24 Hilarious Naruto Vs. Boruto Memes That Will Leave You Laughing

Naruto will always hold a special place in the heart of the fans who watched the show. There were so many epic fights, laughable moments, and heartbreaks that we have had over the years. We became fully invested. We were sad to see it go, but excited that we get the chance to watch the children of our favorite characters take the same journey. More importantly, we wanted to know who ended up with who and what their kids can do.

Enter Boruto and friends. It was pretty great to see the mini version of our favorite Leaf Ninja come alive for the first time. It was also exciting to see the old characters that we came to love in the original show as adults. Jumping the series off with a movie was a brilliant move by the creator. It gave us a taste of storylines to come and abilities of the new class of shinobi.

It's hard to believe that any fan of the original show could think that the spin-off could somehow top the exploits and adventures of our favorite unpredictable knucklehead ninja. Watching Naruto overcome the odds and do exactly what he said he was going to do has been epic. In the spirit of competition, here are some memes from some of our favorite characters and moments from both shows.

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24 Learning To Run

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It's no secret that Naruto neglects his family in lieu of his duties as Hokage. As a direct result, he hasn't taught him much about being a ninja. In fact, he actually hasn't taught Boruto one thing about being a ninja.

If he had, the first thing he would have done is educate him on the proper running form.

Clearly, he runs like a civilian. By completely relaxing your arms and letting them flail behind you, just outside shoulder's width apart, you greatly reduce the amount of fatigue you gain from traditional running. How else are you able to run for miles and still have enough energy to fight? Most importantly, this technique cuts down on your drag by 83% allowing you to run up to 77% faster. This critical because in the world of ninja, speed is key.

23 I'll Show You How To Do This, Son

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Here we go again. Whether Boruto is willing to admit it or not, he gets a lot of his swag from his daddy. No matter how much he wants to be like Sasuke, deep down he will always be like his daddy. Boruto obviously has a long way to go before he can even dream to catch up to his father's legacy. Although very skilled, Boruto is still very much the off-brand version of Naruto. Doing things with slightly less pizazz as Naruto. To come to Boruto's defense, it's not like Naruto is around teaching him how to dab, dougie, nae nae, or be a shinobi. So what do you expect? Youngin has to go out into the world and figure it out for himself. For what it is worth, he's not doing a half bad job at it.

22 Father-Son Bonding

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Naruto and Boruto don't do an awful lot of bonding. Sometimes it makes you wonder if they actually bonded at all. It's likely that at some point before Naruto became Hokage, everything was good. You also wonder if their communication problems started at a young age. Although clever in battle, Naruto can be aloof and pretty ditzy. Let's be honest, here.

Naruto has had plenty of moments where he was slow on the draw.

Imagine Naruto being a father for the first time and getting so confused trying to play with his baby that the kid has no clue what he is doing! Babies aren't hard to amuse or keep entertained. They basically find joy in practically anything. If anybody would have trouble with this concept, it definitely would be Naruto.

21 Like Father, Like Son

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For all ninja passing the Academy's graduation exam is a right of passage. It legitimizes you as a ninja. The graduation exam is tough, but if you are unlucky enough to have Kakashi as your proctor, well then you are in a world of trouble. Kakashi is a savage and has no problems making his students look stupid. In Naruto's case, you kind of expected it. Boruto, on the other hand, is a child prodigy. Much like how Kakashi was when he was in the academy. So to think that Boruto the "genius" would use the same tactics as Naruto the "scrub" is mind-boggling. Kakashi made them both look foolish without breaking a sweat. For someone who is always trying to clown on their pops, he spends an awful amount of time doing exactly the same thing his father did.

20 When Your Dad's Cooler Than You Knew

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Part of the reason Boruto has a lack of respect for his father is that he is growing up in an age where there aren't a lot of conflicts. When Naruto came up, the Hidden Villages all seem to be one step away from going to war with another village. As a result, Boruto thinks that his dad is soft. That he just sits in a chair all day being bossy.

He has no idea that Naruto earned his stripes in the field by giving everybody the business and basically becoming the GOAT of ninja.

When the Otsutsuki Clan to snatch back all the chakra, Boruto learned real fast. He literally froze in awe of the power that Naruto wields, and rightfully so. Boruto better learn to put some respect on Naruto's name and quit playing.

