10 Hilarious Pokémon Logic Memes Every Trainer Can Relate To

Pokémon may be one of the biggest game franchises of all time, creating a world with its own set of rules, but the games don't make sense a lot of the time. There are many times in which the lore of Pokémon is in stark contrast with the gameplay of Pokémon, creating a sense of connected logic in the games that's functionally nonexistent.

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The fans of the franchise have quickly caught on to the inconsistent logic and made memes to express how little sense the series can make. If you've played Pokémon, then you'll relate to these 10 hilarious logic memes.


Pokémon always sticks to the rule of Pokémon only being able to learn four moves at a time. If you want to teach a Pokémon a new move after it already has four, then one must be forgotten and then replaced with the new one.

This sort of mechanic probably shouldn't work on a Pokémon like Alakazam, which has been stated to have an IQ of over 5000. It can even outperform a supercomputer without even trying. However, it seems to have the short-term memory loss just like any other Pokémon and can only learn four moves as well. To be fair, it would be unbalanced otherwise.


Team Rocket are consistent antagonists in the Pokémon anime, constantly following Ash Ketchum in the hopes of kidnapping Pikachu. This has led them to often hide in plain sight with the help of a disguise.

While some of their disguises are pretty good, others are laughably bad, with their hair and facial features still noticeably visible. Despite how poor some of their disguises are, Ash never seems to recognize them until they formally reveal themselves (and sometimes not even then). You would think it would be easy to recognize two people with pink and blue hair (especially with Jessie's big swoop).


Professor Oak is one of the best researchers in the Pokémon universe. Spending his entire life learning more about them, one can only imagine the data that Professor Oak gathered in that time. However, it doesn't seem like his findings have been all that important.

When he hands trainers a Pokedex in Pokémon Red and Blue and other related games, the Pokedex is entirely empty, forcing the player to fill in all the dots. This doesn't make any sense, as such an esteemed and diligent researcher likely would've been able to insert his own data and start trainers off with the device at least half filled in.


While Pokémon attacks mostly make sense, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. For example, Dodrio can learn Fly and Magnemite is somehow affected by Earthquake. Going along with that is the fact that Wooper can learn Ice Punch and Shroomish can learn Focus Punch.

The catch is that neither of these Pokémon have arms. Shroomish only has legs! Making matters even worse, a Pokémon as large and powerful as Yanmega can't learn Fly despite taking to the skies in its natural state. Yet, Pidgey can learn Fly and carry a trainer around the world with no trouble.


Those who are afraid of upcoming Pokémon battles will often stock up on potions at their local Poke Mart. However, Potions only heal 20 HP on a Pokémon, which loses effectiveness very early in the games. However, trainers can instead purchase bottles of water which regenerate a whopping 50 HP.

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It turns out that, despite the fact that medicine was specifically made to heal Pokémon injuries, water remains one of the most effective medicines a trainer can use. To compensate, bottles of water and lemonade are typically much more expensive than standard Pokémon medicine. It just gets weirder the farther you go down the rabbit hole.


Game Freak wanted to make Dragon types a rarity when the series debuted, but that philosophy has changed over time. Now, there are numerous Pokémon who became dragon types, but compared to the Gen I Pokémon that actually resemble dragons, it doesn't make much sense.

Charizard, Gyarados, and Aerodactyl aren't dragons despite being clearly inspired by them. Instead, a poofy bird from Gen III gets classified as a Dragon type. It only gets better as the series goes on. A pile of sludge is a Dragon type in Gen VI, and Exeggutor's Alolan form is a Dragon type in Gen VII. Meanwhile, the Pokémon that look like dragons are left behind.


Tracey Sketchit is a character in the Pokémon anime and a traveling companion to Ash and Misty during their time in the Orange Islands. Tracey was a Pokémon sketcher who was always ready with a pen and paper to sketch some of the rarest Pokémon he could find.

He was extremely excited and in awe when he and the others went to Pinkan Island, where they found a pink Rhyhorn. He immediately started sketching it, but was using a black pencil to do the job. It was a pink Rhyhorn and he used no color to try and capture it. Let that sink in.


When Pokémon are confused in the game, they are given a chance of attacking themselves when trying to perform a move, regardless of what it is. This has been the subject of a lot of jokes among the fanbase.

After all, how could a Hyper Beam just turn around all of a sudden? This meme proposes a funny combination of Pokémon confusion and that sinister Kermit the Frog meme. When Pokémon are confused, it's as if an evil version is telling them to punch themselves in the face. Confusion can be a very annoying status effect to get rid of.


When Mythical Pokémon were first introduced in Pokémon games, there was usually an item that sent players on a new journey to find those Pokémon. In later games, players would just receive the Pokémon themselves through a "Mystery Gift."

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When players would travel to the nearest Pokémon Center, they would then meet a postman who would straight up give them the Pokémon. This includes Pokémon like Mew, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Genesect. All of them were easily delivered to trainers just by simple postmen. This was more done for convenience, but it makes no sense contextually. Hopefully, newer Mythical Pokémon are treated a little bit smarter.


Arceus was a Mythical Pokémon in Gen IV that was believed to be the god of all Pokémon. Eventually, Arceus was obtainable in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl through an event that granted players an Azure Flute. Arceus was also one of the highest-leveled Pokémon in the entire franchise, being found at level 80.

Despite having essentially created the entire Pokémon world, though, Arceus could easily be caught in a Poke Ball and forced to obey its trainer, who is little more than a 10-year-old in the games. It makes no sense, but the thrill of having an Arceus was more than worth it for most players.

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