25 Hilarious Mistakes You Never Noticed In WWE 2K18

As the calendar year is nearing its end, so is the current slate of WWE Live Events. Clash of Champions has just finished, which is the final Pay-Per-View extravaganza of 2018. For some of us, the holidays might be the time to finally get that new video game that you have been eyeing the entire year. For pro-wrestling fans, this comes in the form of the annual WWE 2K game.

If you have played previous entries of the WWE 2K series, there are certain expectations with each coming release. Hopefully, the graphics will be improved, certain wrestlers included, and features great modes and features. The newest WWE 2K18 game achieved all of the aforementioned expectations, but also includes unintended new features at no extra cost to the consumers.

What is it?

Well, the game is filled with mistakes and glitches, seemingly more so than previous editions. So, if you are going to shell out your hard-earned money to purchase WWE 2K18 this year, then please read continue reading. For those who have already played it, here are 25 hilarious mistakes and glitches that you never noticed in WWE 2K18. All of them will have you wondering if there were any competent QA testers employed at 2K.

Welcome to Glitch-o-mania!

25 Fire Up The Crowd!

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Fire up the crowd, not blow them up! Before Dave Bautista was gracing his presence on feature films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, he was a well-pushed powerhouse in WWE where he won multiple titles and had several memorable rivalries with some of the company's best talents. So, he was probably a welcome addition to the roster for this year's WWE flagship video game. His entrance is memorable for setting off a fair amount of pyrotechnics, but if Batista comes out in an ECW arena, the fireworks actually come from within the crowd around the ramp. Batista's literally firing up the crowd. If this was real life, those fans would be blown to smithereens. There were no pixels harmed in the making of this game, but probably a couple of dead brain cells among the game testers.

24 Duuuuurr... Me Knows Telekinesis

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Some insane things have happened over the course of WWE history atop the unforgiving metallic structure known as the Hell in a Cell. If you happen to enjoy the Hell in a Cell matches, then you are in luck as this match type is loaded with insane glitches in the new WWE 2K18. First chronicled by Twitter user @newLegacyinc, this next little glitch features the Japanese import, Akira Tozawa in an intense match where he is powerbombed above the monstrous structure, through the fence, and onto the mat below. Seemingly incapacitated by the impact, Tozawa lies motionless on the mat only to be mysteriously and telekinetically tossed in the air and slammed back down again, probably killing him in the process. I didn't know that Mortal Kombat's Ermac was also moonlighting as a pro-wrestler.

23 Looks Like A Woman? Who Knows?

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Over the years, WWE wrestling games have progressed dramatically, including having your personally-created character's name spoken by the ring announcer. That seems like quite a thrill for pro-wrestling fans. While this next glitch doesn't really affect the gameplay or graphical components of the game, it does occur pretty often. Sometimes, the game gets confused and totally mispronounce the names. In this instance of WWE 2K18, occasionally the game would forget about the wrestler's proper gender. In one reported case, one gamer claimed that Asuka was introduced to the ring as a “he”. This was extremely-prevalent during a match that featured more than two wrestlers. Also, using the wrong pronouns is quite common among in-match commentary, as they are often prerecorded and designated.

22 Kicked So Hard, He Went Flying! Literally!

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Touted as one of the most realistic WWE games ever, WWE 2K18 is a graphical masterpiece. The crowd looks great, as well as the arena. Perhaps, the greatest improvement is just how realistic the wrestlers look in the game. It is uncanny. However, this game does have its fair amount of unrealistic glitches. A match pitting TJ Perkins against a CAW character ends in quite the cartoonish fashion as one well-placed dropkick by TJP ends up sending his opponent floating in the air that rivals upon supernatural. He's floating in the air! This is definitely a rare glitch, as it features a strike move gone wrong. Most of the graphical glitches involve the inclusion of weapons and props, such as ladders and tables, which seemingly have broken the game on many occasions.

21 Oops There Goes The Legs

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Since being introduced in the Smackdown! games over a decade ago, the backstage area has been one of the more innovative methods to drive the story modes of WWE games. This expanded upon just brawling in the backstage areas. Often the player's characters walk around the backstage area to expand rivalries and draw up alliances that would be critical for the progression of the in-game plots. Unfortunately, this is also where WWE 2K18 adds another monumental glitch to its library of inadequacies. Another unforgivable glitch features another backstage-related mishap, where a wrestler could actually do the splits or become totally dismembered while moving around in the hallway. Well, at least this doesn't really happen in real life. Try explaining this accident to the bookers.

