25 Hilarious Dragon Ball Super Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Set right after the Majin Buu Saga from Dragon Ball Z, the newest canonical episodic adventure for our beloved Z Fighters is called Dragon Ball Super. It was a welcome return for Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, who is supervising the production of the manga and animated versions. People might remember that the previous Dragon Ball Z sequel named GT was written by the Toei staff and not by Toriyama, who considered the series as a “side story” of the original Dragon Ball.

Since beginning in the summer of 2015, Dragon Ball Super has received mostly positive reviews. While the series marked a welcome return of the franchise, the first few episodes were subject to universal panning in terms of overall animation quality. The fifth episode was known to fans and critics as one of the worst offenders. Luckily, the quality and popularity of the series has been trending upwards ever since. With an introduction of the Gods of Destructions, the newest Super Saiyan God transformations, and the return of an old villain, it really whet the public's appetite even further.

As we close out this calendar year, here are 25 of the silliest but truest Memes about the Dragon Ball Super series. Enjoy!

25 BFF For Real

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Since the original Dragon Ball series, the friendship between Goku and Krillin has lasted longer than any two individuals over the course of the franchise's entire run. Starting off as rivals, these two have become allies during Dragon Ball Z and GT. Heck, Goku became a Super Saiyan for the first time because Krillin was subsequently killed by Frieza, giving the former enough rage to power up to his fabled form. In 2017, Goku and Krillin's friendship is still running strong even with other characters added to the team. The only differences might be that Goku is a whole lot taller and more powerful. Outside of Gohan and Piccolo's master-apprentice relationship and Vegeta and Goku's rivalry, the Goku and Krillin friendship is probably one of the most important aspects of the Dragon Ball plotlines.

24 Child Support

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We can agree that Goku might be one of the most powerful warriors in the universe, but also one of the lousiest parental figures, as well, spending most of his waking hours training and fighting an endless supply of villains from across time and space. When Hercule (Mr. Satan) receives 100 million Zeni from saving the world from the threat of Majin Buu in the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, he passes off the reward to Goku, the real savior of the planet. Goku, in turn, uses the money as “child support” in order to ditch his job as a farmer in lieu of leaving home once again to train and pick fights with Gods and whatnot. Honestly, if he spent more time being a better father, Chichi wouldn't be so upset all of the time.

23 Have Some Tea And Chill

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Ever noticed that a lot of characters in Dragon Ball Super love to drink some tea? This was something that I never saw in the previous series. Perhaps, sophisticated immortals and Gods want to have tea time a little more often than us simple folk. Even Vegeta is getting a taste for the drink. That being said, we probably wait for each week's episode with great anticipation, especially the fans who seem to enjoy the looks of this attractive Dragon Ball fangirl. Maybe you would want to have some tea with her, too? Who knows, even Saiyans like the occasional chamomile tea to settle down from saving the universe. I personally like some milk tea and some Earl Grey on a daily basis.

22 Good Job Toei!

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Toei was the recipient of a lot of internet-based criticism for their apparently poor animation quality during the first few episodes of the Dragon Ball Super anime including some very off-model characters like this screen capture of Goku. In a handful of moments, a lot of critics blasted the animators for their seemingly inferior quality compared to other modern anime, as well as their predecessor series, Dragon Ball Z. After much deliberation, these poor sequences were deemed rare and far between, with opportunists taking screenshots out of context trying to highlight the terrible quality. Even reputable websites like Kotaku attacked the animators of Dragon Ball Super. Subsequent episodes of the animated series have improved in quality, and the outrage has died down, considerably.

21 No Touching Please

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Just because he defends the universe along with Goku doesn't mean that Vegeta is best friends with his eternal rival. While his demeanor has mellowed throughout the years, the anti-hero Vegeta is still constantly salty about Goku, especially when the latter finally got the opportunity to ascend to Super Saiyan God status. Much like after their chance meeting of the minds and bodies during their Potara-earring-induced fusion, Vegito, Vegeta doesn't really enjoy being at one with his rival and even went as far as destroying the artifact in order to never merge with Goku again. Thus, their future fusions, with the exception of their epic battle against a fused Zamasu and Goku Black, was done through the performance of fusion dances. This Meme merely shows that the Saiyan prince would rather not touch Goku, even for the sake of saving the world.

