25 Hilarious Marvel Logic Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

Every universe has its own sense of, well, common sense. In our universe, common sense and logic are ironically rare. Do you ever just listen to someone talk or watch them do something and think, “wow, there is no hope for humanity, how can anyone possibly reason with that?” In the Marvel universe, things are no different. Writers, producers, and Stan Lee himself can often have a twisted sense of what makes sense. If you’re very observant, you likely can’t get through an MCU movie without asking yourself why something is happening. How can they reason this out? How is this inconstancy ignored? It happens with every movie and we’re not just talking about plot holes here. We’re talking about the type of thing that makes us say, “we get it, but then again…only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Ain’t no DC fan going to understand the logic behind Stan Lee’s greatest characters. It takes a true fan to logic out the illogical with a smile.

There are thousands of memes out there that show you exactly how illogical Marvel can be. This doesn’t make us love them any less, but it does show us that they are one special nutcase that we couldn’t love more! There may be hundreds of these scattered all over the internet. But with a little help from the fans that have pointed out this strange logic, we’ve gathered a few of the most hilarious Marvel logic memes for your viewing pleasure. How burdened with a glorious purpose we are.

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25 Get The Orphans Where It Hurts

Via: ifunny.com

Ouch, right in the childhood, or lack thereof. If you’ll notice, most superheroes grow up without parents. In fact, most main characters in any anime, action movie, or sci-fi flick, have had one or both of their parents perish when the child was just a young one. There must be some psychological thing that makes orphans really amazing main characters, one that we as humans are unaware of. One that Stan Lee seems to have grasped before we were even born.

If you want to be a hero, you must first be an orphan.

Now that’s a message that kids everywhere should hear, am I right? But then again, how many villains actually have parents in the first place? Parents are forever overrated no matter where you stand.

24 Heroes Don't Like Rules

Via: 9gag.com

If you ever hear a wise man in a movie tell the hero early on something that they should not do (especially if it zooms in on their face) then know that they will do it by the end of the movie. If you tell a villain not to do something, it’s like reverse psychology. But heroes always have just enough rebellion and stubbornness in them that they just can’t stop themselves. Why those wise old people don’t start manipulating the heroes we’ll never know.

Until that happens, we’re forced to watch them do everything they can to destroy the entire world.

All the while, saving it in the end. Guess they know there’s nothing they can do that won’t be inevitably mended. Heroes have it so easy.

23 His One And Only Weakness

Via: me.me

It was quite surprising when we saw Bucky Barnes take out every Avenger in Civil War. But what was even more surprising was that he couldn’t touch Spider-Man. That would mean that Spider-Man, as a teen, is stronger than these superhero veterans.

The reason for this has been pointed out by fans.

Spider-Man is the only one who Bucky fought that wasn’t just a human. Even Captain America is simply an enhanced human. Whereas Spider-Man was bitten by a spider and gained actual nonhuman superpowers. This said, is it really likely that Bucky could be so much stronger than Cap, Falcon, and Iron Man, and so much weaker than Spider-Man? If that was so, then the Green Goblin could have destroyed the Avengers in one fail swoop.

22 Haters Gonna Hate

Via: funnyjunk.com

This is the way the world works. If you like something, you’re unable to like its counterpart. In fact, you are socially programmed to diss everything that isn’t “your thing” for absolutely no reason at all. Out of all types of fans, superhero ones are likely the worst. The whole thing between DC Comics and Marvel is ridiculous. It’s worse than Conservatives versus Liberals.

Their arguments make no sense and are laid out for argument's sake.

We all know that the Marvel series are similar to DC movies, but no Marvel fan will admit it. Those of us who happen to love both universes roll our eyes at this one. There’s an opinion, and then there’s diarrhea of the mouth. Know which one you are portraying.

21 Wait, His Last Name Isn’t Ragnarok?

Via: pinterest.com

If you look at each Avenger, all of them have their own cool superhero name. Except for Thor, because well, Thor is just Thor. It makes sense considering he’s a god and all. But there comes a point in time where you sacrifice that status and join the gang. But then again, is Captain Hammer or Hammer Man really that groundbreaking?

Bottom line is, Thor’s superhero name needs an upgrade because the whole, “I’m Thor, The Thor” thing kind of makes that spoiled toddler prince thing amplify by a ton. You can actually imagine him introducing himself like this and Loki making fun of him, only to end with a simple, “you’re adopted,” by Thor. We’ll let you have this one Thor, but it’s much more fun when you have at least two names for us to throw out there.

