10 Hilarious Minecraft Memes Only True Fans Will Get

Comedic or not, memes are a great way to convey a message. At face value, they are pictures with a caption, but their meaning can be so much more. Memes can inspire, be thought-provoking, and make people laugh. Chances are, if you've clicked on this page, you'll find these Minecraft memes too funny.

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Luckily, we've included descriptions below each meme which will explain them to people who haven't played Minecraft. Whether you are a Minecraft addict or a casual player, you'll find the following Minecraft memes downright hilarious. These are 10 hilarious Minecraft memes only true fans will get.

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10 Get Out Of The Room Noob

This meme pretty much represents what Minecraft means are all about. Minecraft is a game with over 91 million active players worldwide. Most of us have been there where someone was trying to interrupt as you were just about to mine rare earth metals or be attacked by Creeper zombies.

Hopefully, your Minecraft experience wasn't as bad as this girls' freakout. Minecraft is peaceful on peaceful mode, but it is quite the opposite when playing survival mode. It's safe to say that this girl was playing on survival mode.

9 The Nose Is A Giveway

Found throughout Minecraft are quaint settlements containing villagers with whom you can barter. For those who haven't played the game, this meme isn't going to make sense.

This photo of what looks like a South American primate is not far off from being a representation of the Minecraft villagers. It is quite bizarre that the developers of Minecraft decided to make all the villagers look the same. A long nose and brown clothing can be used to describe the villagers of Minecraft.

8 Kyrie Irving Approves Of This Meme

There is a group called the "Flat Earth Society" that believes that the Earth is flat. The world of Minecraft could be considered flat. From looking at the map in Minecraft, you can see that the world appears to be flat. The boundaries of the land are contained in this map. The world of Minecraft is unlike the world we know.

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A lot of things don't make sense in Minecraft. For some reason, the developers made pits of lava around the map that you can accidentally fall into. Also, touching a cow a few times will lead to its demise. Minecraft logic; there's nothing like it.

7 $5000 For A Hololens

Microsoft is a company that is continually pushing innovation. One of their latest products, the Hololens, is capable of assisting workers to pull up schematics, make video calls, and collaborate with other employees efficiently. Another use of the Hololens, however, is the ability to play games like Minecraft holographically.

The price for a Hololens is above what mainstream buyers will purchase, but it isn't impossible for the price to come down in later years. There's a good chance most of the people who bought Hololens are doing nothing but playing Minecraft.

6 What's really going on?

Rofl, Rofl. One can't help but feel empathetic for this meme creator's outlook. Each of the pictures is an accurate reflection of the captioned person. Minecraft is so much more than a zombie survival game.

Many of us have seen terrific worlds in Minecraft that inspire us to build our own. The sad reality is that only a small percentage of people can make genuinely fantastic worlds. It takes hard work, creativity, dedication, and even then people will have trouble building remarkable worlds.

5 Writing A Meme Like A Boss

The meme tries to convey a message that isn't that clear. Memes are open for interpretation, so anyone could guess what this means. The meme creator made some pretty good drawings considering it looks like it was made with the MS Paint application.

You don't want to fall into lava or be set ablaze in Minecraft. The extra "s" in the Burning like a Bosss" statement could imply that he likes to be set on fire. This meme is too hilarious, and only Minecraft players would fully understand it.

4 Give Me The Creeper Haircut

If a Minecraft player spotted a person who looked like this, they would know right away that he was copying the game. Minecraft characters, like other objects in the game, are shaped like blocks.

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Possibly, the creator of this meme used photoshop to create the square man, but it probably would be possible to make your hair and facial hair look like this if you were inclined to. At least he's not green because this guy's hairstyle makes him look like a Creeper.

3 Minecraft Logic Be Like...

The laws of the universe don't seem to apply in the game of Minecraft. Some objects, like water blocks and sand fall, but other objects like dirt blocks and trees hover in the air.

It is unknown why the developers at Mojang decided to make some blocks fall and others not, but it could be because it is easier to build when some blocks float in the air. Like it or not, blocks can float in Minecraft. You may have to play the game to understand this logic.

2 Do People Still Use Minecarts In Minecraft?

It's pretty much impossible to run out of dirt since it is abundantly found throughout the world of Minecraft. Plus, dirt has little use in the game, so there is no reason that a player would feel sorry for running out of dirt blocks.

On another note, isn't it interesting that so few people use minecarts in the game? They are useful for fast travel and transporting materials, yet few people dare to try. This person made a beautiful track that goes straight into the side of a mountain which is packed full of dense materials.

1 Minecraft Adventures With My Girlfriend

For those who do not know the simplicity of Minecraft, they won't understand this meme because it relates to its world. Aside from fighting the Ender Dragon, there aren't many things to do in the game.

You can build and attack zombies, but there are still limitations to what you can do. You can't for example, go to an ice cream parlor with your girlfriend. What could you do with your girlfriend in the game? Only someone with wild imagination could think of something better.

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