10 Hilarious Furby Memes

Furby was one of the hottest toys of the late 90s and early 2000s, and these hilarious memes show just how weird they really were.

Furby was first released back in 1998, and it was a big deal. The animatronics included in its design had children everywhere going crazy. They came in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes, as well as different animatronic abilities, but in recent years this brand has taken a turn for the worse.

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These previously adorable and fuzzy creatures have turned into something that haunts our worst nightmares. They have been turned into a variety of memes that showcase just how ridiculous these things are in reality by pinpointing their horrible qualities and features. Keep reading to see the ten best Furby memes!

10 They Haunt Our Nightmares

Furby's abilities included responding to touch and noise, so children could talk to it. The problem came in when this toy was lost in some obscure corner of the room or ended up beneath a kid's bed as it would start talking at random times.

Its voice was nothing to laugh at either as its tone would add an eery tint to the air that is something we only see in horror films. The best option was to bury it in the depths of your toybox where sound, light, and movement wouldn't be able to reach it.

9 You Can Relate To It

These toys came equipped with animatronic eyes that could move and even blink. Sometimes these eyes would become stuck or just malfunction and you would end up with something that reminded you of your drunk auntie at Thanksgiving.

Well, someone made that connection when they created this meme as the glossy and malfunctioning eyes of the Furby remind us of our own worst moments. We can appreciate though how this Furby was smart enough to take a cab rather than attempt to drive while in this horrible state.

8 We Hope This Isn't The Future

Darwinism is an evolutionary theory that says all organisms develop and change as they fight for survival. It has been happening since the beginning of time, and now the Furby has shown us one of our possible futures.

It is quite a grotesque image as its lengthy body twists and turns like a worm and it definitely worries us. We hope another path takes form before the worm people take over with these Furbies by their side as their inspiration.

7 We Have Similar Facial Expressions

When someone plays with your hair it feels like you might have died and gone to heaven. This Furby's facial expression says it all as this is exactly how we feel every time someone plays with our hair.

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They can scratch our heads, run their fingers through our flowing locks, or attempt new styles that make us look amazing. No matter what they do our eyes roll back in our skulls as we sometimes drift into unconsciousness due to how relaxing it is to our bodies.

6 Furbies Might Turn On Us

It is no secret that many of us have done away with our Furbies since they went out of style. There are some who tossed them in the attic or the back of their closet, but the smart ones threw theirs directly in the trash.

This Furby has come back for revenge as it is hurt after you lied to it and told it you would treasure it forever. We now see what a big mistake that really was, especially now that they have learned how to wield a weapon.

5 Furbies Lurk Online Too

Social media and the internet has opened up so many doors for people to post about their lives. You can usually find anything about anyone if you look hard enough as this has become a gateway to people's souls. Furbies have also figured this out and are constantly scrolling through the web to find things they didn't even know they were looking for.

Lurking is a hobby of theirs and when they find a golden piece of information they feel like straight fire. Some Furbies even literally burst into flames at their excitement, so make sure to have an extinguisher handy.

4 They Can Be Religious

There are some companies that pay you for religious holidays whether you actually are or not. Furbies tend to go all out and pull out their religious garb to prove their loyalty in order to earn a payday.

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It is a little over the top, but they want to be paid on a day off. We are still not quite sure why this Furby decided to go all out as a priest this year, but we don't hate it. The furry creature pulls it off nicely and it even complements the color of his fur.

3 Sometimes They Devour Children

This creepy Furby is larger than life, and we have to imagine the only diet it is on is one that feeds on the flesh of tiny humans. We are worried about the safety of the children in the image as the Furby's eyes them up and licks its lips in anticipation.

It hopes to add a few more rolls of fat to its physique and those children look like just the thing it wants and needs. The parents might be able to save them if they act quickly, but the odds are not in their favor with every second that passes.

2 They Also Fight Them

Kids are known to not understand or care about social norms. They go up to strangers, eat things they shouldn't, and sometimes they stare at certain individuals for ridiculous amounts of time.

Many adults tend to stare back, and it eventually turns into a competition to see who will look away first. The Furby takes it to a whole other level as it is ready to throw down with the kid in order to teach it a lesson. They were meant to love children, but now the tides have turned.

1 Ultrasounds Are Cursed With Their Images

This family should have been ecstatic that they would be welcoming a new baby girl into their family, but instead, it was overshadowed by Furbies. This parent pointed out that their daughter resembled this cursed kid's toy as they see no semblance of a girl at all in the photo.

You can tell they are worried about what it will look like after it is born with this bone-chilling image as proof of their future. We can only hope they buy their child a Furby as a gift in honor of the creature they resembled.

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