10 Hilarious Fallout Memes That'll Make You Want To Play The Games Again

The Fallout series has a ton of content from characters to places. It's open-world but still grounds its players with its interesting stories. With those elements, it's no wonder the series is so popular to the point players will pay more money for it's DLC, merchandise, and extra goodies for its app spinoff "Fallout Shelter."

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With popularity comes fan-made pieces. This includes fanfiction, fanart, and of course memes. While there is nothing as big as the "I took an arrow to the knee" meme (though there are some "spinoffs" where someone has taken a nuke to the knee instead), they can certainly bring a smile to any fans' face.

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10 Fallout 76 Problems

While the series is popular, the Fallout 76 MMO game has been known as an utter failure to the fans. Game critics gave it mixed reviews, but fans have been overwhelmingly negative on the internet. The game was dull, buggy, and contained no NPCs. Aspects of the franchise that fans loved were mostly taken away. What made the games popular was that they were single-player and explored not only a world but the well-written characters.

So what better way to backlash a game than with memes? For Fallout 76, there are plenty of them out there.

9 The Vault-Tec Sales Rep

This meme is a reference to a character in Fallout 4. You meet him at the very beginning, before the nukes drop on the United States. In fact, he is the reason you survive the fallout. He gets you a spot in Vault 111 as a sales representative.

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You do not see him again until you meet him in Goodneighbor where you learned he survived, but has become a ghoul. Apparently working for Vault-Tec does not mean you get to be in a vault. So they did not let him in and he endured radiation. It's a little sad considering when you get to the vault fence, there are a bunch of skeletons of people who were trying to get in.

8 The Dead Money DLC

Dead Money is a favorite DLC of the Fallout fandom. It was for Fallout: New Vegas. Your character gets taken, put into a bomb collar, and forced to find a treasure for Elijah, a former leader of the Brotherhood of Steel. You team up with some very interesting characters who were also taken and go through a lot of traps and sneak by indestructible enemies.

By the end, you can kill Elijah by trapping him in the vault with the treasure.  That is one of multiple possible endings.

7 Bugs And Crashes

Any player of Fallout eventually finds out that the games are infamous for crashing and having bugs. So if you see someone playing a Fallout game and they are constantly saving, that might be why.

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On the other hand, some players take advantage of the bugs. They find loopholes to get infinite ammo or infinite caps. So there is a bright side to the possibility of losing all your progress in the blink of an eye.

6 Legendary Mirelurk

If there is one fact worth knowing about SpongeBob SquarePants Memes, it's that anything can be referenced through SpongeBob SquarePants.

Mirelurks are basically mutated sea creatures. They resemble a couple, like a horseshoe crab or a lobster. In Fallout 4, Legendary enemies can mutate and become much stronger. So this image is perfect because it's a lobster insanely flexing.

5 Caesar's Legion

In Fallout: New Vegas, Caesar's Legion is a faction of slavery, fear, and violence. However, they do get made fun of by fans for various reasons. A big reason the faction gets some laughs is that they have doggy hats.

Well, they would probably call them "Coyote Skins" but they come off making it look like the wearer has cute dog ears. It's actually kind of cute looking, which is definitely not what Caesar's Legion would want.

4 NOVAC Reference

In Fallout: New Vegas, there is a town called NOVAC (based on it's broken "No Vacancy" sign) where their greatest defense is a sniper inside a T-Rex statue's mouth. That, on its own, is worth a laugh.

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To make matters funnier, one of the snipers is a very serious man who rarely cracks a smile. Then again, his backstory is pretty tragic.

3 Fallout And Elder Scrolls

This is a pretty popular meme, so it is likely that you have seen at least the first half before. The Elder Scroll and Fallout series are made by the same company, and have the same open-world and game mechanics. In almost every other way though, they could not be more different. One is a fantasy world with dragons, gods, and magic. The other is a post-apocalyptic world with radiation poisoning, guns, and radios.

If you are a fan one of these games, chances are that you'll like the other one as well. However, everyone typically picks a favorite between the two.

2 Refreshment Healing

Out of the healing items in Fallout, stimpacks are the go-to. They not only heal your basic health bar, but they can also heal crippled limbs (as long as you're not on hardcore/survival mode).

So if you are against a strong enemy like a deathclaw, you're in trouble if you do not have stimpacks. However, there are other ways to heal a little. You can use food like nuka-cola! It is funny to imagine pouring soda over yourself in the middle of a deathclaw fight. After all, how could you drink or eat while in Power Armor?

1 Survival Mode

Survival mode is the hardest difficulty to play Fallout in. You take way more damage, ammo has weight, and you have to visit doctors to heal limbs. That's only a couple out of many changes survival mode has.

This meme shows regular players as being in the kiddie pool while survival mode players are actually playing the game as it's meant to be. A little harsh? Maybe so. But if you beat survival mode, then regular mode probably feels too easy. It's good that both modes exist for the various kinds of video game players.

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