20 No Words Will Do This Photo Justice!

via youtube (The Apex Star)

Did you see that? Thanks to instant replay, you can always go back to the nonsense moments. In an odd turn of events, Youtube user “The Apex Star” caught this extremely stupid glitch during an instant replay, where a part of the steel steps is has merged onto the head of the ringside commentary, Corey Graves. While this does not really affect the gameplay, it is a rather humorous graphical glitch of epic proportions. As with previous entries of this articles, the props and weapons end up glitching a fair amount in WWE 2K18. So, be careful with those kendo sticks and steel chairs as they all seem to trigger some sort of graphical and physics-defying glitches.

19 Roddy Piper, Is That You?

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Just when you know the answers, some jerk changed the questions. Sometimes, glitches are hilarious if they don't alter the gameplay. Graphical and audio glitches are often just the nature of the beast in modern gaming, especially with the WWE 2K series. Unfortunately, the next glitch will probably show up when you are in the midst of a tense match and disrupt the actual gameplay. For some unexplained reason, sometimes the kick-out meter would just go haywire, where it would seem impossible to rely on your reflexes and skills to kick out of a pinning predicament. While probably not as frustrating as the referee glitch, where the ref just refuses to count, this might still get some dedicated gamers extremely peeved. There is no reported remedy or patch for this rare-occurring glitch. Thank your lucky star if you have never encountered it.

18 Walking Through Walls?

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As you probably know by now, the Hell in a Cell match is mired in glitches. This is very much the case if something insane happens, such as a wrestler getting slammed through the top of the Cell or even fall off of it. In this particular glitch, the wrestler who falls over the side of the Cell would get up and pass right through the fence like it was not there at all. For those who have played WWE 2K17, there was actually an opposite glitch that occurred when a player would try to do a suicide dive off the Cell only to be stuck within the fence and unable to get out. I am glad to see the developers at 2K fix that glitch with this “passing through the Cell” glitch. Well, two wrongs make a right.

17 This Trash Can Sticks To Everything

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Backstage, again? The backstage area is definitely an area featuring a boatload of unsavory glitches in WWE 2K18, usually due to the odd physics of the various props such as trash cans, tables, and even the occasional self-attaching trunk. Be warned if you plan to use the garbage can in the backstage brawl, as it sometimes has some terrible side effects. In several reported incidents, when the trash can is used as a weapon, it ends up floating in the air, sticking another weapon, or attaching onto the head of the opposing wrestler. Like with a couple of other prop-related glitches, the garbage can often move around in a chaotic fashion after being used. I don't think wrestler fans have been this mad at a backstage brawl game since the terrible WCW Backstage Assault video game.

16 That Table Sure Is Sturdy!

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Well, that's one solid piece of wood! The mechanics of table matches are sometimes a big mystery. Each game seems to have new and innovative ways of putting your opponent through a table in the gnarliest of methods. However, in WWE 2K18, there are an amazing amount of prop-related glitches, including those of the table variety. In one instance, Charlotte Flair lights one of the tables on fire while her opponent is Irish whipped into the turnbuckle. Flair climbs atop the ladder and makes a suicide dive onto the table without it breaking or even buckling. In another case, a gamer stacked several tables together and had their wrestler dive onto them without any of the tables breaking or warping. Those are some durable tables, if you ask me.

15 This Is The Match That Never Ends...

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This is the song that never ends... Wait, this isn't Lamb Chop! Sure, you have all heard of Iron Man matches, but have you seen a match that never ends? In a glitch captured by Youtube user “The Apex Star”, when Paige is put through a table, triggering the end to the match, it actually locks the match in an unfinishable state. Pretty much the opponent would remain incapacitated while the wrestlers who haven't been knocked out could continue fighting as if the match was still going. It is notable that the player-controlled character ends up having static legs as she moves around. The other wrestlers could still attack each other in this state. As of this moment, the only fix for this is to end the match through the menu, as the match continues indefinitely if left to its own devices.

14 Out Of My Way, Lady!

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Since the first time The Shield disbanded and Roman Reigns progressed to main event status, he still kept coming to the ring via through the crowds just like one of my favorite wrestling legends, Edge. Perhaps, this is to show that he was one with the people. Well, this wasn't the first time Reigns' entrance has been in a WWE 2K game, but somehow it was botched, as well. In addition to being able to Spear and Superman Punch his way out of the most precarious predicaments, Reigns can also boast the power of being able to pass through the crowd, literally, as he just completely goes right through a female patron as her son looks on in horror. Though not game-breaking, it was a hilarious glitch, nonetheless.

