25 Hilarious Fallout 4 Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

Love it or hate it, its no question that Fallout 4 is considered to be one of the most time-consuming, but fun, RPGs ever created. Being dumped off into an endless wasteland full of hidden loot, talking robots, and HUGE radroaches it's clear that there are plenty of things for players to do that will keep them entertained for weeks on end. All the hours that players put into Fallout 4 have conjured up some of the most dedicated fans to any game series.

As players spend the vast majority of their time roaming the wilderness for whatever their heart desires, they will definitely run into things that are unique to the Fallout series. Are you a Fallout fan? If so, see if you can comprehend each of these comics strips I have provided with this article (honestly, if you don't understand, it won't matter because I have to explain them anyway... bummer). Nevertheless, check em' out and see if you can understand the concepts behind them, as only experienced Fallout players will be able to fathom these. Let's see if you're a true fan!

Oh, wait! A few questions to keep in mind before we begin. Have you beaten Fallout 4 yet? Have you been able to get all of the achievements on both the base game and the DLC? If so you should be well versed in the Fallout series. Alright, here we go!

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25 The Miracle Worker

via dorkly.com

Fallout 4 features many realistic, and not so realistic, aspects that make Fallout the amazing game that it is. One example of Fallout's uncanny ability to blend authenticity with illogical situations is a quick trip to the doctor. In Fallout, players have the option to take substances when met with difficult combat situations to enhance their skills in a tight squeeze. These can help players get out of a pinch, but use them too often, and you'll become insanely addicted to them, causing a decrease in your stats. No worries though. If you find yourself needing the help of chems to make it through your day, just head over to one of the town doctors and you can be cured of all your ailments with the snap of a finger! Just make sure you pay up.

24 Man's Best Friend

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When we first embark on our adventure through the wasteland things can seem pretty lonely. Luckily we are greeted by an adorable German shepherd who is just as lonely and willing to join us on our escapades. Slap a name on this furry guy and we have ourselves a friend who is willing to do whatever for us. With a single command, Dogmeat will stay where you leave him or even attack the most devastating foes while we try to scuff down a bunch of snacks to heal up. Dogmeat really is man's best friend. Good thing he can't die the same way he did in Fallout 3. That was so upsetting. This Dogmeat, instead, is a real trooper!

23 Look Who It Is Again

via cad-comic.com

Dogmeat has a lot of uses in Fallout 4. Like all of the other companions we run into throughout the wasteland, he has the ability to carry our items for us when our pockets get a little too fat. Just look at your friend and trade off all your junk items to him. He'll carry them for you wherever you want to go until we get to a place where we can safely store all of our items permanently. Just don't ask me where he keeps it all. This is kind of like that meme about dogs wearing pants. Does Dogmeat wear pants? I don't even know how we're able to carry everything we have. Hmmmm. Weird, huh?

22 Really? Do you Even Love Dogmeat?

via: electricbunnycomics.com

Okay, I'm beginning to notice a trend here. Dogmeat is really useful, but he IS a dog people. Show him some love and stop having him around simply to use him. I guess when you send him off to find you a few items, you technically are playing fetch with him. Even if it is for your own selfish reasons. When he does end up bringing you back something useful like a stimpack, some crafting supplies, or even a sad little boy, it strengthens the bond you have with him. Having Dogmeat on our list 3 times in a row goes to show you how much of a big help our black and brown friend is, or any companion for that matter. Oh, and just so you know, Dogmeat can't really bring back Shaun. Just thought I'd mention that.

21 I Feel... Different!

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Like I mentioned before, there are situations where you will find yourself outgunned, outmanned and in a whole lot of danger. Have no fear. Pull out that Pipboy and select a few chems for yourself to take to get the edge over your enemies in battle. Taking chems has different effects on your character that are sure to get through tough situations. Just make sure you don't rely on it too heavily though, as you can easily become addicted and it can have some pretty nasty effects. If that happens, you'll find yourself coughing up a couple hundred bottle caps after your visit with Dr. Miracle Worker. Caps are in short supply, so maybe try not to do that too much.

