25 Hilarious Memes That Prove DC Is Better Than Marvel

What's the best way to decide the DC vs. Marvel controversy? With memes, of course! Here are 25 Hilarious Memes That Prove DC Is Better Than Marvel.

One battle that will never end is Marvel versus DC. While the comic book companies themselves might not be warring with each other, the fans certainly are. Covered in a

"there can only be one" mentality, many have chosen a side and will die over it. The issue here is that there is no clear winner between the two. Marvel has significantly better films, but DC has their hold over comics and video games.

What makes this battle worse is that many people have been siding with Marvel solely because of their pop culture success in the movie industry. The MCU has swayed a lot of casual audiences over to their side, and fans of the DCEU don't have a lot of ground to stand on.

Still, that doesn't mean the home of the Justice League is out of the battle completely. With great stories, great games, and great TV shows, DC has more than a fighting chance. Because of these, there's an argument to be made that they are better than Marvel Comics.

With that said, what better way to express DC's dominance than memes that are created at Marvel's expense? Get ready to laugh at these 25 memes that prove DC is better than Marvel.

25 Look Familiar?

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Believe it or not, Marvel has copied DC a lot in the past. Characters like Hawkeye, Thanos, and the Vision, were created after DC already had many of their heroes and villains in place. They've even admitted in the past that some of their trademark characters were modeled after some that DC had.

Whether or not this is the case or not is anyone's guess, but it's hard to deny the resemblance that Nightwing's New 52 suit and Cyclops's new outfit share. It's also worth noting that the design more graciously fits Dick Grayson (and the Nightwing persona) rather than a mutant who shoots lasers out of his eyes. Just use his classic costume and avoid the comparisons, Marvel.

24 Never Mind!

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Heath Ledger's Joker is easily one of the greatest villains in cinematic history. His ideals and morals are in stark contrast to the Dark Knight, making him the perfect antagonist. One of his best moments was when he told the criminals of Gotham that the solution to the vigilante problem was simple: just kill the Batman.

While that was a fair strategy against Christian Bale's version of the character, he wouldn't last a second against Ben Affleck's interpretation of Batman. The moment he faced that version of the Caped Crusader, he'd be standing right in front of a gun. It's likely that he would get the heck out of dodge and take his antics elsewhere. Either that or he would put together a different sort of plan to deal with a Batman that's willing to kill.

23 Who Said Marvel's TV Shows Were Better?

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Marvel has a vast control of the movie market, but their foray into television hasn't been as successful. Starting with Agents of SHIELD, they didn't put their best foot forward. They began to turn things around with Daredevil, but those projects haven't been as high quality since then. Easily, the low point of their TV shows took place when Iron Fist came out. It was heavily criticized for not having the same level of passion or thought as the other shows.

That being said, there are still fans of the Iron Fist show, but they should probably understand that they're in the minority. The same could definitely be said of The Inhumans fans (if there are any).

22 Who Said Quicksilver Was A Speedster?

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Quicksilver is one of the fastest characters in the Marvel Universe, but that's not saying much. To be fair, he was still the one who took all of Ultron's bullets in Avengers: Age of Ultron, despite having an incredible level of super speed.

Compare that to Barry Allen: the fastest man alive in the DC Universe. He goes beyond just being able to run really fast. He has access to an entirely new dimension called the Speed Force. When he channels it, he can break all sorts of records known to metahumans. He can easily outrun Superman and would have no trouble beating Quicksilver in any sort of race or battle. We like Quicksilver just fine, but when compared to the Flash, there's no competition at all. Next time Quicksilver gets faced with some bullets, he should try and catch them in midair.

21 Can't We All Just Get Along?

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There's always a certain image we create of people who are either Marvel or DC fans. Every time a new Marvel or DC movie comes out, it spurs comments upon comments of fans arguing which side is better. It's a breeding ground for anger and unnecessary hatred. What happened if everyone would just get along?