13 Dancing, Grinding, Twerking Jericho

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In addition to his popular podcast, Chris Jericho has been headlining rock shows for his band Fozzy during his hiatuses from the squared circle. One of the few Attitude Era standouts to still be wrestling on television, the longevity of the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla could not be understated. So, what happens when this legendary wrestler comes back for one more title run? If he meets the catering table, we might witness the second coming of Alex Wright, or maybe even a Disco Inferno gimmick. Plain and simple, this glitch features Jericho trapped atop a table in the backstage area, where he appears to be "grinding his backside on the wall" in the most uncomfortable of ways. Perhaps, his Dancing With The Stars appearance really had a lasting effect on him.

12 If Kurt Angle Was A Leather Couch...

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Someone hand this man a shovel as he buries the credibility of another talent. A wrestler who has won the heavyweight championship on many occasions, John Cena is seemingly invincible most of the time in the squared circle. Honestly, this man does not quit, or ever succumbs to an opponent's submission maneuver. Just ask Rusev and many others who have been bested by Cena after slapping on their finishing submission onto the American Superman. One of the most hilarious glitch features another backstage-related mishap in WWE 2K18, where a leather couch is getting the better of Cena by placing him in an Ankle Lock submission. Like with others before him, the couch fails to get Cena to tap out, as the latter magically escapes the hold to finish his backstage brawl with Jason Jordan.

11 Pass The Petroleum Jelly Dude

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Mirror matches in fighting games are always considered non-canonical battles. Just being able to have mirror matches is some sort of accomplishment in gaming. Well, this next one is certainly a glitch of monumental failure. A player known as Hasney discovered a very terrible quirk that occurs in Career Mode if the main character wins the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashes it against himself while also holding the title, it will form a mirror match. Unlike in most mirror match situations, the player actually will control both characters, simultaneously, leading to some ridiculous moments. The match ends with both versions of the characters becoming incapacitated and eventually counted-out.

10 Attack Of The Killer Trunk

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Backstage brawling is always a welcome inclusion in modern wrestling games. How else can someone live out their fantasies of suplexing someone onto a parked car or leaping off the roof of a big rig? Unfortunately, WWE 2K18 has plenty of backstage-related glitches that comes with all of that butt-kicking gameplay. In a match featuring the late-great Ultimate Warrior and former heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan in the parking lot area, Bryan gets manhandled by a blue WWE trunk. Even after the Warrior slams him and wins the match, the trunk is still attached to Bryan and continues to whip him around, mercilessly. This is probably why WWE officials don't want to clear Bryan for some actual live matches.

9 The Man With No Name

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The opponent might be a mystery, but just know that you are not the only person getting this glitch. Reported by many gamers of WWE 2K18, including Twitter user @Dpate35, a weird issue is plaguing the pre-match loading screen. Though it does not actually hinder the gameplay, this glitch is extremely widespread. Sometimes, a character will have their names on the load screen as “???”, even if they are an actual in-game wrestler, not just custom-created ones. The name displaying problem does not transfer to the actual match, which is a relief, to be quite honest. There is no news of a future fix for this little issue, but with other game-breaking glitches already in the game, this “???” glitch is probably not on 2K's priority list.

8 The New Roomba Self-Driving Stretcher

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Remember that Madden game where the ambulance can drive onto the field and mow down several of the players? Didn't make any sense, but it was certainly hilarious. Well, that doesn't make an appearance here, but there is a weird medical-related glitch. Perhaps, one of the most widespread glitches of WWE 2K18 involves what happens to an injured wrestler after the match. As medical aid is dispatched to ringside, a stretcher is seemingly dispatched to the ring without anyone actually pushing it, like a haphazard Roomba. Perhaps, the stretcher is remote controlled or merely a case of Andre The Giant's ghost in the arena performing some supernatural hi-jinx. Whatever it is, the self-moving stretcher is one of the most widespread glitches in the game.

7 As Stiff As A Rod

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Since coming over from Japan, Asuka has not lost an individual match during her run in NXT and on the main roster. As of this writing, her undefeated streak has surpassed the one set by WCW Legend, Goldberg. Reported by Twitter user @dreamkard_twice, this next glitch occurs during the entrance of the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow. If she is attacked on the ring apron before going between the ropes, it makes it impossible to cause any damage to Asuka or even move her, as she becomes unresponsive to any form of attack, including several well-placed chair shots. Though she is seemingly unbeatable in the ring, Asuka appears to be an immovable object, as well, if this glitch occurs. The only remedy is to end the match by quitting.