20 There's Just Too Much To Do!

via pintrest.com

I'm sure everyone that has played Fallout 4 has experienced this. Unless you have the focus of a lion when he is taking down a gazelle and can stay undeterred by anything else in your vicinity, you should relate to this comic strip. There's just so much the wasteland has to offer, it's hard to stay focused on one task at a time. When I load up Fallout 4, I tell myself, "Okay, it's time to finish this quest and nothing's going to stop me," only to find myself scavenging a newly discovered building just for the heck of it. This is why people pour hours and hours into Fallout. Especially if you have the attention span of an indecisive kitten.

19 Bigger and Better Things

via dorkly.com

When we first start playing Fallout 4, we usually take advantage of every quest we come across. We need the experience, right? And it's important to level up and rack up on those skill points as early as possible, so we take on the role of the good Samaritan and help all those in need. At some point, we have a paradigm shift and begin to worry only about ourselves. Whether its the countless hours of going toe to toe with some of the most devastating enemies that lurk the wasteland or that brand new power armor we have on, its clear that something changes how we interact with the *Ehm*, lesser beings in the wasteland. How's that for grandiosity?

18 Stupid Or Not, Watch Your Back!

via dorkly.com

Super Mutants are some of the most fierce enemies to roam the wasteland. These giant, yellow monsters are nothing to be trifled with on account of their immense rage and intense aggression. After a few encounters with this malicious enemy, you learn the best way to attack them is with the element of surprise, or at least, I learned that was the best way to attack them. These guys like to hunker down in creepy buildings with bags full of mutilated corpses to scare off anyone unlucky enough to come across them. If the Super Mutants catch a glimpse of you, be ready! You're in for an intense battle. Unless you have a Fatman or something to turn the battle in your favor in seconds.

17 Why Choose When You Don't Have To?

via dorkly.com

Now we all know it's true. Everyone in the Fallout series has weird, jerky, and robotic movements. I have to tell you, I didn't pay much attention to it before looking at this comic strip. Upon viewing it, I had an epiphany, just like I'm sure you will too. All the characters you meet while roaming the deserted wasteland, you will come to remember that they all moved like some anatomically correct, fabricated human. You know it's true. In fact, the next time you load up Fallout 4, go ahead and see for yourself. If I'm right you have to come back and share this article on Facebook for your friends to see. We're going to use the honor system here too, so yeah, if you don't share this article, you're going to feel bad... really bad (maybe).

16 Can You Relate?

via cad-comic.com

Which part of this comic strip can you relate to the most? For me, its the constant hoarding for items I don't actually need. I spend a good chunk of my time scrolling through my Pipboy trying to figure out what I can let go, only to rethink my decision and try to find something that is even less valuable, which is hard. This comic holds true to the novice players and the veterans of Fallout. I'm sure that everyone who has taken the time to read this article, has at least one image on the above comic strip that they can relate to. For the record, decorating is actually really fun. It's like The Sims if it took place in an apocalyptic wasteland.

15 You Need It More Than You Think

via gamerant.com

You come across a lot of junk when traveling the wasteland. Every cave you see, every building you enter, all have items in them that may be worth saving for future use, but we don't know that when we first play Fallout 4. With every drawer you open and dead body you scavenge, you leave behind some pretty valuable stuff that you wish, at some point, you would've grabbed when you had the chance when you first saw them. So, if you're new to Fallout 4 and you just so happen to have found this article, make sure you pick and choose what you discard wisely, you never know when you may need it. On the bright side, a lot of the locked containers you'll find regenerate. So there's hope to find stuff!