20 Bulma's Lovely Lady Lumps

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As someone who grew up with the original Dragon Ball series, I remembered it for having a lot of unsavory and grown-up jokes that were not suitable for children. A lot of Akira Toriyama's comics were loaded with childish humor and those occasional naughty jokes for good measure, like in the ridiculous Dr. Slump series. During the original series, Bulma often utilized her physical attributes to entice the male characters like the creepy Master Roshi. Being that Goku was a pure-hearted soul and a kid, her temptations were often lost on him. Even as a full-grown adult in Dragon Ball Super, Goku doesn't really think about Bulma as the alluring lady she is. Perhaps, Goku is more obtuse than we all realized.

19 Broken Windows

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Have you ever played baseball in the backyard and broken your neighbor's window? How about a football or even a pellet rifle? Indeed, we have all broken a window at one point in our lives and even shot our eye out with a Red Rider rifle. What is our first reaction when this happens? We run for our lives. Thus, this Meme of Goku and Vegeta during a Dragon Ball Super episode is probably the most applicable to most of us in the real world. If we ever had to encounter the various monsters that these two guys have seen over the years, we would run away like that, too. I'm glad I am not a Saiyan trying to save the universe. I don't have the stomach for that.

18 Back From The Dead

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Dragon Ball Super was definitely a sequel series that was worth the wait. Since the resurrection of the Dragon Ball mainline series, audiences have been introduced to Gods of Destructions, the rebirth of Frieza, the return of Future Trunks, and the introduction of the Super Saiyan God transformations. As someone who grew up with the original Dragon Ball series and Dragon Ball Z series, Dragon Ball Super has met or exceeded all of my expectations. At least, it washed all of the foul taste of Dragon Ball GT out of my mouth, and the mouths of the Dragon Ball faithful. With a series like this now airing, everyone in the afterlife is trying to come back to the mortal world just to catch a glimpse.

17 Aura You Having Fun?

In terms of Dragon Ball logic, aura means power. The brighter and more intense it is, the more power the character is giving off. This graphical representation is a clear indicator of someone who is in a powered-up state or transformation. Since the Dragon Ball Super series has been on television, it has been giving a fair amount of fan service to anime enthusiasts, worldwide, including the newly introduced Super Saiyan God transformation and its even crazier enhanced Blue mode, where it appears that Goku is giving off an aura on top of his aura. This interesting dynamic was also repeated when Future Trunks was battling Zamasu, giving off a duo-colored aura that really got people on the internet talking. Speculation aside, the aura has always been a welcome attribute of Dragon Ball lore.

16 You Can't Win

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Nothing is harder than saving the planet and being a great family guy at the same time. Just ask Peter Parker. In the Dragon Ball universe, you can seemingly not win either way. Sure, a lot of fans often talk about Goku being a great hero, but a terrible father and an irresponsible husband. Even saving the universe is not good enough for some people. Yet, there are people on the other side of the fence that speak ill of Gohan for not keeping up with his training and becoming a sheer wuss of a warrior for the sake of being a great provider who dedicated his life to his career and family. You can't win in the realm of public opinion, especially with these fickle folks on the internet.

15 Expected More

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Gohan is back to being a warrior, but it may not be what people were expecting (or exactly what you were expecting if you remembered Dragon Ball GT). At two points in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan was the most powerful Z Fighter, once in a victorious battle against Perfect Cell and another time unlocking his true potential while fighting Majin Buu. Since then, Gohan has dedicated his life to being a normal person and disregarded his intense training. So, when Gohan returned to step up against the resurrected Frieza, he didn't fare quite well against the space tyrant. I think fans wanted the all-powerful Gohan to fight against Frieza, but that was what not they got, with him getting defeated by the resurrected baddie in his base form. Hopefully, Gohan will get his day in the sun during the Dragon Ball Super series.

14 Hugs For The Hug-Less

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Yet, another jab about Goku being a terrible dad, this Meme shows off Gohan's true feelings when witnessing his father being caught in a crushing bear hug during the tournament against a Pride Trooper. Indeed, the reinvigorated Gohan has finally stepped away from studying in order to save his universe from destruction and erasure. However, is he getting a little too much joy from witnessing Goku's many shortcomings during the Saga? Perhaps. In my memory, I don't remember Goku ever hugging his eldest son. Even Vegeta hugged Trunks when the former was an evil Majin. Yes, Goku is not the emotional type. Heck, I don't even think he has kissed his wife Chichi before.

