20 Hilarious SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

There's a good reason why most 90s kids could never forget a certain cartoon show about a particular yellow sponge character, his quirky friends and his crazy misadventures in Bikini Bottom. Yes, we're talking about one of the most unforgettable cartoon series in the past two decades or so, the one and only SpongeBob SquarePants. The city of Bikini Bottom is filled with strange conundrums and wacky mishaps, thanks to the eccentric nature of its citizens. In this city, there are sea sponges that look like industrial sponges, chocolate-obsessed fish and a crab that ironically sells crab burgers to other sea creatures. As if those weren't strange enough, there is also a body-building lobster, a starfish with an insane appetite, an underwater squirrel immigrant and a sinister plankton.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bizarre, dumb-founding and downright hilarious world of SpongeBob SquarePants. Although Bikini Bottom's peculiar citizens alone aren't the only ones that make this series unforgettable. SpongeBob and his comical interactions with everyone else makes this series hard to forget. It's quite difficult not to chuckle when watching an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, especially in the earlier seasons. There's enough side-splitting scenarios to keep fans laughing out loud and rolling on the floor for days. The series has left its mark on fans by depicting hilarious situations that are made even funnier with its use of comical expressions that linger in the mind for weeks.

Some of these comical portrayals are so popular that fans are constantly recreating them from fan-art, memes to anything in between. After all, how can fans not relive the show's memorable moments when its jokes and puns are considered comedy gold? It's only natural for fans to come up with their very own brand of SpongeBob SquarePants comedy through their fan-art and comics. While some might chortle at these comics' funny images alone, only true fans could really appreciate their hilarious references to the beloved series. Here are 20 SpongeBob SquarePants comics to remind fans why the series always had a special place in their hearts.

20 SpongeBob & Patrick's Infamous Logic

via: natalietheantihero.deviantart.com

Whimsical duo SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star aren't just known for their wacky humor and eccentric behavior. Both of them are also known for their own brand of pseudo-witty arguments that often end in a ridiculously far-fetched conclusion. Whenever there is a conversation going on between SpongeBob and Patrick, fans just know that something silly is bound to happen. Knee-slapping humor and pun-tastic comments are just some of the things that the wacky duo specialize in, after all. Just when fans thought the two can't get any more illogical in their unintelligible banter, this comic comes in to prove them wrong.

We can almost hear SpongeBob yelling “Patrick, you're a genius!” in that last panel.

SpongeBob and Patrick might be oblivious to how ridiculous their ideas and conversations sound but this is exactly what fans love about them. This hilarious sketch was able to capture the essence of the series by perfectly highlighting the traits that make these duo so unforgettable. Of course, fans can't really expect a talking sponge and a pudgy starfish to make sense after considering the fact that, they're creatures that aren't even capable of talking to each other in the first place, let alone engage in an intellectual conversation! While it's unlikely for them to be winning any lotteries any time soon, it's certain that they've just won the hearts of fans once again.

Artwork by NatalieTheAntihero

19 Why Be Dirty Dan?

via kamranhasak47.deviantart.com

True fans of the series will definitely recognize this scene which references an episode called “Survival Of The Idiots.” In this episode, Patrick and SpongeBob were debating over which one of them should play the outlaw known as Dirty Dan. It is sometimes hard to see Patrick as a frightening figure given the oblivious nature of his character. However, this comic just turned Patrick into a force to be reckoned with, that's bent on taking away SpongeBob's chances of ever playing as Dirty Dan! Patrick might look scary in this comic, but true fans know that the ending of this episode is even more terrifying than what he could ever be.

Now the real question is, is SpongeBob truly scared of Patrick himself or is he more frightened of what's to come when one of them claims to be Dirty Dan? Of course, Patrick's mindless nature once again shines in this comic as he still insists on being Dirty Dan. If the beastly hibernating version of Sandy ever found out which one of them is the real Dirty Dan, then it's going to be an unnerving scenario for anyone who's claiming to be the nefarious outlaw. Perhaps it would safer for them to take on the role of Pinhead Larry instead, or better yet, they should just stick to being plain ole' SpongeBob and Patrick.