14 You Mean This Green Stuff?

via gamerant.com

In a post-apocalyptic world brought on by nuclear warfare, you can expect that there will be a lot of radiation and radiation-related issues. You run into radiation all the time during your travels in the form of water, radiated food, and radiated enemies. When entering an area that is plagued by this nasty green goo, its best to move quickly or risk taking radiation damage. If you're like me, I hate taking radiation damage, even the slightest drop to my HP from radiation poisoning is enough to make me head back to town for a quick refresher. Much like our blonde friend above. It doesn't cost that much, really, and radaways are in short supply out in the commonwealth!

13 I'll Take That

via dorkly.com

Like I mentioned before, you're kind of a good guy when you first start playing Fallout 4 and since there isn't a karma system like there was in Fallout 3, you're pretty much able to do what you feel at any moment. Maybe it's because you're too weak at the beginning of the game to do anything remotely evil, so you go about your exploration in the most modest of ways. Reach a high enough level and everything within the wasteland is up for grabs. You want it, you got it. Period. Even if that means taking out that pesky salesman who didn't give you what you wanted. He had it coming, right? At least, that's what we'll tell ourselves so we can fall asleep at night.

12 They're Always Dangerous

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Remember when you ran into your first Deathclaw? I do. The ground started shaking and this green monstrosity greeted me with a terrifying roar. It was a daunting experience that I was surprised to find myself in so early in the game. After a few spins of my mini-gun and a couple of scratches from my pal Dogmeat, we took down that thing, and you know what... it felt good! Do you want to know something? Every time I see a Deathclaw, I go through the same roller coaster of emotions. No matter how prepared I think I am, no matter how high level I am, I always fear the deadly Deathclaw. I think everybody does, to be honest. Please don't let me be the only one who does.

11 We DO Love Him

via knowyourmeme.com

Which companion do you prefer to have walk alongside you while you trek through the wasteland? No matter who it is that joins you, I think we all build a connection with them, but that may be even more true about Dogmeat. Why, you ask? Because he's a dog. I love dogs and so do many others, and even though its a game, Dogmeat is still loved and valued more than other companions. Anytime someone attacked Dogmeat I'd scream, "Get away from him you ____" and immediately lunge toward Dogmeat's attacker. I never wanted anything to happen to him, but sometimes he would die in the goofiest of ways. Like falling through the floor because of a glitch *tsk*.

10 You're Never Safe

via dorkly.com

This comic strip is a comparison between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. In Fallout 3, we didn't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on us and hitting us with a surprise attack. Enemies were displayed on our radar for us to see, even more so if we had good perception. In Fallout 4, good perception or not, enemies could blindside you from almost anywhere. The ghouls in Fallout 4 are extremely fast and it feels like you're in a Resident Evil movie. The moles can dig their way from the Earth's surface and attack you in numbers. And the Deathclaws... oh the Deathclaws. Probably the worst of them all, they can destroy the ground below you with their emergence. Stay on your toes people. You're never safe.

9 It's Not Worth It

via gamerant.com

In Fallout 3, we are able to just go on our adventures all suited up as long as we wanted. There were no pesky battery things getting in the way of our adventure, and though your armor could wear out, it was ultimately just a really easy thing to walk around in. In Fallout 4, however, we have to scour the wasteland for fusion cores in order to get our power armor up and running. Yeah, you'll probably find lots later on in the game, but still. We can't be wasting them! So, it's best to leave your power armor behind at your base until you really need to use it, otherwise, when you have no choice but to use your power armor, you'll be left without any fusion cores to get it going.

8 Now That's Just Mean

via memecenter.com

Are Fallout 4 players really this mean? Would they really do something like this to a poor NPC, who doesn't have any agency of their own? Sitting here, thinking about how I have done this before, it draws brings up the question of how could I be so mean? Oh yeah, because I got experience points for doing it, that's right. I love seeing that little green marker pop up on my screen when I'm getting more skill points. It completely wipes away the feelings sadness for doing something kind of wrong, and I get to hear that light ding whenever I level up. It just makes everything worth it. Oh, that's what I live for. Sorry to all the NPCs that got in the way, but your sacrifice was well worth it.

