20 Hilarious Naruto Logic Memes That Prove The Series Makes No Sense

If you’re a fan of anime, you very likely got started down the anime path with Naruto. This series took the world by storm and gained millions of fans and followers. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch a show about ninjas that have incredible abilities? It’s a great fantasy show that had awesome characters and relatable themes.

I was introduced to Naruto when I was around 14, and I fell in love with the series right away. I loved the crazy fight scenes, the fun characters, and the interesting and somewhat confusing story. Naruto is what got me into anime and I have no regrets.

But while Naruto is a fun show and it became incredibly popular, it also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sometimes, the logic in this series is severely lacking, and that’s not just with the convoluted plot. There are characters that will do things that are confusing, and some abilities these characters have make absolutely no sense. In its defense, it’s a series that has been going on for a very long time and it’s actually done pretty well considering most series that go this long usually get super weird. (Well, Naruto does get weird, but it holds itself together relatively well).

Now, fans know that this show often lacks logic, and they’re not afraid to call it out with memes. It’s actually a fun way to do it, since it shows the series’ weaknesses, but in a funny way. We can just laugh at the ridiculousness and still enjoy the show. So here are 20 memes that prove Naruto sometimes makes zero sense.

20 They’ll Never Recognize Us

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The Akatsuki clan were created by Madara to gather all of the tailed beasts, and they were essentially responsible for starting the Fourth Great Ninja War. They’re a group you don’t want to mess with and yet they are absolutely terrible at trying to blend in with people. Even without their trademarked robes, most of the Akatsuki members look unique enough that people would instantly recognize them.

What’s great about this meme is that it calls out the Akatsuki on their terrible disguises. Yes, straw hats will help keep people from recognizing them, even though they’re wearing those highly recognizable robes. You know, for a very powerful organization that proved to be a real threat to many of the villages, the Akatsuki were absolutely horrible at keeping a low profile. I wondered why they even tried in the first place.

19 That’s One Tough Mask

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One of the iconic things about Kakashi is his mask. You never see him without his fabric mask that covers most of his face except for one eye. And it’s never really talked about why he wears it, other than maybe to cover up his Sharingan eye. But apparently, he can breathe fire through the mask?

How does the mask not catch fire? We don’t know; it was never explained. And that’s what this meme is bringing up. How on earth does that even work physically? Is Kakashi’s mask fireproof? How is he even breathing fire through it? Everything about this ability of his doesn’t make any sense, but the show just continues without ever acknowledging it. Okay, Kishimoto, I can only suspend my disbelief for so long; I want an answer on this!

18 Why Doesn’t He Use This More?

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In one of the story arcs, Naruto learns a pretty powerful summoning jutsu from the Toad Sage Jiraiya, and he learns how to summon giant toads. It actually turns out to be a pretty cool jutsu that lets you use these giant toads to help you fight. Naruto even uses this jutsu to fight Gaara and his tailed beast Shukaku.

The problem though is Naruto doesn’t really use this jutsu a lot, at least not as much as he should. Most of the show still focuses on him using the power of his own tailed beast, which is great since Naruto does possess a ton of power thanks to Kurama. But why did he go to all the trouble of learning that type of jutsu, if he’s hardly ever going to use it? Maybe it caused him too much pain after he lost Jiraiya.

17 Hey, She’s Trying Her Best

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I feel like Sakura sometimes gets too much hate from fans. But I do have to admit, she was pretty annoying in the earlier seasons, especially since she didn’t do much during fights. But there is a great moment though in the Forest of Death when she’s had enough and she actually starts fighting... and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

This meme points out the fact that even though Sakura did want to fight, her actual abilities as a ninja were limited at the time. As a result, she got pummeled pretty good during that fight, though she did get in a few hits. Hey, at least she tried. And she does get stronger as the series continued, thanks to her studying under Tsunade.

16 No Sage Mode For This Guy

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You can’t deny that Orochimaru is a very powerful ninja. He was one of the legendary Sannin after all, along with Tsunade and Jiraiya. The fact that he went rogue doesn’t change that he’s quite powerful. But there is one thing that many fans wondered. Why doesn’t Orochimaru have a Sage Mode?

Both Tsunade and Jiraiya have a Sage Mode and that’s often what makes them incredibly powerful. Jiraiya even passes this knowledge down to Naruto so now Naruto has a Sage Mode too. So why doesn’t Orochimaru have one? It could be that he was never interested in that type of jutsu; he was more concerned about achieving immortality. Or maybe he never had the opportunity to learn. Still, it’s a strange gap of knowledge for a Legendary Sannin to have.

15 He’s Not Honoring His Brother’s Wishes

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Ugh, I will be honest: I can’t stand Sasuke. That little jerk has been an annoying force to deal with since the beginning of the show. And he only gets worse after his final fight with Itachi. Itachi essentially dies to protect both his brother and his village. He shows Sasuke the truth about how he had to kill the Uchiha clan to protect Konoha. He wishes for Sasuke to not be angry at the village but to protect it, like he has done.

