19 Hilarious Dragon Ball Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

The Dragon Ball series has been around since 1985. I'll let that digest a moment for the people who grew up reading the manga and watching the show. 32 years after it's creation the series is still going strong with many spin-offs, side-stories, video games, and shows, being made for the next generation, making it arguably the most merchandisable anime series of all time.

You don't get to be that wildly successful and popular without having fans of the series, and if there's one thing fans love doing, it's creating content based off of their favorite series. Dragon Ball is no exception to this rule. With millions of fans worldwide the internet has an endless amount of fanart, fanfiction, memes, and comics, for you to explore.

Some of it is inevitably terrible, however, created by people who don't really know the series too well but want to cash in on its success or by people simply learning how to draw. We've dug through the mud and the mire to present to you the 20 best Dragon Ball themed comics the internet has to offer.

Below you're going to find comic after comic created lovingly by people who have mastered the art of crafting a gut-busting punchline. A lot of them involve inside jokes, so if you haven't religiously watched the entire series a few might go over your head. Whether it's your first time hearing these jokes or not you're in for a good time.

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19 Time To Shave

via Matthew Roloff

One of the longest-running and most recognizable staples of the series is that when people power up, whether it's going Super Saiyan or not is that their hair changes color and begins to defy gravity. You just know that when the "shh-shh-shh-shh" sound starts that any moment now someone is gonna start screaming and then look like they shoved their finger into an electrical socket.

However, throughout the series, nobody who powers up ever has any facial hair, which has lead many people to wonder what exactly would happen if Vegeta or Goku decided to grow a beard. Would it change color as well? Would it begin floating? Is it limited only to the hair on someone's head? Sadly, these mysteries may never be solved in canon.

18 Wrong Number

via Vinny Mazzarisi

Have you heard of the Legendary Super Saiyan? If you've seen the movies then, yes, you have. Broly is the most powerful Saiyan in the universe, being born with a power level that was 10,000. In comparison, Goku was born with a power level of 2. He also has a subconscious hatred of poor Goku thanks to baby Goku crying all the time, preventing baby Broly from sleeping.

Now, power levels in Dragon Ball are taken about as seriously as a politician's campaign promises but Broly was still a tough customer and defeating him the first time took all the Z fighters concentrated skills and absolute focus.

In one incredibly memorable scene, Broly marches towards Goku, screaming his real name, "Kakarot", while transforming and shrugging off Vegeta's attacks.

17 The Nose Knows

via pinimg.com

This is probably a coincidence but it doesn't stop it from being true. Most characters and especially the villains, have several forms they can cycle through and over the course of the fight will get stronger and stronger before reaching their final form... and then revealing that they actually have another form.

Weirdly enough, these early versions of forms rarely actually have a nose but the later ones always do, leading us to wonder if noses are the secret to one's power in Dragon Ball. Perhaps it has something to do with being able to smell an opponent's moves before they even happen?

Regardless, Krillan, one of the weakest of the Z fighters and record holder of being dead doesn't have a nose in any of his forms which likely explains a heck of a lot.

16 Right In The Pride

via pinimg

Poor Vegeta, he tries so hard to prove himself and to be the strongest but he always winds up playing second fiddle to Goku. No matter how many times he's tried to kill the protagonist, he's always failed and winds up being beaten within an inch of his life.

At least he's definitely stronger than Piccolo and while the pair has never fought each other, it's pretty obvious who would wind up being the victor. Despite this difference in strength, however, Piccolo has managed to kill Goku which likely upsets Vegeta off to no end.

To be fair, Goku let Piccolo kill him in order for the Namekian to also slay his brother Raditz but a technical kill is still more then what Vegeta's got.

15 How Could You Mix Them Up?

via pallottili

Vegeta is a complex character, once a major villain he now kinda hangs around with the group who beat him and helps them out literally because he has nothing better to do. He even winds up marrying Bulma and starting a family, though he still tends to do villainous stuff every now and then, he always ends up doing the right thing eventually.

He complains about it the entire time though, which is why it's understandable his daughter would confuse him with Grumpy from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, even his wife Bulma is forced to admit her husband's shortcomings after thinking about it for a short moment.

This probably means Goku is Sleepy.

14 Too Powerful

via deviantart.net

With how strong Goku and Vegeta are and how they tend to be firing things out of their hands every fight, it's not hard to imagine that a simple hand gesture along with a mistaken focus of Ki could begin to cause issues.

