24 Hilarious Memes Only Geek Girls Will Understand

It's hard out there being a geek girl. You sometimes have people tell you that you’re not nerdy enough, or try to challenge exactly how high you rank on the nerd scale. Trying to be a nerd in peace, or just nerd and chill, isn’t something that can be achieved so easily. Being a geek girl is something that you can’t really explain. It’s something that you can only experience if you’ve immersed yourself in what is nerd culture. Being a geek girl in this culture, and this crazy world, is a challenge. It has all different kinds of moments. Some ridiculous, some weird, and some just down right hilarious. Sometimes geek girls are a little extreme and have a habit of calling out movies when they stray away from details that were clearly in the book, or when details are left out from an adaptation

Some of the highlights of being a geek girl are having some great stories or hearing some outrageous comments from people who you know, and some who you don’t. It’s not just about how thick your glasses are, or how many game systems are in your arsenal. It goes much deeper than that. Being a geek girl is a lifestyle that many don’t understand. Like, when you see a new Marvel movie trailer, someone surprises you with a Harry Potter wand as a gift, or when your character in your favorite RPG has every piece of gear in the game, or when you’ve developed some strong feelings for fictional characters. Being a geek girl is charming, and it just simply rocks.

24 One True Pairing

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Finding someone who understands your level of nerd is hard to come across. Of course, in a dream world scenario, you’re reading a great fantasy novel on the subway. Someone notices what you’re reading, only to get excited and comment on how they loved that book as well. You stop reading to fully engage with this person that likes the same exact book as you. You test their level of nerd by throwing out something, to see if they catch on, or like the same thing. Congratulations, you’ve met someone that gets you. It doesn’t really work that way. At least on the subway it doesn’t. Most people are just trying to get to work without delays or someone doing something crazy. It's easier to just click on someone's profile to see what they like, or like a picture of them on Instagram.

23 Relationship Status


Geek girls aren’t ones to dislike the idea of a relationship. Being with someone who has the same love for all things nerdy like you do is appealing, but hard to find. It also depends on what we have going on in our lives. What with a life of cosplay, anime conventions, and gaming competitions. You can catch Geek girls always doing something productive. Probably slaying dragons, or awaiting their letter to Hogwarts. That doesn’t mean that romance is completely out of the question. It’s just on the back burner while other things take priority. Seriously though, that letter from Hogwarts would change everything, and at that point, a relationship is definitely last. On the bright side, we’re always looking for friends to join us in our nerdy shenanigans, so people are always welcome to join in on the fun.

22 Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay


When you say you cosplay, you get some funny looks. Some people even go as far as to think cosplaying is something entirely different. Your parents don’t understand what cosplaying is. They think of it as just you dressing up exactly the way you did as a kid on Halloween, not understanding its importance entirely. Some of your friends don’t know what cosplaying is exactly either, and they just think of you dressing up as an anime character, and then they’ll name the most common anime of all time.

Seriously though, Inuyasha?

I mean, it's good, but come on. *Insert eye-roll here* Then you have strangers that really don’t know what cosplay is, wondering why you do it in the first-place, and then ask the most common, and yet irritating question on the planet: “Isn’t that for kids?”

21 If Men Had It Like Women

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If more male fictional characters dressed as female fictional characters it would be pretty great. Could you picture Geralt from The Witcher 3 trying to take down a griffin while wearing an outfit like Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2? And yet, Rikku handles dragons, creepy crawlies, and other monsters in her bikini covered by a tiny mini skirt like a boss.

Let’s see Ezio in some short shorts and a halter top trying to steal the Apple of Eden back from Cesare Borgia.

He can still keep the hood and cape though. Better yet, where would he hide his knives, crossbow, and sword? Somehow though, female fictional characters manage this just fine. Have a staff as a weapon, or a sword? No problem they've got this.