Artwork by kamranhasak47

18 The Infinity Burgers

via knowyourmeme.com

This reference certainly doesn't even need words to get its point across, especially for fans of both SpongeBob SquarePants and Marvel Entertainment. Of course, it would take a true fan to recognize these brightly colored Krabby Patties from the episode “Patty Hype.” These colored sandwiches are designer patties that SpongeBob called “Pretty Patties.” However, what SpongeBob doesn't know is that his vibrant-looking patties are coveted by a menacing villainous tyrant known as... Patrick? Yes, this meme turned the show's seemingly harmless pink starfish into Marvel's most notorious villain Thanos, and did a good job at doing so too.

The highly-coveted Infinity Stones need an equally enticing food counterpart.

Thanos loves scouring the galaxy for his beloved infinity stones, but not this starfish-headed tyrant. He would rather have something that only resembles the infinity stones albeit in a more edible form. For Patrick-Thanos, searching across planets is hard work so fueling up on designer patties is the best way to go. What better way to remind himself of his mission than to eat hamburgers that resembles the very gems that he has been looking for? With that said, this outcome will certainly make Mister Krabs regret the time when he talked down on SpongeBob's colorful idea. If Patrick-Thanos loves Pretty Patties, then he would certainly make the entire universe do the same thing.

17 Chocolate Beware!

via redheadxilamguy.deviantart.com

Tom Smith might seem like a regular Bikini Bottom citizen on the surface ,but he's actually the notorious crazy chocolate guy! What would happen if Tom actually got to meet up with the magical talking chocolate tree from Dora The Explorer? Well, it looks like it is not going to be a pleasant scenario for the talking chocolate tree, based on this hilarious cartoon cross-over. Fans who have seen the episode “Chocolate With Nuts” know how crazy Tom could get when anyone mentions the word chocolate to him. SpongeBob might treat food as friends, but not Tom. Especially when it comes to chocolate.

Tom had to relentlessly chased both SpongeBob and Patrick all because he wanted their chocolate bars. If he went through all that effort just to get a taste on a few pieces of chocolate bars, then just imagine what he would do to a tree that's made entirely out of chocolate! At least SpongeBob and Patrick can actually outrun Tom when he decides to chase them. But for the chocolate tree, well, it doesn't even have legs. Perhaps the tree should try and convince Tom that it's made up of something else. If all else fails then it might be best for Dora to cover her eyes on this one.

16 Square Game For A Square Name

via jediannsolo.deviantart.com

Fans of the series know that one of SpongeBob's most favorite pastime is jellyfish catching. It's no wonder SpongeBob has Patrick as his best friend, since both of them are pretty much oblivious to how ridiculous their jellyfish-catching hobby looks like to everyone else. Pearl might be a ginormous, yet childish whale but even she knows that SpongeBob's hobby is anything but hip and cool. SpongeBob might think jellyfish catching is a fun activity, but for young and trendy people like Pearl it's certainly not something that they would consider as cool. Or as Pearl would say, “coral.”

How can a person with a square name and body not do things that are square?

However, what Pearl failed to consider is that SpongeBob isn't just a sponge, he is also a SquarePants, who quite literally wears square pants! Timmy Turner's dad, from the cartoon The Fairly OddParents, even made an appearance in this comic just to point out the obvious to Pearl. Of course, youngsters like Pearl are too hip to understand that some people can't help but revel in activities that are considered as “square”, especially when they are literally a square!

Artwork by JediAnnSolo

15 Blowing Bubbles & Taking Names

via docwario.deviantart.com

Best friends SpongeBob and Patrick love playing as superheroes given their fascination for local heroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. That being said, it would be cool to see both of them star in their very own superhero comic. If so, then what would be the best way to portray them as a superhero duo? Enter Patricable and SpongePool! This hilarious rendition basically nailed most elements of Marvel's Deadpool and Cable characters, except for violence, of course. If there's one thing Cable and Deadpool both have in common, it's that they both love using their respective arsenal of firearms. Both of them are usually seen popping things using their lethal pistols and rifles.

