25 Hilarious Lord Of The Rings Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

There are few franchises that can stand the test of time, especially when said franchise is one that began way back in 1937! J.R.R. Tolkien began the Middle Earth saga with the release of The Hobbit, that novel was popular enough to warrant a follow-up, which is arguably the most successful fiction book series of all time.

The Lord of the Rings is in actuality one novel that has been split into three volumes. These have since been adapted into blockbuster films that broke the stigma against the fantasy genre at the Academy Awards and bagged the best picture Oscar for The Return of the King.

While the series has millions of admirers, there is another sect of fanbase that is completely enthralled with Tolkien’s world. These fans know the Lord of the Rings series like the back of their hand, and even the smallest reference to it is enough to gain their interest.

These people also have a great sense of humor when it comes to laughing at their favorite franchise when certain flaws in logic are present. In fact, a lot of the memes that can be found on the internet based on the series have been made by passionate followers. Perhaps this is their way of uniting one another across borders.

The following are 25 memes to rule them all.

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25 It's Hot In Here

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Lord of the Rings fans have their own secret manner of speaking to one another. Those who are pretty much obsessed with the series even make puns towards it, expecting others to understand. In a way you might say Lord of the Rings fans have somewhat of a witty humor that requires one to reflect for a moment before tittering at the funny remark.

This meme fits the bill perfectly for clever humor.

All fans are aware of the fiery depths of Mount Doom where only worthy souls might venture and destroy the one ring. As it happened, it was two hobbits, Sam and Frodo, who completed this deed. A fan compares their room’s sweltering heat to Mount Doom, not by directly referencing it, but by likening the heat to the pit of the mountain and is convinced two hobbits threw a ring in it.

24 Should've Minded His Own Business

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Ever had one of those days when you eavesdrop on a conversation simply to quench your curiosity only to end up on an epic journey to destroy the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron?

If you’re Samwise Gamgee then you know exactly how that feels. Sam was always one for exploration and adventure, this coupled with his undying loyalty for his master Frodo made Sam the perfect partner for the journey. And yet all this literally came about due to Sam’s curiosity getting the better of him.

Going by this logic all one has to do to be worthy of a trip to Mount Doom is to eavesdrop and stick your nose in business that doesn’t concern you. Good thing Sam survived the ordeal or this eavesdrop would have proven too hefty for his liking.

23 Gandalf The Tech Support

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There are multiple interpretations of the above meme and each might be funnier than the last. One of these is applying Gandalf’s own logic to the scenario wherein the White Wizard is bemused by the computer stating ‘the Wizard’ is installing the software, Gandalf claimed a wizard is never late and arrives at the precise time he means to. This would mean Gandalf has a lot of waiting to do and has no reason to be frustrated as the wizard software will install in its own time.

The second interpretation is even funnier.

Here Gandalf himself is the one installing the software on the computer. After all, the computer did state a wizard was doing the task, and who better than our own Gandalf the White? It’s hilarious, however, to see Gandalf sitting behind a laptop screen.

22 Simple Science

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You know you’ve really started over-analyzing The Lord of the Rings when you start bringing in real life logic to the movies. However, ardent fans inevitably do reach this stage considering they exhaust all other methods of fanboyism. After learning of every single scenario that plays out over the course of the series, they end up questioning the rationality behind this fantasy land.

In the above meme, the creator of the post points out to us how burning to their end is the least of concerns for Frodo and Sam. While the two were stuck in a perilous position, and making viewers wonder whether they would burn, science would dictate humidity would kick in first and bring about an end to our heroes before they had to worry about the fire.

21 Sauron's Lax Security

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Although Lord of the Rings is near flawless when it comes to the art of storytelling, there are still a few gaps in logic that have been turned into points of amusement by fans. One of these is the most obvious one where Mount Doom, the only place where the One Ring can be destroyed, is bereft of any security to prevent any enemy of Sauron from destroying his life source.

It ended up quite convenient for the Fellowship as their ultimate goal was completed in an easier than anticipated fashion. And had it not been for Frodo’s corruption by the rings at the climax, all he and Sam had to do was toss the ring into the fire and head off home to Hobbiton.

