25 Hilarious Fallout Memes That Will Make You Say “Same!”

Fallout is one of those franchises that has a bit for almost everyone. Therefore, there aren’t many gamers that dislike it. Pretty much everyone finds something fun to do in a Fallout game. However, with such a vast open worlds and such a huge variety of activities, you cannot love the entirety of each game in the series.

Sometimes, you might come across some immersion-breaking moments. Or maybe, there are particular quest chains you’re not too fond of. Whatever the case, it is highly unlikely that you enjoy every bit of gameplay that the Fallout games throw at you.

And what does the Internet do with things it doesn’t like? It makes a meme out of them, of course. Because memes are what keeps the world turning. They are the ultimate form of creative expression, the only true medium of free speech. Or, at least, that’s what archaeologists will say about our society 2,000 years from now.

Jokes aside, cleverly-made memes are truly an efficient method to convey your ideas to the world. And despite their relatively-short life, they are such an integral part of today’s pop culture that even well-known brands like Gucci and Denny’s started using them.

Therefore, it is only natural for one of the best-known gaming franchises today to get the meme treatment more often than not. In fact, there are so many Fallout memes out there that we had a very hard time picking just 25 for this list. However, without further ado, here are 25 hilarious Fallout memes that we can all relate to.

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25 Radiation Can Mess With Your Memory, I Guess

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There are many dangers in the nuclear wasteland. You could get jumped by a Deathclaw, attacked by wandering bandits, or contract a terminal disease from Bloatflies. However, the biggest threat is, without a doubt, the possibility to lose your memory. This appears to be a common occurrence for a lot of Fallout NPCs. After all, this can be the only explanation of them buying their own stuff from you.

Remember your great-grandfather’s engraved pocket watch that he gave you just before he passed away? No? Well, I have an engraved pocket watch that you might like. It looks like it belonged to someone with the same last name as you, too. Also, it doesn’t really matter where I found it, so do not ask me.

24 And Maybe Your Eyesight Too?

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It is amazing how forgetful the NPCs can be, but it is even more amazing how they manage to ignore everything that is right before their eyes. For example, you could show up at The Institute in the clothes you get from The Railroad and no one would bat an eye. However, that could be because you took them off the body of your enemy.

Yet, it is quite hard to ignore when you are in a full suit of Brotherhood of Steel power armor and you can still walk around the settlements of their enemies without anyone questioning you. It would be understandable if they could see your face, but when anyone could be under that helmet, I would expect the entire settlement to be taken over by an overwhelming sense of panic.

23 Sleeping Heals Everything

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We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to our well-being. It allows our body to rest and regenerate itself slowly over time. It helps with healing wounds and diseases. Apparently, it also instantly fixes broken bones, too.

At least, that’s what Fallout implies. You stepped on a landmine and your leg got torn to bits? Just go to the nearest bed and take a nap for an hour or so, it will fix itself.

While this logic may seem flawed, we have to admit that there are weirder things in Fallout. For example, sitting on a chair for ten hours straight, without moving a muscle, is a popular hobby among vault dwellers. So, who are we to question their healing methods and sleeping habits?

22 Running Will Not Help

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The video games industry is following a pretty annoying trend. Games tend to become easier with each passing year. Of course, there are some titles that do the complete opposite - they are so hard that their very names have become a synonym for impossible difficulty.

The Fallout games, however, take the third (and probably best) approach to difficulty - it presents players with a variety of easy-to-overcome challenges, assuming they are well equipped to deal with them. However, it wasn’t always like that.

Back when Fallout 3 was the latest installment in the franchise, we knew that there were some tough battles ahead of us, but they were nothing we couldn’t deal with. With New Vegas and Fallout 4, though, there are some instances, where you’d be better off just reloading an old save file and never looking back. Unless you have power armor and the heaviest weaponry possible, of course.

21 Quests Aplenty

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The main selling point of well-made open world games can also be their biggest downfall. I am talking, of course, about the huge number of side quests. And no one has managed to pack more of them in one square mile of their in-game map than Bethesda.

When we start out, that’s usually wonderful - we have so much to do and so many people to care about. However, 200 hours in, it can get pretty tedious. When you have 20 active quests already and someone decided to show up and give you another one, it becomes quite hard to bring yourself to care about the story (or even listen to it, for that matter).