6 Superman Wears Denim Shorts

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A superhero in and out of the ring, there is little that John Cena cannot do. This also includes some rather replay-worthy moments. This next glitch showcases a match between Cena and a mammoth of a man named Braun Strowman. A user named @prestigeprince9 posted a video of Cena about to deliver an Attitude Adjustment, off the top of a super-high ladder near the entrance ramp. If this happened in real life, it would probably end both of the wrestlers. At the moment when the impact occurs, both Strowman and Cena are teleported to ringside. Even more amazing is that Cena somehow flies underneath the ropes and effortless back inside the ring. This proves that Cena is a superhero, for sure.

5 Run Kofi, Run!

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I wanted to put a Cool Runnings pun here, but he's not Jamaican. When the opponent is down and out, it is time to finish him off. Well, that was probably what Kofi Kingston had in mind, but then the game just broke. So, he decided to pull a Forrest Gump. Brought to the internet's attention by Twitter user @SoulPhoenix316, Kingston appears to try to rebound off the ropes for a running attack only to pass through the ropes like some sort of black magic. That problem is that Kofi continues to run through the barrier and the crowd, unable to stop. Ironically, the in-game commentary by Byron Saxton ends up being eerily literally: “Ain't no stopping him now”. Indeed, Coach, I mean Byron. Where Kofi ends up, no one really knows. But apparently, the New Day just hit a proverbial wall in WWE 2K18.

4 Do Your Job, Ref!

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Okay, so he won't count. Another widespread glitch involves a major gaming mechanic becoming broken. Indeed, sometimes when there is an 8-man tag match, the referee would refuse to count during a pinning predicament. No, this isn't a special guest referee who has an agenda, or even a ref that conveniently gets knocked out at the “right” moment. It is a bona fide, actual in-game neutral referee who seemingly forgets to count when there is an in-ring pin happening. While graphical and audio glitches are often hilarious, fans are rarely as forgiving when in comes to gameplay glitches that disrupt the mechanics of the game. Given how many people have reported this glitch, 2K should really solve this problem before people begin returning their copies of 2K18 in droves.

3 Too Close For Comfort

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Uh, guys. Who's touching my butt? Also, do you the term "moon-landing"? If not, go look it up to understand this photo. You will be shocked! Sure, The Shield might be back together, stronger than ever, but this is just getting ridiculous. After making their rounds, playing hot potato with the various heavyweight championship belts for the past couple of years, all three members of the Hounds of Justice are back together to wreak havoc on the WWE locker room, at least in terms of kayfabe. Given that they are back to being one of the most popular factions among the fans, this glitch will probably make its way onto most gamers' scenes sooner rather than later. Instead of their patented fist-bumps, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose all try to form a human sandwich, making everyone in the crowd fairly uncomfortable while walking around in a shoulder-to-shoulder circle like some sort of merry-go-round.

2 Killing Two Birds With One Finisher

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Goldberg can put anyone away with his signature finisher, the Jackhammer. Just ask Brock Lesnar. In yet another Hell in a Cell-related glitch, (posted again by Twitter user @Hasney) Goldberg sets up the Big Show in preparation of delivering his devastating finisher. However, as the impact happens, the British Bulldog inexplicably falls from top of the structure, on to the top of the Big Show and disappears into nothingness. Yes, the move is so powerful that it dispatched two wrestlers with one finisher. Also unexplained is Earthquake's ability to pass through the barricade during Goldberg's Jackhammer. There are so many wrong things happening in this video that it is hard to even believe that this game made it onto shelves with these many glitches.

1 Who Turned Off The Lights?!

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Apparently, the Undertaker is not the only wrestler with the supernatural power of being able to turn off the arena lights on command. In a widespread and unfixed glitch, the match would occasional “blackout” by removing all of the graphical items out of the stage, leaving only the wrestlers left on the screen. What's even more hilarious is that a Twitter user named @ThatRetro reported that during a six-man match another consequence of the blackout was revealed. When Stone Cold Steve Austin utilized his Stone Cold Stunner finisher on Earthquake, the latter ended up taking the move and disappeared into the void, never to be seen again. And I thought how the Rock would oversell a Stone Cold Stunner by doing flips was silly.

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