20 Never Again

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It’s a great honor when your buddy asks you to be part of his wedding. There’s the greatest honor of being the Best Man, or you could be one of the groomsmen, or the highly coveted ring bearer. But for Frodo, that’s the last role he would want to play.

Those unfamiliar with the series might not get this joke.

However, the rest will find this meme quite hilarious seeing Frodo’s aghast expression at Aragon’s request for him to be the ring bearer. You’d be stunned by such a request yourself had you undergone a terrible ordeal such as the one poor Frodo had. Odds are he would never want to see any ring after his experience with the One Ring. Maybe just keep him as a regular groomsmen, Aragon?

19 Pardon The Pun

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This one is a rather juvenile meme but still funny regardless. Many of the names of Lord of the Rings characters are unique to say the least. To this end, there have been several puns made with reference to this. You could find a whole slew of them on the internet with the popular ones being of Legolas, Treebeard and Frodo. Another frequently used name is of Aragon.

With the influx of LotR memes it would seem the good ones ‘Aragon’.

No one’s stating this is one mature joke but it’s funny enough to make a fan at least chuckle. After all, the me does claim there aren’t many good ones left out there so we’ll have to contend with some nifty wordplay to keep us entertained.

18 No Overtaking This Guy

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One of the more awesome scenes in the novels and movies has been turned into a mainstream meme employed by many. Sir Ian Mckellen, the actor who portrays Gandalf, even uses this famous one liner as part of his method of greeting fans. It has also become synonymous with a punchline for a joke made by a Lord of the Rings fan.

Only close followers of the series would get the above joke in a jiffy, though.

As is evident, a big enthusiast of the movies purchased a vanity license plate for their car naming it Gandalf. Little did they know the car behind them housed another fan, who quickly surmised they would not be getting the opportunity to pass. Traffic would be in a much better state had most people understood Lord of the Rings references.

17 An Unexplainable Affection

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All in all, Lord of the Rings is quite confusing for someone who is an onlooker, and not part of the crazed fans who have memorized all three volumes of the book. The story is truly an epic and spans a vast array of characters all brought together in a magnificent world filled with magic and tribulations.

This makes explaining Lord of the Rings to non-fans a real task.

There are just so many plot points that come into play that explaining each and every one of them would take hours to understand. Not to mention the immense number of characters, all important for the story’s conclusion, that keeping count of all them would require a chart for someone no aware of the series. It’s best they watch the movies for themselves and become one of the millions of fans themselves.

16 Look Who's On The Way

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If you’re a true fan of The Lord of the Rings the first character to pop up in your head upon sighting the above picture would be the character of Treebeard. Treebeard is one of the more recognizable beings in the series owing to him literally being a tree with a beard.

The meme displays an actual tree resembling Treebeard distinctly.

What makes it funnier is that the tree in the picture even seems to be running toward something, as if already part of a war. We don’t know where in the world this tree is situated in but it’s a testimony to the long reach of the Lord of the Rings series that even in this desert you could find a fan of the movies and novels.

15 It's A Personal Thing

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This sort of meme doesn’t make much sense, to be honest. There are a number of series this style of meme has been applied to ranging from Harry Potter to The Avengers and others like Pirates of the Caribbean. The punchline of this type of meme is the last frame where one character reprimands the inquiring one for asking a personal question.

Here we could interpret the meme in a way only Lord of the Rings fans could. Upon Gandalf’s resurrection after his apparent end from his great fall at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, he returns as Gandalf the White, a departure from his Grey visage. Aragon communicates our initial confusion at Gandalf’s change in aura, and is quieted down by Legolas swiftly. The meaning behind this could be that we’re not meant to understand the difference between Grey and White Gandalf, only to accept it.

14 No Power At All

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Don’t mess with Gandalf. That is the lesson King Theoden learns once he becomes aware that Gandalf is no longer ‘The Grey’ but has transitioned into a white visage. However, before Theoden was left nonplussed, the King dropped this memorable one-liner on us to be used even almost two decades later for our meme making purposes.

The use of this meme is to illustrate one’s lack of influence in a matter they usually would have control over.

Thus, King Theoden’s line of ‘You have no power here’ is appropriate in the above scenario of the meme creator who makes sure to scoff at his school teacher when they meet him outside of school. We all are aware of that feeling, and fans of the series would have caught the reference quickly.