13 Talk About The Bad

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One of the main internet debates about the Dragon Ball Super animated series comes from its inconsistent quality when compared to its predecessors. The quality controversy has been a hot-button issue for audiences of the new Dragon Ball Super series, with many fans taking screenshots of the lackluster quality and posting them on the internet for all to see. While the series has some quality issues, for the most part, DB Super has been pretty spectacular in spurts. Because it has been a popular habit to bash the quality of the animation, a lot of the screenshots do seem to nit-pick on the topic, putting to light a scene out of context, like the one featured in this Meme. Was it really that bad, anyway?

12 A Super Battle

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The battle between Superman and Goku has been debated over the internet for many years with no clear victor. Besides, it is hard to come to any consensus over fictional topics, anyway. If there is one entity in the Dragon Ball universe who can beat Superman without much effort, is the all-powerful Zeno, who can erase entire universes from existence with a mere wave of his hand. Sure, he might look more ridiculous than powerful, but this God of all Gods is the most powerful character in Dragon Ball lore from the original series up until the current Dragon Ball Super series. All this omnipotence without the usage of a Killing Glove nor an Infinity Gauntlet, Zeno might be one of the most powerful entities in all of fiction.

11 Fox Versus Gorilla

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As two of the most popular anime franchises of all time, both Naruto and Dragon Ball are probably one of the most influential anime and manga action series of all time. Both franchises are filled to the brim with powerful characters and interesting lore. But the most common attribute that both series shared has to be that the stories often were moving along as slow as frost-bitten molasses. It is difficult to say which franchise was better than which, but this didn't stop people on the internet arguing about the superiority of one over the other. If you are a person who wanted their anime to move along quickly, look elsewhere, because Naruto and Dragon Ball are two of the most filler-filled fluff pieces to ever exist on Earth.

10 What God Is This?

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Perhaps, the phrasing of the word “God” is arbitrary in the Dragon Ball universe. As we have seen over the course of Dragon Ball Z and Super, being a Supreme Kai or other sort of deity doesn't guarantee superiority over other warriors, either mortal or immortal. Despite fans being excited about Goku and Vegeta achieving their Super Saiyan God forms and transformations, past history dictated that those expectations should be quelled, somewhat. During the very slow moving Universe Survival Saga in Dragon Ball Super, the supposedly all-powerful Super Saiyan Blue form has been outclassed on several occasions, once against the female Saiyans from Universe 6 and the extremely-powerful Jiren, leader of the Pride Troopers. Obviously, it wouldn't be the best storytelling tactic to have Goku and Vegeta dominate the other fighters from the beginning, but it does seem rather odd that the Super Saiyan Blue form has been anything but unbeatable during this arc.

9 Did You Lift, Bro?

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If you have been watching Dragon Ball Super, you might have noticed that some of the physical differences between some major characters from their Dragon Ball Z appearances. Saiyans like Gohan and Vegeta appeared to have slimmed down from their muscular selves from the previous series. This is further displayed during the “Resurrection of F” film and Saga, where a track-suit clad Gohan has taken the physical attribute of Luffy from One Piece, shedding most of his muscles in the process. Bro, have you been lifting the past few years? Obviously, Gohan has been worried about being a normal Earthling since Majin Buu's defeat, but he might be slacking off a little bit too much.

8 Heroes Don't Run...

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Real warriors don't run away. A proud Saiyan does not turn his back on the enemy! This might be great advice from father to son, but isn't it a little too hypocritical? Sure, Vegeta doesn't always run away from a fight anymore, but he sure did when he was his younger self during the first major arc in Dragon Ball Z. Though it had to be noted that Vegeta was much more evil and spineless when he was younger and before he joined up with the Z Fighters. But nothing is more fitting proof than some photographic (screen-shot) evidence. Trunks would probably tell him, “Don't tell me that dad! You tried to run away when you got your behind handed to you!”