20 Coulson Is The Honorary Avenger

Via: funnyjunk.com

Agent Coulson made us love him early on. At first, he seems like just another agent that may or may not perish. But then, something happened, and his go get ‘em attitude changed everything. Where Tony Stark is rather matter-of-fact about food and weapons, Loki sees everything as something that humans use unnecessarily.

But Coulson…it seems that no matter what it is, in Coulson’s eyes, it can end someone.

This is amplified in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where we found out just how boss he actually is. He may always insist on calling it the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, but does that make us love him and is illogical view on weapons any less? No, it does not, because a sense of humor trumps logic any day.

19 Uh…Eric Can Explain

Via: tumblr.com

According to Marvel, Bucky himself ended President Kennedy. But in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Magento actually tried to save Kennedy. Since this is the Marvel Universe (who many argue is one place) that means Magneto couldn’t stop Bucky. Yes, the Bucky who had a metal arm! The authorities shot Magneto down before he could do anything, but really? All he had to do was bring him down by the arm.

You can say that the worlds are separate, and that Bucky didn’t eliminate Kennedy in the X-Men world, but we all beg to differ. In one way or another, the worlds are connected. Since the life-ender was never revealed, it had to have been Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Eric has some explaining to do here.

18 Quicksilver Was A Boss

Via: 9gag.com

In Days of Future Past, Wolverine recruits Quicksilver to break into the Pentagon to free Eric. In this movie, we learned to love Quicksilver as it’s his first movie appearance. We hope to see him again soon, but that doesn’t happen. Marvel used him for his small part and then never even messes with him again. Does anyone know how powerful he even is? He can resist mind control or telekinesis because he thinks faster than mind control works! He thinks as fast as he can run!

But no, we get the same old, same old, and Quicksilver gets left behind yet again.

Is Cyclops really that much cooler? We think not. Was it better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all? Debatable.

17 Does Anyone Ever Perish?

Via: me.me

This satirical take on Marvel movies speaks volumes, and it doesn’t take an expert to figure out why. It seems in every single movie someone important passes, only for us to find out that they didn’t…really perish. This whole system is seen in many movies, books, and video games. The creators play with your emotions without ever letting anything too bad actually happen. Days of Future Past did it in a special way though as all they did was reset everything. A fan’s worst nightmare.

Some shows, like The Walking Dead, never lets anyone perish unless they really, really pass in a very gruesome way. As for Marvel, never count anyone out because the only people allowed to perish in their movies…are parents. More on that little conundrum later on.

16 How Considerate Of You Storm

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Is it just me or is Storm made out to be some selfless, motherly idol? In actuality, this is one of her most heartless moments. She claims that Rogue is perfect just the way she is but really, Storm is just afraid that her cloud powers will be taken. If she took one second to think about how Rogue feels about hurting everyone that she loves, then the situation would be flipped around. This is the perfect example of someone doing something that looks right but is truthfully very wrong.

The whole Superherol hero self-righteousness is overwhelming. It’s only at times when Iron Man and Captain America go face to face that this is really brought to life. Because you know, Tony Stark does need to watch his language. (Psst... Yes I know the Xmen movies aren't Marvel).

15 What A Good Boy Am I

Via: 9gag.com

When Bucky comes out of it in Civil War, he’s found hiding in Bucharest. We first see him at a fruit stand, buying plums. He sits down to take a bite out of them, looking like a kid getting ready to eat his first candy bar of the year, and bam! He’s forced to run because someone reported him and the cops are now after him. All he wanted was those plums, and you know why?

They are tasty, nutritious, and the support restored memory!

But now…now that he was forced to skip out on his plums, it’s back to the hitman board for him. Now the whole internet is screaming #givebuckyhisplums! But was that really what makes him go sour in the first place? Ask a meme.

14 Cap’s A Hypocrite

Via: facebook.com

So many think that being a hypocrite is doing something you told someone else not to do. In a way, it’s true, as you’re acting as if you are someone that you’re not. But, really, being a hypocrite is this right here. He is pretending that he worked hard for that rockin’ body that he got. But what really happened was that he was a test subject who took substances for those muscles. It took seconds, not months of grueling training.

But o, course he’s the perfect face for a fitness challenge. If you don’t recognize this bit from the Marvel movies, it’s because you don’t stay for the post-credit scenes. And you really should. That’s when you get these illogical little moments…and shawarma. Only true Marvel fans get the reference.