So, what does Sasuke do? He vows to destroy Konoha village, of course. I know that Sasuke is reeling from the fact that Itachi was a victim of stupid politics, but he basically went against his brother’s wishes and decides that he wants to avenge his brother, even though he killed his brother to avenge his clan. I just do not get his logic.

14 This Power Is Kind Of Creepy

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One of the interesting talents that Kakashi and Sasuke have is the Sharingan; a special kekkei genkai that allows them to see and copy movement. They can also essentially hypnotize their opponent so that they do a move, allowing the Sharingan user to “predict” their opponent’s movements. Yeah, it’s a little confusing.

And that’s what this meme is about. The idea of being able to see or predict what your opponent is going to do has been a popular power in many types of stories. But the concept of being able to predict your opponents’ movements because you’re actually controlling the movements without them knowing is... creepy. And it doesn’t make a ton of sense. Are you then actually predicting it, or just controlling it? The terminology is a little weird.

13 Why Don’t They Have Planes?

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One of the things that has been incredibly inconsistent in Naruto is the technology. You can’t really tell if the show has modern technology or is going back to more feudal times. They use radio technology and TV screens, and we have seen trains and whatnot, but there’s nothing like cars or phones. They even send messages with birds!

That’s what this meme is calling out. The series can’t seem to decide what technology is present in it. And what electronic technology that’s there isn’t really explained. Why do the ninja have radios and TV, but no phones? Why are there trains, but no cars? Why do ninja send birds to deliver messages when they could potentially use different jutsus and radios? It’s just not consistent and it’s pretty obvious.

12 He’s Such A Polite Person

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There’s a story arc right after the Chunin exams where Itachi and Kisame go to capture Naruto. This is our first introduction to Itachi himself and the idea that there’s an organization out there that’s incredibly dangerous. So, the fact that they’re now targeting the main character is pretty intense.

And how does Itachi go about with his plans to take Naruto? He knocks on his door, of course. Seriously, this makes absolutely no sense. Itachi, you’re a ninja! The whole point is to be stealthy. At the very least, you could take Naruto by surprise when he least expects it, not just knock on his door. I don’t know if he was just trying to fail, but regardless, for a very powerful ninja who specializes in deception, Itachi really didn’t think this plan through.

11 He's Reading What?

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You know, Kakashi is a very interesting ninja. He’s someone you could very easily overlook or underestimate, despite his unique appearance. He tends to give off this aura of someone you don’t have to take seriously when in reality he’s actually incredibly skilled at fighting. And he adds to this by the fact that he always has a book in his hands. The first time we meet him, he’s just reading this book.

What’s funny is that we find out the book he’s reading is a rather seedy romance novel, written by Jiraiya the Toad Sage himself. Kakashi basically reads adult literature in public. What makes this even funnier is that everyone just kind of ignores that part. And this guy ends up becoming the 6th Hokage. I guess the village didn’t really care about his... um... interesting reading habits.

10 He’s Wasting His Chakra

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I think we forget just how much chakra Naruto has thanks to Kurama the Nine-Tails. Seriously, this kid has so much potential power that it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s thanks to this power that he’s able to keep fighting, no matter how much he’s been beaten down. And it’s also how he’s able to do a lot of big attacks without tiring out.

But this meme points out that Naruto doesn’t always use his chakra wisely. And the best example is his Sultry Jutsu. Seriously what was going on in this kids’ brain when he created this jutsu? I don’t know why turning yourself into a unclothed girl was so entertaining for Naruto, but he did it. A lot. While Naruto is generally a great character that can be rather relatable, he can be very weird sometimes.

9 Guess What? Not Dead!

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You know those villains that supposedly get killed off but keep coming back season after season? Yeah, that’s pretty much Orochimaru. And this meme calls him out on it. No matter how many times this guy “dies,” he’s usually back to creep us out again.

Granted, he did master a jutsu that allows him to take on a new body when his old one gives out, but still. There were quite a few scenarios where Orochimaru died, but then was brought back through some crazy jutsu stuff. I get that there are ways to bring people back from the dead in Naruto, but this is kind of ridiculous. The fact that Orochimaru is seriously creepy doesn’t really help matters. Could we get a different guy to come back from the dead, please?

8 I Don’t Think This Plan Will Work

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Pain is quite the interesting villain and is the one responsible for Jiraiya’s death, so we aren’t particularly fond of him. He’s also one of the guys who gives Naruto a run for his money. Not to mention he actually succeeds in destroying a good portion of Konoha village.

But what’s ironic about Pain is that he’s promoting peace while killing and destroying. And this meme makes fun of it. Yes, we know that he understands the atrocities of war and that he’s trying to create a new world where that won’t be a thing, but I don’t think violence will solve that problem, Pain. I do admire Naruto for being able to forgive him and actually getting him to stop his attack just by befriending him. Naruto is very good at that, surprisingly.

