24 Hilarious Star Trek Comics That Show It Makes No Sense

The world of Star Trek has brought fans of sci fi so much joy over the years. It’s been here for a couple generations and is something almost everyone can enjoy. From the original series to the new movies, the cast of diverse characters had something for everyone to identify with and feel at home. Something about the opening music and space being a place filled with countless creatures and cultures to be explored has always been the charm that Star Trek brought to audiences.

But that doesn’t mean that it was a completely accurate take on the future. After all, who knows where humans will be by the time this date becomes the present? The mid-23rd century could hold any number of possibilities, but it also means that this series could have held a lot of inaccuracies. There are just some things humans might never be able to do, and that’s okay. It just means that we get to give you a list filled with comics that show the ways Star Trek was just a little goofy or made no sense at all. From Trekkies who love the show to the Trekkies at home, here are 24 Hilarious Star Trek Comics That Show It Makes No Sense.

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24 This Movie Was Just About Crying

Via: joefollansbee.com

When Star Trek Into Darkness came out, no one was emotionally ready. No amount of attractive A-list actors was going to make us forget the pain the writing in this movie had inflicted on our very souls. Sure, we all love Star Trek, and over the years we’ve come to see a lot of very emotional and heart-breaking things in the series, but that was nothing compared to seeing this on the big screen. This meme isn’t wrong in saying that literally everyone seemed to be crying over the whole thing; even Star Trek Beyond didn’t make us feel quite like that.

We all needed at least two boxes of tissues with this movie.

Perhaps the best part of this meme, aside from that poor tribble tearing up, is the fact that poor Benedict Cumberbatch can’t seem to get away from his role as Sherlock Holmes. It seems like when he’s not being a rude hero, like Sherlock or Dr. Strange, he’s being a villain in someone else’s movie. He’s been everything from a fire breathing dragon to a literal man-made monster. We’re not so sure this is really a coincidence anymore, but it doesn’t look like Cumberbatch is really complaining here. He does, after all, play a really convincing villain no matter what the role!

23 Overworking Kirk

Via: adestroy.tumblr.com

We might have a lot of comics involving the beloved Kirk and Spock; two best friends who have each other’s backs no matter how absurd and stubborn they are. But can you blame us? They’re too iconic for us not to! One thing is for sure, this probably did happen at some point. Kirk seems to be glued to his captain’s chair, so there’s no way poor Spock could get him out of the ship if he wanted to. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that a leader like Kirk, wouldn’t see the value in his own rest. Despite being a little out there and certainly reckless at times, Kirk is a good captain to his crew and definitely cares for the Starship Enterprise.

But you can’t live on the ship, Kirk. That’s just now how this works. Throughout all his incarnations, there’s always been a reason that the this ship or being a captain has meant something to him. In the recent films, it’s because his father before him was one and there’s a piece of him that feels he needs to be here. While that’s all fine and dandy, we really hope he’s getting enough sleep. For someone who says they can’t feel emotion very well, Spock seems to be pretty worried about his captain in this comic; which isn’t untrue for the television series or movies either.

Art by Carrinth.

22 A Real Bromance Romance

Via: deviantart.com

Speaking of that wonderful duo, there’s a large section of people that seriously ship this bromance; not that we blame them because it looks like it’s a pretty real possibility the way they treat each other sometimes. Poor Spock looks like he’s about to have a fit with those emotions he says he’s never feeling. Kirk seems to handle embarrassment just a tad better than his Vulcan partner there. But what’s probably best about this fan-made comic, is definitely Uhura’s little jab from the background! Maybe this is just one of those things about Star Trek that just don’t make sense; Kirk has been interested in pretty much anything that moves, so why not Spock?

We can see him calling Spock "honey". 

Shipping aside, the canon relationship between the two on screen has always been one of those friendships that everyone admires. Regardless of whether or not you feel there’s something more to it, there’s always been a deep care they’ve had for one another as individuals.That really does mean a lot considering that Spock often struggles with the Vulcan side of his being. Sure, caring about what happens to the leader of your crew makes sense from a logical standpoint, but it’s been clear that in every version of the story. Spock thinks of the captain as a close friend worth protecting.

Art by Rory221B.

21 Serious Space Arguments

Via: tavoriel.deviantart.com

Let’s be honest here, Kirk probably wasn’t thinking in any dimensions. That’s probably why he can’t come up with a proper comeback. Khan looks like he’s pretty much done with anything having to do with Kirk and the Starship Enterprise. Can you blame the guy? He’s getting knocked in the head. Then again, considering the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch played him in the recent films, we can pretty much hear this sick burn in his voice.

Khan has always been a massive problem for the Star Trek crew. While this adorable comic makes light of the situation, the hatred for him runs deep. He’s truly been considered one of the worst enemies the crew has ever had to face on their journeys and part of that is due to his capabilities. Sure, he was originally only human, but the advancements bestowed upon him paired with his intelligence was something worthy of being feared. What makes a truly terrifying villain isn’t so much their physical abilities, but rather, why they do the awful things they do. Khan had a sense of purpose that he sought to complete and that’s what made him so dangerous despite his physical talents. That and the fact that he was considered one of the smarter enemies to fight the Enterprise crew.

Art by Tavoriel.

20 Highly Illogical

Via: ditorialcartoonists.com

Do you think this is what Spock will see when he final enters those pearly white gates? There’s certainly a chance that he won’t get in for talking like this; they might just send him back to Kirk if they don’t feel like dealing with him today. But this isn’t really a jibe at what happens in the afterlife, so much as it’s pointing out how funny these kind of cartoons are. The poor artist was probably feeling a little down that day and needed some trekkie love from everyone’s favorite Vulcan.