19 Your Dad Used To Be My Groupie

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To say that Naruto was obsessed with getting Sasuke back to the village and into his would be the understatement of the century. He literally spent hundreds of episodes where that was his underlying goal. He followed and tracked Sasuke to the ends of the Earth like he was a groupie. Even when Sasuke nearly ends him on multiple occasions he stills chases after him, relentlessly. You would think after taking one whooping that it would be enough to just leave the dude alone. I'm surprised Naruto didn't put Sasuke's picture on the side of a milk carton. It was as if Sasuke was Naruto's child and he was working desperately to get him back. What he should have done was hold a press conference. He could have appealed to the people keeping Sasuke to return him home, so he could be with Naruto.

18 The Best Ones Are Spontaneous

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The history behind Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry and friendship is a long one. Often times, these friendships are filled with awkward moments when they're in their infancy. Fewer things are more awkward the locking lips for the first time let alone with the dude you desperately trying to be better than.

To make matters worse, this incident happens in the middle of class while everyone and their mom is watching.

What really tops off the experience, that you hope is one of the best moments of your life, is that the girl he had a crush on witnesses the event. Clearly, Naruto has to concoct a fabrication of the truth to save face. His son already throws mad shade at him. If he ever learned the truth he's definitely going to give Naruto a tour of Roast City.

17 Stomp The Yard: The Chunin Exams

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Almost every high school has a group of kids who march to the beat of their own drum. There is also a group or social class of kids who find it amusing to laugh at the other kids. Especially if they are having a dance battle in the middle of homecoming or prom. The joke, however, is on the kids doing the laughing. The kids doing the dancing are living their best lives. There probably isn't anyone more weird, awkward, or creepy in the Naruto series than Rock Lee and Gaara. Between Rock Lee's questionably inappropriate relationship with his sensei to Gaara's wanting to ens everyone to check if he is alive, there's no shortage of creepiness. The fact that they're on opposite ends of the creepy spectrum is brilliant. It's like they're battling for the crown of most eccentric person ever.

16 Family First

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If you have been watching the show Boruto or have seen the movie then it is a well-known fact that Boruto loves to hate his dad. He acts out and talks negatively about him behind his back to all of his friends. If you watched Naruto you know that Sasuke's brother Itachi ended his entire clan leaving only Sasuke.

Boruto wouldn't know about this.

For one, he is a child, and more importantly, he and his father rarely speak. In an effort to prove he is better than his dad, Boruto enlists the help of Naruto's greatest rival. Naruto should feel some way about this. In the end, Naruto had to put hands on Sasuke and give him so act right in order for him to want to walk the righteous path. Apparently, Boruto has to learn the hard way that his dad is a G!

15 Stunting Like Your Daddy

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It is human nature to copy things or ideas that resonate with you and make them your own. This most notably happens when a son dotes on his father. An attempt to be exactly like the man who seems heroic in their eyes. Unless your name is Boruto. Then you don't exactly dote of your father as much as you throw haterade his way. Not that Boruto isn't justified, but clearly it's an act to gain the attention of his father. Meanwhile, why he is busy thinking his pops is lame, he is running around looking like one of his shadow clones. No matter how much he may try to switch it up there are glimpses of Naruto in almost everything he does. He should just face the facts and accept it. However, he is too stubborn to do that. Another thing he does just like Naruto.

14 Who Says These People Never Prosper?

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With the certain doom of a failing grade looming overhead, one might be tempted to resort to less honorable tactics. Like taking just enough right answers off of Susan sitting next to us, because we all know she studied her butt off. Little does she know she's about to come through for us in a major way.

The only other thing left to do is fake out the teacher who is clearly clocking us.

Why can't teachers ever mind their own business? Regardless of the circumstance, we are going to do what we have to and come out the other side with a win. But if you are taking the Chunin Exams, then cheating is the right answer and not getting caught is the test.