20 Real Relationships

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You can show your love in a relationship all kinds of ways. Things change a bit in a relationship where both people are complete nerds and obsessed with video games. This scenario can go a few different ways. When there is a midnight release of a game, your partner knows without question that you will be at that midnight release. Games that deserve pre-orders will be bought without a thought, and game time is taken seriously. No interruptions and all conversations are put on hold until finished. If you’re fighting a boss,  your significant other knows that all concentration is needed. They don’t offer tips, and they wait until you’ve either died or beaten the boss to carry on a conversation. If you failed in defeating the boss, its best not to say anything until later.

19 Go Take A Shower

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When you’re immersed in a game, you don’t think about certain things. Eating unless necessary, checking your email, answering your phone, or answering text messages. Even showering isn’t on your mind unless you notice that it’s been a few days or someone tells you to.

This takes place usually on the release day of a highly anticipated game, or a few days after it’s been released.

Don’t judge though. You can’t really take a break from a game until you’ve at least beaten it, or have gotten far enough where you feel comfortable to take a breather. Refuel, and let everyone know that, no you’re not deceased, you’re very much alive. If the people in your life know you well, they know that when a game or expansion pack was just released, they'll see you when you decide to come out of your cave.

18 Staying Up Late

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Finishing a game will leave you with many different emotions. Emotions that you can’t exactly process all at once. You will feel happy at first because you've succeeded in beating the final boss, and completely owned that final fight. Then the other emotions set in shortly after. The sadness that the game is over and the characters that you’ve come to love and cherished have completed their journey.

The loneliness creeps in shortly after reminding you that you’ve beaten all of your other games, and you have nothing new to play until later in the year when there is a new release. You consider replaying some of the other games you own new game plus mode (if there is one). Then you start to create other scenarios where you imagine your favorite characters in their lives after the game has ended. The sadness disappears after a while, but you won't forget how great that game was.

17 The Trick To All Relationships

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How nice would be it be to be able to say certain things to your partner with just the press of a button? What if you two got into an argument over how long they were playing online. You wanted to hop on, grind, and level up your character, but you couldn't. You two aren’t speaking, but you wanted to let them know that you’re ordering Postmates and wondered if they wanted to put in an order for something.

You could just press the X Button on your DualShock controller to get your message across.

Or, they forgot the one thing on the grocery list you wanted? No problem just press a button, and that item appears in their hands. Sure there's text messaging, but using your game controller would be way more fun.

16 Ridiculous Clothes

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Clothing in video games definitely raise some questions as to what the developers were thinking when they were making them. The Final Fantasy series is notorious for having their female, and some male characters, wearing some odd clothing that definitely has you thinking, "Seriously?."

Vann, we’re looking at you buddy. You honestly think we missed the fact that you were running around cold snowy mountains wearing just a vest, with no shirt underneath? Yeah, you had armor attributes but seriously? You should have been a popsicle. While this was highly questionable, female character's clothing in Final Fantasy is always up for discussion. Ashe, Cindy, Tifa. See the pattern yet? All have some form of short shorts or a mini skirt. Final Fantasy X-2 changed this up a bit, with the dressphere option. Which gave a good amount of variety, but please game developers, especially RPG game developers, give female characters more clothing.

15 Can't Talk To Girls

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Link isn’t the only one with this problem. For some reason in the gaming world, there are a lot of male characters that have a difficult time talking to female characters in the game. Or they end up saying something weird. Squall really had a tough time with the ladies, but eventually, he managed to do alright.

To be fair, he was surrounded by a group of women that only asked for his help when needed.

When Jude first met Milla, he definitely wasn’t confident. I mean would you be if you came in contact with a celestial being that was created by a god, that could do some serious damage in a fight? We get it, its hard for some of these male characters to talk to powerful female characters, it's cool.

14 Loving Fictional Characters


From T.V shows, movies, book characters, to beloved anime characters, you name it. You can almost always find a geek girl that has love for a fictional character. It’s as if it comes with the territory. No, it is not an obsession, but more of an infatuation. Liking the personality of the characters that were created, and finding that some of them remind you of yourself. A lot of people relate to the famous character Naruto. This goes hand in hand with cosplaying. The infatuation remains. Have you ever read a book, and cared for a character or characters so much that if anything happened to them, it had an affect on you? You find it completely ruining your day and messing with your emotions. This happens often, and hey, no shame in that. Continue to love those fictional characters with all of your heart.

