25 Hilarious The Legend of Zelda Comics That Will Make Any Gamer Say “Same”

The Legend of Zelda has a lot of good humor, beautiful art, and plenty of stories. Perfect for comics! From creepy masks to chicken hoards, there is a lot to delve into! There are especially tons of Breath of the Wild comics due to the Nintendo Switch game being the most recent addition of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

A lot of artists have been using comics to document their ideas but also experiences in the game. Maybe they had a long fall or attempted to get more horses than they could? I know I’d document getting lost or trying to tame and ride a bear.

Some of them ask questions such as where does wolf Link really come from in Breath of the Wild and what are Epona’s feelings on Link’s new ride, the Master Cycle Zero? Some don’t ask questions but make me think of questions like, why does the Yiga Clan love mighty bananas so much? Some make me think of headcanons like Link being a horse nerd or that Urbosa was so overprotective of Princess Zelda, she even suspected her fellow Champions of not measuring up to their task.

And of course there are those comics where you just think, “same.” Link’s panic when he hears the guardian’s piano music? Same. Link not wanting to put down an animal in Twilight Princess? Same. Link not wanting to do the main quest and just goof-off? Very much same!

Let’s take a look!

25 I’m still alive!

via: saintssister47.deviantart.com

I think a lot of gamers went “Wha?” when they saw the Mario mask nestled with the Happy Mask Salesman’s other masks. It’s not wearable. The mask is what we call an Easter Egg, but when you examine all the theories about the masks and the salesman, it only makes the Mario mask creepier.

All the masks in Majora’s Mask seem to be based off people you can find in the real world or Hyrule. There are theories that the masks you get contain the souls of those who passed. So could that mask actually have Mario’s imprisoned soul?

If you wear the mask, will you get Mario's powers, like his inhuman jumping ability and throwing fire?

Most fans think the salesman is a deity, Sheikah, or something just not of this world. Who can blame them with the salesman having the ability to teleport, conjure a massive musical instrument out of nowhere, and disappearing at the end of the game?

Not all the masks are based off dead people necessarily. There are other masks that could be made out of people’s emotions. This would also mean the Happy Mask Salesman would have probably met Mario. Why not? He can teleport! If I saw him in Mushroom Kingdom with that creepy smile, I’d freeze only for a second and just go, “Yep.”

Comic was made by saintssister47.

24 Attack of the Chickens

via: omocat-blog.com

Also known as cucco in Hyrule, these chickens are infamous for being invincible. There is only one game where you can end a chicken and that’s Link’s Awakening. Most games, like this comic describes, will send down a hoard of chickens upon you if you do an injustice to a single one.

In Ocarina of Time, three strikes to a cucco will get a hoard of them to chase you. In Minish Cap, baby cuccos will attack Link on site if he’s Minish-sized! You can actually talk to cuccos as a wolf in Twilight Princess and they don’t attack you. Link can also use them to fly in some games, but I suppose they hate that since they scream the entire time.

Phantom Hourglass is like Ocarina of Time, except Link can hit the cuccos about five times before the hoard descends upon him. You can stun the birds in Spirit Tracks using whirlwind and also use them to help you fly places. Cucco hoards also occur in Breath of the Wild when Link harms any single one. For novelty’s sake, you can use them to fly still but you don’t need them since Link has a paraglider in Breath of the Wild. If you haven’t witnessed any cucco attacks, it’s worth a look on YouTube.

Comic was made by Omocat.

23 Familiar Music

via: linkdoodle.tumble.com

Nothing in Breath of the Wild incited quite as much panic as the music the game played when a guardian’s target lands on Link. These robotic enemies are devastating, and are really difficult to get near to, let alone defeat. These monsters can end most targets with a single hit. As far as I know, these guys only appear in Breath of the Wild, as they are essential to the game’s story. They were built to stop Calamity Gannon, but were instead corrupted and got controlled by the very being they were meant to defeat.