On the other hand, SpongeBob and Patrick might not be fond of firearms but they have an alternative that pops just as much! Fans know that SpongeBob's bubble-blowing skills are second to none, as seen in the episode “Bubble Buddy.” This is why SpongePool only needs one bubble blower. While Patricable might not have reached SpongePool's level of mastery when it comes to bubble-blowing, at least he gets to dual-wield bubble blowers for extra pizzazz. If anyone is wondering how much damage bubble-blowing could actually do, then they should see what SpongeBob was able to do with Squidward's house after using nothing but mere bubbles.

Artwork by DocWario

14 Power Of The Conch

via fanpop.com

What if the solution to life's daily dilemmas can simply be solved by an inanimate object? This is pretty much the idea behind, yet another sidesplitting episode called “Club SpongeBob.” Fortunately for fans, the iconic magic conch shell once again makes another appearance through this hilarious meme and it seems like it is still doing what it does best. Unfortunately for Squidward, the return of this notorious conch also means reliving some of the most frustrating moments he had with this plastic toy.

Who could ever forget the magical conch shell that spews out the answers to life's questions?

The conch became the topic of discussion in only one episode but despite that, it still made its way into the hearts and minds of fans somehow. If the conch was able to convince both SpongeBob, Patrick and even a deranged ranger, then it just might be able to convince netizens as well. While the magic conch basically served as the cause of Squidward's grief in the episode, this meme showed that it doesn't seem to be stopping there any time soon. For any students out there who are panicking and wondering what they should be doing before school starts, the answer in this meme should be clear for them. The Conch has spoken!

13 Vertically-Challenged Plankton

via spongefan257.deviantart.com

For someone who's ridiculously small, Plankton isn't afraid to stand tall even when it comes to facing an opposition that's ten times his size. Plankton never lets his size get in the way of his devious plots. Of course, this reckless behavior and false bravado only gets Plankton into trouble, especially when he's facing off against his arch nemesis Mister Krabs. The thing about Plankton is that his goals and ambition actually overshadows his minuscule stature. However, would Plankton's sheer will and determination be enough for him to go toe-to-toe against his rival?

Based on what this comic is suggesting, Plankton's bravery apparently isn't enough for him to outmatch Mister Krabs. In fact, Plankton's brash statements and incessant yelling only gives away his position to a certain crab, who will now know where to lay his foot down. Despite that, the outspoken Plankton still had the guts to proclaim that he will no longer stand for Mister Krabs' competitive dominance. It turns out that Plankton's rival was the one who literally stood on top of him, instead of the other way around, oh the irony! Perhaps it would've been better for Plankton to use a megaphone for such announcements, and from a safe distance too.

Artwork by spongefan257

12 Karen The Dream Crusher

via spongefan257.deviantart.com

Plankton seems to be always in an unfortunate situation most often than not. First of all, his size is definitely a huge disadvantage for his larger-than-life master plans. As if that's not enough, Plankton's computer wife, Karen, takes more control over his life than he has control over his very own robotic partner-in-crime. It also doesn't help that Planton's dreams and aspirations are basically about ten times his size. While it may be near impossible for Plankton to achieve his life goals or whatever it is he's scheming, at least he can still dream from the safe confines of his own establishment known as the Chum Bucket.

Here lies Plankton's hopes and dreams, courtesy of his computer wife Karen.

They say nothing is wrong with dreaming since it practically doesn't cost anything. Unfortunately for Plankton, Karen won't even give him the leisure of daydreaming. Fans of the series will certainly recognize this comic's cleverly funny Chumbalaya reference. It's quite hilariously ironic how Plankton's computer wife, in this skit, becomes the one that's preventing him from achieving his dreams instead of helping him succeed. If Plankton keeps on indulging in daytime reveries, then it won't be long before his wife puts him on the menu as well.