7 What’s My Name?

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It’s no secret that the Nine-Tailed Beast is incredibly powerful... and angry. This beast is practically rage incarnate. So it makes sense that when Naruto was angry he could usually access some of the Nine-Tails’ power. But why was the Nine-Tails so furious all the time? Maybe it’s because he’s been sealed away in a child.

According to this meme though, it’s likely because Naruto didn’t bother to learn the NineTails’ name until he was quite a bit older. It isn’t until Naruto is a teenager that he learns that the Nine-Tails is called Kurama. And Kurama is surprised when Naruto addresses him by his name. It’s a little surprising that it took Naruto this long to ask him that, but then again, Kurama wasn’t exactly being approachable most times Naruto interacted with him.

6 This Kid Should Be Ripped

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Rock Lee is definitely one of the more interesting, if bizarre, characters from Naruto. The kid is very dedicated to becoming stronger and he does have some impressive taijutsu. I mean he’s the first person who’s managed to land a hit on Gaara, the practically untouchable sand ninja. This is also the guy who has the most insane workout routine that I’ve ever seen.

But with all of his working out, you’d think that Rock Lee would be incredibly ripped. He’s doing thousands of push-ups, sit-ups, and other exercises every day, and yet he looks just as scrawny as ever. Granted, we know that some people don’t bulk up like others when gaining muscle, but Rock Lee always looks like he has zero muscle; he doesn’t even look toned. What’s going on there, Lee?

5 How Can You Tell He’s Smiling?

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What makes Kakashi a pretty unique and fun character is that he has quite a few quirks. One of them being that he rarely takes off his mask, so the only part of his face you see is his right eye. And yet the guy somehow manages to have some pretty convincing facial expressions.

This meme tackles the whole issue with Kakashi smiling. We can’t really tell he’s smiling from his mouth since it’s covered up and yet we still know. How? Well, apparently his one eye closes whenever he smiles. It’s hard to describe, but you know that when he closes that eye in a certain way, with his eyebrow raised in a certain way, he’s smiling. It shouldn’t work, but it does and that’s crazy.

4 No Wanted Criminals Here

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This meme points out a rather funny thing that sometimes happens in the Naruto world. Where wanted criminals and members of shady organizations are just walking around in public, doing normal things, and nobody seems to notice them. I’d say that it could be because Itachi and Kisame are good at blending in, but they’re really not.

I mean look at these guys: everything about them screams, “I’m a criminal.” They’re even still wearing their Akatsuki robes. But I’m also wondering why the ninja around them haven’t noticed them. Maybe these criminals get away with this type of thing because the good guys are so oblivious. Or it could be one of the comedic episodes of Naruto where stuff like this doesn’t matter. Either way, everybody is bad at their jobs.

3 Are You That Oblivious, Naruto?

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We know that from the beginning of the series, Naruto’s big goal has been to become Hokage of Konoha and earn the respect and recognition of his village. It makes sense since the entire village has practically ostracized him due to the Nine-Tails being sealed inside him. So, Naruto is always trying to get the attention of people in the village.

And what happens when someone pays attention? He ignores them. No, that’s pretty much what happened with Hinata. She was one of the first people to actually acknowledge Naruto and he practically ignores her throughout most of the series. Yes, Hinata is pretty shy, so it’s not like she always went out of her way to talk to him, but whenever she did, Naruto was always kind of nonchalant with her. Considering that he has to practically fight to get people to respect him, you’d think he’d be more receptive to Hinata. Well, they do get married in the end, so I guess it all worked out.

2 Seriously, What Is Up With This Guy?

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Ever since he left Konoha, Sasuke has been a bit of an issue to the village. He’s tried to kill Naruto and his friends multiple times, He had plans to destroy the village, and he’s constantly been this wild card that no one could trust. Then suddenly he decides that he wants to try and be Hokage too, and everyone is sort of okay with that?

Come to think of it, I’m not sure how Sasuke was allowed to return to the village at all after the Fourth Great Ninja War. He even wanted to destroy the village after the war, and it’s only because Naruto stops him that he doesn’t actually do it. And now he wants to rule it? Yeah, none of this makes sense. Yes, he had a traumatic childhood, and yes, he was doing these things because he thought it was the right thing, but geez. Sorry Sasuke lovers, but I can’t stand the guy.

1 That Phobia’s Going To Cause Problems

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Lady Tsunade is a rather unique person. She’s very powerful in her own right and she possesses some of the most impressive medical jutsu that I’ve seen. She’s also a compulsive gambler and uses her power to keep herself looking young, even though she’s old enough to be your grandma. So yeah, I really like her.

Along with these quirks comes one that does and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Considering she’s a medical ninja, it’s a little strange that Tsunade has issues with seeing blood. But knowing her backstory, it does make sense; she lost her little brother and her lover. And both losses came with a lot of blood. So, her reaction to blood is less about the blood itself and her remembering those losses. She basically has PTSD with blood. But still, I’m surprised she continued doing medical work with that issue. That’s pretty cool.

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