25 Hilarious Marvel Logic Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

If you love comic books and superheroes, you probably also love poking holes in them. We follow superheroes through their adventures, suspending our disbelief and just rolling with it when things get ridiculous because that’s what want: the crazier, the better. But when the story ends, that disbelief we’ve been holding off comes roaring back. That's okay, though; no one escapes into the Marvel universe for mundane realism, and laughing at all the nonsense in superhero movies and comics is half the fun.

Marvel logic doesn’t always work like logic in the real world: people come back to life with astonishing frequency, villains will lose fights they definitely should have won, and technology has a tendency to function more like magic than science. No Marvel movie is released without its share of plot holes and nonsensical moments that leave audiences baffled, though much of that logical laziness goes unnoticed by all but the most dedicated fans.

Those fans have put their powers to good use and provided us with countless memes to poke fun at Marvel’s shaky relationship with logic, and we’ve gathered some of the most hilarious Marvel logic memes they’ve come up. Thanks to some true fans, we can get a good laugh in and show our love of Marvel by being super nitpicky. There are a lot of insane things to juggle in the Marvel universe, so we won’t hold it against Marvel if they sometimes drop the ball, especially when it’s this hilarious.

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25 This Plan Could Use A Few Tweaks

via ultimatecomiccon.com

Until 2000, the X-Men hadn’t been in a movie before, so we’ll give them a pass if they hadn’t quite got the hang of planning for climactic showdowns with supervillains yet. Still, it’s hard to believe they thought it was a good idea to send the guy with metal fused to his bones to fight the dude who can control metal with his mind.

When the heroes of X-Men charge into the Statue of Liberty to stop Magneto from turning the world’s leaders at a nearby summit into mutants, no one mentions that Wolverine might have some trouble moving his metal body near Magneto. Predictably, Magneto takes total control of Wolverine, and the only reason their whole plan doesn’t immediately fall apart is because Cyclops managed to get there in time to shoot Magneto.

Like, who even saw that coming?

24 A World Without Facial Recognition Software

via pinterest.com

The Marvel versus DC debate has been a long-raging war, but this example of superhero logic is a win for team Marvel. Secret identities are a big part of many superhero stories, but at least the Marvel characters that try to keep up the double-life have the good sense to wear masks.

It makes no sense that the intelligent, award-winning journalist, Lois Lane, does not recognize Superman when he saves her.

All he does is take off his glasses (and how has no one noticed there's no prescription for those lenses?). It makes even less sense when you put Superman in a modern setting where everyone has camera phones and the internet. It’s pretty hard to believe that no one has taken the time to use facial recognition software to figure out who Superman is, which would probably not fly today.

23 Deadpool Knows Where You Live

via pinterest.com

Deadpool is a hilarious, un-endable, intense ball of insanity and innuendo, so it’s no wonder he’s everyone’s favorite Marvel anti-hero. Integral to his identity is his awareness of the fact that he is a comic book character, and this enables him to make all sorts of fourth-wall-breaking jokes, pop culture references, and even poke fun at the story he’s in.

Deadpool is Marvel’s court jester.

The weird thing about breaking the fourth wall is that it messes with our ability to suspend disbelief. We have to accept a fictional character (who knows he isn’t real), interacting with other characters that are bound by the laws of the Marvel Universe, while being above those laws himself. Also, it’s kind of creepy when Deadpool talks to us.

22 That's Not How Physics Works

via deviantart.com (pencilhead7)

Science has always been a bit iffy in the Marvel Universe, and it leaves us with a million questions, and this one has been a subject of debate among comic book nerds for a while: how does Captain America’s shield bounce if it absorbs kinetic energy?

If it can absorb any impact, it should similarly absorb the impact of its own collision when thrown into walls or bad guys, but that’s not what happens. Instead it bounces around like a billiard ball, and attempts to explain why this is possible are always a bit of a reach. Obviously, science can’t explain everything that happens in the Marvel Universe, but it’s especially funny when something with a supposedly scientific basis functions like magic.

Art by pencilhead7.

21 Avengers Disassemble!

via textsfromsuperheroes.com

These superhero group texts never get old, and this one gives as good an explanation as any to the question we’ve all wondered after seeing a Marvel movie: where was everybody else when this super important thing was happening? Isn’t showing up to apocalyptic events sort of what the Avengers are there for?

Any time a Marvel movie releases, there are bound to be some conspicuous absences.

You won't see the X-Men in an Avengers movie because of licensing issues, sometimes actors aren’t available for the roles they’re known for, and there usually isn't enough room in the script to fit in every single Marvel character that belongs there. It would be nice to have an in-universe explanation, but it’s more fun to imagine that Iron Man totally texted the Avengers and they just blew him off.