13 Love Her Til The End

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So, Sasuke kind of had a rough childhood which pushed him into a dark place for a lot of years. A place so dark that he would on multiple occasions tried to end all his friends, the future mother of his child, and basically everything he has ever known. It makes sense when you factor in that his brother and hero ended his entire clan and was shunned by the village that commissioned him to do it. I doubt Sadara would be thrilled to find out that her dad was moments away from taking her mom's life a few times. If Kakashi and Naruto hadn't stepped in, Sakura the whole gang would have definitely been wearing RIP Sakura t-shirts around the village. The fact that Sakura stayed madly in love with Sasuke after that is insane.

12 Uzumaki Love

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The Uzumaki clan seemed to have a knack for falling head over heels in love with someone who wasn't checking for them at all. In fact, head over heels might be an understatement. Naruto and Karin had it bad. Especially Karin. If Sasuke was Justin Bieber, Karin would have had the Bieber fever. Like, a 103-degree temperature fever.

Sasuke knew and still treated her like the side chick to his side chick.

Naruto wasn't much better. He chased after Sakura, who also had the Sasuke Beiber fever like it was his job. If her curve game was any stronger, Sakura would have been a major league pitcher. You would think that since both of Sadara's parents were efficient at showing the Uzumakis no love, she would have inherited this ability. Alas, she did not. She is definitely about to fall crazy in love with Boruto.

11 Can I Be An Uchiha, Please?

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Whatever issues Boruto had with his dad must have continued throughout his development as a ninja, because the very first thing we saw in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is Boruto jocking Sasuke's swag pretty hard. If Boruto didn't have yellow hair and blue eyes, you might mistake him for Sasuke's son. He literally is wearing nothing or shows any signs that he is Naruto's progeny. The disrespect is real. Then he has the nerve to be fighting the guy who allegedly ended his real father just like another dude. If the streets could talk, they would have a lot to say about this. Sasuke clearly isn't around either since Boruto jacked all his gear. We can't even be sure if Boruto wants to avenge Naruto at all. For all we know, Boruto is there to avenge Sasuke. That just hurts.

10 It's About To Go Down

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In the world of the ninja, it is important to infuse one's chakra in order to cast a jutsu and defeat your enemy. The bigger the jutsu, the more chakra you need. It can take an extreme amount of focus.

Just like waiting for that one teacher you can't stand to stop talking so you can hit her with your fire rebuttal.

Waiting patiently for them to finish all the while amassing enormous amounts of chakra so you can display to the teacher, the rest of the class, and the world, via your best friend's Snapchat feed, how woke you are. Make no mistake, when they are finished teaching the teacher they will go down in the YouTube hall of fame of viral videos. Plus, it's a good way to get kicked out of class and ditch the rest of the day.

9 Kakashi Did It

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You never have to worry about Kakashi going behind your back. You do have to worry, however, about Kakashi ending someone you hold dear right in the chest. He has no problems doing that. It's like the people you love most are attracted and compelled to throw themselves in front of his lighting blade. First, it happened to Rin who he was friends with. He promised his friend, Obito, that he would take care of Rin for him. The only place he took her was straight to the morgue. Then it happened again when he was fighting Zabuza. Haku, Zabuza's disciple, literally paused beating Sasuke and Naruto to go in front of Kakashi moments before he was about to make Zabuza sleep with the fishes. He had Zabuza crying. Shinobis aren't even supposed to show emotion in battle, let alone cry like a 90s R&B singer.

8 Tell Us How You Really Feel

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Boruto has adamantly displayed a lack of respect to those in his life who have held the rank Hokage. We all know he can't stand that his father is Hokage. Lastly, he refused to call Kakashi by his title while taking the graduation exam, when he explicitly told him to. It's clear to us that there is something between Boruto and Sadara.

All Sadara wants to do is become Hokage.

Best believe that Boruto would switch on the drop of a dime if Sadara became Hokage. He would pull the pom-poms out and be cheering the loudest for the Hokage! I don't blame him. His motivations would be clear. He's not going to let disdain for the office of Hokage stop him from scooping up his crush. He'd be stupid if he did.

7 Do You Have A Sense Of Humor?

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Naruto already annoys his son by never being around. What he might not know about his dad is that he has a pretty good sense of humor. If he was around more often, Naruto would definitely have his fun with him. No coming of age kid likes to be the butt of their parent's joke. In our eyes, our parents are rarely funny. That goes double if we're the punchline, or if our friends are around to witness. That's a surefire way to send us into a mood that will ultimately end up getting us in trouble later. It would be ideal if parents took their own advice and are seen and not heard. Nobody has time to get embarrassed by our parents! We're too busy doing other things that actually don't matter to be bothered with our parents' subpar humor.