Their only weak spot is their tiny targeting eye, so unless you have one of those powerful arrows built for guardian fights, you will need to work hard to dodge their lasers and get close enough to hit them with a melee weapon. Even then, you’d need a really strong weapon like the Master Sword, which you can only get late in the game when you collect enough hearts to hold the sword.

Just looking up the sheet music will give you a sense of panic if you can read music. It goes from high sharp to high flat back and forth constantly at an upsetting speed.

This comic was made by LinkDoodle.

22 Snack Time

via: neodusk.tumblr.com

Recharging stamina played a big part in Breath of the Wild. Your stamina gauge kept track of how long you could fly, hold your breath underwater, run, and charge an attack. Other than waiting, you could eat a meal or snack you cooked to refill the energy. This has led to some amusing situations, such as eating in the middle of combat. As for eating while paragliding, I think you cannot get away with that. Still, it’s a funny idea! I also love how Link leaves the plate on the Hinox’s head.

This comic features Link paragliding over a Hinox. Hinox appear in A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Four Swords Adventures, A Link between Worlds, Phantom Hourglass, Tri-force Heroes, and Breath of the Wild.

Hinox’s work as mini-bosses. According to the Zelda Wiki, there are about 40 different kinds of Hinox around Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule. There is information about them in the Hyrule Compendium as well.

The Compendium states, “"The largest monster to make its home in Hyrule, the Hinox lives primarily in forested areas. A keen awareness of your surroundings is paramount when facing one, as Hinox are known for tearing entire trees from the ground and using them as weapons. A deft hand can steal weapons off the necklaces they wear."

Comic was made by Neodusk.

21 You found me!

via: pinterest

Korok’s are the cutest little forest sprites someone like me can ask for. In Breath of the Wild, these little guys are hiding throughout Hyrule and if you find them, they give you a seed you can use to upgrade your inventory space.

There are a LOT of these guys hiding around in Breath of the Wild. Hundreds of them! If you want to find them all, you’ll probably have to use a walkthrough. Climb a tree or look under a rock, you may find one. Complete a hidden puzzle, you may find one. Swim to a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, you may find one.

Some of these poor sweeties are in places that make you question how they got there or even how they have stayed safe.

The hot confines of Death Mountain are a great example. Link has to wear a special suit to survive the scalding heat, so how can a Korok exist amongst the lava and fire? It’s like sticking a grass-type Pokémon in a fire-type gym. The poor little guy looks like he’s made out of a leaf and a delicate sapling. I suppose the makers will use magic as an excuse for the Korok’s survival of Death Mountain.

Comic artist is unknown.

20 A New Ride

via: thegreyzen.deviantart.com

Tired of riding horses? The Master Cycle Zero is a new addition to Breath of the Wild. This bike is part of The Champions' Ballad DLC.

Taming, riding, and travelling with a horse is a big aspect to Breath of the Wild. While you can summon Epona through an Amiibo, most players can capture and tame a wild horse of their own. It’s pretty fun to have the freedom to pick out your own horse and tame them. You get to even dress them up, color, and braid their manes!

From what I’ve heard, this bike takes a lot of in-game work to get, but gamers have found the trek worth the trouble. Not only does the bike look cool, it apparently has easier controls than riding a horse. I also love how the design looks like a unicorn and is stylized like the guardians to match the rest of the tech in Breath of the Wild.

But look how sad Epona is in this comic! Such betrayal! The motorcycle may be new and shiny, but I don’t think it can replace the horses in this game. I’m a sucker for customization and lost my mind when I found out I could customize horses.

Comic was made by thegreyzen.

19 Tingle’s Gift

via: awkwardzombie.com

This comic is a reference to meeting Tingle in The Wind Waker. You meet him in a jail on Windfall Island and once he leaves the cell, you can go through it and a little maze to find a Picto Box.

