24 Hilarious Grand Theft Auto V Memes That Are A Little Strange

The Grand Theft Auto series has an entirely separate section devoted to it in the hearts of male gamers. It is the perennial game when it comes to shaping our futures. Although the games aren’t supposed to be played until a person turns 17, the fact of the matter is the first time kids get their fix of GTA is before they are even preteens. By the time they grow up they have memorized the game throughout.

For those who are a little older, the memories of games like GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are still ever fresh. GTA V, though, took the world by storm and captured the interest of old and new gamers alike. It had a superb set of protagonists and a vibrant city to boot. The game is still played worldwide more than five years after release and shows no signs of stopping. Grand Theft Auto VI still has no release date in sight, and thus we have to contend with GTA V and pass the time with creating or watching memes based on the game.

This list features memes from GTA V that its gamers will easily understand. Crossing the lines of logic, hilarity, and truth, you’ll have a laugh as each meme showcases the thinking of a GTA gamer as well as some facts we were aware of and didn’t dwell over.

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24 Makes Sense In Context

via fungoblin.com

Anyone who claims they haven’t wrecked a car in GTA has never played the game. It’s impossible to keep the vehicles in one piece. Also impossible is driving the car in a single lane. When the rules of society don’t matter anymore who would want to follow them? There’s also the easy matter of getting the coolest rides one sets their eyes on as the player only needs to hijack a car they see.

Due to this, there’s always a case of road rage when it comes to driving in the GTA universe. Driving from one city to another is a long process with plenty of roads to crash through and plenty of pedestrians to run over, and by its end, the car looks exactly like the one shown in the picture.

23 Street Life Francis

via knowyourmeme.com

Talk about crossing the line. This one might even offend some deeply religious folk. While the intention of the creator of this picture is unknown, we can confirm there’s no offense meant. The picture is undeniably funny, however, if taken in the lighter sense of things.

That is one cool Pope Francis we’ve got there.

Evidently, someone edited in the pope armed with a pump shotgun and renamed the game to GTA V: Vatican City. But come to think of it, the game would be amazing if we ever got it. The chance to cruise the streets of Vatican City as the pope? Who would want to miss an opportunity to play that game? While the nun in the background is in poor taste, we could adhere to papal policies while running the mean streets too.

22 Talk About An Upgrade

via me.me

It was a given once we moved over to newer generations of video game consoles we would get better graphics. Grand Theft Auto games were never technical marvels. Its graphics have always been passable at best. In the sixth generation of video game consoles, there were several beautiful looking games such as God of War. Therefore, it was hard to believe GTA: San Andreas came out looking the way it did. The game wouldn’t get anywhere near the best looking games of its generation.

While GTA IV wasn’t all that bad it wasn’t all that great either. GTA V showed a positive shift toward graphical capabilities for the series. However, there are some fans who really cross the line when it comes to exaggerating on the improvement. In the above meme, we see CJ turned into Father Gabriel from The Walking Dead.

21 Burn!

via pinterest.com

Lindsay Lohan is a weird cookie. She’s been going through rough patches longer than most children’s life spans. Over time the sympathy has run wafer thin, and no longer does she get any passes for her immature behavior. Instead, people look to make fun of her more now that her antics have gotten crazier.

Lohan sued the makers of GTA V for stealing her likeness. Little did she know she’d come to regret it.

Gamers haven’t let her live that insane claim down. She claimed the woman at the beach on the cover art of the game was a picture of hers that the creators had modified. However, gamers have trolled her by comparing the likeness to Trevor Phillips instead. They may have a point, though, on the inside she does have a personality the same as Trevor.

20 Michael's Logic

via gamersfourm.com by_ransom922s

Mr. De Santa clearly did not read the beginner’s guide to faking demise and assuming a new identity as the execution of his plan left a lot to be desired. Michael – real surname of Townley – orchestrated a plan with the FIB to go into hiding and leave Trevor none the wiser about his survival. It worked for 9 years until he was found in simple fashion.