Artwork by Spongefan257

11 Squidward The Glamorous

via spongefan257.deviantart.com

Squidward Tentacles isn't just a cashier, he's also a musician, a painter and most of all, a frustrated artist. It is no secret that Squidward dislikes many things including his work and his social life. With that said, he's always a grumpy character who's always filled with resentment instead of joy. He's usually seen with his non-enthusiastic look coupled with his distinctly long nose and bald head, but why does he sport long and flowing, ravishing red locks in this comic? This depiction does seem uncharacteristic for someone like Squideward, but fans know that it's represents him quite accurately.

Fans of the series have seen Squidward long enough to know that he's one vain character who loves to look at himself in the mirror. If that's not enough to highlight Squidward's vanity, then perhaps his artwork and sculptures could since these are mostly self portraits of himself in various poses! Fortunately for him, he gets a glamorous make-over here courtesy of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It doesn't look like Ariel is too pleased about Squidward and the way he's taking away her spotlight though. We don't get to see Ariel visit Bikini Bottom much anyway, so it is no surprise that Squidward would want to take advantage of such a glamorous opportunity.

Artwork by spongefan257

10 Empty The Mind

via torncookie.deviantart.com

When it comes to emptying the mind, nobody does it better than Patrick Star! Fans know that Patrick often empties his mind way too much for his own good. He even empties his head to a point of being completely mindless. SpongeBob's best friend could be perceived as someone who just wants to clear his head very often or perhaps his mind is just empty in the first place. This comic serves as a perfect example of the Patrick that fans have known and loved.

There's a stark difference between emptying the mind and Patrick's empty mind.

SpongeBob doesn't even need to analyze what's inside the head of his best friend, since there might not be anything in it at all! They say looks can be deceiving and it's unwise to judge a book by its cover, but not in Patrick's case. What you see is basically what you get. Although there are times in the series where Patrick suddenly displays a stroke of genius that often catches his best friend, as well as the fans, by surprise. However, fans see that the Patrick here is in his natural habitat and just doing exactly what's on his mind. Now who says Patrick can't achieve his dreams? It seems like he's already living the dream at that very moment!

Artwork by TornCookie

9 SpongeBob's Furry Encounter

via 8-bit-britt.deviantart.com

It's no secret that SpongeBob has a special place in his heart for his dear friend Sandy Cheeks. Furthermore, it's also no secret that he also likes bursting into a song every now and then. So the SpongeBob in this depiction is pretty much the one that the fans know very well. What better way to profess SpongeBob's steamy encounter with Sandy than in a pop song that most are also familiar with, right? While this might be a good idea for both SpongeBob as well as the fans, it's not so great for the audience in attendance of SpongeBob's bizarre impromptu concert. Of course, this is not the first time SpongeBob caught everyone's attention only to sing his lungs out. However, every time he does so, it doesn't always end well for him most often than not.

Perhaps SpongeBob's encounter was just too much information for everyone else.

SpongeBob himself might be ecstatic after his intimate moment with Sandy, but the rest of his audience look like they're sick to their stomach. One audience in the crowd hilariously looks like he is about to hurl after SpongeBob's startling revelation. One listener even actually threw up! After all, it's not everyday that the citizens of Bikini Bottom get to hear about a sponge and a squirrel couple. Don't worry SpongeBob, we're pretty sure your pet snail Gary wouldn't mind though.

Artwork by 8-Bit-Britt

8 Out With The Old

via jani-lee.deviantart.com

Some fans might prefer the older episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants since some of the show's' comedic brilliance were showcased in the earlier seasons. However, this comic piece might tickle the funny bone of fans who have watched some of the series' newer episodes. True fans will certainly get the references here such as Squidward drooling over his own work of art. It's a good thing SpongeBob is pulling Squidward away from his beloved sculpture since it will soon catch fire. Not because Squidward's sculpture is just too hot to handle, but because someone will literally burn it down, to his dismay, of course.

Aside from that, we also see a burger-flipping Patrick comically screaming “hold the mayonnaise!” as if his life depended on it. Now why would Patrick be doing SpongeBob's job? More importantly, how could he hold off on all that savory mayonnaise? If this looks like a peculiar scenario, that's because this isn't even the real Patrick. Fans would know that this Patrick was actually an alien jellyfish clone, and yes, his life literally depended on that line since mayonnaise is basically their weakness. True fans know that Patrick would never pass off the opportunity to gobble up some sweet mayo.