Tingle is not the most loved Legend of Zelda character for audiences outside of Japan. Oddly he’s loved enough to get his own spin-offs in Japan, while audiences overseas have begged Nintendo to not put Tingle in future games.

Tingle isn’t known for the many ways he helps Link in Wind Waker. His negative side is far more remembered. He is selfish and lazy, constantly making others do work while he just lies down. If that’s not bad enough, he also has an abusive side. His workers beg Link to stick around as much as he can since Tingle tends to be less harsh on them if a witness is on the scene.

Even Tingle’s help isn’t that great, since it always comes at a price. To get his help, Link even has to upgrade his wallet to be able to pay for the price’s Tingle asks. He charges Link 201 rupees, so the wallet is only 1 rupee short! What a rip-off.

Comic artist is Katie Tiedrich.

18 Transform

via: pinterest

A major highlight of Breath of the Wild was Link dressing up to get into the Gerudo village. Breath of the Wild's Link is probably the most feminine-looking Link to-date. While fans are still crossing their fingers for a gender-bent Hyrule game, I guess we will have to settle for this little gem for now.

Link rocks the look too. He even blushes when Vilia compliments how he looks in the outfit. Many Gerudo comment on how cute he is and a lot of men ,who are trying to figure out how to get inside, flirt with him. As common as this trope is and how easily it could’ve flopped, fans embraced it.

These tropes are a dangerous game too, as it can get into some serious discussions. The moment in the game though was treated as whimsical rather than serious, avoiding how crossdressing can invite serious discussion. With gamers becoming more diverse, Nintendo was taking a risk.

For some gamers, I think it was empowering to play a man dressed as a woman who could still be a hero. For too long the trope was shown as “freakish,” so this was definitely a step up.

I loved the article that examined this scene in more detail and concluded,Breath of the Wild drops the ball with Vilia and Link’s crossdressing. Thankfully, fans picked the ball right back up and ran it upcourt for a slam dunk.”

Comic artist is unknown.

17 Urbosa vs. Revali

via: maskedgolem.tumblr.com

In Breath of the Wild, Urbosa is the Gerudo Champion and Chieftain. From the cutscenes we see of her, she cares greatly for Princess Zelda and takes on an almost mother-like role to the girl. Revali is the Rito Champion and from his cutscenes we learn that a big trait of his is a rivalry against Link.

This comic is based on a scene in The Legend of Korra when Korra gets arrested. It’s a funny scene on its own, as it shows these characters acting childish towards one-another (Legend of Korra and its predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is good at that). It works for a lot of other fandoms too, as I’m sure this isn’t the only comic that crosses this scene with another fandom.

With Urbosa taking on a motherly role to Zelda, her showing an authoritative personality to the other Champions who are supposed to protect Zelda makes a lot sense.

Revali seems like a character who hates to be looked down upon, so if his scene is like the Legend of Korra one, he would definitely make that gesture right back at Urbosa. He’s probably offended that Ubrosa that is giving them the gesture rather than Link due to his insecurity and rivalry with the protagonist.

Comic was made by maskedgolem.

16 Boarding Horses

via: awkwardzombie.com

We often don’t think about these little conveniences in video games do, we? When we actually think about them though, they probably aren’t convenient for the other characters at all. Like, how do the stables retrieve your horse?

The only place that would be worse than leaving your horse on the fire and lava covered Death Mountain would probably be in the middle of Hyrule Castle surrounded by guardians. Travelling to those places just for a horse would make those stable-hands the real heroes. They’d have to be as powerful as Link to get to some of the places he probably leaves his horses.

Either that or the horses find their own way back. That would take an insane amount of horse intelligence, direction, and sneak ability to get past enemies.

Imagine if we didn’t get this mechanic though! If we also didn’t get them marked on our map, we would lose our horses and never find them again all the time. You would probably have to hold a funeral for a horse every week, even though they are probably alive but you know the world is so big that you’ll never see them again. You wouldn’t even get a fairy to help either, because the horse would have to have perished for her to bring it back to you.