So, the very content that keeps us coming back to Fallout is also the main reason for us to stop really caring about that world at some point.

20 That’s Some Good Antenna

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In the Fallout series, we see a world that is completely ruined. Working power grids can only be found locally, all cars are beyond repair, and no one remembers how to use a broom anymore. However, people in the wasteland sure love their radios.

In fact, they enjoy listening to the radio so much that they probably invested all of their time and resources on making it accessible to everyone. Apparently, this also includes vault dwellers that have yet to open up their Vault-Tec prisons. Otherwise, there would be no other explanation as to why radios have such good reception underground.

Also, if people can do this with radio technology, I think that they should try to fix a few bicycles, at the very least.

19 Intelligence Level 0

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Unlike the main protagonist, a lot of the NPCs are not that SPECIAL. Mostly because you cannot spell SPECIAL without an “I”. After all, if you see someone in full power armor, holding a minigun, and walking around with a Super Mutant sidekick, you have to completely lack any common sense to attack them.

What’s wore, a lot of the low-level bandits all around the wasteland will not only jump your character, but they will also use the least-effective weapons possible, such as tire irons, makeshift handguns, or even baseball bats.

Still, if they are stupid enough to attack you with those, they might have deserved what you did to them in the end. And maybe a Darwin award too, come to think about it.

18 Dealers Need Love Too

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Everyone loves a good teddy bear. They keep us company, keep us warm at night, and keep us safe from the monsters that wander around the wasteland. However, unlike dogs, they are nearly immortal.

Therefore, it is only natural for the chem dealer in that shady back alley of New Vegas to want a teddy bear, as well. Sure, it is a little strange that he actually accepts one hundred of them in exchange for a ton of Jet and Stimpacks, but who are we to judge?

In fact, the love towards teddy bears is so universal that they should become the new currency of the wasteland. If each of them is worth a few hundred caps, we will not have to carry around a truckload of aluminum with us whenever we want to buy something expensive too.

17 Double Standards Aplenty

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The Courier from New Vegas should really stop and think about his life choices. In the beginning of the game, when Benny nearly ends him, he decided that he should hunt him down and get revenge. That is probably what every wasteland dweller would do, honestly.

However, I find it rather strange that Benny is the only one that gets that treatment. It is quite unfair, really, considering the tons of bullets that are being shot at the player almost constantly. Just because The Courier knows Benny’s name, doesn’t mean that he is the only one that deserves to be found and brought to justice.

At least, Benny did it for a very good reason, while the majority of the enemies The Courier meets just want to steal his valuables and find it easier to do when he isn’t actually breathing.

16 Not Just The Courier

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The Courier is not the only one that should stop applying their double standards. Elder Maxson has a lot to answer for, as well. First of all, he wants to destroy The Institute, because of their advancements in technology, while his own organization is the only one that has a working vehicle. Also, he wants to get rid of all humanoid-looking robots his enemies have created.

Next thing you know, Maxson and his scientists are waking up Liberty Prime - the giant robot of doom that we first met in Fallout 3. In case you do not know already, that thing can actually lob nukes at its targets while shooting a deadly laser beam at them at the same time.

If this doesn’t scream “double standard,” I don’t know what does.

15 We Really Need Some Horses

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Skyrim horses are the best thing that has ever happened to the gaming industry. They allow us to scale vertical walls with ease, never get tired, and can keep their balance just about anywhere. They are the Land Rovers of video games.

This is why we need more of them in every possible title. But it would be a good start to have them in all Bethesda RPGs. We could surely use them in Fallout, when the next quest marker is on the other side of the map, in completely unexplored territory.

To make matters worse, usually, there are a bunch of Radscorpions and Deathclaws between us and our target. So, the only way to avoid them is to go over those pesky mountains, instead of around them.

14 Even Its OS Is Better

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If you own an iPhone, like the majority of the US population, you have probably at least considered buying the Apple Watch. In case you do not know what I am talking about, the Apple Watch is a smartwatch produced by Apple, the company that makes iPhones, and it works by connecting to your smartphone.

However, if you are a Fallout fan, you already know that there is absolutely no point in buying such a limited gadget. After all, it still lags light years behind any Pip-Boy model. The Apple Watch, while cool and with a much slimmer design, cannot even show you the content of your pockets, or any injuries you might have suffered.