13 How Dare You!?

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Despite the fact that the run-times of the Lord of the Rings movies are among the longest in all of the history of cinema, fans can never have enough of Middle Earth. There are those fans that have completely read the books multiple times – an enormous feat considering the length of the novels – and still have the capacity to watch the films from start to finish in one run.

The above picture aptly sums up the reaction of a Lord of the Rings fan when realizing his friends have binge watched the series without inviting him. It might sound silly but hardcore fans do take it personally should you forget to inform that you witnessed the One Ring’s destruction without them by your side.

12 Doors or Dor?

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Who doesn’t like wordplay? There are a whole lot of funny sounding names in the series that fans can have a fun time making puns about. One of the more popular phrases is ‘One does not simply walk into Mordor’. This sparked a range of memes directed toward Mordor itself.

It’ll take a second for fans to decipher this joke.

Those who aren’t familiar with what Mordor is won’t understand so here’s the explanation: Mordor sounds like More Door, and the above illustration depicts one taking Mordor to its literal sense, at least whatever it sounds like. To top it off, the final picture is of Gondor, and is of an empty space, meaning all doors are gone. It sounds quite lame when explained, but when you’re a fan it makes for some funny puns.

11 Troll Level: Wizard

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It isn’t just fans who realized this blunder on the part of the great wizard. Even those who watched the films only in passing made the observation of the great eagles flying over to rescue Sam and Frodo from Mount Doom, and asked why the heroes bothered with all the trouble and heartbreak of the saga if they could simply have flown over to their destination.

This flaw in logic has caused many fans to term Gandalf as quite a troll.

The White Wizard had all the time in the world to tip off his friends of this easy route to end all the battles they undertook to finish their struggles, but chose to smoke his pipe instead. At least we got this hilarious meme to cover this logical oversight.

10 You're Worth It

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A majority of the plot points in the series that can’t be understood or are hard to explain are hand waved to be simply work of wizards or elves, whose powers make up for the gaps in logic. However, the above meme is all the more funnier when put into the context it is put in.

It would seem Gandalf is part of L’Oreal’s latest ad campaign.

Fans have no doubt long taken notice of the characters’ distinct hairstyles. Most of them sport long, shiny hair that is never tarnished even in the heat of battle. You can count on the battles to be epic and brutal, but you can also be rest assured that nothing in Middle Earth could ruin the perfect hair of these characters. Because they’re worth it.

9 Who Turned Off The Lights?

via pastemagazine.com

Unlike most other jokes made in reference to the series, this meme doesn’t require much thought to understand. In fact even non-fans would easily get it if they are aware of the antagonist Sauron’s name. However, only true fans will titter with hilarity at the second frame in the image where the eye of Sauron is inexplicably ‘switched off’’.

The meme makes fun of the Dark Lord’s name. In all honesty, Sauron’s main role in The Lord of the Rings is overlooking the events in his eye form. Thus, the meme does make a good point in illustrating that when the eye is nowhere to be found, Sauron really does become ‘Sauroff’. It’s all fun and games until someone puts on the One Ring, though.

8 The Dude In Distress

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Frodo is among the most beloved characters in the Lord of the Rings series. Most fans feel they relate to him and see him as a conduit to the fans’ own desires to be part of Middle Earth. However, there’s still no denying the fact that Frodo barely ever holds his own in the adventures.

Time and again Frodo is saved from perilous situations by his more able friends.

More of than not you would see the hobbit rescued by another character. Aragon and Legolas did a remarkable job in protecting Frodo and perhaps it is due to the hobbit’s tendency to fall in dangerous situations, and these characters rescuing him that they are seen in a favorable light. Maybe Frodo’s job really is to make others look good. If so, he’s great at it.

7 Short People In Tall Places

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One of those memes that will make you chuckle. While non-fans won’t catch the joke instantly, loyalists most certainly will take half a second to get it. Long story short, (pun intended) hobbits aren’t tall. Therefore, Aragon is stuck in a real pickle in this scenario upon this meme posters interpretation. Evidently Aragon has taken the hobbits out for a stroll in the meadow only to realize the flaw in his plan as he can’t locate the little guys.