Comic was made by Katie Tiedrich.

15 Intellectual Conversation

via: pinterest

Even with voice acting being introduced in Breath of the Wild, we still only have a Link who grunts and yells. I suppose it’s for the best that he doesn’t talk, since being a silent protagonist is a huge aspect of the franchise. Despite most gamers understanding that Link being a silent protagonist is part of The Legend of Zelda experience, we still poke a lot of fun at the fact that he doesn’t talk. Though some have taken it on a more serious road and have the idea that Link is mute and uses sign-language.

I’ll admit, I did wonder if the Breath of the Wild would conclude with Link saying a single word or phrase to Zelda. That would’ve been a slam-dunk shock and a very memorable ending. Though I think everyone has a different idea of what Link would sound like.

In this comic, Link is trying to buy something from Beedle. At least...we can assume? It’s hard to tell since he’s just screaming. If I had to guess, he wants a weapon and that’s why he’s holding his hands in the air and yelling. I love how determined he looks.

Don’t try this at any store guys, I’m pretty sure you’d scare everyone and get arrested.

Comic artist is unknown.

14 Prince Sidon

via: pinterest

I guess this is an accurate summary of when you first meet Prince Sidon in Breath of the Wild. His head does just kind of pop out of the water and ask for help. The artist is amazing at drawing big eyes that give these characters a special cuteness.

Prince Sidon quickly became a fan favorite. He got many gamers melting with his can-do attitude, love of Link, and his princely smile. The internet is now a bounty of Sidon fan-art, fan-fiction, and merchandise.

What’s funny is his popularity isn’t just in the real world, but it’s canon in Hyrule as well! In Zora’s Domain, if you listen in on other Zora, you will find that all the women are fawning over Sidon for his strength and cheerful personality. There is a group of Zora that are even claiming to be his fan-club! I’m sure a lot of gamers laughed, looked in both directions, and then whispered, “I want to join.”

If his charm isn’t enough, his ideas are shown to be more open-minded and progressive than the other Zoras in power. While other Zoras blame the Hylians for the end of his sister’s life, he recognizes that Link isn’t at fault and is actually an asset who wants to help.

Comic was made by Omocat.

13 Link Please

via: forlackofabettercomic.tumblr.com

This is what happens when you give your players an open-world setting. Just like how we joke about not caring about finding our son in Fallout 4, we also give our biggest amount of playtime in Breath of the Wild to exploring and having fun rather than saving Zelda.

Exploring and having fun is definitely encouraged through minor quests though. We get rewarded for completing each shrine, finding each Korok seed, and get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever we discover something hidden. You can bet that I rode a bear and tried to get it into a stable with my horses (they don’t let you by the way).

With Link having lost all his strength, it’s important to explore and collect items in preparation for the main plot. I’m sure the ghost of the King of Hyrule can understand that.

You definitely can have fun with the little things like paragliding and cooking too. It’s fun to see what different ingredients can make. It reminded me of cooking in Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. As for the glider, it’s probably the best new mechanic yet. It’s so relaxing to just glide down a mountain and its fun to see what you can get away with.

Comic was made by Jacob Andrews.

12 Hold all the animals

via: pinterest

I’m sure like me, many gamers melted when they found out they could pick up and hug animals in Twilight Princess. When you pick up a dog, it looks so happy and snuggles up to Link, so it’s difficult to put them down!

Twilight Princess is probably The Legend of Zelda game that has the biggest focus on animals. It only makes sense since Link can turn into a wolf. You can traumatize chickens and then talk to them. You can cuddle a dog, and then talk to him! I think Twilight Princess is a near perfect game, but some more animal-given quests would’ve been cool.

It’s a little disappointing when you get to finally talk to Epona. Epona just shuts Link down, saying that he should be working instead of wasting time talking to him. Imagine if you can finally talk to your own pet and that’s all it’ll say to you? That would be a huge disappointment.