Thankfully, DC is taking the high road in this meme. Being pasted over the scene with Legolas and Gimli in The Return of the King. Instead of focusing on their differences, Marvel and DC fans should work together and focus on their commonalities. After all, they both love a lot of the same stuff: comic books and heroes who punch villains.

20 Admit It, You Cried Too

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Young Justice ended without some sort of conclusion, but we still got a bit of finality for some of its characters. If you don't like spoilers, then just skip this one.

One of the original members of the Young Justice team: the retired Wally West, came back to help the heroes deal with a threat that could rip apart the fabric of the Earth. However, he wasn't as fast as Barry or Bart Allen because he was a bit out of practice. This led to dangerous energy siphoning out of the Earth through his body. The event ends with Wally's disappearance, leaving his lover Artemis and the rest of the Young Justice team to grieve. If you didn't cry, then you're a liar.

19 Can't Ignore The Truth

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One character that DC hasn't treated particularly well is KGBeast. He was just a major thug in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while he had a satisfying presence in Arrow, we never got to see him in his full getup. Needless to say, he hasn't been the most compelling part of DC's live-action repertoire.

However, it doesn't compare to what the MCU did with Crossbones. After Brock Rumlow somehow survived the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, audiences were scared to think what he would do in Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately, he was only there in the beginning just to kill himself that would kick off the event that required the Sokovia Accords. The sad part about it is that anyone else could've been in his role and it would've remained functionally the same.

18 One Of These Has More Honor Than The Other

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Marvel and DC have drastically different outlooks on life and being superheroes in general. Marvel deals with how their characters develop and the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. Very seldom, at least in their movies, do they have to wrestle with the concept of causing deaths. Civil War is one of the very few exceptions (Daredevil counts as well, but that's solely a TV show).

DC, on the other hand, has several heroes who wrestle with this whenever they operate. It's one of the famous mottos of the Dark Knight that has since been reflected in Superman as well. These characters vie for not killing because they believe it will turn them into the very things they hate. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

17 Get Your Priorities Straight

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When Tony Stark first went to Peter Parker's house in Captain America: Civil War, he tried to bring the kid to fight on his side against Captain America and the Secret Avengers. He, at first, denied wanting to go out, stating that he had homework to do and wouldn't be able to just drop everything and go out of the country for a weekend.

The DCEU had a similar experience when Bruce Wayne went to recruit Barry Allen for the Justice League. However, Barry was much more excited to be a part of the team because he'd dedicated his entire life to being the hero of Central City and finding out who really killed his mother. He didn't have any friends and was eager to work with Batman and make a cooler team come together in the end.

16 Do You Agree?

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There are a few problems with this meme: the first is that it doesn't accurately spoof the quote from the Joker about killing the Batman being simple. The second is that, at the end of the day, Marvel and transitively Warner Bros are both making movies for the money. Neither is trying to appeal to the audiences and, if they are, it's only to make more money in the long run.

With that out of the way, there's no denying that the majority of the DCEU movies have tried more fervently to be about an abstract idea and to use the visual medium to communicate something more than just what's on the surface level. Marvel has attempted the same thing, but not to the same extent. Many of their movies are fundamentally structured similarly.

15 The Real Terminator

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When you think of the word "Terminator," the movies starring Arnold probably come to mind, right? However, he wasn't the first fictional character to have that name. As a matter of fact, DC Comics did it first when they created Deathstroke. Originally called Deathstroke the Terminator, this merciless assassin was one of the biggest threats in the DC Universe.

The reason that his name was changed to just Deathstroke was because DC didn't want any confusion with The Terminator movie. At the end of the day, comic book fans know who the real Terminator is. On that note, they were also the ones to coin the name "Captain Marvel" before Marvel Comics swooped in to force them to change the title.

14 One Looks Better Than The Other

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We'll be upfront here: Captain America: Civil War is a better film than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and that has nothing to do with superhero inclusion, MCU versus DCEU, or anything related to that. It's simply an analysis of the quality of both of these movies. That said, there is one area where DC outdid Marvel: visual quality.