Artwork by jani-lee

7 Thoughts Of A Pink Starfish

via zanedrake.deviantart.com

A large portion of the show's most hilarious moments all stem from Patrick's ridiculously far-fetched logic and senseless quotes. Patrick had a plethora of comedic moments including this familiar scene depicted in this comic. Even the Flying Dutchman himself remembers this scene very well so it's highly likely that fans will too. This scene takes fans back to the time when Patrick and SpongeBob were transformed into spectral form in the episode “The Curse Of Bikini Bottom.” It might seem like the Flying Dutchman is the one who's terrorizing SpongeBob and Patrick but, in reality, it's quite the opposite since he's the one being pestered by the two.

While the Flying Dutchman furiously insisted that they turned into ghosts, Patrick had other ideas in mind. Patrick wasn't just unfazed over the fact that he was turned into a ghost, he was even fascinated by it exclaiming that he had turned into a mermaid! Of course, this is all coming from a starfish who once called an elephant a giraffe, so fans can't really expect any sensible logic coming from Patrick. Regardless, this comic is a humorous reminder of why fans love Patrick so much. Patrick's mind-numbing logic and obliviousness never ceases to amaze both the citizens of Bikini Bottom and fans alike.

Artwork by ZaneDrake

6 All Grown Up

via thealienbanana.deviantart.com

Patrick might act immature most often than not, but there was actually a time when he taught SpongeBob how to be an adult. How can someone as clueless as Patrick actually teach SpongeBob the path to adulthood? Well, if fans remembered the episode “Grandma's Kisses”, then they would definitely get this reference. This is the time when Patrick tried teaching SpongeBob how to act all grown-up in front of his Grandmother. He believed that, in order for SpongeBob to become a full-fledged adult, he must develop a taste for free-form jazz.

Instead of being all-grown up, Patrick actually reverted into being a baby shortly after this realization.

However, Patrick eventually found out that being a baby is way better for him than being an adult. In fact, Patrick enjoys being a baby so much that he would rather act like one all day. The funny thing is that Patrick later told SpongeBob that he never really understood jazz, just so he could continue acting like a baby. Patrick's influence eventually convinced his friend that being an adult isn't as good as good as they thought it would be. The two eventually reverted back to acting like babies, so much for teaching your friend adulthood Mr. Star, shame on you! While they might never truly appreciate jazz music, at least they get to eat cookies all day.

Artwork by TheAlienBanana

5 Safety First

via natalietheantihero.deviantart.com

SpongeBob is always known for being on the safe side of things as he's often scared of anything that's dangerous. SpongeBob's cowardly trait tends to rub-off on his best friend Patrick as well, so the scenario in this comic pretty much sums up their cartoon counterpart quite accurately. Another thing that SpongeBob is known for is his tendency to exaggerate the small things and turn them into something that sounds a lot dangerous than they actually are. This depiction is a perfect example, as he made a simple playground slide seem like an intimidating roller coaster ride. Of course, fans know that SpongeBob does this sort of thing all the time.

In fact, there was even a time when SpongeBob became so mortified of the outside world that he decided to lock himself indoors, as seen in the episode “I Had an Accident.” This scenario is also reminiscent to the episode “Hooky” where Patrick tries to convince SpongeBob that what they're doing isn't dangerous, but then his best friend insists that it is. The two might have their differences but in the end, they really are two peas in a pod. After all, they both hang out at a very risk-free safe haven known as weenie hut jr. so their similarity isn't much of a surprise.

Artwork by NatalieTheAntihero

4 Something Out Of Nothing

via natalietheantihero.deviantart.com

Aside from from senselessly frolicking in the fields and bothering his neighbors, SpongeBob does come up some witty remarks and clever ideas once in a while. Of course, the first person who gets to hear SpongeBob's crazy ideas and silly jokes is none other than his best friend, Patrick. These jokes usually end in the two of them simply laughing their socks off but not in this comic. SpongeBob's joke backfired and they ended up being the laughing stock of the crowd instead! It's quite funny how Patrick looked quite stoic all throughout SpongeBob's joke, unaware of the shameful incident that comes shortly after.

