25 Hilarious Fallout 4 Comics That Will Leave You Laughing

Fallout 4 really got a bum rap after gamers were able to put some time into it; the game was shallow, the crafting was too crucial to the gameplay, and Preston Garvey was just damn annoying. But hey, a whole handful of gamers still really dug the game, finding the action just the dose of Bethesda that they needed in their lives.

And if you really hated it, at least we got some pretty hilarious comics out of it. And we don't mean a slight chuckle or guffaw; we're talking knee slapping, belly laughing goodness.

Don't fret when it comes to finding the best of the best though; if you want the cream of the crop, we've got you covered. From collecting wonder glue and boxes of nails, to slapping Dogmeat and failing miserably at trying to craft any kind of recognizable structure, the humor is thicker than a cloud of radiation in these Fallout 4 comics.

So grab all the bobby pins you can, load all of your junk into your companion's inventory, and stock up on .38 rounds; this is 25 Hilarious Fallout 4 Comics That Will Leave You Laughing.

25 Don't Beat The Dog Meat

Via: electricbunnycomics.com

It's nice when Dogmeat actually brings you back something of worth in Fallout 4, like some ammo, wonder glue, or maybe a stim pack or two. When Dogmeat brings something of lesser value back, say the entire reason you're supposed to be following the story, it's time to choose a different companion.

It's crazy how focused gamers can become tackle the most menial tasks and objects, especially in the Fallout universe. We went from scavenging for grenades and mini nukes, to boxes of nails and broken fans.What have you done to use Bethesda, and does it amuse you as we search in the dirt for adhesives?

24 Don't Cry Too Hard...

Via: dorkly.com

Perception is life, a sentiment that rings especially true in Fallout 4. Have you ever thought about how truly ridiculous your vault dweller looks while he munches on roast rad meat, or wears a cowboy hat and no pants?

Regardless, gamers will continue to exhibit bizarre behavior because that's how the game's architecture works. Of course, we're going to pick at the charred gibs of that raider, there's eight bobby pins, a few different types of ammo, and a fat boy.

But really, nothing changes when it comes to sicking Dogmeat on enemies; he's the best friend a vault dweller could ever ask for.

23 Fallout Is Brutal Fun...

Via: electricbunny.com

This comic speaks to two really important factors that make up the universe of Fallout 4, no matter how you play the game.

First, power armor is seriously overpowered, to the point where the game becomes a cakewalk because of it. Sure, deathclaws can still slice and dice you, but isn't that always the case anyway?

Secondly, most gamers will do anything for a few experience points, especially if they're about to level up. This is nowhere truer than in Fallout 4, when the levels mean a new perk or game-changing power.

22 You Were Dead To Us

Via: tubeytoons.com

We're pretty sure this one applies to a whole lot of games, especially as developers do their best to cram as much game as they can into an experience, to keep you coming back and the sweet, sweet sequels coming.

We don't know about you, but we definitely lost a few months of our lives to Fallout 4, and the physical pain associated with getting hit with sunlight for the first time in a few months definitely makes you feel a bit like Nosferatu.

But hey, we're gamers! This is what it's all about, even if you end up losing all your friends, family, and job in the process. You still have Dogmeat, right?

21 Did He Keep It Up THERE!?

Via: cad-comic.com

Again, when you start to take things out of context, Fallout 4's mechanics start to seem awfully weird. Is it strange that a dog can carry a whole butt load of supplies, ammo, and weapons on him without so much as showing any signs of it? In game, not really. In real life, most definitely.

Bethesda should really put together a system for being able to automatically transfer your "I'll get to it later" stash between companions with the flick of a button, as opposed to making gamers manually move things around.

At least it would save Dogmeat from getting shaken around for his lunch money.

20 Emotional Baggage

Via: epicstream.com

Your parents have undoubtedly kept a whole bunch of stuff from when you were a kid; a few of your toys, maybe some school popsicle projects or art, and a blanket that you stopped using after you got too old (so like two weeks ago).

That's not strange at all — your parents love you (maybe), and want to keep every trace they have of their sweet child as close to them as they can.

That is unless, you're the son from Fallout 4 — then there's a pretty good chance that your entire childhood room got turned into parts, bits, and bobs to power that new turret on the front lawn.

19 Don'tcha Put It In Your Mouth

Via: dorkly.com

Being over encumbered has always been a bit of an odd mechanic in Bethesda games. Don't get us wrong, it needs to be present so that you can't just run them all over willy nilly, packed to the gils with everything you can stuff in your pockets.

But the things that make you over encumbered, especially in the midst of a mad grab for loot in an abandoned building, can often be hilarious.

In Skyrim, it was butterfly wings, and in Fallout 4 it could just as easily be a crumpled note, or a snack cake that sends you crashing to the ground as that .5 lbs of weight drives you to your knees.

18 Gamer Vision

Via: xygaming.com

One thing is for sure: if the world were to turn into Fallout 4 tomorrow, we'd all know exactly where the most value was in the post apocalyptic wasteland around us.