20 Too Nice To Hurt A God's Feelings

via pinterest.com

One of the funniest moments in Avengers: Age of Ultron is the scene where Thor welcomes his comrades to try and lift Mjolnir, his hammer. One by one, they each fail to pick up the Asgardian’s signature weapon because Mjolnir finds them unworthy. That is, until Captain America makes it budge.

He quickly gives up and returns to his seat, but Thor definitely notices that Captain America may be worthy enough to wield his weapon.

This scene gave fans plenty to speculate over, but the best part about it is how Captain America had a moment of panic when he realized he could lift Thor’s hammer, and then pretended he couldn’t, probably to spare Thor’s feelings. He’s such a nice guy.

19 More Supervillains Should Get Into Politics

via pinterest.com

After everything the Avengers have been through together, the armies they’ve defeated, and the cities they’ve destroyed in the process, it’s pretty amusing how easy it was to finally take the Avengers down. Even Loki, the trickster god, wasn’t able to turn them against each other.

Who would have guessed that bureaucracy would succeed where magic and violence failed?

It’s not surprising that the Sokovia Accords would cause a schism among superheroes; it’s hard to compromise between freedom from persecution (and corrupt politicians) and regulating violent vigilantes with god complexes. Anyone who’s attended a Thanksgiving dinner with family would know that people can get worked up over politics, so we can empathize with the Avengers. Their enemies, however, should take notes because this is how you beat them.

18 Mutants Would Probably Be Youtube Celebrities

The world of X-Men is a dark and gritty place where superheroes are called mutants and freaks, where society shuns and fears those with superhuman abilities. We love the X-Men’s tortured spin on the superhero genre because it feels real; we can relate to feeling rejected by society better than we can relate to the super-genius billionaire who built himself power armor.

But how realistic is that "cursed outcasts" narrative, really?

Sure, people might be afraid of mutants that cause explosions with their minds or end anyone they touch, but there’s plenty of mutants with less harmful abilities that would be seriously useful to have around in everyday life. Nowadays, you can become an internet sensation just by doing a weird dance or crying a lot. If X-Men were real, Kitty Pryde would be a Youtube celebrity and Nightcrawler would be turning down offers to work in adult entertainment.

17 The "Surprise" In The Ending Credits

via pinterest.com

Here’s one I really don’t understand. Why would anyone leave during the ending credits of a Marvel film? They’ve been doing this for about a decade, so everyone should know by now that there is always a bonus scene after the credits roll. It doesn’t matter if you have to go to the bathroom or take a phone call.

Sit back down before you miss something important.

I’m just kidding, it’s never important. But you might miss something funny, or a scene that foreshadows the conflict in the next film (because there will always be a next film). Don’t let your bladder control you; you paid money to see this, so make sure you see all of it.

16 Secret Organizations That Care About Brand Recognition

via dumpaday.com

S.H.I.E.L.D. played a pivotal role in bringing the Avengers together, approaching various Marvel superheroes in their respective movies to recruit them. It took 4 years for S.H.I.E.L.D. to finish doing their recruitment cameos and finally give us an Avengers movie, so it makes sense that S.H.I.E.L.D. would be eager to show off after a successful launch.

Why would they want their logo on everything if they don’t want people to know who they are? What’s especially baffling is the bottled water. Do they produce their own water, or is it someone’s job to slap logos on them? Brand awareness should not be a priority for any secret organization, so we can only imagine what else is going on in S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s probably time to let go of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s market research team and Social Media Director because their Facebook page does not need more likes.

15 Evolution Fails Darwin

via ultimatecomiccon.com

Darwin (born Armando Muñoz) is an X-Man with the power to adapt his body to his environment. He can grow gills underwater, gain night-vision in darkness, harden his skin into armor, and countless other things. In the comics, he survives everything that gets thrown at him, including a time when he transforms into pure energy.

Surviving is the one thing Darwin shouldn't have any trouble doing.

So when Sebastian Shaw ends him with ease in X-Men: First Class, it leaves comic book readers scratching their heads. Ironically, Darwin is the only protagonist in the film to end. Having the power to adapt and survive would be redundant on most Marvel characters, but even that wasn’t enough to keep poor Darwin alive.

14 Gods Aren't A Big Deal

via memecenter.com

When Thor and Loki show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no one bats an eye at the presence of two, ancient Norse gods among mortals. Even though people may be used to superheroes with genetic mutations, magic, and high-tech weaponry, gods are something else entirely. In the real world, gods are thought of as immortal beings with immense power, and sometimes omnipotence. The definition of god gets fuzzy in the Marvel universe, though.

Thor and Loki are Asgardians, if you want to get technical.

Whether they are aliens or gods depends on whether or not you worship them. Because neither Captain America nor Iron Man worship them, their beliefs remain consistent, and this instance of Marvel logic is actually sound. It's still pretty hilarious that an angry physicist defeats two Norse gods with his bare hands, though.

