10 Hilarious Pokemon Comics That Even Mewtwo Would Laugh At

Most of those reading this article are familiar with Pokemon. They either grew up with it themselves or was close to a friend or sibling who dedicated their childhoods to the series. The films, the card game which none of us understood how to play and was continually confiscated by teachers at school, the television show, the video games, and the merchandise filled our childhood bedrooms and memories. We all had a favourite Pokemon, a trainer we could not stand, and dreamt of going on our own trainer adventures. So without further ado, here is a selection of ten comics that every adult who dedicated their formative years to the Pokemon series will relate to.

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10 Family Can Wait

Via Mark Ceb

Let's be honest, we have all ignored a call from a family member or someone we know at one point or another as this comic from artist Mark Ceb illustrates.  And that is okay. Modern technology has made some people feel as though that they must always be reachable, available, and ready to communicate with anyone who needs them. And that is not healthy. It is perfectly okay to ignore a message if one is physically, mentally, or emotionally unable to answer it at the time it was received. Ignore the calls, go for a walk, clear that mind, and catch some Pokemon.

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9 Nothing Ever Changes

Via Katie Tiedrich

Though we could be annoyed that the same people who ostracized us for liking the geeky things that fill our hearts with joy have suddenly jumped on the geek train now that it is mainstream, comic artist Katie Tiedrich shows that the better solution to this change of heart is to simply embrace it. Sure, one could draw that line in the sand and refuse to accept those who hurt them into their club. However, forgiving and forgetting those past judgments and just playing together and forming a new club is a much healthier, more positive, and rewarding decision.

8 Is He My Father?

Via Mare Odomo

Some people, like comic artist Mare Odomo, have never let go that eternal question concerning the whereabouts of Ash Ketchum's father. Where did he go? Does Ash even have a father? Does him lacking a father affect him emotionally or is it all he's ever known and he does not give him a second thought? If he does have a father, where is he? Does Ash take his absence personally or does he understand that it is how things have to be for now?

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7 But What Are Oak's Abilities?

Via Sephko

This comic created by artist Sephko poses an interesting question: if one were able to select Oak, how would that affect the game? Would Oak evolve? What would his abilities be? Would he live inside a Pokeball? What would happen to his lab? Would Team Rocket leave Ash alone if we had adult supervision with him at all times? What would his stats be? His weaknesses?

6 Winning At Any Cost

Via Dami Lee

Sometimes one needs to break a rule or two in order to secure an area or a choice Pokemon for themselves, as comic artist Dami Lee has illustrated above. Nothing should stand between the player and the goal which they seek. One should be able to pursue such things without worrying about the obstacles in their path. Go forth and catch them all.

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5 Hogwarts 2.0

Via Modantoire

The above comic by artist Modan Toire is a witty comparison between the different choices in the original Pokemon games and the Pokemon Go mobile experience. In the original game, one must select their starter Pokemon and go from there. However, in the mobile game, after selecting one's starter Pokemon of choice, one must also choose to join a team. Some fans of the series have likened the three times to their corresponding Hogwarts houses with Valor being linked with Gryffindor, Mystic being linked to Ravenclaw, and Instinct being linked with Hufflepuff.

4 Passengers Should Avoid Screaming

Via Art By Moga

There is a rule which states that passengers must avoid any and all activities that could distract the driver as such things could be incredibly dangerous for all involved. In the above comic, the artist known online as Art By Moga displays the exact reason why such a rule is necessary. If one starts screaming mid-trip, the driver may assume that something is on the road and that they should do their best to avoid it. However, if the passenger is reacting to personal news, the driver may overreact for no reason- which has the potential of being rather dangerous.

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3 We Would Rather Not

Via Jade E Cakes

Though the nurses are simply exchanging expected pleasantries with their patients and their families, as comic artist Jade E Cakes has pointed out, their kind comments come across as a little bit threatening considering the actions that must occur in order for us to need to return for another visit. One would hope that these lovely nurses are simply being kind and do not wish our Pokemon children any harm, but one can not be too sure.

2 There Is Nothing For Miles

Via Arieryn

As comic artist Arieryn explains in the above comic, different people living in different areas have had vastly differing experiences when it comes to Pokemon Go. The same has been true with the recently released Wizards Unite. For those living in major cities or densely populated areas, these games can be quite engaging as they include something new and fun around every corner. But for those who prefer to spend their lives in the quiet countryside, these games have little to offer their players other than blank screens.

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1 No Room For Gatekeeping

Via Jhallcomics

As comic artist Jhall Comics has shown in the above comic, there is no one way to be a fan of something. Someone can be a casual fan who just recently stumbled across the series or a dedicated fan who has been engaging with the media for the better part of their lives and have committed most elements of the series to memory. Neither fan is superior nor inferior to one another. There is no wrong way to be a fan of something and all fans are welcome. Except for gatekeepers (people who force others to pass a quiz in order to be allowed into any given fandom.) There is never any room for gatekeepers.

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