I wonder if there are pets in the Twilight Realm where Midna is from? I’m sure there are at least animals. They would probably have some cool designs with glowing fur and eyes. Honestly though, sometimes Midna treated Link like a pet, saying things like “Good boy.”

Comic artist is unknown.

11 Put that down!

via: thegreyzen.deviantart.com

Majora’s Mask is not a toy, since it can eventually control the mind of whoever wears it. The mask’s seemingly ultimate goal is to end the world by having the moon fall down.

There is no Majora’s Mask as part of the main story of Breath of the Wild, but it seems the comic artist decided to use Zelda and Link’s Breath of the Wild versions for this comic instead of Majora’s Mask versions. This is probably because you can actually get the mask in the Breath of the Wild, though it’s just a collectable item that you can wear rather than a mask that may end the world.

Finding the mask takes some hunting. You can find a journal in the Outpost Ruins that say, “The ancient mask lies at the ruins where soldiers gathered. From there, the waters of Lake Kolomo are visible.” This doesn’t just eventually lead you to Majora’s Mask, but other goodies as well like Tingle’s armor, Midna’s helmet, and the phantom armor set.

At least the moon doesn’t have an evil face in Breath of the Wild like it does in Majora’s Mask. Then again, we do have the Blood Moon to worry about.

Comic was made by thegreyzen.

10 Long Fall

via: jojo56830.deviantart.com

Even with a paraglider, many gamers have fallen down the hills and cliffs of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. I guess we just sometimes get too ambitious. It’s a good thing your clothes don’t break like your weapons! Though I guess this comic entertains the idea that you need to take care of your clothes. Link can certainly take falling damage, so clothes getting damaged would make sense (but I’m glad they don’t, that would be another hassle in the long list of things to take care of).

The Great Fairies of Hyrule were really cool in Breath of the Wild. They are giant beautiful women that live in flowers who help upgrade your clothes if you get the right materials. They are very sweet to Link (maybe a little too sweet, since they sometimes get him super nervous and scared). There are five Great Fairies in total, if you include the fairy that can bring Link’s horses back to life, though that one looks more like a horse puppet than a woman.

It would make sense that the blue tunic holds sentimental value for Link since he had it before his seriously long nap. Grass stains would easily get on a blue shirt too. In Death Mountain, that tunic would probably burn right off.

Comic was made by jojo56830.

9 Teeth Soup

via: awkwardzombie.com

Adventurous cooking in Breath of the Wild could lead to a lot of disasters. Let’s admit that if you did attempt to eat teeth soup, you’d end up with a less entertaining version, ike a black blob of yuck that no longer resembles its ingredients.

Usually disaster cooking in Breath of the Wild comes from mixing monster ingredients with food. For example, mixing milk, an apple, and a bat wing will not be pretty. Monster parts are for potion making, which is useful for enduring certain weather conditions and boosting some stats for a while. Food is for well...food making! A regular egg can easily be cooked into a hard-boiled egg in a moment.

Some places such as stables have signs with suggestions for cooking recipes.

Maybe I just have terrible eyes, but they are a little hard to understand. You can make really complicated things like cakes and pies. The options for the creative mind to try are endless.

Teeth soup though! Imagine eating teeth with your teeth. That is so unnatural and disturbing, which makes this comic so funny to me. I suppose there is a good reason all the monster parts are liquefied into potions instead of making something like eyeball salad, toenail cake, or guts butter.

Comic was made by Katie Tiedrich.

8 How we should play

via: finalsmashcomic.tumblr.com

Maybe this trend of everyone wanting to keep collecting mounts is rooted in us growing up with Pokémon. I’m a sucker for games that encourage capitalism like Animal Crossing, where you just keep collecting more and more and upgrading more and more for fun and a sense of self-worth.