In massive piles of junk. The uninitiated have no idea how much adhesive can be found in your typical neighborhood trashcan, or how many units of useable wood a broken dining room chair turns into.

Laugh at packrats now, in the world of Fallout 4, they grow fat on the need for screws, scrap metal, and tiny bottles of glue. Unfortunately for most hoarders, there will never be a market for partially decomposed animals that were smothered to death by newspaper.

17 A Job Well Done

Vis: dorkly.com

It's really crazy to think about how massive of a jump the Fallout series took between its third and fourth installment when it comes to houses, customization, and really building a home in the hellish wasteland.

While Fallout 3 allowed you to inhabit some predesigned houses and throw a crafting table here and there, Fallout 4 went all out. The crafting system allowed massive compounds to be amassed, and more when it came to some seriously dedicated gamers.

This comic has a pretty humorous retrospective on what gamers consider "revolutionary" when it comes to mechanics, which is to be expected for a medium that evolves so quickly from year to year.

16 The Pain. It Hurts.

Via: kotaku.com.au

Oh Preston Garvey, you never had a damn chance. Does Bethesda hate you, or did they really just not understand that constantly pestering gamers wouldn't make you one of the most beloved in the series?

In fact, quite a few vault dwellers can't really stand you at all, especially when you choose the most inconvenient moments to drop in and remind us about the settlements that need our help.

Nothing breaks up the immersion and serves as a major buzzkill quite like being forcefully pulled into a conversation with a wannabe cowboy who wants us to go clean ghouls out of the same settlement we did a few side quests ago.

15 Life In Fallout

Via: cad-comic.com

This may be the best on the list just because of how dang accurate it is — we have never seen someone break down the time you spend in the wasteland of Fallout 4 so accurately.

It's easy to criticize a game with so many moving parts, especially when those parts get caught up and don't move so well all the time.

Even then, a lot of the points mentioned above are just facts of how the game exists; we've spent more than our fair share of time trying to bump a companion out a doorway, or waddling around over encumbered, trying to pick up everything we can.

14 Like A Cat In A China Shop

Via: cad-comic.com

We never really thought of our play style in Fallout 4 as "herding cats", but it turns out this comic really speaks volumes for a lot of gamers.

It's hard not to feel like a feline feverishly pursuing a laser pointer when every step you take leads you into another lengthy side quest or objective. Even more infuriatingly accurate is the fact that you will walk by that first quest you wanted to focus on literally hundreds of times before you even remember it.

Hey, not that we're complaining here, but maybe when it comes to gaming, there is such a thing as giving gamers too much choice.

13 Don't You. Forget About Me.

Via: duelinganalogs.com

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Imagine a world where everyone played Fallout 4? The streets would be empty, the perishable items in stores would sit rotting, and the world would quickly fall into disrepair.

But it's not like anyone would really care, right? I mean, there's another settlement to tend to, another side quest to knock out, and we just need one more power core for our armor before we can get up and finally take a shower...0k?

It doesn't seem like too far off of a prediction that the world would turn into a wasteland closely mirroring the one we'd all be exploring on our own rapidly mildewing couches, controllers in hand.


Via: bigfootjustice.com

Fallout 4 really got a lot of hate after gamers put roughly 30 or so hours into it, which kind of seems unjustified, considering they just put 30 hours into a game that they're complaining about.

Not like we were the most taken aback with the most recent Fallout installment either. It definitely had a few short comings, and seemed to lack the spark that set the gaming world on fire with Fallout 3. Plus, Preston Garvey makes us silently turn off our games, content with not having to rescue another settlement.

Still, a lot of the bashing it took was rather unjustified, and the vault dweller above has really just had enough of it.

11 Uncrackable

Via duelinganalogs.com

A lot of the time, item placement in Bethesda games just doesn't really make that much sense — this is especially true when it comes to the games vaults and safes hidden away.

Have you ever fought through an entire abandoned factory of ridiculously tough enemies, gotten to the locked room or section, eagerly wasted bobby pins picking open a safe and found that it contains ten bucks, a single shotgun shell, and a fork?

You're not alone. It really doesn't make any damn sense. Sure, the cash we can understand, but the shotgun shell could have been used to fight off some raiders, and when things really got rough, you can totally off someone with a fork.

10 Good-bye Life

Via: nellucnhoj.com

A decision that gamers tend to have to make more and more these days, throwing away your life to burn precious hours (or years) on a game that really doesn't make a difference to those on the outside.

But it makes sense to us, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Where are you going to gun down a pack of feral, irradiated survivors, before crunching down on a piece of grilled meat harvested from an oversized roach?

Probably at my fellow writer Russ Boswell's family barbecues, that's where. But honestly, go outside or read a book every once in a while; even if you hate it, it'll just make the return back to the wasteland that much sweeter.