6 You're Wrong For That

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To put it simply, Boruto is cold-blooded. Sure, every kid has a phase or experiences a moment when one of their parents aren't their favorite people. But when you know that your father's parents were ended and he had to live his entire childhood with no family, you're a special kind of a jerk.

You just don't go rubbing things like that into people's faces.

Hinata needs to gently give Boruto some manners before he meets the wrong one and ends up in a jam. Naruto isn't going to do anything because he's his father. He is crazy busy being Hokage. Boruto is going to slip up and say something and then wish that his dad will come save him. If Naruto is smart, he would take the time to make that a teaching moment.

5 You Bring No Value To The Table

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Sakura became the prized pupil of the one of the Legendary Sanin Tsunade and as a result was a force to be reckoned with. Before that, she was as useless as a car with no engine. She literally was simultaneously the most frustrating and infuriating characters on the show. Every time a battle went down, she had to stand in the back. If she was any more useless, her name would be Yamacha. In the world of shinobi, you are a member of a three-man squad who depend on each other. Staying alive should be pretty important to all parties concerned. Sakura made that very hard. Every time you turned around she screaming for someone to come help. She went to the same ninja school as Naruto and Sasuke. She didn't even try most of the time! That simply will not do.

4 You Are The Father

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You are the father. Those four words have haunted many men. No parent wants to hear that their daughter got pregnant. One person who definitely wouldn't want to hear that is Sasuke. Yes, on the outside Sasuke is brooding and appears to care about very little. But deep down he has feelings. He also has a past of being a revenge-obsessed guy who wanted to end basically everyone and mold the world into his own image.

That is someone you definitely don't want to come after you.

For all we know, Sasuke could snap right back to his days when he was rolling with Orochimaru. If he did, Boruto trying to duck a pregnant Sadara would probably be a good reason why. He probably would try to destroy the entire Leaf Village, because that's what seems to always happen when someone has a major beef!

3 Das Boot

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Few can forget the moment Naruto and Sasuke shared their first kiss with each other. Naruto was busy being a hater to his biggest rival while every girl in the class fawned over Sasuke. If kissing a dude by accident wasn't embarrassing enough, imagine getting beat up by one of the girls hoping to be Sasuke's first kiss right after. Like a lot of things, Boruto seemed destined to have his own awkward "my first kiss" moment with a rival of his. Except for the fact that Sadara wasn't having any of that. She was playing no games at the prospect of being kissed by accident. A girl wants their first kiss to be special. If it's not, then you can go kick rocks. Sadara quickly avoided the embarrassment by giving Boruto the boot, literally. I'm sure she made it special for Boruto.

2 Kakashi, The Ladies Man?

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Kakashi is a clear fan favorite among Naruto enthusiast for many reasons. He is a super skilled ninja genius and pretty good at giving advice. However, on the romantic front, Kakashi is lame. He was a member of one of the most awkward love triangles on the show. Most love triangles consist of two people in the triangle liking the third. Fights ensue, and you know the rest.

Kakashi was in a love circle.

Obito chased Rin, Rin chased Kakashi, Kakashi gave her the cold shoulder, and kept it moving. Then round and round they went until Rin ran into his lighting blade. In the grand scheme of things, Kakashi didn't get much play except from his novels. The only love advice he's able to give is how to stab. And that's not normal.

1 Shika... What's This?

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When we first met Sasuke, he was this brooding too cool for school heartthrob. You know the guy in high school that can have any girl he wants but is too be doing his thing to act like he cares? That was basically Sasuke. At every turn, he had the girls fawning over him. Our boy Shikamaru was the polar opposite. He was so laid back one might actually call him lazy. Not that he would care because literally anything that involved trying was a drag. We know Shikamaru crushes on Temari. What we didn't know that his first crush on the show was Sasuke. Homie just got into formation with the other fangirls and started batting his eyes with the rest of them. His secret is safe with us, but if he ever plays a game of Never Have I Ever...

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