SpongeBob's gaseous incident is the perfect metaphor of how he makes jokes out of nowhere.

Even SpongeBob himself wouldn't have predicted such a gassy predicament, but at least he made a point to Patrick. Although this isn't the first time SpongeBob's jokes backfired on him, he went through the same shameful debacle during the “Ripped Pants” episode. SpongeBob always learns the hard way before he's able to properly deliver his punch lines. Looks like history is once again repeating itself in this comic but at least all of this just shows that SpongeBob is still the same goofball that fans loved from the start.

Artwork by NatalieTheAntihero

3 Number One Fan

via amandameade.deviantart.com

It's no secret that SpongeBob is Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man's biggest fan. He doesn't just enjoy re-enacting the heroic adventures of his superhero idols, he also loves visiting them as well. Fans of the series know that SpongeBob and Patrick frequently visits Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy a lot more often than the two retired superheroes are comfortable with. In fact, Barnacle Boy seems like he's annoyed of the constant visits most often than not, just as depicted in this comic. Seeing a fan like SpongeBob must have been the last thing that Barnacle Boy expected to see on his birthday.

SpongeBob's reaction actually makes it look like it's his birthday, instead since he looks a lot more excited than Barnacle Boy! With that said, SpongeBob will always remain as a loyal Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fan, unlike the Patrick in this comic. If SpongeBob's unwavering loyalty is affixed to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, then what about Patrick? Is Patrick even a fan of anything at all? It turns out that Patrick is actually a loyal food fan instead and was only tagging along with SpongeBob all in the name of ice cream! Some things just never change, such as Patrick's insatiable appetite.

Artwork by AmandaMeade

2 Two Is Better Than One

via jeselenia.deviantart.com

The notoriously endless appetite of Patrick is so voracious and it's something that shouldn't be taken so lightly. The funny thing is that Sandy actually thought that giving Patrick some ice cream was actually a good idea. Little does Sandy know that doing so is a mistake that's as painful as Patrick's bowels on an empty stomach, but at least it makes for some good entertainment. Fans would definitely recognize this comic given that it's quite reminiscent to the episode called “I Had an Accident.”

Sandy should know by now that Patrick simply can't have just one ice cream.

That episode showed that Patrick could very well handle two ice creams and he would even hold on to them until they melted. Unfortunately for Sandy, she has no other choice but to tolerate Patrick along with his silly logic and endless appetite. Although fans should give Patrick some credit just for attempting to use his logic and reasoning to someone as intellectual as Sandy. Patrick might not get that second ice cream but at least he tried. Oh well, better luck next time Patrick.

Artwork by Jeselenia

1 Looking Good Enough To Eat

via elixirmy.deviantart.com

If birds of the same feather flock together, then what does this mean for someone who has such a peculiar set of friends? SpongeBob has a starfish for a best friend and a squirrel as a karate buddy, but that's not all. To make things even more weirder, SpongeBob even has inanimate objects, his own doodle and even food as his friends. That being said, it won't be much of a surprise for fans if SpongeBob chooses a burger patty over Sandy. True fans would understand why SpongeBob would opt for the Krabby Patty instead of Sandy, since that's no ordinary sandwich. That's his dear friend Patty from the episode “To Love A Patty.”

SpongeBob is known for going through great lenghts for his friends, but he takes this notion even further when it comes to Patty. SpongeBob loves Patty so much that he is willing to eat her even when she's already stale and rancid. Poor Sandy thought she had SpongeBob's undivided attention in this comic, but its seems like the power of the Krabby Patty is just too strong. This isn't the first time Mr. SquarePants treated food as more than just a mere snack as he once had a potato chip for a friend. SpongeBob certainly puts a new meaning to the term “don't play with your food.”

Artwork by Elixirmy

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