Trevor needed only a simple search to locate Michael once more. Maybe he could’ve duped Trevor into thinking he was someone else had he bothered to change his facial features ever so slightly. Instead, he looked exactly the same and lived in the same state. He was bound to be found. Talk about crossing the line between dumb and dumber.

19 Just Driving

via youtube.com

What’s the fun in playing a GTA game if you’re not going to go on a wild spree at least a few times? Although the recent entries in the series have seen better storylines and side missions that motivate the player to stay in line, for the most part, old habits still go hard.

With a plethora of weapons readily available, one cannot resist dispatching scores of civilians.

Even that temptation could be contained, but the one that is impossible to ignore is the appeal of running over pedestrians while driving. No one drives in lanes during gameplay and its inevitable to knock over innocent bystanders. It’s true, they really were in the way. What do you expect the player to do? Honk at them?

18 Such Real Graphics

via me.me

There are some poor gullible souls who can be fooled into believing anything. Gamers aren’t the brightest bunch compared to other groups. Even if gamers weren’t dumb they sure do love to exaggerate over a new game’s graphics. Most arguments made to showcase a change in system mechanics are by checking out the graphics in a follow-up game on a newer system.

This picture was made back when GTA V was about to release and some people were over-hyped. While the intention of the creator may not have been to hoodwink naive people into thinking this really was GTA V, they did have every intention to mock them. People do tend to go overboard with praising a new game’s graphics despite the graphics being only marginally better than before.

17 Technically Correct

via makeameme.org by recyclebin

No one’s claiming the above is fake. Because it actually is a GTA game. But as we’re not crazy addicts of the Grand Theft Auto series we can’t make any promises whether the guy who this person dupes into buying the game won’t hunt him down. On the outside, it is what it is.

With the ‘I’ taped over the ‘IV’ of GTA IV, it does make it read as GTA V, but this is just for comedic purposes.

However, you’d be surprised by how many gullible gamers are out there. In countries where it’s not a general practice to purchase games upon release, where they instead wait to buy the game secondhand, people have been hoodwinked into purchasing older GTA games.

16 Cops Hate Off-Roading

via imgflip.com

The police are relentless in their chase of the player once they are on to them. It doesn’t really matter what one does as the cops seem to be everywhere you can think of. Even in the most remote locations, where there might be a single person or two, they’ll have a cop around. That is, until you go into the woods.

For some reason, the police aren’t too keen on pursuing the player when they venture into the off-road territory. They still do attempt to make a chase out of it but perhaps their cars aren’t up to the task. They are inconspicuous in their absence too once you manage to shake them off. So make a note to yourself – whenever you’re wanted, go off-road.

15 The Never Ending Loading Screens

via memedroid.com

The ire of many GTA V players and the source of anxiety for all who are familiar with it. Each time you pop the game in for a playthrough you just know you’re in for a lifetime of waiting. The game starts off with a loading screen that displays all the characters in it with a rather obtuse soundtrack droning on. This can go on for about a minute or forever based on how the game feels at the time.

The loading screen is non-stop, or so it feels.

The display images keep on repeating one after the other while some piece of trivia concerning San Andreas is shown on the screen to pass the time. This comic is right on the mark with how it seems to a person living out their entire life waiting for the incessant loading screen to be done with.

14 Here's To Bad Insurance Providers

via imgflip.com

The GTA universe has been shifted closer to realism, or as close as they could manage it. In GTA V, the use of cheats isn’t necessary to play the game for the first time in the series, signifying this shift from over the top cheats to something more realistic.

But there’s no explanation for the player character leaving the hospital time and time again with no problems. In the real world landing yourself in the hospital with ludicrous reasons such as drowning, blasts or stabbing repeatedly within the span of a few hours would mean your insurance would be cut off. In the GTA world insurance providers are terrible at their job as they continually pay for clients whose antics are bound to run their money dry.

13 The Anti-Avengers

via pinterest.com

All three of the main characters of Grand Theft Auto V were breakout successes. Each of them offered a different narrative viewpoint with Michael being the personification of middle age crisis, Franklin representing directionless youth, and Trevor... well, Trevor was more or less an abomination of his own.