The Legend of Zelda is not one of those games yet, though. Sure we can get a house in Breath of the Wild and that was exciting, but it’s barely used when you realize all you can do is sleep in it and put up a couple weapons as decoration.

“How I should play” is interesting because it includes the Twilight Princess' Wolf Link. He’s not essential and can only be put in the game via Wolf Link Amiibo. It is pretty cool to have Wolf Link fight by your side though. He’s definitely more useful than a horse when it comes to combat and looking edgy.

There are special horses you can collect in the game such as Princess Zelda’s horse and the biggest horse in the game. You should also save a horse to not get attached to since one quest is selling one of your horses to a man with no ride.

Comic was made by Yayster.

7 Plotting Horse

via: jojo56830.deviantart.com

This one got a laugh out of me. Some NPC is speaking behind the horse but the angle makes it look like the horse is saying, “Tonight....”

I have an idea that Link is a giant horse nerd. Maybe you’ve probably met a single horse nerd in your life, so you migght know what I mean. They love the movie’s Seabiscuit, Black Beauty, and Spirit. I think Link would be one of those people and he'd also cry at certain parts like when Spirit thinks his horse girlfriend is gone. I've got this hope that in Breath of the Wild, a kid approached Link and said something along the lines of, “You look like you love horses. I bet you think about them all the time.”

Personally I am kind of scared of horses. They are powerful creatures. If one plotted your end, that was be horrifying. Their hooves and body mass can do serious damage. I once saw a post that claimed they didn’t understand how one can fear, love, and respect God all at once until they saw a horse.

Also is that the blood moon in the second panel? That’s a horrifying little detail. That’s when all the monsters come back to life.

Comic was made by JoJo.

6 Two Links

via: thegreyzen.deviantart.com

So basically is using the Wolf Link Amiibo to summon wolf Link in Breath of the Wild actually teleporting him from Twilight Princess? That would be weird, especially from Wolf Link’s perspective. Like hey, it’s another you, what’s going on? Why is this Hyrule different?

Maybe it’s all a dream to Wolf Link. That would make way more sense. Like his spirit leaves his body while he sleeps and helps Breath of the Wild's Link. If that was the case, he probably wouldn’t even remember much of the adventure anyway.

It isn’t the first time two Links are interacting. In Twilight Princess, Link is trained by his Link ancestor from Ocarina of Time. So the interaction between two game protagonists isn’t actually that abnormal. For all we know, Breath of the Wild's Link will interact with a future Link! Sort of crazy to think that far ahead but it could be true.

Poor Midna though, she depends on Wolf Link to get things done! I wonder what her voice would sound like if she came to the voice-acted Hyrule? It would’ve been cool if she was included with Wolf Link whenever it was nighttime (since the sun hurts her). Maybe she’s just hiding in his shadow?

Comic was made by thegreyzen.

5 A supportive meeting

via: dreadlockdetective.org

The Yiga clan of Breath of the Wild were very entertaining enemies with a weird obsession with mighty bananas. They basically are Sheikah who betrayed the royal family in service of Calamity Ganon.

Let me say it again: They are VERY obsessed with mighty bananas. You may want to clear up your inventory space before raiding their hideout because they just have shrines and tables piled up with mighty bananas. When you defeat one, chances are they’ll drop a mighty banana or two as well.

For some fights, you can drop a banana to distract them. Or if you want to sneak by them in the hideout, just drop a mighty banana and they’ll go to it to pick it up.

But why are there Korok’s there? They aren’t obsessed with bananas. They are welcome anyhow because I’m sure they are supportive and easy to open up to. I’d tell those cuties everything.

My question is why? Why is the Yiga Clan obsessed with bananas? There should be theories, but the internet hasn’t really explored this as much as all the other aspects of The Legend of Zelda. Some fans on Reddit have discussed whether the bananas are like some form of addictive substance for the clan.

Artist is Dreadlock Detective.