13 Video Games Are Life, Video Games Are Love


As a geek girl myself, I say this time and time again. Video games are life. It really needs no explanation, but I’m going to explain anyway. Video games have become an escape for people. Being able to play around in a world where anything is possible is great. Whether you’re an RPG fan, shooter, action adventure, or strategy lover, there is a game for you. No matter what console you play on, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PlayStation, or Xbox, video games make you think. Trying to figure out what the next move is, or how to defeat a boss that has been giving you a hard time is enthralling. Maybe you prefer playing online with friends, taking down another team, or just going on a raid to get some great gear. Video games bring people together, and many are a lot more than “just a game."

12 Negotiating With Boss Enemies


Imagine a world where you could negotiate with boss enemies before you fight them. Women, by nature, try to find other solutions to problems before resorting to violence (most of the time anyway). This gives the enemy a chance to do the right thing.

If women were in charge, Bowser would not be stealing Peach as many times as he does.

If anything, Peach would have to be sat down and talked to about why this keeps happening. Think of it as an intervention, asking her what part she plays in all of this. Let’s be honest here, there is no way he can manage to continuously take her every single time with success unless she’s giving him information or he’s tricking her into giving away her location. Female gamers will not negotiate with these types, point blank, period.

11 Being A Nerd At School


This wasn’t an easy thing to live with sometimes, and some people made this difficult during your high school days. Talking about something you love such as anime, K-pop, or J-pop, only to be given a look of confusion by your peers.

Being a nerd at school isn't exactly easy, but it does make it better when you find other people that are just like you.

Sometimes you might even be able to have a conversation with other people who aren’t nerds, talking about why you loved that book, or a sci-fi series you are currently obsessed with. Remembering that being a nerd never used to be a good thing. But now let’s be honest, a lot of people claim they’re “nerds” when actually they might’ve only watched two episodes of Firefly, watched one Star Wars film, and called Link, Zelda, on more than one occasion. But hey, at least they tried.

10 So Majestic

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Makeup is fun, but can be totally awkward. So you start out slow. Watching a few makeup tutorials can be fun and interesting. You can see different beauty gurus on YouTube play around, creating different looks that pique your interest. You tell yourself that you can totally do that, so you go out to buy some makeup, determined to create the look that you fell in love with. In your mind, this is going so well. You tell yourself that it’s going to look great when you’re finished. As you finish up, you step back, look in the mirror, and see the horror on your face. Yeah, this isn’t for you, but fear not! After a few hundred makeup tutorials, you end up doing well. Sure, you can’t beat your face like Jackie Aina, or Alyssa Ashley, but you tried. Give yourself a pat on the back.

9 Girl Gamers


Girl gamers take their gaming just as seriously as the next gamer. Whether it’s grinding in an RPG to make a character stronger, going on a raid with some friends in a favorite MMO, or kicking the pants off other players in a great game of Call of Duty. You name it, guaranteed there’s a female gamer that can take on the challenge.

The characters in those games mean a lot to geek girls.

Almost like a baby, you raise them, teach them, and nurture them with abilities, make them stronger so they can take on any monster with almost no issue what so ever. Games are not just an escape, but a place to be creative, and show off some awesome skills that were picked up.

8 Special Weapons DLC

Is it me or has DLC really gone downhill? Players love DLC when DLC can actually be good. Weapon DLC, on the other hand, does seem like a way to only make money for game developers. They could just include it in the main game without you paying for it. Players just don't want to buy a game and then turn around to find themselves contemplating on whether or not to buy that special weapons pack. Only to end up using 1 or 2 weapons in the pack, to begin with, which is not exactly practical. Game Developers should just throw every weapon in the game, and focus on creating better DLC content that will make players actually spend their money. If special weapon DLC will continue to be a thing maybe there should be multiple expansions.

7 The Secret To A Geek Girls Heart


There isn’t exactly a secret to a geek girl's heart, but it does help to have some guidance along the way.