Why can’t he find them? Because the hobbits just aren’t tall enough to make their way around in the tall grass. We’ve all poked fun at the short stature of the hobbit people and this meme is one of the more wittier of examples to display this stereotype.

6 The Only Reason

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New Zealand has become synonymous with Lord of the Rings ever since Peter Jackson built the Shire around in those plans. Every year thousands of travelers voyage over to the Kiwis in order to visit the Shire set that still stands there. In fact, New Zealand has an entire tourist industry built on people wanting to visit Hobbiton as a real life place.

Of course there are other reasons to visit the country, but none more than it being Middle Earth.

In this graph we see the creator of the meme detail the reasons why one would want to travel to New Zealand. As can be seen, a majority of the pie is represented in simple terms, and we’re not arguing with the reason either.

5 That Is Some Magical Skin

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Who among us can’t stand those ridiculous ads that keep popping up by the side of our computer screens? Many of these comprise of advertisements of aging creams, coupled with lame techniques featuring a younger looking person and detailing his supposed age with how young he seems to be. It’s some pretty annoying stuff which is usually ignored by almost everyone.

The above meme finds some humor in the annoying ad, however. Taking Thranduil from The Hobbit series, the image is a clever thought out joke as it references the slow aging of elves. If there were any advertisements in the Tolkien universe you could be certain they would seem something similar to this meme. No doubt many would have been intrigued to know how a 6500 year looks awfully like a 26 year old.

4 Keeping Things Simple

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J.R.R Tolkien was quite the genius. The writer created an enormous universe whose appeal has lasted way past his own lifetime. Tolkien was ranked as one of the top earning ‘passed away celebrities’ by Forbes as Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series both continue to rake in millions. Part of the success of the books came from Tolkien’s masterful creation of different beings.

He even came up with entirely different languages for various species in the series, displaying his skill in creativity. And yet despite all that there is the fact that the main plot point revolves around a ring to be destroyed on Mount Doom.

No one’s doubting Tolkien’s writing but you’d think after creating up with his own language, the writer would have had enough imagination left in him to come up with a more epic sounding name.

3 Out-walked Your Usefulness

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Frodo was exceptionally erratic during the journey to Mount Doom. The Hobbit would constantly play with his friend’s Sam’s loyalties, and would keep switching his alliance toward the one ring throughout the adventure. Based on his mood, Frodo would treat Sam either as a loyal confidante or somewhat of a nuisance.

Still, this was taken to a whole different level when Frodo ordered Sam to go back home when they had traversed pretty much toward the end of their journey. Sure Sam didn’t leave Frodo out of loyalty, but there’s also the fact that Hobbiton was all the way across Middle Earth!

The above meme serves as a reminder to fans of Frodo’s lack of tact when it came to treating Sam with respect.

2 Conspiracy Keanu Has A Point

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Gandalf gets a lot of flak for failing to inform the rest of the fellowship that he had access to flying eagles the whole time. A lot of fans have addressed this plot hole and term Gandalf as absent minded when all could have been easily avoided and made for a short trip to Mount Doom. However, don’t count the wizard just yet.

As it happens, Gandalf had informed his friends of the easier route to their destination.

Mere moments before being pulled down to darker depths, the Grey Wizard uttered his then final words to his comrades ‘Fly, you fools’. At the time it seemed he was relaying some cryptic warning, but when in the final installment they literally arrive on Mount Doom by flying on eagles, it could have been that Gandalf was effectively telling them of the easier way to get there.

1 Poor Unappreciated Hobbit

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Considering that even non-fans raise this query, there’s no question of fans of the series not knowing this glaring point. Frodo is the first name that comes to mind when the topic of hobbits is discussed. He’s also the one credited to have put an end to the long war and brought peace to Middle Earth by destroying the one ring.

Who gets lost in the process? That would be poor Samwise Gamgee.

Fans are aware that Sam is the one who did all the heavy lifting in the quest to Mount Doom. Frodo would be down for the count in more ways than one, and the redoubtable Sam would rise to the occasion each and every time. There is no way Frodo could have destroyed the ring without his trusted sidekick who sadly doesn’t get much credit for all he did.

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