10 Hilarious Fortnite Memes Only True Fans Will Get

Fortnite has won over millions of fans' acceptance and has become one of the most popular games of all time. As a free-to-play game, Fortnite's fan base has grown exponentially since it released on July 25, 2017. According to bbc.com,  Prince Harry believes the game should be banned since it was "created to addict." You can't knock the game until you try it, but indeed, the game is addicting.

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Battle Royale rivals like Apex Legends and Battlefield V: Firestorm are testing Fortnite's fan base. Fornite, however, remains as the Battle Royale champion in the gaming world. These are 10 hilarious Fortnite memes only true fans will get.

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10 Playing Fortnite. Don't Tell Mom

For most kids, being able to purchase $70 and $80 games regularly isn't a reality. Many kids play games like Fortnite because it is free-to-play. The fact that Fortnite is a free-to-play game doesn't say anything about the quality of the game.

In fact, Fortnite was one of the top games released when it released in 2017. Fortnite is a game with one of the most active players. Being able to build with wood, metal, and brick in a Battle Royale setting worked better than anyone could have predicted.

9 Epic Games' Fortnite Is An Emotional Game!

There are few games in the world as unpredictable as Fortnite. One match you'll be dominating with a sniper rifle, the other you'll be getting wrecked in a hamster ball. The key to winning matches in Fortnite squad mode is to have good communication with your team.

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Even Michael Jordan could suck at Fortnite, and it is expressed in this meme. It's not difficult to make a funny Michael Jordan crying meme. He is still considered by many to be the G.O.A.T of basketball, and yet he isn't immune to being "pwned" by a couple of bush campers.

8 Grandparents Do Not Belong On Fortnite...

Your grandma may not know what terms like "bubble, heals, stormtroopers, and the one-shot" means, but she might be able to tell that Fortnite is a video game that could be played on a computer.

Even grandmas play Fortnite as one can never be too old to enjoy Battle Royale or video games. What do you think would happen if your grandma discovered Fortnite? This simple meme does what it sets out to do. That is, providing a laugh for a brief moment.

7 Roman Reigns Versus Fortnite

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns should be the mascot for Fortnite. His wrestling prowess may transfer to the game of Fortnite. It wouldn't be the first time that a celebrity jumped into the game.

You might have seen the YouTube video or stream of Twitch streamer Ninja playing Fortnite with rapper Drake. Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that is much larger than we know. As long as people keep making memes like the one in the above photo, Fortnite may never lose its prominence.

6 Willy Wonka Fortnite Memes

It could mean the end of the world when mom’s start making Fortnite memes. According to theesa.com, the average gamer is 34 years old with 72 percent of people being 18 years or older. The thought that your mom could be playing Fortnite and also be creating memes is disturbing.

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The notion that moms could make funny Fortnite memes is a wild thought that should not be entertained. This meme creator didn't explain what happens when moms make Fortnite memes, but the message is implied with Willy Wonka's facial expression.

5 Life Or Fortnite? It's A Tough Decision

This meme sums up what we all were already thinking. Having no life doesn't necessarily mean that you are not content with your life. In this context, all it means is that you have an addiction to Fortnite and are ignoring other more important aspects of your life.

It could be time to get a life if this meme speaks to you. But then again, you could stop being so serious and take a joke for once. Playing Fortnite seven days in a row means you have no life.

4 When Your Son Starts Doing Fortnite Dances

Epic Games, the same company who created Gears of War, is the developer behind Fortnite. It would be a bizarre, but not that farfetched to see your son doing Fortnite dances in a public place. "I should have made a sandwich instead of making you," says the subtitles.

This still probably belongs from a show of some type, but it's so weird and bizarre that we can't help but laugh at the desperate situation of a person sitting on a wall like Humpty Dumpty. The only difference is Humpty Dumpty didn't fall, but instead, our faith in humanity.

3 So True.....

It should be obvious that kids can't afford to buy the number of V-bucks required to get most the gear. Fortnite regularly releases new items that tempt players to buy things with their or their mom's credit card. It's a grim picture, but the message comes across clear and sound.

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Right now, season 8 of Fortnite is full-throttle, and it will possibly be the most epic season yet. Already revealed is the discovery skin, which can be unlocked by finishing the "Discovery" challenge. Fortnite entices players to return time, and time again, never to disappoint.

2 Minecraft Still On Top Of Fortnite

Not only does this meme feature thegamer.com, but it leaves us with a laugh. Unfortunately, the meme is a bit dated. Fortnite has now surpassed Minecraft by having more registered users.

Minecraft has approximately 91 million players during their peak times, and Fortnite has over 250 million registered accounts. Fortnite has exploded since October 2018, which is when the article in the above meme was published. Fortnite's momentum is stampeding and who knows how many players it will reach.

1 What Is Outdoors? Fortnite Is All That Matters

For a first-person shooter, Fortnite doesn't have the most detailed world, but on the "Epic" graphics setting, Fortnite looks gorgeous because of its realistic water reflections and lively environment. Players can forget they are playing a video game and lose all sense of reality before setting foot outdoors.

According to factinate.com, "By the end of its release month of July 2017, Epic Games announced that they had sold over 500,000 digital copies of Fortnite. By the next month, the game’s player count exceeded one million."

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