7 That's Inconsistent

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One of the biggest topics among viewers of Dragon Ball Super is the quality of the animation. One of the producers Dragon Ball anime, Norihiro Hayashida, claimed that a lot of the negative reception of the Dragon Ball Super's quality is widely overblown, with people nit-picking on a couple of scenes that looked rather poor to describe the entire episodes on a whole. One of the universally panned of the series is the infamous Episode 5, which is widely considered to be one featuring the poorest quality of the entire anime. Luckily, as the series has progressed, the quality of the animation has improved. This comparison of Beerus from Episode 5 to 7 features a tremendous leap in quality.

6 Savior And Killer

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Goku might have saved Gowasu from the murder of his subordinate Zamasu, but this doesn't mean that he is safe from erasure if a certain universe happens to lose the tournament. In one way or another, other participants of the Universe Survival tournament might view the cause of their predicament as Goku, but our hero tried to save universes from automatic erasure. Now, it is likely that Universe 7, the home-base of our heroes, won't be the erased from existence, but it means that pretty much every other universe is on Zeno's chopping block. With the pace of the Universe Survival Saga moving at a molasses pace, who knows when the conclusion of the arc will finally be aired on television.

5 Selfish Saiyan

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Vegeta has his fair share of dedicated fans who love his abrasive personality that is usually filled with the Saiyan prince's intense ego and selfishness. However, as time has gone on, it appears that he just has a bad mouth, and he truly cares about his friends and family. Why else would he get so enraged when Beerus hit Bulma? In this little filler arc in Dragon Ball Super, the heroes arrive on Planet Potaufeu and come into a defensive weapon employed by the locals called the Commeson. When Goku encounters an evil liquid copy of Vegeta, it appears that Vegeta is cheering for his clone, leading for Goku to ask which side Vegeta really is on. Of course, Vegeta replies that he is on his own side. Classic Saiyan prince, indeed.

4 Close But No Cigar

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I am sure we have all been there. Ever try to search for Dragon Ball Super and have a totally irrelevant image pop up? While I am not entirely positive when this image came from, this one is definitely not from Dragon Ball Super. It is likely that this group photograph is set somewhere around Dragon Ball GT, as it displays the grown-up versions of Kid Trunks and Goten, both of whom are still in their childhood during DB Super. That being said, it seems like every website, article, and image related to Dragon Ball Super is sure to get their fair share of unique hits as the series has been positively received by audiences. Have you seen the Forbes feed, lately?

3 A Tad Emo

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Oh, Goku Black. Somehow you exist, and pretty much hate everyone you have ever met. Matching the villainous archetype of a megalomaniac, this character just wanted to destroy everything around him. For what reason, we aren't entirely sure. Something about hating mortals or something. While it is not totally certain why the Zamasu-version of Goku is named Goku Black, it is probably because he is indeed evil. Much like how Gothic youth and emo kids often wear black, Goku Black's sadomasochistic streak is probably something of concern to the heroes and the rest of us. Maybe his nickname should be Emo Goku, because he does seem like more of a Debbie Downer than a supervillain. Like Goku said, there is something seriously wrong with this evil incarnation of Goku.

2 Getting Excited

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Since being introduced during the Majin Buu Saga, the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta has been one of the most welcomed characters in the entire series. The extremely-powerful Vegito featured the cockiness of Vegeta and the spirit of Goku, creating a new entity that is possibly the most powerful mortal in the universe. When Vegeta disposed of the earring, it was near impossible for the return of Vegito. At least, this was until his faithful return during the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super. Yes, we all rejoiced at the return of this awesome character (maybe even squealed a little), and the introduction of his Super Saiyan Blue transformation. All of our expectations have been met and then some.

1 Doge Much Excite

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Have sympathy for the people who insert the subtitles in anime. It is hard work! As someone who used to work as a transcriber, as well as a manga typesetter, I understand the pitfalls and difficulties in that line of work. Yes, this Meme features one interestingly hilarious typo where “dodge” is misspelled as “doge." For people who are not familiar with this type of Meme, doge is an internet Meme featuring a very adorable Shiba Inu and usually some form of broken English that also includes incorrect usage of modifiers such as “wow” and “so”. This particular Dragon Ball Meme features the return of everyone's favorite dog and his characteristic broken sentences: “such fight wow wow much train”. We all love you Kabosu!

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