10 Hilarious Grand Theft Auto Logic Memes Everyone Can Relate To

In the world of gaming, the Grand Theft Auto series is the best one you’ll find if you like watching memes poking fun at the in-universe logic. Back when memes weren’t even a thing, people still made fun of the things we saw in this series, whose over-the-top presentation was deliberate by its developers.

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The funniest memes on the internet for GTA games are those that question its logic, and if you happen to be a fan of the series (and if you aren’t, then can you really call yourself a gamer?), then you’ll easily relate with these 10 hilarious memes.

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10 Every. Single. Time

This is one of the most frustrating parts about a GTA game in that acquiring a rare car doesn’t mean anything when everyone around you instantly gets one too. If by some stroke of luck you happen to spot an awesome car to steal, the game generates similar ones as soon as you step into it.

The idea behind this was probably so that the player doesn’t need to painstakingly find another cool car should the current one be destroyed, but it does hit a blow to our ego when the supposedly rare car becomes part of the crowd.

9 But...Why?

The HD Universe GTA protagonists seem to have a bone to pick with car windows, seeing as they tend to always shatter these whenever they plan on stealing a vehicle, even when it’s not even needed. At times, the back door happens to be open, but the protagonist still decides on breaking the window.

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It’s more striking when stealing helicopters, as these are always standing right there with the backdoor open, only for the character to copy his car-stealing style and break the helicopter’s window. Not only is that stupid in itself, it also logically should mean the shattered window should suck the guy out when the helicopter teeters in midair.

8 No Catching This Guy Now

There are several ways to outrun the police, but the weirdest one is by driving into a territory these vehicles don’t want to chase us on for some reason. If you happen to be getting chased in the rural area of San Andreas in GTA V, then the easiest way to evade the cops is to go off-road.

These bozos seem to suffer from a case of boneheadedness, since they clearly see us go off-road, but decide not to follow us…because reasons? Perhaps the cops don’t want to mess up the tires of their vehicles that aren’t made for off-road travel, but is that cause enough to let a murderer get away?

7 In For A Long Wait

GTA V is a pretty massive game, owing to the size of the map and the number of features involved, and this means loading times are a real drag. Sometimes, the loading screens simply keep going on in a loop, but the absence of a clear duration of loading ends up causing he player to stare at the screen for several minutes.

Even when the game really does load up eventually, you’re in it for the long haul, seeing as the game almost always takes forever to set up. While we might not die of old age like the guy in the meme, it does feel that way.

6 Talk About Police Brutality

It’s a wonder how you can destroy just about everything in sight, and the police lets you go from jail just a few seconds after getting caught. Even crazier is the logic behind getting killed by the police. According to these guys, all you need to do is brush up against them, and it warrants an instant death.

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Everybody makes mistakes, right? But the police in GTA aren’t very forgiving, as just the most minor of bumps against their car triggers an explosive sequence where every cop in the city is going to rain down a barrage on you.

5 A Solution To All The World's Problems

The health industry is freakin’ expensive. You can’t go for a normal consultation with the doctor without having to cough up around two hundred bucks these days, which makes us crave for the GTA universe style of things, where you can solve health problems by having a meal at a fast-food restaurant.

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The game does provide health packs as well, but you can also go for lunch and heal your wounds from getting shot. We’re not even going to try and figure out how having chicken can stop blood gushing out of wounds, but a man can dream for this to be reality, right?

4 What Are We Paying For?

It’s a barber’s nightmare to see potential clients go bald, as their livelihood depends on people having the ability to grow hair. Were things the way they are in the GTA universe, then barbers would’ve been the richest of all people.

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For some reason, you can head over to barber and get a new hairstyle – something that involves having your hair grown! Even more idiotic is how the barber is clearly shown using an electronic razor on the guy’s face once you’ve paid him for the do, meaning he somehow managed to make hair grow out by using a machine that’s designed to cut it.

3 The Flaw In The Plan

This kind of stuff happens even on TV shows and films as well, with characters shown to be on the run and in hiding, only to change absolutely nothing about their appearance despite being wanted on a national level.

The same way, Michael decided to fake his death to Trevor and then went into hiding for a decade, but he did nothing to make himself look different. In fact, he even lived in the same state as Trevor, and was only lucky that he never got caught. Not only that, Michael didn’t bother to change his first name either.

2 All This Power

You know you’re officially bored in GTA when you start driving like a normal human being and stay within the driving lanes. Before this boredom, though, there’s the normal reaction of everybody who plays this game where they take the car to the skies.

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This level of extremity has been less pronounced in recent games, but the GTA San Andreas times were those where flying cars were everyday business. And it’s not something you can fault someone for either, as the NPCs really do drive in snail pace. Had there really been an option to go to space, then we’d all be driving high above the sky.

1 Now That Is One Good Date

Michelle in GTA IV was revealed to be a fraud who wasn’t really interested in Niko and was only spying on him, but we’d be very happy to have someone spy on us like that, considering she always left him with a free car by the end of their dates.

Along with that, you could even run over people like it was nothing, with Michelle only making a couple of nonchalant comments about it. As far as spying goes, Michelle really didn’t think things through, did she? Either that, or the budget that fraudsters have saw a significant boost in recent times if it’s so easy to hand out cars on such a frequent basis.

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