10 Hilarious Metal Gear Solid 3 Memes Only True Fans Understand

Metal Gear Solid 3 is the crown jewel of Hideo Kojima's incredible series. It includes brilliant writing, amazing characters, and clever stealth-survival gameplay.

While Metal Gear Solid is known for its wonderful storytelling, fans of the franchise also know that it is also filled with plenty of over the top silliness. The mixture of seriousness and ridiculousness make Metal Gear what it is, while also making it the perfect series to create memes from.

It's a testament to Metal Gear Solid 3's popularity that people are still making loads of memes about the 2004 game, and the ones on this list will be appreciated by fans of Kojima's masterpiece.

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10 Ocelot's Accuracy

Its an incredible sight watching Ocelot take out multiple soldiers in quick succession, as he does in his first appearance in the third game. Even when he's not killing anybody, he's showing his immense gun handling skills by juggling three revolvers whilst occasionally firing one.

Whenever he came up against Snake though, it usually ended with Ocelot laid out with little stars above his head. Granted, when he met Snake in cutscenes, he usually didn't get a chance to fire a shot. Yet even in the one on one boss battle where there is no opportunity for CQC, his shooting ability is suddenly that of a mediocre soldier (besides a few cool ricochet shots).

9 The Best Way To Do It

Okay, it may be a scumbag move, but tranquilizing Eva was the most efficient way to get through that section of the game. Snake had a huge fight against The Boss coming up, he couldn't use all his food items on Eva so she could slowly stroll through the jungle alerting guards.

One little dart in the head, and, when she wakes up, she's ready to pilot the WiG. Whilst she's asleep, she won't even be able to feel the pain of her stomach, that had just been pierced by a branch, at least that's how Snake can justify the action.

8 But We Lived And Died Together?

Snake probably shared Gru's shocked expression in that last panel when he heard the objectives for Operation Snake Eater. That shock would've been combined with sadness as he was told to kill his mentor.

That's not to mention the fact that he heard about the mission whilst in hospital after just getting obliterated by The Boss so he wouldn't have been confident he could even defeat her in the first place. Also, he was told that if he didn't succeed it would create a war, and everyone on his support staff would be out of a job, no pressure Snake.

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7 Springfield's Cobra Unit (Plus Volgin)

Imagine you're laid down in the grass with the directional microphone on, and, as you're moving it around, you hear the sound of the wind blowing and the rustling of the grass moving as an animal walks through it, then suddenly you hear “Hoohoohoohahaha!” as Krusty the Clown's signature laugh gives away his position. Krusty's involvement would've made the battle versus The End a lot less tense, though the ancient sniper being just an older version of Volgin would be intriguing.

It's funny how characters from a show like The Simpsons can link up so well with a completely different franchise like Metal Gear Solid. Although, a barely conscious Mr. Smithers doesn't seem as threatening as The Pain.

6 Volgin Needs A Better Vetting Process

Colonel Volgin might be an imposing and frightening figure, but he's not great at identifying double (or triple) agents as the meme points out. Almost everyone close to Volgin in Metal Gear Solid 3 was actually working against him.

Hilariously, when he thought there was a spy, the investigation led to him thinking it was Granin, who (while a disgruntled employee) was one of the few people around him that technically wasn't a spy. It's shocking that it took as long as it did for the Colonel to get the Philosopher's Legacy stolen from him.

5 The Infamous Ladder

No set of Metal Gear Solid 3 memes is complete without at least one mention of the most iconic ladder in gaming. Every devoted Metal Gear fan remembers that to get to the mountainous area known as Krasnogorje it requires an unbelievably long climb. In your first playthrough of the game, you do feel as the meme describes as the ladder seems like it never ends.

During later playthroughs, you appreciate it more, as the little metallic tapping sound coming from Snake's steps mixed with the game's opening theme creates quite a soothing experience, especially as it comes right after the stress-filled battle against The End (unless you killed him one of the easy ways).

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4 Maybe Stick To Woodland Camo

There were two different types of face paint in Metal Gear Solid 3, there were useful and cool looking ones like the splitter paint, then there were the ones that are kinda weird and/or creepy. 

The Soviet Union camo looks particularly frightening, and it's unclear when this would ever be good camouflage in a jungle environment, maybe an irritated Snake decided to don the paint after America asked him to kill The Boss. Regardless of the camo's creepiness, Snake does deserve credit for his painting ability as the hammer and sickle are drawn perfectly.

3 That's Why They Call Her The Boss

Hideo Kojima did such a fantastic job at building up The Boss as a badass, and one way he did that was through her relationship with Volgin. The intimidating Colonel was cautious around the legendary soldier even when he was suspicious of her. Any time The Boss was angry with him, Volgin would quickly backtrack or back away in hopes of avoiding a beating.

It's unclear why The Boss even bothered going undercover, as she could have just asked Volgin to give her the Philosopher's Legacy and he wouldn't have dared deny her.

2 Always Trust People In White Coats

How did the scientist disguise work so well? As the meme mentions, Snake wears a bandana while disguised, which is not a common piece of clothing for a scientist.

The most incredible thing though is how often the disguise worked, it fooled guards in the Graniny Gorki Research Facility, as well as the people in the east wing of the weapons lab at Groznyj Grad. Even after escaping capture and returning to Groznyj Grad with one less eye, the disguise still worked.

Volgin really should've described the American agent who's causing all the trouble or handed a flyer around to his guards because a bandana and an eye patch are very identifiable and memorable features.

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1 Dutch Could Learn Some Things From Big Boss

For anyone who may not know, the top panel on this meme is from Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar's brilliant western included the ability to engrave your guns, but Snake Eater veterans know that's a waste of money.

Snake taught both Ocelot and the player that gun engravings don't help in battle (though that was obvious). Any altercation in MGS3 between Ocelot and Snake turned into a full lesson about guns, including how many rounds some guns hold, how to fire a revolver, and that an engraved single action army may look nice but "it's not meant for shooting people."

Dutch from Red Dead wouldn't have taken kindly to the mockery by Snake, but would he have had what it takes to kill the future Big Boss? Ocelot sure didn't.

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