In this case, Vegeta tries to blow his wife a kiss and nearly blows her head clean off. Chichi probably understands Bulma's pain because Vegeta has always been better at controlling his strength than Goku has been and the scatterbrain has likely (accidentally) destroyed their house a few times with an errant hand gesture.

We wonder what else could possibly accidentally trigger an attack, Thumbs Up? A casual wave? We don't even want to imagine what a fist bump would cause.

13 Impossible Wish

via ssjgoku1

The Eternal Dragon Shenron does have a short collection of wishes he can't actually fulfill. Bringing back someone who's died too many times for example or straight up killing someone. He's also a bit difficult at times due to his impatientness and tends to ridicule his summoner.

Apparently, making Krillin a useful character is also beyond his power as when the Z fighter asks to become stronger, Shenron just bursts out laughing. This condemns Krillin (as always) to be the most useless character in the series out of all the people who actually do stuff. Time and time again, Krillin will get his butt kicked by the series' most powerful villains.

At least he always puts up a fight but come on Shenron, you couldn't at least have made him taller?

12 Out Of Groceries

via osoroshi

Bulma has a tendency to lose her temper and then yell out information at whoever she's annoyed at. It's a really weird angry habit to have and a few times in the series it has caused the villains to get the upper edge on the heroes when she reveals a bit of information they didn't know yet.

While angry at Vegeta for eating everything and destroying their training room again, she accidentally lets slip that she's pregnant with his child as well as how they're out of groceries. The Saiyan is clearly shocked by this information and quickly demands she go to the store for more food.

Vegeta, do you even know how human pregnancy works? You're in for a heck of a time.

11 Karaoke

via psyguy

During their time off, the Z fighters have to do something and Guitar Hero sounds like a good idea. Their selected styles of music say a lot about them with Goku passionately launching into a Super Saiyan Guitar solo, Vegeta copying him but not as well, and Krillin backing them up as best he can.

Yamcha is there too! And... oh, he likes disco. Why is it that right after the first Dragon Ball series Yamcha became so lame. Even his taste in music and clothing is completely hamstrung after he dies to that Saibaman.

The sad thing is now I can totally see him doing this, rocking out to Machoman while the others are actually showing off their music taste.

10 More Than One Kind

via fumbduckers

Goku could win a Mr. Oblivious competition. Being raised in virtually complete isolation and then having his caretaker die early on in his life... as well as the brain damage caused by a childhood accident makes him unlikely to have gotten A's in school.

With not much going on for Goku up top, it's no surprise that he doesn't understand sarcasm, metaphors, or at most, other verbal twists. So when Vegeta asks what kind of idiot Goku takes him for, he innocently wonders if there is actually more than one kind.

His innocence could be a ruse now that I think about it, what if he just plays off not understanding in order to set up this kind of joke better? Diabolical.

9 Intense

via shinzo

There is a lot of screaming in Dragon Ball, especially when someone's gone Super Saiyan and some conversations which could have been held at an indoor volume quickly turn into shouting matches. Perhaps powering up pops your eardrums?

Regardless, this intensity looks like it's been brought to lunchtime as the Saiyans of the group scream at each other as they prepare and eat the food. I haven't seen such manly grunting since I visited a gym locker room

With how often the trio are training, perhaps this is some new method of doing so? Super Lunch. All the screaming is them hyping themselves up to make more cookies in a really intense way? Maybe there's a new villain who's weakness is baked goods? Weirder things have happened in the Dragon Ball Universe.

8 Improvement

via memes

The famous "He'll never ___" meme finds a home in Dragon Ball a few times, mostly with Goku or Vegeta never having a girlfriend. My favorite, however, is this one. Early in the series, Gohan clearly had some mysterious power but unlike his father at an early age cried about every little thing that happened to him. It was pretty understandable if you (as Piccolo did) assumed Gohan would always be weak.

We were all proven wrong though several times throughout the series, most notably during the Cell Saga when Gohan was the only one to manage to land some serious blows on the Androids perfect form.

This surprised a lot of people and helped Goku realize that the earth would be able to get by with Gohan leading the Z fighters when he was gone.

