10 Hilarious Skyrim Logic Memes That Are Fus-Ro-Dank

Skyrim is imperfect in more ways than one. How the game has stayed relevant is nothing short of a miracle. Almost a decade after its release, Skyrim continues to entertain players with its seemingly endless quest variety and addictive gameplay. With that said, the game is occasionally illogical because of its various bugs, glitches, and irregularities.

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Without a doubt, it's is a deeply flawed game. Explaining the extent of Skyrim's issues is not easy. To help us out, we've compiled a list of funny memes that explain why The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is illogical. These are 10 hilarious Skyrim logic memes that are Fus-Ro-Dank.

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10 Skyrim, The Most Densely Populated Place In The Universe

Okay, maybe it's an exaggeration to say that the fictional region of Skyrim would be the most densely populated place in the universe, but the logic behind some of Skyrim's locations doesn't quite add up.

You head into an uninhabited cave and find yourself in an underground city. This happens so often in Skyrim that it seems beyond fiction. The dullest looking cave could potentially lead to one of the most prosperous places in Skyrim. This Skyrim logic is too hard to digest.

9 The Joker's Logic Makes Sense In Skyrim

Memes can be an effective way to prove a point, and in this case, we agree with this meme. You can travel throughout Skyrim slaying people in front of guards, and they usually don't do anything.

Attack a person five steps outside a city like Whiterun and nothing happens. Attack a chicken on someone's farm, however, and you win yourself a bounty and/or a trip to jail. Nobody cares about your chickens! To put it simply, the logic of Skyrim is flawed.

8 Fear Not The Dragon Slayer...I Am Fred The Bandit Highwayman

People of Skyrim recognize you as the Dragonborn, yet they aren't aware of his reputation for being the strongest warrior alive. For some reason, bandits and others will attack someone who has slain numerous dragons and has the blood and soul of a dragon inside him. According to Skyrim lore, Blades see the Dragonborn as "The Ultimate Dragon Slayer."

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Elder Scrolls Dragonborn are rare, but almost everyone in Skyrim has heard the tales of the Dragonborn. Skyrim is far from being a logical game. This is one of the many cases of horrendous Skyrim logic.

7 Ran Out Of Potions? That's Okay

There is no logic behind Skyrim's healing system. Half of the time, desperate players who run out of potions resort to getting their fill with everyday foods. This meme highlights the point that eating potatoes would be impractical in a real fight.

Furthermore, the weight system of Skyrim doesn't make sense. How could someone carry as many fruits and vegetables as a Skyrim player does? This Skyrim meme illustrates a valid point that needs to be addressed.

6 Skyrim Released In 2011, Yet It Doesn't Have Basic Physics

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ignores all logic with everlasting torches. Wind doesn't seem to effect torches, and rain and snowfall don't either. Skyrim only released eight years ago, but it doesn't have fundamental physics that should allow torches to interact with waterfalls.

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Ideally, for the most immersive experience, flames would distinguish when touched by a waterfall. We know Skyrim has its flaws, but this is one aspect of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that shouldn't have been overlooked by Bethesda Game Studios.

5 What Arrow In My Head?

Sometimes the combat of Skyrim shows its ugly side when it is unresponsive to combat. Most other leading games would make an NPC react to a strike by attacking. The stealing mechanics of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is also flawed.

Somehow players are caught stealing when there is not a person in sight. Skyrim has a considerable reputation for being one of the greatest role-playing games of all time, yet it has so many issues. It goes to show that people don't care about small glitches when they work to their advantage. Super Mario 64, Resident Evil 4, and GoldenEye 007 are few other examples of games with glitches that improve gameplay.

4 These Two Weigh The Same??!

Two items in Skyrim shouldn't weight the same when they are of different sizes. This is one of the lesser examples of weight inconsistencies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A small Potion of Minor Healing should weigh less than a giant Potion of Extreme Healing.

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Another strange example is the weight difference between a Steel Ingot and a Quill. A Steel Ingot has a weight of 1, and a Quill has a weight of 0.5. There is no way a feather could weigh half as much as a Steel Ingot. Most experienced players use weight mods anyway, so who cares.

3 The Weather Of Skyrim Doesn't Make Sense

After you dive into Skyrim for more than a hundred hours, you might start to notice some irregularities. Notably, the weather doesn't change to snow in certain areas of the game. Vice versa, snowfall is constant in mountainous regions of Skyrim.

Skyrim must be set in a polar region since it continually receives snowfall. The Khajit in the above meme is right to be annoyed by the snow. It's called dynamic weather, and it's something The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doesn't have.

2 Eternal Flame From The Abyss

The Draugrs who dwell in Skyrim's underground passages must be more intelligent than we are giving them credit for. Candles in Skyrim stay lit regardless of the time or place. It seems unlikely that anyone would keep candles lit in a cave.

Moreover, why are the caves in Skyrim so bright when there are so few candles? Something is amiss in the world of Skyrim. Nothing logical can be used to explain why Skyrim's cavern's candles stay lit.

1 The Planet Nirn Doesn't Obey The Laws Of Physics

Skyrim's horses suddenly turn into mountain goats when climbing a mountainside. Some players might prefer the broken physics of the game because it allows you to climb mountains with ease.

This supernatural ability enables horses to climb mountains, so players can avoid taking long routes. Even a mountain goat would have trouble climbing the same slopes as the horses of Skyrim. Once again, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shows its age by not integrating the basic laws of physics.

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