15 Hilarious Memes That Prove Dragon Ball GT Is Awful

Dragon Ball GT is one of the worst sequels of a successful franchise, but it had some pretty interesting aspects. As the successor of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, this 64 episode series had a lot of pressure on its shoulders; it was also the only installment of Dragon Ball that didn't have the back up of the manga. Sadly,  it really shows. For the most part, it rehashes tired ideas and it just kind of stinks.

Dragon Ball GT featured a completely original story that never managed to work, even if it had some cool things such as the Super Saiyan 4, which managed to bring back those weird Saiyan tails. Mostly, GT was plagued with bad creative decisions. For example, after hundreds of episodes and two different series, the show runners decided that Goku had to go back to being a kid... while all of his friends and family remained the same age. He had a wife, and a kid, and in GT he's a baby again, which is just plain weird.

There are millions of people who hate GT, and the reasons for that are as varied and justified as they can be. Check out these memes where people illuminate what they think is wrong with the series, ranging from kid Goku, to weird dancing aliens, and mustached Vegeta.

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15 The Fandom Is Complicated

Via quickmeme.com

While the fans hate on the series as a whole, they kind of admire the Super Saiyan 4, even if the characters have strange body hair and, you know, a tail. For all of the hate that fans spew regarding canon and non-canon, they cant' help but want a little bit of everything, even if it's a tad weird.

While GT had a ton of flaws, I commend the show for its originality with this design, and the fact that the creators were so fearless with the aesthetic and narrative decisions that they took. Turning Goku into a kid must've been scary, and creating a type of Super Saiyan that's not blonde must have also been wild. So yeah, the show might be kind of bad, but it deserves a little bit of praise.

14 What Everyone Feels

Via memecenter.com

Everyone just wants to pretend that Dragon Ball GT doesn't exist. In fact, some people claim that it's not canon because it wasn't created by Akira Toriyama, the writer of the original manga. Even though Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z weren't perfect shows by any means - so many filler episodes, and so few female characters - they were both pretty revolutionary in their own way. This is especially truw when you consider the franchise, Dragon Ball, and its introduction in the west. In short: it was seminal. Dragon Ball is the one anime that everyone remembers from their childhood, and when you group it with GT it feels like you're tarnishing it's legacy, and your fond memories. It introduced a generation to the venerable franchise.

13 The Truth About Power

via roosterteeth.com

The fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta, is one of the coolest moments in Dragon Ball Z (one of many). More than anything, Gogeta reminds us of the peak of the franchise, not it's pathetic roots in Dragon Ball GT. Still, because of the movies and the drought between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, the characters introduced later in the series tend to get lumped in with GT. True fans may know better, but their union is decidedly "post-game" character, so to speak. In any case, this meme illustrates an easter egg fans might not have noticed — and a surprisingly cool one at that. Needless to say, this meme might not color the poor quality of GT, but it's worth seeing all the same.

12 The Whole Show In Four Pictures

Via me.me

There were dancing alien monkeys, a hero that reversed to a child, a cool and awesome anti-hero that grew a sad looking mustache, and the death of a beloved alien. There were also some strange decisions made regarding the look and the writing of the show. A lot of stuff went wrong with Dragon Ball GT, but it's kind of eclectic, and weird, and that's kind of cool in it's own way.

Still, if you can't watch GT then no worries. Dragon Ball Super has been getting good reviews ever since it started back in 2015. We're sure they'll also be new Dragon Ball series in the future, because if there's one thing we've learned is that Goku, no matter his age and look, is eternal.

11 Why Do They Look So Bad?

Via memedroid.com

What is it with GT and mustaches? If you don't recognize him, that's Krillin at the top image. He looks more like Mario and a character from Pokémon than from the Krillin we all know and love. I understand that the show is supposed to take place after Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but still. Why is Krillin so old if everyone else still looks kind of the same?

No one has any answers. Krillin looks like an accountant, which is probably the job he was meant to do, since he dies all the time and is the worst fighter. We still love you, Krillin. Just please shave. Actually, believe it or not, but Akria Toriyama himself is the one who designed these facial-hair versions of the characters — I guess he was bored with the typical look.

10 Krillin Says Good-Bye... Again

Via me.me

Krillin always gets the short end of the stick, it's really sad, but it's especially sad on Dragon Ball GT, a series that's super weird and that would've benefited from Krillin doing something else other than saying good-bye again and having a weird mustache. The good thing is that there's some sort of role reversal here, different than most shows; it's refreshing to see a male character get ended for the progression of a female character, especially in Dragon Ball, a show that's extremely male centric.

Thanks to Krillin's end, Android 18 realizes herself, protects her daughter, and snaps out of Android 17's mind control. It's an important moment, we still can't get over the whole Krillin's life thing.

9 Pan Never Reached Her Full Potential

Via memecenter.com

Now that we're on the topic of women, Pan had some serious moments and hints that she could maybe have the potential of going Super Saiyan, yet, for all the weird stuff that GT did, they never committed to this storyline or even gave Pan an arc where she could grow and do something other than moan around.

By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Pan was in a pretty cool place, beating Goten in a fight. She's the granddaughter of Goku, so she should be pretty powerful, right? Not for Dragon Ball GT, where she hung around for every arc, but did nothing meaningful. It would've been easier if they just forgot about her character entirely. Yet another sorry excuse from the GT narrative.

