3D Makes Everything Better

via pinterest.com

Around two decades ago Disney had the bright idea of releasing sequels for all it classic cartoons. And so we got films like Return to Neverland, Lady and the Tramp II, The Lion King II, and The Little Mermaid II, among others. Almost all the sequels had the same concept with the protagonists of the original relegated to the sidelines while their children took the mantle as the lead. Another thing they had in common was the movies were terrible.

To counter that Disney has now come up with an even brighter idea. As seen in the above comic, Disney executives have decided to release its classic movies in 3D. This time they did hit the gold mine as these classics bring in droves of cinema-goers, adding to the original box office grosses of the classic movies.

15 Pluto And Goofy Are Related

via funnyjunk.com by saywan

Silly old Mickey is blind to the truth, and remains evermore as seen in this comic. This strip seems to have been printed by Disney themselves, who acknowledge in this instance of the fact that Mickey’s pal Goofy is of the same species as his pet. It’s a wonder this has hardly been touched upon as it is clear as day of the two characters’ link with one another.

Here we see Mickey attempting to fool Goofy into thinking Pluto can talk.

Yet Goofy doesn’t find anything weird in this at all. This must be due to the idea that Goofy should understand what Pluto says as they are related. Turns out it is Mickey who needs clarity on the situation.

14 Just To Sum Up

via dorkly.com by paul westover

Here’s why education is so necessary in life. Seen here in this comic, Ariel avoids all the drama of The Little Mermaid and hands Eric a note informing of her true identity. According to Disney logic, its princesses must go through endless tirades of tribulations, suffering through a number of heartbreaks before they are rescued from the situation.

Next time you watch The Little Mermaid, just pace yourselves and catch the exact time where Ariel could have followed through with the above scenario, and see how shorter the film could’ve been. Disney claims they intend to make children learned in the lessons from hardship, but they could’ve also taught kids to use their noggins a little more. It would’ve made for a shorter film, but it would be smarter too.

Comic by Dorkly.

13 Superficial Jasmine

via webcomicname.com

You might say the Oscar-winning song A Whole New World was proof of Jasmine’s short-sighted ideals. The princess of Agrabah was established as reluctant royalty upon first introduction who was unimpressed by flashy things and leaned more towards the modest side.

This all was flushed down the gutter once she got a load of the magic carpet.

Jasmine was instantly floored by Aladdin’s carpet when he arguably stole her from the palace and took her to distant cities. Jasmine had no clue who Aladdin was but by the end of the song was madly in love with him, forgetting her qualms about the hollow rich lifestyle. And all Aladdin had to do was get a flying carpet. Talk about being easily impressed, huh?

Comic by WebComicName.

12 All Those Plot Holes

via megacynics.com

Kudos to this illustrator for bringing up quite a few oversights on the part of Disney. Beauty and the Beast concerns a prince transformed into a monster and then falling in love with a girl he’s imprisoned. When one puts it like that, there shouldn’t be any hope of finding logic in the film.

This comic asks why no one cared the prince was missing for a decade. In the real world, if a prince were to have vanished, you can be sure there would be a widespread search for them. Prince Adam, though, isn’t given so much as a thought. Then there’s the matter of who is running the kingdom this whole time as well. The townsfolk seemed to have been left to their own devices. And don't say that the new movie solved that plot hole; we're talking about the animated movie!

Comic by MegaCynics.

11 Comatose People Have Rights Too

via toonhole.com by Chris Allison

There had always been logical oversights as far as Disney cartoon and movies were concerned. As to why no one noticed these have to do with the manner of thinking of today’s people. We have come to question all kinds of attitudes, with some people accused of being inappropriate where they might have been questioned beforehand.

Thus, the prince’s intentions to kiss a mysterious sleeping woman in the modern world wouldn’t be seen in a positive light.

Applying this in the case of Sleeping Beauty would mean the ending of the movie is instantly demolished. The prince would never approach Aurora and she’d sleep her days away. Maybe this is one of the few times Disney logic does need to be considered if we want a happy ending.

Comic by Chris Allison.

10 Standards For Beauty

via sandraandwoo.com by Oliver Knorzer and Powree

One of the complaints feminists make toward Disney movies is the image they intend to provide of women. It’s justified too, seeing most of their films portray women as overly feminine with not more regard given to their appearance than their fighting spirit. However, this comic by Oliver Knorzer displays the overlooking of feminist logic thanks to Disney’s apt animation skills.

Disney princesses are very pretty, and little girls fawn over their appearance, hoping to replicate them. Disney has such a tight grasp at this that even those feminists who are aware of this influence fall for it. Here we see a girl admiring the ears of the bunny Judy from Zootopia, proving anthropomorphic animals also have the pull to influence fashion.

Comic by Oliver Knorzer and Powree.

9 What Happened To His Rights?

via pinterest.com

One has to really feel for the poor old beast. Wait a minute, though, he’s not old at all! The beast from Beauty and the Beast had the worst case of luck in that the witch that cursed him had no semblance of logic in her. Then again, she was in a Disney movie, so she had to have been following Disney’s brand of logic.

The beast was merely eleven years old when was cursed.

The justification provided for doing so was the boy’s vanity. But why would that be in question at all when the witch was never invited to his party? All things considered, she was the one trespassing on his turf. And then she turns the kid into a monster with a ridiculous out clause.

