10 Hilarious Fallout Logic Memes Only Vault-Dwellers Can Relate To

Fallout has been a staple in every gamer’s library for over a decade. From apps to AAA releases Fallout seems to be everywhere. That has led to the franchise acquiring a massive amount of players that are very passionate about the first person shooter, adventure game that is set after the apocalypse.

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Along with the huge amount of fans they’ve gained are also some people that are adept at making memes that are both hilarious and relatable. With so many Fallout themed memes being made and put out in the universe it’s helpful to have a list curated showing the best of the best. These are the top ten memes all vault dwellers will love.

10 No NPC's

The lack of NPCs in Fallout 76 was a serious flaw in the base game. With the recent introduction of non-player controlled characters in the game fans everywhere rejoiced.

That was what always made Fallout such a good franchise, the interactions you have with the people of the wastelands shapes your experience along the way. This meme also shows that fallout fans are receptive to new additions to the game and aren’t afraid to show thanks when things improve.

9 Outdated Terminals 

Reading terminals has always been a divisive topic in the Fallout fandom. When you are fighting through hundreds of enemies in an underground bunker and you see a terminal it can be tough to resist the urge of skipping it and killing some mutants.

However, terminals contain some of the best lore ever written into video games. Whether it’s a comical anecdote about the place you are or a revelation about why the nuclear bombs were dropped, these terminals provide information on the fallout universe you won’t find anywhere else.

8 Secrets

Speech checks are a big part of the Fallout games and part of what makes them so entertaining to play. It’s a bit like gambling when your speech is low and you try to pry a tidbit of information from an NPC using the speech talent.

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This meme shows, in a funny way, how players react when these speech checks fail. Speech checks can also be a frustrating part of playing Fallout, as sometimes a mission takes longer if you fail them, or you lose out on a valuable piece of information, or, even worse, you miss out on something really funny.

7 Close The Door

Vaults are kind of the only safe space in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout. As shown in the games, people lived their entire lives underground, forming new civilizations with some unique traditions and dark histories.

In the popular online game Fallout: Shelter you can even build and maintain one of these societies. One of the big agreements in these shelters is that no one is going to open the vault door for fear of exposure to not only radiation but also the harbingers of death that await outside in the form of Death wings and Super mutants.

6 Everyone Does It

The “save then slaughter” technique has been around for ages and applies to games from all over the spectrum. Saving in Fallout then proceeding to wipe out a friendly village is a tale as old as time and this meme shows how common it is among the player base.

This is also a great time in games like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption or Bethesda’s other brainchild Skyrim. Creating a ton of chaos in these games with no repercussions, due to the save, is one of the best ways to pass the time when bored.

5 Under-qualified 

This is a minor spoiler for Fallout 4 but the game has been out forever and everyone knows you choose between which factions to side with. It is really funny to think about a level 1 intellect character running the daily life in the institute, a place revered for its intelligence and ability to rebuild after the apocalypse.

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Even when you save the institute if your character is dumb enough, realistically, they would run it into the ground in no time. In fact the only plausible way the institute would survive is if someone else ran it, as players will just spend their entire time in Fallout running around the wastes.

4 It Just Never Ends

How many times did you hear Preston ask you to help save another settlement? There are endless memes about this phenomenon of the NPC bombarding you with requests to help another settlement.

It gets to a point where players kind of want the settlements to burn just so Garvey will stop annoying them about how they need your help all the time. This meme goes to show that this was a universally annoying mechanic of the game and that he probably would have woken you up to ask for help if he could have.

3 Messing Around 

This is the ultimate dilemma when playing Fallout 4. The game does such a good job creating a sense of urgency in the players to complete the main story line it can feel wrong veering away from it.

Many also enjoyed building their settlements far more than playing the main game. This meme is so funny because it lays out that instead of spending time saving your son who is, presumably, in a life or death scenario, players leisurely build houses and furniture for hours on end. Building houses is also really fun.

2 Nope 

NPCs in the Fallout universe are comically stupid. Maybe they are just jealous of the player’s cool armor and guns and want to take them from you or they are just plain stupid, but the NPCs fear no man no matter the level.

It really is a waste of time sometimes when a level 2 just comes running out of nowhere and you gun them down in a second. It makes you wonder if life is so tough in the post-apocalyptic world that they see you as some sort of sweet release that can finally free them from this miserable world. Perhaps, though, they are just programmed to attack by game developers.

1 Not This Again 

That’s right, Preston is back and he needs your help again. It seems he can run up on you from anywhere, at anytime regardless of the nature of your activities. It makes players wonder why Garvey doesn’t just do it himself.

Half the time when you get to these settlements it’s just a handful of Bandits or Supermutants, nothing a weathered soldier like Preston couldn’t handle. It’s only a matter of time before he infiltrates the Fallout 76 code and starts asking players to come back to Fallout 4 because a settlement needs your help!

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