8 The Character Just Stink

Via youtube (MasakoX)

This is a point of controversy, because some people loved the new style of the show, while others were really ticked off by it. Personally, I think it's a mixed bag. The Super Saiyan 4 designs are great and extremely different, which was very necessary for a series that had already seen 3 versions of the Super Saiyans with varying degrees of spikiness and blonde hair. I can't imagine what people thought the first time they were watching Dragon Ball GT and kid Goku turned into an adult with long black hair, a tail, and some amazing red eye liner. As for the other characters, Vegeta's new haircut and mustache is a big no for me, and Goku and Gohan's art direction made them look like twins.

7 The G In GT Stands For glitter

Via lentilla.info

Who can forget Gogeta's most dangerous attack, where he proceeds to glow red and split into different clones of himself, surrounding his enemy dangerously, topping it off with... a tiny confetti cannon? This is not a joke. Gogeta is a little weird, with a propensity for laughing mid battle and humiliating his foes as well as throwing confetti. He's undeniably strong though, just a little eccentric. It is basically in line with Dragon Ball's goofy origins, but there's no denying that the serious tone of Dragon Ball Z reign supreme (at least the first three season). Having the character be associated with such a silly ability is kind of a stretch. Still, I kind of love him. Too bad the rest of Dragon Ball GT is so bad.

6 Poor Vegeta

via funnyjunk.com

Vegeta will always be one step behind his rival Goku. It doesn't matter the series, or how strong he gets — there's a bit of magic to Son Goku. That being said, Vegeta's own pride is responsible for him always falling behind. If he could learn to train with someone, as opposed to on his own, he might develop new techniques and finally match Kakarrot after all this time. That doesn't seem likely, but you can dream.

In any event, this meme showcases just one more level to the Legendary Super Saiyan, and we get to take another shot at Prince Vegeta. So maybe this meme doesn't attack GT, but it does highlight another level exclusive to the late series.

5 Baby Is The Worst Villain

Via Youtube (Konoha TV)

For starters, his name is Baby, which is pretty lame. He also has so many transformations and shapes that it's hard to keep track of them. This quality is not new to the Dragon Ball universe, but even by the show's standards, Baby had the ability to look like a million different things. That might have not been a problem for everyone, but to me, it was just confusing.

Baby was also pretty dumb, with the ability to take over anyone's body, he should've been much more threatening. Sadly, he wasn't. I'm also extremely shocked that Baby didn't even try to take over the bodies of Goku or Vegeta, you know, the strongest warriors in the world? That would've ended the show real fast.

4 The Dumbest Stunt They Ever Pulled

Via memecenter.com

Kid Goku is probably the reason why so many people hate Dragon Ball GT, and I can't blame them. It's so frustrating that after all the training Goku went through, all the villains he defeated, and all the different levels of Super Saiyan he managed to achieve, he ends up losing it all and turning into a little kid. It basically destroyed all the character development that he went through over two separate series and hundreds of episodes.

Since the stakes were so high by the end of Dragon Ball Z, they probably turned Goku into a kid as a way of making him weaker and more threatened by the possibility of a new villain. Which makes sense, but is still annoying and cheap.

3 They Gave Vegeta A WHAT!?

Via pinterest

I know I mentioned Vegeta's mustache previously, but it's so ugly that I had to make a special entry for it on this list. The scene were Bulla mocks him for it kind of makes up for the ugliness, because it's one of the few instances where a woman's actions has consequences on the Dragon Ball universe, but still, the 'stache is unforgivable.

Back to the women on the show: there are literally like five of them over the course of over 300 episodes. You can probably count all of their lines with your fingers. Am I bitter? You bet I am. It's such a pathetic attempt from a beloved franchise. They've had plenty of time to and attempts to get this right — especially after it became and international hit.

2 Piccolo Has His End

Via Dorkly

Piccolo was the best, and it's super sad that he died even though he could've been saved. When he's saying his goodbyes to Gohan, Piccolo states that, for some reason, he wants to stay on the dying planet Earth. Sure, his intentions were noble, but the show still needed his snappy and bitter remarks.

One of the best parts of Dragon Ball was Piccolo and Gohan's relationship, because it was one of the few relationships that the show decided to invest some time and effort in.With his death, there were much fewer heartwarming moments. They also got rid of the other father/son relationship because, newsflash, Goku is now a child. Join me in the comments with your own salty opinions on Dragon Ball GT.

1 Goten And Gohan Looked Exactly The Same

Via me.me

Goten is Gohan's younger brother but Dragon Ball GT kind of forgot about this and made them look exactly the same age, with the same face. Their main difference were the different amount of spikes in their hair, which is not a good indicator of difference, especially in a show like Dragon Ball where characters tend to look very similar to each other.

In Dragon Ball Z, when Goten was a child he looked just like Goku, which was super confusing but if you were into the story then you kind of understood. Gohan was also older, so you couldn't confuse the two. Later on, Goten grew up and changed radically, having longer and shaggier hair. By the beginning of GT, he had short hair, making him look exactly like Gohan. The only way to differentiate the two was by their girlfriends. And every time someone called their names.

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