13 Ending Marvel Characters Is Hard

via memegenerator.com

You have to be very skeptical whenever a Marvel character ends. Did the end happen on screen? Did you literally see it happen from beginning to end? Was there any ambiguity at all, any chance that the character received CPR moments after the camera cut away, or that the person that died was actually someone else in disguise?

Even if you are certain that the end did happen, there’s still a good chance they’ll be up and walking in no time. Loki has a complete, tragic death scene in Thor: The Dark World, with his brother crying over him and everything. Only, Loki isn’t gone, but instead he faked his end to impersonate Odin. This comes as no surprise to Marvel fans who already lost count of the number of times Jean Grey ended.

12 This Is What Happens When Pepper Takes A Vacation

via weheartit.com

Pepper Potts is precisely the no-nonsense person that Tony Stark needs to keep his narcissism in check, and we love her for that. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it. Given her close romantic and professional relationship with Stark, you might expect her to make an appearance when the plot of an Avengers movie revolves around Stark’s big new project. But think about it for a second.

What would Pepper have done if Stark said to her, “Hey, I found a mysterious artificial intelligence inside this weapon that used to be Loki’s. Shall we plug it into our network?” Pepper would not have had it. She’s seen what happens in movies when you tell an AI to protect the planet, and a Terminator-style apocalypse is not on her agenda. There’s no way Avengers: Age of Ultron would have happened if Pepper were around.

11 Iron Man Has An Off Day

via pinterest.com

We’ve seen Stark duke it out with insanely powerful foes that include literal gods, so it’s kind of embarrassing when he loses his battle against Rogers and Barnes in Captain America: Civil War. In fairness, it may be oversimplifying things to call them old men. While it may be true in a literal sense, cryogenic stasis has kept them youthful and combat-ready for the present; they are old only by technicality.

But it’s the “men” part that has this fight raising some eyebrows.

Based on Stark’s track record battling against super-humans and otherworldly beings of immense power, it doesn’t seem right that a couple of enhanced soldiers from the 1940’s would best him in combat. It does feel good to laugh about it, though, because it’s a gut-wrenching scene watching an old friendship fall apart, especially when Stark thinks his friend is about to end him.

10 Magical Training Is Faster Than Medical School

via mematic.net

Fans of Loki were quick to call shenanigans on how his run-in with Dr. Strange played out in Thor: Ragnarok. Loki has over a thousand years of experience practicing magic, so how is it that this newcomer can best him in a battle of sorcery?

Okay, it might be an exaggeration to call their confrontation a “battle”; Dr. Strange gets the jump on Loki with a spell that sends him to another dimension, where he falls for 30 minutes.

But here’s the the kicker: Loki emerges ready to attack Dr. Strange for what he just did, so Dr. Strange magically transports him away again. Even if we’re to believe that Loki isn’t fast enough to react with his frost giant reflexes, how is it that he didn’t see it coming the second time?

9 Storm Puts A Positive Spin On A Horrible Curse

via knowyourmeme.com

We get this hilarious exchange from X-Men: The Last Stand when Storm makes a blatantly tone-deaf assertion that Rogue is perfect the way she is, and it’s amazing that Rogue doesn’t slap her right there. It’s great that she wants Rogue to love herself, but Rogue would also appreciate being able to love other people without literally ending them.

Read the room, Storm.

Our initial reaction might be to give Storm a pass because she’s not really talking about mutants, if you think of mutants as stand-ins for any oppressed minority. Civil rights is a central theme in X-Men, so we’re probably meant to take Storm’s defiance as a response to things like gay conversion therapy. But when you consider Rogue's feelings, Storm urging her not to seek a cure is more like telling a transperson to stick with the gender they were assigned.

That’s messed up, Storm.

8 Superpowers Are Okay, Except When They Aren't

via tumblr.com

Speaking of oppressing mutants, civilians in the Marvel universe have some weird double standards when it comes to superpowers. They disown mutant relatives, spit at them on the street, and commit hate crimes against them. So why are they cool with so many other superheroes?

Not that the Avengers don’t have to deal with the occasional PR nightmare, but it’s almost like they live in a different world than the X-Men do.

Sure, the whole point of X-Men is that mutants reflect civil rights issues in the real world, and that narrative wouldn’t work if normal people accepted mutants unconditionally, but it doesn’t make sense given what other Marvel characters experience. Only in the Marvel universe would a man will cheer on a lone vigilante with a rocket launcher before disowning his child for developing psychic powers in puberty.

7 It's Someone Else's Problem Now

via memecdn.com

The post-credits scene of Thor: Dark World gives us a very cute moment in which a forgotten monster rampages through a London parking lot. Looks like Thor missed a spot. Clearly it’s just thrown in for comic relief, and we’re not supposed to think about it, but we’re going to anyway.