4 Memories

via: awkwardzombie.com

In Breath of the Wild, Link lost all his memories due to recovering from injuries and sleeping for about one hundred years. It’s alright though because despite one hundred years passing, he still has friends who help him remember and complete his goals.

Such friends are Purah, a Sheikah who is the older sister of Impa. One experiment unfortunately has caused her to look six years old when she is really about one hundred and twenty. Through her, Link gets the camera function on his Sheikah Slate (which looks suspiciously like the Nintendo Switch).

There are old photos left on the camera that Princess Zelda took. They are the key to Link recalling memories from before his long sleep. With the photos, the player has to find their locations in the massive world for Link to remember what happened. It is not easy, but they unlock beautiful and emotional cutscenes that are definitely one of the game’s highlights.

The photos in this comic, except for the one of Link getting kicked, are actually the same as in the game! There is the photo in front of Hyrule Castle, another by a gate, and one at an oasis. I sort of wish we had even more.

Comic was made by Katie Tiedrich.

3 The jump and roll

via: hejibits.com

What else is iconic to Link other than his lack of speech? Probably his jump and roll. It’s used most commonly for dodging, but I think a lot of players have found it sometimes as a faster way to get around.

If someone actually tried to get around like this, I’m sure they would somehow get injured. First of all you would not always see where you were going.

Link couldn’t jump like a lot of other video game characters until Breath of the Wild. That was as big as walking diagonally in the new Pokémon games. Before he could jump, he could only climb and roll like in this comic.

Sometimes rolling through or cutting the tall grass in Twilight Princess got Link rupees. I don’t remember if trees hid rupees, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do in some games. Why are rupees in those places anyway? It makes sense that they are in the pots that Link breaks, but why random places in nature? I wish I could find money in the grass or the trees. It would be like Easter every day.

Comic was made by John Kleckner.

2 An odd look

via: pinterest

The rubber armor set got some laughs out of The Legend of Zelda fans because of how it looks. The helmet is like a catfish biting on Link’s head! The armor set is very useful though, as it completely resists electrical attacks. I mean, how many times in Breath of the Wild does Link get hurt because he is holding a weapon that attracts thunder? My Link suffered many a strike. Shock damage can also stun Link and make him drop his shield and weapon, which is very frustrating.

The ridiculous helmet is actually the easiest part of the armor set to obtain. You get it from a stable quest where you are only required to climb to the top and retrieve an axe. The reward is the helmet. The rubber tights and armor to complete the set come from shrines.

Upgrading the set takes a ton of yellow and/or electric related items such as zapshrooms, topaz, and yellow chuchu jelly. It certainly not that difficult in comparison to other armor sets like the hero’s blue tunic.

It’s funny that Zelda can’t even stand to look at Link in this comic. Someone somewhere needs to cosplay Link in the rubber armor set.

Artist is unknown.

1 Hot Legs

via: awkwardzombie.com

Pure Legend of Zelda comedy is watching players trying to get to the top of Death Mountain unconventionally. I was one of those people, stuffing food and potions endlessly in Link’s mouth in desperation while trying to survive the dangerous heat. It didn’t work by the way. I got lost and eventually gave up because I was running out of items. Maybe some more determined people managed?

The conventional way to survive is armor. Apparently whoever made this comic had the experience of only being able to afford a couple pieces of the armor instead of the whole set. In this one, Link’s legs are as good as fried.

Can we talk about that armor though? I think the fandom agrees that the rubber armor is ridiculous looking, but Link honestly looks like a man trapped in a stove oven with legs in the heat resistant set. I hated its design and would change clothes the moment it was safe to wear anything else.

Death Mountain probably had the worst weather in the game. Cold places were easier because there is more access to cold resistant items. That could just depend on the order of which you go places though. The Gerudo have a jeweller who can make jewelry that is useful for all sorts of elemental resistances.

Comic was made by Katie Tiedrich.

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