7 Oh, We Don't Need That

via escapistmagazine.com

Choices, choices. You have to make a bunch of them in Fallout 4, but some of the hardest ones are deciding what to carry with you while you're traveling. Having limited capacity makes traveling kind of hard and I have been in the situation where I decided to take some "junk" over a powerful weapon because I thought it would be more beneficial in the future. Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong, but I made the hard choice regardless. People seem to have mixed results when it comes to filling their capacity. I've heard that some gamers always fill their capacity while others almost never do. Why they don't just make their companion carry the extra load, I'll never know.

6 You Dirty Dog

via joyreactor.com

I know it might seem a bit mean to include this picture and it may seem like I am contradicting myself after stating that I love Dogmeat, but this is a perfect example of how things can be in Fallout 4. Doing something wrong might sometimes hinder a developing relationship between you and some of your comrades but correcting it by doing something nice should definitely help get you back on their good side. I have never hurt Dogmeat (intentionally) but this, in theory, could get some of the townspeople on your side. And I guess some people might find him annoying. He does do things like charge into battle and activates mines. But really, which companion doesn't do that?

5 Aiming For Perfection

via double-xp.com

This is me. This is definitely me! I spend so much time trying to create the perfect character that I can't even start the game. I will sit back and craft each intricate detail until I have exactly what I want in a personalized character. There have been times where I've restarted a game because I ended up not liking my final result. Yeah, crazy, right? Luckily I haven't had to do that with Fallout 4. Progress far enough into the game, and you can go to a doctor who will let you become a new you! That still doesn't erase all the time I spent making the character, though. There's just so many options and tweaks you can use...

4 One Man's Trash...

via duelinganalogs.com

To craft what you want in Fallout 4, this is how you need to see the world. Almost everything can be picked up and used for a much larger purpose, I mean, it's there for a reason. As you progress through the game, you need to keep in mind what you need to keep in order to build particular items later on. Whether it's a silencer for that brand spanking new pistol you just found or some armor modifications to help cushion the blows from your enemies, you need to be conscious of what you need to craft. It's almost a required skill to progress through Fallout 4 efficiently. Anyone who says that they don't do weapon upgrades or armor mods in the game is probably lying.

3 Can't Touch This

via: geeksaresy.net

The next two comic strips hold true! When you first start Fallout 4, you are this squishy little weakling that can be sent down a hill like a ragdoll from the most unintimidating enemies. It's clear you aren't cut out for survival out there in the wilderness. After a lot of hours, a bunch of quests, and a few fusion cores, you can see yourself as a force to be reckoned with, as you have proven yourself to be a bonafide monster out in the wasteland. There's nothing you haven't seen and nothing you can't handle. Deathclaws and Super Mutants will barely scratch you. Mirelurk Queens avoid you entirely! People better watch out for your name here!

2 Say Hello To My Little Friend!

via: dorkly.com

There are limited options for weapons in the beginning of Fallout 4. You are given a pistol, which turned out to be my favorite weapon, and a few other melee weapons. As you progress, the enemies get stronger and so do the weapons. You have the ability to craft modifications for the weapons you already have and make them pack a heck of a punch! The skill points you use can make certain weapons even more powerful and make you 10x more deadly and at the end of the game, you are someone most enemies should avoid entirely, or risk exploding from a catastrophic blast! It's amazing how much things can change from the beginning of the game to the end.

1 It's A Green Smoothie

via: funnyjunk.com

Now, only a true Fallout 4 fan will understand this. I don't know of any other game that will allow you to drink toilet water, but Fallout does and for good reason. If you find yourself reaching for a useful item in the toilet and go to grab it, make sure your cursor is in the right spot. If not, you'll have a big sip from an irradiated toilet. Toilet water is bad, green radiation toilet water is even worse. I wonder, is there is mouthwash in a post-apocalyptic world?

So, how many did you understand before I had to explain them? Remember our wager? Make sure you uphold to the honor system. Thanks for reading. Even bigger thanks for finishing the list!

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