Just make sure it doesn’t come off as forced, and don’t get the names wrong of any beloved characters, or you will receive some serious side eye.

The way to a geek girl's heart is all things nerd pop culture, but preferably a game that was just released, or a wonderful reminder of why DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) is still loved till this day. You just need the right sequence of buttons to get it right, and there is no cheat sheet that will reveal the codes, you just have to figure out what the right one is. Have faith, and good luck on your journey

6 Fake Geek Girls

Geeks and non-geeks have encountered these types on more than one occasion. Fake geek girls, you can spot them as easily as fake geek guys. These are the types of girls that think Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are the same exact show. Doesn’t that just get your blood boiling? There is nothing wrong with trying to fit in, but memorizing the names of a few shows that literally have a cult following will get you into some serious hot water. Nothing worse then someone pretending they’re something they’re not. It’s even worse when they involve a beloved game, movie, or precious memory, and it gets caught in the crossfire. Hits like that are hard to recover from. Choose your words wisely, it might actually save your life.

5 Maturity Level


The Maturity Level can range anywhere from ages eight to eighteen. It’s not that geek girls are immature, it's more of a child at heart kind of thing. Geek girls never really grow up, just take on grown-up responsibilities. Going through life always loving the things that made them happy as a child.

The same things that still make them happy well into their older years.

There might be a small amount of immaturity but that is the fun part of it. Heading to a Toys R Us and getting on those giant bouncing balls. Bouncing around the store is an experience that everyone must try. You don’t have to be a geek girl to do it, just let the inner kid in you let loose, and have fun, it’s definitely worth it.

4 Happy Halloween


Every geek girl has an obsession with Halloween. It’s not just a holiday. Not when you prepare for it for the entire year, waiting for your moment to dress up as your favorite character, or even do a group costume. The only downside to Halloween is someone not knowing what character you are. It’s okay, but you were hoping that they would at least have some idea of who, or what you are. It’s not the end of the world, but you can’t help but tell them in frustration that, no, you are not from Assassin's Creed. You’re actually Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. Then you get that awkward look, and a nod that they understand, but actually they have no clue who Tifa is or what the heck Final Fantasy is.

3 The Truth


Puberty wasn’t very friendly for everyone growing up. Some of us thrived, while others just didn’t. In reality, there really were pretty and popular girls in school, that just came with the territory, but if you were one of those girls that puberty wasn’t friendly to, you noticed that your friends just flourished. They had a glow about them. Their hair grew longer, they grew taller, and looked like they could model for Aerie. Seriously, this happens. Ask any girl that puberty wasn’t nice to growing up. You couldn’t help but wonder when it was your turn, or why didn’t you get blessed with curves. Instead, you're still waiting and having to shop in the “young women” section that carried clothes for girls who resembled a piece of cardboard, if you know what I mean.

2 Growing up Nerdy

You weren’t necessarily into makeup or trying to make your hair look perfect, as other girls likely were. Sure, there were crushes, but something else occupied your wonderful brain. You were into reading comic books, skateboarding with your friends, and beating your siblings at who could finish a certain stage in Super Mario the fastest. Then, taking your friends on in Mario Kart, or Super Smash Brothers. Spending the night at a friend's, playing an intense game of Dungeons and Dragons. Growing up nerdy was definitely an experience that other geek girls can definitely relate to. It was fun, with many memories. Even if you did rock braces, that didn’t stop you from being the coolest version of you that you could possibly be.

1 You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Ah, Tomb Raider. It was a great experience, and it left you cursing a few times when you encountered huge enemies that you couldn’t necessarily take on by yourself, but somehow you managed to take them on after a perishing a few times.

There are a couple of things about Tomb Raider that never really made much sense.

One of those things was, with how much Laura went through did anyone find it strange that her ponytail stayed perfectly intact? Seriously, tell me where she gets her hair ties. Another thing was, she was constantly being injured. From falling off a cliff or hitting her head when she was too close to an explosion. Somehow she managed to still climb those cliffs. Talk about having willpower.

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