7 Is That An Age Or A Name?

via uhallcomics

Oh Krillin, you dog. Krillin's romantic life is on display quite often throughout the series and he never seems to have much luck holding down a stable relationship. Until Android 18 comes along and sets him straight.

To be honest, Krillin was always kind of a sleazebag and in an alternate universe where he and his future wife meet at a bar their interaction would have likely gone like this. Thinking she's telling him how old she is instead of her name, Krillin shoves his foot so far into his mouth he can taste his ankles.

Hopefully, their subsequent meetings would go a little bit better after this whole "who's on first" gag is over.

6 How Long Is A Minute

via team four star

Okay, so it's a Team Four Star screen crap from Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Sure, everyone's already seen it but that doesn't make it any less funny.

In both the comedic abridged version and in the original series, during the final stages of the Frieza fight, the Emperor damages the planet's core strategically and then explains that it's going to blow in five minutes.

About a full half hour later, he then says the planet will blow in one minute, making us doubt Frieza actually has any conception of what time is or how it actually works.

This is a guy who is in desperate need of a watch, don't worry Frieza, Christmas is coming soon maybe one of your subordinates will get you one?

5 Nap Time

via pinimg

As a champion napper, I can relate to this one. Finding the sweet spot for feeling nice and refreshed upon waking up can be a difficult endeavor. Fail and you'll wind up not only more exhausted than when you started but you'll also be wondering what year it is.

The key to a great nap is to take them in 2-hour increments, short enough that you don't fall into an incredibly deep sleep but long enough that you still get a bit of a rest. The goal is to just get enough sleep so that you feel powered up and avoid that "Oh God I'm awake and everything is awful feeling."

With these tips in your arsenal, we wish you happy napping!

4 Same Old Same Old

via neodus

The cast of Dragon Ball Z winds up being mostly set decorations as the series progresses, falling into the same roles and actions with nearly every arc.

Krillin dies, Vegeta whines, Goku powers up, Nobody else does anything useful and then they die and get resurrected.

Well, aside from Piccolo who actually winds up teaching and training all of Goku's children while he's busy being dead or absentee.

While the characters all do have some character growth, it's not enough to ever see them actually break out of these roles as the series never really puts a cap on ramping up threats and is constantly Jumping The Shark, hurling insanely strong villain after villain that the normal characters can't really compete with.

3 You Dare Mock The Son Of A Shepard?

via 9gag

Dragon Ball Z has been dubbed dozens of times and if you lived anywhere but America you're probably more familiar with the Ocean Dub than the Funimation dub. The Ocean dub is the original but eventually stopped, causing Funimation to pick up production. Ocean eventually continued their dub and wound up replacing Funimation as to what was shown on TV everywhere but America.

The Ocean dub is in which the best version of "Over 9000!" occurs and it also starred Peter Kelamis as Goku who also played Rolf in Ed, Edd N Eddy.

Try to imagine Goku delivering his lines in Rolf's halting stereotypical (and slightly racist) horrible Indian accent.


2 See Ya, Space Cowboy

via dragonballfigures

This was the saddest and best part of the entirety of Dragon Ball Z. Bar none. Vegeta's death still makes me cry. As he struggles to be stronger to bring honor to his race, he's gunned down by his former boss Frieza.

Already down for the count, Frieza delivers the final blow to the Saiyan Prince almost as an afterthought. Mortally wounded, Vegeta desperately explains to Goku what the Tyrant did and how Goku can't let him live.

With tears in his eyes as he begs Goku to prevent Frieza from sending anyone else down the path (he forced Vegeta on to), before gasping his last breath.

This was before the time in DBZ as well when everyone was constantly getting revived all the time and Death still had meaning. Nobody thought Vegeta would come back a few episodes later.

1 Dragonball Z's New Story Arc

via memes

Dragon Ball Z was a series that started out really strong, with memorable characters actions having consequences that sadly stopped meaning anything. The whole Frieza arc was entirely dedicated to trying to fix the mistakes of the Saiyan Arc, and it was where the series started going downhill and also the point where any sense of scale was lost.

After that, plotlines were constantly recycled. Characters resurrected or released from the afterlife to be fought again and again and again, and when a new villain did show up his whole thing was essentially being really, really, strong. Sadly, Dragon Ball GT kept on with the trend of boring same old same old.

In short, the series spent its whole lifespan trying to recapture that first arc and never quite matched it.

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