8 You Are What You Eat

via abbadon82.deviantart.com by abbadon82

We never really dwell on Ariel’s life once she left the sea at the end of The Little Mermaid. Judging by the events of the sequel film, she was completely cut off from that world. However, Ariel was still in the vicinity of the sea, which surely meant she had to have had seafood as part of her daily diet.

Considering the fact she knew nothing other than underwater life this must have been a real conundrum. Under the sea, it appeared all animals were sentient alongside the mermaids, and Ariel’s best friends were a crab and fish. Thus, the implication that Ariel must have munched on a few pals on the shore isn’t too comforting to think of. So much for being friends for life.

Comic by Abbadon82.

7 Belle Doesn't Care For Happy Endings

via dorkly.com by paul westover

Beauty and the Beast’s ultimate message is teaching people that a person’s appearance doesn’t have to be the reason to fall in love with them. It’s heart that counts. All in all, it’s a sweet moral to the story, which is why it was nominated for an Oscar in the first place.

But this comic artist does reveal an accurate description of the abilities of theBeast and his palace staff.

Had Belle been more sinister, she would’ve disregarded Disney’s convention of having the female protagonist forsake everything in the name of love. Instead, Belle here has intentions of using these characters for some diabolical ploy. We definitely would prefer the original movie over this, but this comic shows how Disney overruled that with their logic.

Comic by Dorkly.

6 A Simpler Solution

via collegehumor.com

In the older Disney films, we saw a whole lot of flaws overlooked in preference of setting the charming animation world firmly in children’s hearts. Newer adaptations such as Frozen or Tangled have self-aware elements that poke fun at the older practices, and due to this, we have seen many logic flaw comics of the classic cartoon. In this case, it concerns Snow White.

The evil queen dupes Snow into taking a bite of a poisonous apple, but her plan doesn’t carry in the end thanks to some magical miracle. Back then as kids we overlooked this silly plan of the queen. Why offer her a poisonous apple at all when she could’ve simply ended Snow’s life with literally any means seeing no one was around? She was in disguise too, so there was no chance of getting recognized either.

Comic by CollegeHumor.

5 Longest-Term Relationship

via pinterest.com

Some people are perfectly happy not being married to one another and look at the idea of marriage as an out of date concept. While those people should be left to their own beliefs here is a weird fact to behold. Mickey and Minnie have never married in the last 90 years they’ve been together. In Disney, you can’t say being unmarried is all right seeing they cling to all types of child-friendly scenarios comprising of lavish weddings and certain futures.

But Mickey is happy with keeping his girlfriend waiting for decades to come.

This is a classic case of cartoon logic where all the events that have happened are acknowledged but time seems to be stuck one place. So, Mickey could pretend the last 90 years didn’t feel so to him.

4 The Lighter Scheme

via memecenter.com

All of the cartoons back in the day had the tendency to give away objects which would be in focus in a said scene by shading them lighter than everything else in the environment. Since Disney is one of those studios that popularized cartoons around the world, this can be pinned on them too.

Scooby-Doo is most well known for this, but Disney also has its fair share of movies and cartoons that have this artistic oversight in them. It’s not difficult to spot either, all one has to do is wait for a scene where a character will usually be hiding from another, mostly in barrels as seen above. It’s easy to notice which object will move in the next shot judging by the color scheme.

3 Straight To The Point

via dorkly.com by paul westover

Prince Charming from Cinderella only has the charming attribute going for him. Because he’s a mixture of dumb and forgetful otherwise. The guy spent an entire night dancing in close proximity to a girl, only to forget what she looked like the next day. Talk about a short attention span. Still, he’s not the only one to blame.

Cinderella could’ve just cut to the chase and told the Prince of her details.

Instead, she wasted time by fretting over the midnight deadline, leading to the whole search over the accurate foot size of the perfect girl. Cinderella’s description isn’t even too difficult to track her down. The ending wouldn’t have been magical, but it sure would have been more logical. Consider that when you rewatch the film.

Comic by Dorkly.

2 Get These Hands

via godohelp.deviantart by godohelp

Not so much of a flaw in logic, but one that will definitely make the viewer watch Frozen again in a different light. Turns out Anna wasn’t so naive as we were all led to believe. Keen viewers would’ve caught the princess arguing that her partner’s "foot size doesn’t matter." Yup, Anna is more concerned with another part of the male anatomy.

Here we see Anna complimenting Kristoff for the size of his hands. Innocent people might not see the connection but Kristoff’s large hands would be a definite indication that Anna’s beau is more than appropriate with his measurement where she wants him to be. Disney usually throws in an adult joke here or there in its films and once you spot them you can’t watch the particular film innocently anymore.

Comic by Godohelp.

1 Some Serious Therapy Needed

via instagram.com by imaneimagination

Frozen was among the first Disney movies to incorporate a modern style of thinking. It makes no sense how each and every Disney princess views marriage as an end game for their lives, not to mention how these princesses seem to fall in love with the first guy they have an attraction towards.

This comic displays how all the princesses look like head cases when revealing their supposed love stories.

Elsa is still not convinced and argues with her sister that they all need some serious help. Of course, if they played it up too much then Disney would be arguing with their own brand of logic of love at first sight, but it’s nice to know they are becoming a little more self-aware.

Comic by Imaneimagination.

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