The worst thing about it is that it will not allow you to fast travel between home and work. So, what’s the point of it anyway?

13 You Will Never Finish It

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Let’s face it - you are never finishing Fallout 4. None of us will ever do it. You might argue that you have done it by completing the main story, but we all know that nobody cares about the main story in a Bethesda game. And with all the side quests that we are given, there is no way for any of us to have the time or patience to do them all.

I would love to see someone proving me wrong and actually completing every possible activity in Fallout 4. However, I am completely sure that there would still be something left to do, like exploring a new location, or dealing with a specific special enemy.

Do let us know in the comments whether you have attempted reaching 100% completion in any Fallout game, though. Also, tell us if you ever succeeded.

12 You Do All The Work...

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It is completely normal for the protagonist of a game to be in the spotlight. That’s why we play them, after all. Yet, I am sick of doing everyone’s dirty work all around the Commonwealth. And I am especially sick of others taking credit for my achievements.

Enter, the Minutemen - the most useless organization in all of Boston. When you are recruited by the last remaining Minutemen early in the game, you quickly rise through the ranks to actually leading them. Maybe because it’s just the two of you, maybe because Preston is too lazy to do it himself, who knows.

Yet, when you help every settlement in existence, it is not your name people chant, but that of the Minutemen. They could at least show some gratitude to the one person that did all the work.

11 ...Over And Over Again

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Speaking of the Minutemen, I swear that no one knew so many settlements existed before Preston turned up. It’s like he started summoning random people to the Commonwealth and instructing them to repopulate it as quickly and chaotically as possible.

Quite honestly, I started avoiding Preston very early one, because I was sick of all the quest markers that he would drop all around my map. And he could at least choose some better spots for the settlements. Some of these locations are nearly impossible to reach and almost as dangerous as the Glowing Sea itself.

Honestly, every time I see Preston, I feel like seeing that dude in the office that talks too much and everyone hates. If you don’t know who I am talking about, then you might want to consider being less talkative at work.

10 It Could Have Been Worse, Though

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Remember GTA IV, the not-so-good GTA game of the HD era? Yes, the one with the stereotypical Eastern-European protagonist in a tracksuit.

While we all try to forget that one, we seem to be unable to do so. Not because it left any good impressions with us, but because of a very specific character. Roman Bellic, Niko’s extremely annoying cousin that seems to love bowling.

In a way, he’s the GTA version of Preston - he always pesters you to do those stupid activities that will give you little to no reward when done. Still, for some reason, you feel quite bad when the reaper comes for him.

Why? Because as annoying as he might have been, he was always quite supportive of your actions, just like Preston.

9 Not-So-Great Replay Value

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There is a very serious issue with all games that have a solid story. Their replay value plummets the moment you finish the main quest line. Suddenly, wandering around the wasteland is not as alluring, once you realize that your son has actually succeeded the main baddie of the game.

Not just that, but he is perfectly fine with offing his only surviving parent, just because they wouldn’t agree with him. Once you realize that, just staying in the cryo pod sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

You went through Hell and back again to rescue that ungrateful little traitor, while he was doing his best to stop you from existing in the first place. Why bother going out to the wasteland at all after you realize that?

8 I Am Not Familiar With This Sorcery

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When you are the greatest war mage to have ever lived in Tamriel, you develop some habits. For example, you are used to turning people into ash with a wave of your hand or charging at the meanest monsters in the land with just your sword and battle cry. However, that’s not how it works in the Commonwealth.

Therefore, it does take some getting used to, in order to survive your journey through the wasteland after you’ve been playing Skyrim for a few months. Figuring out how to use firearms all over again can be a pretty daunting task.

Thankfully, you could just play Fallout 4 as a melee combatant instead and pretend you are offing dragons instead of Radscorpions. It works pretty much the same way.

7 We Are Pre-Ordering Fallout 5

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This meme is actually based on a true story. One that many of us experienced. While pre-orders and the bonuses they offer are a pretty bad business model for the industry, most of us did pre-order Fallout 4 and we are definitely not sorry.