That monster is going to cause some serious property damage and eat a few innocent bystanders before anyone with the ability to stop it catches wind of it.

People might not even run from it because it’s so adorable the way it fumbles around mindlessly smashing things. Many people’s first instinct might be to offer it doggy treats and cuddle with it, and those people are doomed because of Thor’s oversight. He’s busy kissing Natalie Portman while there’s still people to save. Gods can be so inconsiderate.

6 Dressing For The Occasion

via memecenter.com

Black Widow sticks out in any fight scene with other Avengers. They’ve got vibranium shields and power armor while she’s dressed in her femme fatale Halloween costume. Did they cut her equipment budget to make room for more S.H.I.E.L.D. logos?

Maybe it wouldn’t make sense to put Black Widow in a heavy suit of armor because agility is her thing, but why does she need to show off her cleavage?

It would make sense for an espionage mission where her skills in seduction might be of use, but she might want to at least zip up before taking on an entire army. Showing some skin may sell movie tickets, but no one’s buying that such a skilled warrior would leave her chest and throat exposed on an open battlefield.

5 Paint That Lasts

via memedroid.com

Captain America’s shield is the ultimate defense against any amount of kinetic force (though not when it’s thrown for some reason), but what’s even more amazing is how it can block a powerful strike from Thor’s hammer and not have a scratch on it.

That paint job isn't just good, it’s miraculous.

Captain America uses that shield for everything: he crouches behind it like a turtle, bounces it between bad guys, and he even smashed Iron Man’s helmet clean off with it. That shield is probably his can opener too. In spite of all that, we don’t see any wear and tear from the relentless beating Captain America’s shield takes on a daily basis. Either he’s constantly applying new coats of paint when the camera cuts away, or that paint is invincible.

4 Where Was That Self Control 15 Minutes Ago?

via me.me

One of the major conflicts in The Avengers centers around Bruce Banner losing control and transforming into the Incredible Hulk at a crucial moment aboard the Avengers’ ship. He turns on his friends and almost destroys the ship from the inside until Thor takes him out, and by the end of the battle he plummets down to earth.

That all fits in with Banner’s storyline just fine, but then he leads us into a huge, gaping plot hole in the next scene we see him. He wakes up and has a nice chat about his identity with an elderly security guard, and they talk through his troubles for a few minutes. When the next big fight starts, Banner is ready to Hulk smash every bad guy in sight. What? Why is he suddenly in control now, when just a few minutes ago, he was trying to end his friends?

3 Maybe She's Born With It...

via funny and.com

If Marvel supervillains have taught us anything, it’s that true power comes from shopping at Hot Topic, and from a heavy application of dark eyeshadow. Everyone knows that it’s super important for your eyes to pop when you face your enemies on the battlefield, but what most people don’t realize is that dark eyeshadow bestows special abilities on those who wear it.

Specifically, the ability to catch weapons thrown by superheroes.

This secret property is especially valuable for Hela when Thor throws his signature hammer at her. Only the worthy may wield Mjolnir, but when Hela catches it, it’s clear that worthiness is measured in makeup skills. I can’t remember how that fight ends, but I’m pretty sure that Thor defeats her with cotton pads and a damp washcloth.

2 Spiderman Saves The World From Being Awesome

via reddit.com

Dinosaurs are the best, and everyone knows that. Everyone, that is, except for Spiderman. He has this strange notion that rewriting DNA to transform humans into dinosaurs is a science that would be better applied elsewhere. If it were for anything else, Spiderman might be right, but Sauron’s beautiful dream would make the world a better place.

We all know at least one person that would be improved with some dinosaur DNA, and it’s downright tragic that the Marvel universe could have had some dinosaurs instead of all those boring humans. Medicine is cool and everything, but a man who stands in the way of the formation of a dinosaur army is no hero.

Nice going, Spiderman, you saved the world from being awesome.

1 Bucky's Winning Streak Gets Cut Short By A Teenager

via pinterest.com

The Marvel Universe can be wildly inconsistent with the power levels of its superheroes, so this bit of Marvel logic is nothing new to fans. Still, it’s always amusing when it happens (or annoying, depending on who your favorite characters are). No one would argue that Spiderman isn’t formidable, but The Winter Soldier has already demonstrated his skill on the battlefield against superheroes that should be every bit as tough as Spiderman.

So why does everyone’s favorite web-slinger dispatch him and Falcon with such ease? Fights in the Marvel Cinematic Universe throw a wrench into every “who would win in a fight” fan debate because the results are so random. Like when Dr. Strange gets the better of Loki, Spiderman wins because it’s hilarious to see the villain lose a fight to some newcomer who’s barely trying. It’s entertaining, but it makes no sense.

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