He is pretty much pure evil meets chaos.

You can’t plan for a guy like that whose mood swings to evil tendencies. This makes him a perfect fit for any team marching into war. In the above comic we have Loki making his infamous proclamation of having an army, only this time instead of getting interrupted by Iron Man we have Michael shrugging off that threat with a threat of his own. Trevor Phillips would be very intriguing to see in an alien invasion, those invaders will never see what’s coming.

12 True Love

via imgur.com

One of the few people to see straight through Trevor Phillips was Martin Madrazzo’s wife Patricia. Originally taken by Trevor as retribution for Madrazzo’s lack of respect toward him, Trevor came to adore the old lady, so much so that she became somewhat of a love interest for him.

Making things even weirder was Patricia’s lack of fear for the nut job and even calling him a good man deep inside. We never got to see Trevor being a good man but we did see a strange love story that was undoubtedly better than Twilight. It sure might have crossed the line seeing that Patricia was married but it was pretty entertaining. By its end a distraught, and weeping, Trevor left Patricia at her doorstep for a bittersweet ending.

11 Anger Issues

via imglulz.com

Grand Theft Auto V has offered almost endless fun for fans. While in earlier releases you were done once the story mode was complete and caused enough destruction to get bored, in GTA V, there’s an online mode after you’ve had your fill of the main game. There are mods that allow one to create whatever scenario they’d like. This has reaped hilariously creative returns that can be seen on YouTube.

Another game mode is the stunt races where tracks can be designed.

Although gun, these can be insanely challenging. Some gamers have become addicted to the high octane fun, and the above picture is evidence of the effect it has on them. After getting so far into the game only to be knocked out, this gamer destroyed their controller in a fit of rage.

10 Draconian Police

via me.me by Toadmushroom95

In real life, there are a whole lot of rules preventing the police from taking you in. Even if one were to be arrested they can easily apply their rights as a citizen and call in a lawyer. But if you’re part of the Grand Theft Auto universe you’ll be executed before you can think of any of the aforementioned. Police are the most draconian when it comes to hostility. All one needs to do to begin an all-out shootout is to stare at a cop for a few seconds.

Try it the next time you play GTA V. In-game you need to situate the player character in close proximity to the cop and be shoved for a few attempts. But sure enough, in a little while, you will see the first wanted star appear on the top of your screen.

9 Raise Your Hands

via memecenter.com

As of 2018, Grand Theft Auto V has sold a whopping 90 million units! That’s an eye-popping figure, to say the least, especially taking in the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV had sold 25 million units. Sales for GTA V have been steady – even at a rise at some points – ever since it was released in 2013.

That is why we still haven’t gotten GTA VI as the developers have no need to make it.

Despite that, not every gamer is into GTA. There are others who prefer different genres like FPS or action-adventure, among others. The creator of this meme conveys his annoyance at every other gamer who harps on about GTA V while they would like to discuss another game. Pretty ironic how they want to shoot over something so menial.

8 Never Responsible

via memecenter.com

When the game switches over to Trevor’s point of view he is always up to no good. While Michael and Franklin are usually ether at their homes or just exploring the city, Trevor is either getting chased by the cops or finds himself in a dumpster. This is one of the few examples of his crazy antics. On occasion, you could switch to Trevor and find him dumping a person over a bridge for no apparent reason, or picking a fight with someone despite being the one who instigated it.

There’s no such thing as logic as far as Trevor is concerned. He seeks pleasure from antagonizing people, even those he doesn’t know. Strangely, though, he finds reasons to justify his behavior.

7 Who Needs A Girlfriend?

via makeameme.org

Ask any gamer guy’s dream today and they will tell you it is to play Grand Theft Auto VI. Since 2013, GTA V has been ruling their hearts owing to the seemingly endless wait for the next GTA title to come out. Relationships were broken before the release date of GTA V, too. In the build-up for its release, there was much anticipation with worldwide stores having stakeouts outside their outlets comprising of gamers waiting for the game.