In fact, when the next Fallout game gets announced, we’re pre-ordering that too, without thinking twice about it. We are definitely not paying upfront for a title by Hello Games, but we’re pretty sure that Bethesda games are safe to invest in ahead of time.

Still, pre-orders should not exist. It would be perfect if they could only be allowed for Bethesda games, but I guess that an overall ban would also work. After all, we can’t get everything we want.

6 Truth Can Hurt

Via imgur.com (TheMasterScrub)

Fallout: New Vegas may not be the latest installment in the series any longer, but according to a lot of gamers, it is still the best. Maybe it’s the lack of a vault-dweller protagonist, maybe it’s the glitter and beauty of The Strip, or maybe the sensation of bending the entirety of Mojave to your will. Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that Fallout: New Vegas is definitely one of the best video games ever developed.

However, instead of making an HD release of that, Bethesda opted to give the eye-candy treatment to Skyrim instead. And while we do love us a bit of Elder Scrolls every now and again, I still think that New Vegas deserved a Special Edition far more.

Unfortunately, the truly savage dog above is probably correct. We’re unlikely to see an HD release of New Vegas anytime soon, especially with Fallout 4 being a thing already.

5 You Cannot Replace Him

vai reddit.com

A dog’s untimely demise is always sad. These creatures are sent to our world to balance all the bad things that happen every day. They are the purest and furriest manifestation of love that has ever existed on this planet. So, the loss of any dog is heartbreaking.

One can never replace their best friend. Sure, you could find another loveable dog to share your life with, but it will be a whole new relationship and it will never fill the void Dogmeat left when he perished.

So, do not try to trick us, Bethesda. We will never accept Dogmeat’s pup as a replacement for its dad. We will still love and protect his offspring, but we will never forget our first true friend in the Capital Wasteland.

4 He’s Got A Buddy That’s An Expert

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Just like everything else in the wasteland, the Fallout economy can sometimes be pretty harsh. What you think is extremely valuable and will finally allow you to stock up on Stimpacks could prove to be worth very little to the people that can actually buy it.

That being said, there just might not be much of a market for “legendary super rare alien blasters.” Also, that merchant’s buddy, who’s an expert on alien weaponry, said that it can only fetch a few thousand caps at an auction, so five caps is a pretty reasonable price, really. After all, it can really sit in the shop for a while and there will be the case of reframing it and finding the right buyer.

You’re going to hold on to it? Well, if you change your mind, make sure to come back.

3 Do Not Mess With The Roaches

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There’s a reason why the hardest difficulty in the Fallout games is called “Survival.” And no, it is not because the concepts of thirst and hunger are introduced. It is because the game becomes truly brutal.

Every enemy can be a serious threat if underestimated. So, it’s easy to become dismissive of Radroaches in the early parts of the game. After all, we have dealt with those before and they were not that tough.

Then again, when we last met a Radroach, we were a gazillion levels into the game already, equipped with a full suit of power armor, and we had control over the majority of the Mojave. Starting fresh at Vault 111 on Survival difficulty, these oversized insects suddenly didn’t seem so harmless.

2 I Worked Too Hard On This Outfit

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The ability to freely customize your character and outfit is a staple of Bethesda’s RPGs. It is also the main selling point for me when it comes to games of any type. So, it is only natural that I would want to enjoy the hours I have put into customizing my Sole Survivor.

We all know how much time it takes to get your character looking just right at the beginning of any Bethesda game. In fact, it probably takes more time than completing the main story of the game. So, why would I want to stay in first-person mode only, which will stop me from enjoying this?

Then again, combat in third-person can sometimes be ridiculously hard. Also, it is far from immersive. So, whenever I have to whip my gun out, I make sure to switch my view first. It makes every bullet I use far more enjoyable.

1 How Dare You!

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As gamers, we take games pretty seriously, compared to other people. Still, we know that most of them are nothing more but games. After all, an Italian plumber fighting a dragon-turtle thing in various castles over and over again is hard to take seriously.

Yet, there are some titles that are far more than that. The Fallout series is one of them. They are not just games, they are a training simulator. One never knows when the nuclear apocalypse might come, but when it does, we will be ready.

After hundreds of hours in the Capital Wasteland, the Mojave, and the Commonwealth, we are more than ready to lead civilization from complete ruin to a new golden age. Forget governments and the military, it’s gamers that will save this world.

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