9 A Whole New WORLD

Via: duelinganalogs.com

It does seem like a pretty dang weird thing to say when you think about it out of context. Commenting on the beauty of a wasteland is a lot like complimenting the chef when he burns your filet into a hockey puck.

While some gamers whined about the graphics in Fallout 4, some of us just got on and played the game instead of, you know, kicking and screaming about every single thing that we didn't completely agree with.

The look that Dogmeat gives the vault dweller in this comic is priceless, and really hits home on some of the truly outlandish things that Fallout fans seem to love.

8 Dear Lord...

Via: duelinganalogs.com

We never take the time to actually consider our actions on the game world, especially when we're locked into a sequence that doesn't seem to affect the game world that we're currently inhabiting.

But man, the character selection screen has to be a nightmare for unaware NPCs that have absolutely no idea what's going on. Imagine your wife in Fallout 4 or the Imperials in Skyrim, Skyrim might actually be worse because you don't turn into a cat-man or lizard person in Fallout 4. 

Regardless, the wife's look of shock as her husband continues to change skin colors and complexions is priceless, and would have been great in-game.

7 I'm The King Of The World

Via: tumblr.com (thepigeongazette)

There seems to be quite the common sentiment that you have to give up your entire life just to be able to play Fallout 4 to its full potential, and that is not entirely wrong. None of those reoccurring side quests (think Preston and his damn settlements), actually ever end.

That's right, you could be saving settlements from packs of feral ghouls for the rest of eternity if you so desired.

Honestly, it's a bit unhealthy to really think about video games this way, even if it's a big part of your life (like it's a big part of ours). Or maybe it's unhealthy to let those ghouls set up shop in those settlements. You know, we're going to go check on that; see you in a few months.

6 The Start Of Fallout

Via: coolape.org

We'd be all for this crossover — could you imagine Pokémon in the world of Fallout 4? Or even better, the creatures in Fallout 4 being used as Pokémon?

We reckon that few feelings would actually be on par with summoning a deathclaw to battle a feral ghoul trainer's Tankbot, especially when the sparks started to fly in V.A.T.S.

All million dollar making game fantasies aside, this is a seriously humorous look at what is most definitely a mass tragedy that seems to be creeping closer and closer to actually happening as the days go on.

5 This Is Fallout

Via: youtube.com

We don't know about you, but we do know about some people on the internet, they're making some seriously wild stuff in Fallout 4's settlement building mode.

From amusement parks to multistory skyscrapers, the possibilities really do seem to be limitless. Unless that is, you're one of us and you can barely put together four walls without all your settlers catching on fire.

Although the game doesn't necessarily require you to build intricate compounds and attractions, there's nothing that can make you more disappointed in your own lack of creativity than looking at some of the crazy structures people have built in Fallout 4. 

4 Sounds About Right

Via: knowyourmeme.com

With the generally lukewarm reception that accompanied Fallout 4, the above image seems a bit strange to consider.

Not to say that the wait wasn't long; we remember tearing down our wallpaper and smashing the fine china as soon as the first announcement trailer was released that showed that beautiful suit of power armor.

It's a shame then that the game got bashed into oblivion from fans that had unrealistic expectations in the first place, nothing can recapture the complete mind melting awesomeness of playing a Bethesda game for the first time. Why they expected the world to flip upside down with Fallout 4 is above us.

3 Are You Kidding Me!?

Via: pinterest.com

Would it really surprise you that much if Preston spouted that very line to you in-game? Heck, half the settlements might as well be on the moon when they require you to traverse the entire map just to kill a couple weak enemies and get a few caps.

We're pretty sure that's exactly the face that we make every time that Preston so much as shows his face in-game, no celestial bodies need to be mentioned for us to be completely upset that he's coming back around.

Seriously Bethesda, can we get some free "Preston Garvey Off" DLC? Actually, charge for that, because we're sure you'd make a mint on DLC that may just be worth it for the first time.

2 So Does Fallout 4 Suck?

Via: aminoapps.com

It's hard to ignore some of the gripes gamers have with the lackluster story in Fallout 4; a lot of that criticism does seem to be deserved in light of the engaging nature of the previous installments.

Sadly, no one really cares about your son or the Synth menace...they just want to know where to find some damn wonder glue so they can get back to building their multistory power armor depository.

It seems strange to think about how valuable useless thing are in the Fallout universe: first it was caps, now it's boxes of nails and planks of wood. Like they say, one raider's trash is a vault dweller's treasure.

1 Sad Fallout Fans

Via: ifunny.co

I'm sure quite a few of us had this feeling, what with the Pip Boy edition selling out so quickly and all. In retrospect, it's not like a lot of people tended to use them once they got them, Pip boys popped up on eBay with ridiculous price tags, all for folks who wanted a tiny piece of the branded action.

Well, for those that don't have bottomless pockets when it comes to purchasing game collectibles, there is a source of wealth that we can always tap into for free; our imagination. Plus, cardboard can pretty much be found anywhere for free.

Wait, why wasn't that a crafting material in Fallout 4? We want a refund!

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