GTA V must be every woman’s – whose significant other is a gamer – worst nightmare.

And it’s not just a joke. In fact, there have been many reported cases where men have left their girlfriends over objections to their GTA devotion. It’s pretty serious stuff.

6 #Brolife

via memecenter.com

GTA V implemented the latest trends in the contemporary world to make San Andreas more authentic. In fact, all the Grand Theft Auto games reflect the year they are set in as accurately as possible such as Vice City showing the city in all its 1986 glory.

With Grand Theft Auto V set in 2013, we have many of the normal amenities with us. This includes a mobile phone which is in possession of all the lead characters. A feature in the phone is to use the selfie cam. For the most part, it is useless, but as this image shows it can be used to work as a quasi-Instagram of sorts. You’ve got to do something to get your money’s worth, after all.

5 Yup, That's About Right

via astrologymemes.com

In the PS2 era of GTA games wreaking havoc was the easiest thing to do. With cheat codes so easily entered into the game, on could destroy everything to their heart’s content and buzz off every cop. In Grand Theft Auto IV, there was a noticeable change in that cheat codes had to be entered using the character’s phone, which made it more difficult. The cops in the game had also been upgraded to more competent ones.

Compared to GTA V these cops were nothing.

In the most recent release, the police seem to be on Iron Man level. They arrive in numbers and even employ a strategy. They are relentless in pursuit and are harder to take down as well. It’s a challenge for those who like to fight the police but not for those who like to wreak havoc without interruption.

4 Anything's Possible On A Healthy Diet

via big5kayakchallenge.com

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the GTA world? Because it sure as heck would be easy on the medical bills. According to the logic of the universe, you don’t need to go to the hospital at all until you’re ‘wasted’. Then how would one get themselves checked out for medical emergencies? That’s simple, just take a visit to Cluckin Bell and all will be right.

If only we could have a couple of sandwiches to fix any ailment life would be so simple, not to mention prolonged. Evidently, as is seen during gameplay, multiple gunshot wounds can be healed in an instant by some food. This meme sure does highlight crossing the line: the line of sanity that is.

3 Always In Our Hearts

via me.me

Say whatever you want about GTA: San Andreas and its graphics not holding up in modern times, the fact remains it was the first Grand Theft Auto game that commanded our hearts. Although GTA III and Vice City were classics themselves, gamers spent half their lives playing San Andreas that offered us the first time to explore a seemingly endless world.

GTA IV and GTA V are special no doubt, but San Andreas will always hold a place of its own in within us older gamers.

The generation growing up today will never know the wonder the previous ones experienced playing San Andreas, and it’s hard to replicate that feeling once again. That being said, we’re still waiting on GTA VI, if Rockstar could just hurry it up.

2 The Unstoppable Train

via gamersforum.com by toadmushroom9

The player is nigh invulnerable in the GTA games. You can be executed or put down in a variety of ways but you always respawn to wreak havoc once more. Also adding in on the fun is access to all kinds of plans, helicopters, jet skis, boats, you name it, meaning the player can travel wherever they want and however they want.

Except for one mode of transportation. The train that runs around the outskirts of San Andreas is impossible to stop. When a player gets bored from all the rampage caused in the game they waste time in other things like attempting to stop the train. But no matter what you do, it’ll bulldoze straight through everything. Fans have attempted to create enormous blockades to stop its path but nothing has ever worked.

1 Shots Fired

via memecenter.com

There’s a thing known as the console wars. Believe it or not some fans get so hyped up in their fanboy nature they have intense keyboard wars with the other sides. It mainly comprises of PlayStation fans vs. Xbox fans who engage in never-ending battles over brand supremacy.

There’s another platform fanbase that looks down on all other gaming fanboys.

PC gamers are the most obnoxious you could find. It’s true the PC versions are better graphics wise but as is evident from this meme its fans have this idea in their minds their platform is the absolute leader. The creator of the meme claims the console versions were merely beta tests, with the true, perfected version coming out later on the PC.

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