13 Watch All The Movies!

Via: memcenter.com

This pretty much sums up the mindset of each Avenger. Nick Fury really just wants to assemble the Avengers. Captain America really is the leader. Iron Man even said so, saying that Tony himself just made everyone cool. Then Thor, the adorable spoiled god, just hammers everything. Stop! It’s hammer time. Bad joke, yes. But his brother, the more intelligent of the two, is your typical villain goal-wise.

The rest of them are typical heroes. Black Widow and Hawkeye are so standard that it hurts. Hulk is Hulk and will always be Hulk. But the kicker here is Iron Man. He’s nothing like he was in the comics and somehow, that’s okay for once. He’s an idiot who is so smart that it’s funny. All he wants is a shawarma.

12 The Reason Makes So Much Sense

Via: pinterest.com

Most people don’t know that this wasn’t an Avengers line, this was a Captain Phillips (good movie, watch it) line. That aside, this meme is the best. Have you ever wondered why his eye mask squints? Could there possibly be a purpose? You did know that that’s not his eyes, right? It’s just a mask. That said, the legit reason for their mobility is finally revealed.

If he’s squinting, then he’s serious!

How he thought of the idea is beyond us, but we’re guessing it was Tony’s plan all along. The man is a genius when it comes to suits, and he’s always the first to make fun of Marvel’s logic. His suits make sense, Marvel’s do not. That’s why they pay him the big bucks.

11 Super-Secret Society Of Secret Secrecy

Via: facebook.com

How many times does Marvel use the word “secret” when there are thousands of other options? We have Cap’s Secret Avengers that fought against Iron Man. We have the Secret Wars series from the ‘80s. We have Secret Warriors, which hasn’t even been released but is the name for the animated film that Marvel has for us starring Spider-Gwen. Then, there’s the 2017 Marvel Comics Secret Empire. And finally, the fact that everything is just “top secret” rather than confidential.

You’d think after decades and decades of using that one word, they’d come up with something just a little different. But nope! We will be using secret for as long as Marvel is making comics and movies. And that’s forever. So buckle up for this never-ending not-so-secret ride.

10 Is That Pennywise?

Via: me.me

Seriously, this would appear to be the sequel to 2017’s IT. But in actuality, it’s what Superman would be if he were a Marvel character. Notice the bright sun, balloons, and goofy grin? We really can’t tell if this is Marvel making fun of DC’s dark “kid-friendly” demeanor and themes, or if it’s DC making fun of Marvel’s kiddie movies.

If it’s the latter, then we have two words for you: Wolverine and Deadpool.

Aside from those two faces, however, Marvel does deserve this one. Their bright colors and gut-wrenching laughter-inducing movies are so lighthearted that DC must grimace at the sight of them. But thanks to Stephen King, the new Superman is way creepier than the old one, so the joke’s on you, DC.

9 Wolverine Is Just Wolverine

Via: pinterest.com

If there’s one character that represents X-Men movies, then it’s Wolverine. If you can’t relate to this superhero fan logic meme, then are you even a Marvel fan? When you watched the movies for the first time, you always related every character to another movie/show…except for one. And that is Wolverine. What’s his name anyway? Yeah, it’s Hugh Jackman and plot twist…he’s Australian. Yep, with an accent.

You see, grasshopper, each of these people are simply actors. Wolverine is no different. But as fans, we see the characters as characters rather than real people like you and I. In real life, Wolverine never had his bones turned adamantium because Stryker isn’t real! In real life, Wolverine is just your average mortal being who can't force his own bone claws between the skin of his knuckles.

8 Thano-Thano-Thanos Chameleon

Via: instagram.com

Avengers: Infinity War is set for theaters April 27, 2018. It was May the fourth, but rumor has it Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t handle the wait and changed that. Or…the immature actors started letting spoilers out. That is beside the point, though. The point is that in it, Thanos has changed colors…again!

In the original Avengers post-credit scene, he was purple, with a relatively small chin and bright blue eyes.

Then in Guardians of the Galaxy, he was turning blue, with his eyes just a bit duller. Then in Age of Ultron, he hadn’t changed too much. That didn’t happen until 2018. Now, he’s light purple, with a huge chin, and eyes that don’t even resemble blue! Those demon eyes are gone once again. Josh Brolin will surely be an amazing Thanos, but why change him every time we see the big, bad antagonist?