Batman V Superman had a lot of visual style. It was dark, but that let the red of Superman and the green of the Kryptonite stand out. There was something pretty to look at. Civil War, on the other hand, didn't have that. The airport scene, while a marvel in terms of action and CGI, was fairly ugly from a visual standpoint. Just look at these two pictures and you'll know what we mean.

13 Yeah, He Had A Lantern Ring

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There are several superheroes from both Marvel and DC who have no superpowers and either use their combat excellence or intelligence to join the ranks of the mightiest heroes. Some arguments against DC state that it's because Batman has no superpowers and would never be able to realistically fight against gods and monsters like he does in the comics.

To those people, we show you this picture. There was a time where Batman was chosen by a Yellow Lantern ring to be its bearer and possess the interstellar power of fear. While that still technically means that he has no powers, he still has the potential to accomplish great feats in the DC Universe that many other heroes do not.

12 Which Is More Important?

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When an actor is called on to portray a superhero in film, there's a certain level of preparation they must go through in order to accurately play them. In a general sense, those playing Marvel heroes in the MCU are instructed to read a lot of the comics so they get a fundamental understanding of what defines those characters.

DC, on the other hand, has their actors working out so they can get insanely ripped and muscular for their roles. Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Jason Momoa, are all very powerful and massive individuals. While you could argue that it's more important to know about the characters they're playing, working out has more positive impacts on your life outside of just acting. Points for the DCEU!

11 JLA/Avengers Movie, Anyone?

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Both Marvel and DC are trying very hard to create some of the most ambitious projects known to cinema. Marvel alone is putting together one of the biggest movies in history, Avengers: Infinity War, which releases in May of 2018. While we're not sure what the DCEU is building toward, we guarantee that they'll come up with something impressive.

The logical next step from there is to have a crossover between the MCU and the DCEU. The comics did it several times, so it's time for the movies to show interactions between Ben Affleck's Batman and Tom Holland's Spider-Man. The actors of the DCEU have openly stated that they'd be open to doing it. We guarantee that Disney and the MCU actors might have some different opinions.

10 Bow Down Before Your King

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While Batman V Superman was poorly received, there was no denying the level of interest that was drawn from most of its trailers. Several shots of Batman fighting, Superman saving the day, and nightmares involving a dictator version of the Man of Steel, were all highlights. Most people watching the movie saw the latter sequence and didn't think anything of it. Those with keener eyes saw something a bit more detailed.

When Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad had their trailers debut during Comic-Con, Marvel genuinely had a reason to slightly hedge. Many DC fans looked at the shot of guards bowing down to Superman as Marvel finally bowing down to the overlords of DC Comics. It's sad that the feeling of triumph didn't last too long.

9 More Than He Appears

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Of all the DC superheroes, the one who's received the most negative perceptions is Arthur Curry, otherwise known as Aquaman. Those who thought of the hero only constructed an image of a weird guy who was only useful in water. He could communicate with the powers of sea creatures but, on land, wouldn't bring anything to the table.

The reality is that Aquaman is one of DC's most powerful characters. He can call sea monsters at his disposal, is one of the best fighters in the world, rules the lost city of Atlantis, and has a trident that can cut through Superman's skin. Those who think poorly of the character might be well off by not doing so in the future.

8 They're The Heroes Of Gotham

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One of the most quotable lines from The Dark Knight is when Batman says, "I'm the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one that it needs." Since then, people have taken to the Internet to find other places where this line would be applicable. After all, The Dark Knight is a movie about sophisticated ideals and a conflict between two men warring for the soul of Gotham City.

According to this meme, Christian Bale's Batman was the one we needed at the time: realistic and a severe one-eighty from the previous campy George Clooney Batman. Ben Affleck's Batman, on the other hand, is the one we deserve, having a much more active and raw representation of the Caped Crusader.

7 Changed For The Better

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We all love The Flash in its own quirky way, but one consistent problem is how Barry continuously screws up the timeline. As a matter of the fact, all of the issues he faced during season 3 were because he messed time up and saved his mother from the Reverse Flash. Since then, Barry going back in time has only had negative effects on the universe.

That said, there is one time that he finally had a positive result in the long run. Harrison Wells, looking into the future, has seen that Young Justice is returning for season 3. After we thought that it would never make a comeback, DC and Warner Bros are reviving the property and continuing right where the show left off all those years ago.

6 Need We Say More?

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There are a lot of complex and insightful arguments as to whether Marvel is better than DC or DC is better than Marvel. Fans have spent hours analyzing their products, from comics to cartoons. In all of that, there is still no clear winner between the two. They are great at particular things but have their respective weaknesses as well.

Then there's this simple argument. DC fans could just show a picture of Ben Affleck in his armored batsuit, say that DC is better than Marvel, and leave it at that. After all, nothing that impressive has been put into a costume in any movie to date (and that includes some of the excellent costume design shown in the Marvel films).

5 Champions In Different Areas

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When people start arguing about whether Marvel or DC is better, the general consensus is that they're each great at different things. Marvel has the market when it comes to film. Titles like Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers have all been massive successes to Marvel and brought many of their unknown characters to light.

Then, when you consider everything else, like comics, video games, and animated cartoons, DC has the award in spades. Titles like Injustice 2, Batman: Arkham City, Young Justice, and DC Rebirth are all some of their recent highlights. In that regard, Marvel can't hold a candle to them. Even the recent Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite wasn't received as well as the series usually is.

4 Get Ready MCU

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It's funny to think that, in terms of movies, Marvel and DC throw the most shade at each other. Correction: DC throws a lot of jabs at Marvel, and Marvel continuously does what they do well and let no one stop them.

Look no further than Suicide Squad. When the trailer dropped, David Ayer shouted out a big "@#$! Marvel," much to the excitement of the DC fans in the crowd. Couple that with the line Joker says to Harley Quinn, "I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just going to hurt you really really bad." Perhaps that was the DCEU's way of shooting a blow at Marvel, as they were expecting the movie to finally catch up to the MCU in terms of quality. As we all know, though, that wasn't the case.

3 Not Afraid Of Multiplicity

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One of the problems of a connected cinematic universe is that everything must fit together so there are no serious continuity errors. This leads to a framework that their products aren't able to deviate from along with serious guidelines they must follow. There's only so much that each Marvel movie can do, as they must all build toward a more central narrative.

DC avoids this by separating their movies from their TV shows. The movies deal with certain issues and the TV shows deal with entirely different ones. They exist in entirely different universes. That's why we can have two versions of the Flash on screen and clearly distinguish the two. We just want this to culminate in a Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller team-up film.

2 Filthy Casuals

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Ever since comic book movies have made their way into pop culture, it's led to a lot of casual fans rising up. They will claim to love certain characters to their core, but only feel that way because of the movies they watched. This is more present in Marvel Comics, as few people cared about the characters before the MCU was created.

Many of the comic book fans in the crowd are much like Batman in this scenario. The movie fans try to school them on what the various characters stand for and they mean, and the comic fans are ready to stop them into the ground. Then, all of their other friends have to hold them back with everything they have in order to prevent the death of a filthy casual.

1 Marvel Doesn't Have A City Named After Them

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If there's one definitive argument that scientifically proves that DC is better than Marvel, it's the fact that the capital of the entire United States is Washington DC. There's no Washington Marvel or important city named after the comic book publisher. For all we know, DC could've done a great service early on in the history of America to get such a high honor (yes, we know that's actually not why Washington DC was named that).

Still, it's only a matter of time before Marvel gets more recognition in our culture as they create more movies and connect more of their properties together. Word on the street is that they just bought the rights to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even Deadpool (at least, Disney did).

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