7 Friend Or Foe?

Via: 9gag.com

This one gets me every time. In Guardians of the Galaxy, the heroes aren’t really that great. They are criminals who end up gaining their own freedom after they save the world, despite the mess they make. They even get a new ship! Then, in the Avengers, the government hates them even though each and every one of them has done nothing but good for their planet. Anything they wreck, Iron Man pays for…in full! He’d probably pay the government to get them off his back.

If these were two different companies it would make sense. But this is Marvel, maybe even the same universe, and the government is so different in each of them. Is that a jab at the governmental differences here on earth?

6 Kris Kringle At Your Service

Via: facebook.com

Is it a coincidence that there are at least five big-name Chris’ working for Marvel as we speak? We got Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth! Head on over to DC and it doesn’t stop with Christopher Reeves, Chris Pine, Christian Bale, and Chris O’Donnel. Is Chris really the best name for a superhero or is there some sort of alias going on? Is Chris really an alias much like Clark Kent? There are even rankings of superhero guys named Chris and which is the most attractive.

If the next movie has a guy named Chris as the lead role, we know that our hypothesis on the alias thing was right.

They are real! As real as the red and yellow M&Ms in that 90s Christmas commercial.

5 We All Want A Cap-N-Nator

Via: unfriendable.com

Have you ever had a crush on someone only to find out they are a royal…jerk? A really attractive jerk, but still, someone you want nothing to do with. Have you ever really liked someone who is much better looking on the inside than the outside? Well, say no more, with the new Cap-N-Nator they’ve been hiding since the 40s, you can take that beautiful inside and turn it out.

The whole point of Peggy Carter’s relationship was that she liked him but she didn’t "like like" him until he was all muscled up. What kind of message is that sending us? That if we believe in someone’s heart and go for them despite their appearance that they will magically Shallow Hal their way into our hearts? Doubtful. The whole idea really makes us think.

4 Chris? Is That You?

Via: memeful.com

You know when you find a pair of jeans you like because they fit you oh so perfectly and you get so many compliments on them? What do you do? You buy five pairs, put them in the back of the closet and repurpose them whenever you can. Cut them off, make shorts, turn them into a pillow! The point is, if you find something that works, you stick with it. But does that work with actors too? Apparently, Marvel and DC both think so. Why superhero movies reuse the same characters over and over again is beyond us.

But if it works, it works.

Chris Evans made a good Johnny Blaze, but he made a fantastic (pun intended) Captain America. Same with Ryan Reynolds. Good Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man…er…Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds approves this message!

3 Like True Silento Fans

Via: tumblr.com

Let’s elaborate here. Marvel fans are so whipped, they make Kanye West and Michael Scott in his Jane era look like kings of their own castle. There isn’t a Marvel fan who wouldn’t wait an hour for that thirty seconds of expected heaven. It doesn’t matter how lame that post-credit scene may be, we will go through anything to see it. Mostly so we can talk about it, but still, isn’t that the point? Woah! Deadpool broke the fourth wall…again. Woah! Iron Man is being Iron Man and asking for some off-the-wall concoction…again.

Are the credits really worth it? Are they really? The simple answer is yes. If anyone tells you anything different, drop them, because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

2 No Spoilers For Ragnarok

Via: facebook.com

Thor: Ragnarok hasn’t been out for long enough that everyone has officially seen it. But even if you don’t get the reference, that doesn’t make it much less hilarious. This Thor logic takes us to another level. Why do heroes always attempt to save their cities or world, without even trying not to destroy it themselves? It seems at times all they do is try to prove their point by defeating the enemy rather than saving the people, their homes, their jobs.

Most of the time, heroes pay no attention to the little things, no matter how easy it would be to salvage what they can.

It makes sense for Thor to be the worst of them considering he’s a god. Petty human dwellings…pfft…but what about a city of gods, Thor?

1 No Wonder Raccoons Are So Dexterous

Via: 9gag.com

This new breakthrough explains why girls wear so much eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. It makes them ninjas! It gives the powers that the pastel ladies could never dream of! After all these years, we still don’t know why Bucky has that strange, dark eyeshadow on. But if it has something to do with an ability to catch unbreakable (relatively) objects, then it all starts coming together. Whoever found this one out knows the secrets of the Marvel universe and this is only the beginning. Bring it, MCU spy.

Now, be warned, villains wear dark makeup to make themselves more powerful! If you see someone walking down the street with similar makeup, it’s not because they think it looks cool, it’s because they’ve unlocked their true potential. And they are a villain…so watch out!

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