He should still be allowed in, right?

Spock is one of the most interesting sci-fi creations ever made, and certainly one of the most iconic. His success can be attributed to the fact that he’s made up of two very conflicting factors. The love for logic as a Vulcan and the emotions and irrational thoughts that come with being a human. Having both sides of this coin, he’s always struggled as a character and that’s what so many people can relate to. It’s interesting to see how the audience bonds with this character when he’s half an alien and is supposed to be somewhat foreign to our imaginations. But at the end of the day, we wouldn’t trade this character for the world, logic and all.

19 How Did He Get On The Ship?

Via: itsraining-angels.tumblr.com

Seriously, how did Chekov get on the ship? We know we just told you that he was here for a little more youth and appeal to the Starship Enterprise crew, but seriously, he can be a real dork at times. Despite how goofy and adorable this comic makes him out to be, Pavel was actually a very skilled and accomplished part of the crew. While he did start out as a rookie in Kirk’s crew, whom the crew loved and joked with frequently. As the series went on, so did his accomplishments.

Chekov was originally the navigator of the ship, but as time went on he was promoted to lieutenant after his first five-year mission. A pretty impressive feat. He was also one of the crew members who went through a lot of different obstacles and even injuries. For example, there was an arc where he traveled back to 1986 and was accused of being a Soviet spy, which lead to some grave injuries. In fact, the medicine of that time wouldn’t have been able to save him. Thanks to McCoy, we didn’t lose him! That’s a lot of someone who’s often consider the “kid” of the ship, so maybe we shouldn’t underestimate Chekov so much.

18 Would A Star Trek Kid Get Bored?

Via: pinterest.com

There is always one thing that often takes the fun out of sci-fi narratives; time. When writers set a future date for their works to take place, it’s hard to imagine what said future will look like. At some point, hopefully, humans will make it there and how they experience that time period will be very interesting. That’s what makes sci-fi so alluring, because we won’t be able to see that future but we want to imagine the kind of culture it will hold. Think of all the movies and books that thought the 2000s would have flying cars.

Wouldn't he know if they were there?

It only stands to reason that how we experience time would also change. Think about how a loading screen can feel like forever when it comes to some of your older devices. By now, you might have a device that’s faster and more reliable and, in the future, it might only get better. Well, what about the kids that live in the Star Trek universe? Do they think that things like instant teleportation are a little too slow for their tastes? It might seem like a stretch to us, but maybe not for them. The one thing we can take solace in is knowing that the phrase “Are we there yet?” will never go out of style. It’s just one of those things that truly are timeless.

Art by Bizarro Comics.

17 Were They Always This Formal?

Via: jermeykaye.tumblr.com

Of course, just because he may not be a captain anymore doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about some of the other hilarious things he did while he was. Picard always had a very refined sense as a captain, he was certainly different from Kirk in his own respect. We have to wonder if a barbeque would work like this with his crew; that’s one way to ask Worf for food.

Make it so, Mr. Worf! 

Worf is a really interesting character when it comes to the Star Trek franchise. Perhaps the two most popular alien races in the series were Vulcans and Klingons thanks to characters like Spock and Worf. One notable attribute to Klingons is how they changed over the series. In The Original Series, there was less of a budget to create this alien race and so, by the time we got to Worf, we saw that there were more attributes to make him look like a humanoid not of our kind. Worf’s design, however, actually does pay homage to the original look of Klingons in the first series. The cloth baldric that he wears on his uniform is the very same one that Klingons wore originally. This not only pays homage to his heritage while he is on the ship, but also to our origins as Trekkies!

Art by Jeremy Kaye.

16 Those Poor Red Shirts

Via: cartoonstock.com

Wouldn’t it be just awful if we found out this beloved hand gesture, iconic from the series, actually meant something horrible? It certainly doesn’t help that Spock is doing it to a random red shirt! The term “red shirt” became popular because of Star Trek; it’s a term that refers to characters who probably won’t be used throughout the entire series or who might be written off by a villain for dramatic effect in the storyline. This was because those who originally wore red shirts in the classic 60s series weren’t often the characters who actually stayed on the show. It was awful, but it also became a huge part of fandom lingo.

The “live long and prosper” sign and phrase also became very key to trekkie lingo. The gesture was actually based off of a traditional Jewish blessing, but was obviously shortened and changed for the purposes of being the Vulcan Salute. This isn’t uncommon in sci fi genres, there are a lot of times where writers will base their alien races and space traditions off of what our world already has. But the Vulcan salute is nonetheless something that became a symbol for peace and happiness amongst fans.

Art by Cartoon Stock.

15 Don’t Mess With Her.

Via: pinterest.com

Out of all the people we would ever think of messing with in the Star Trek universe, Uhura is definitely not one of them. We’re not even sure why Spock thought that this was a good idea because, logically speaking, she wouldn’t have ever put up with it. Favoritism has nothing on the wrath he’d face if he didn’t assign her to the Farragut. Yet, for as angry as she seems in this small comic, Uhura didn’t really have that kind of temper and has always been a really revolutionary character.

When her character first appeared in The Original Series, it was a really big deal! People would have never thought to see her in such a vital role on the Enterprise, but this is the future and anything is possible. She’s such an inspirational character that even her name roughly translates to “Star Freedom” in Swahili. You can’t be a bad character with a name like that. She was, and still is, a pivotal character that we hold dear to our hearts. So out of that sheer respect, we don’t think we’d have the heart not to put her in the positions she deserves; although we might have outright favoritism.

14 Bad Puns Anyone?

Via: pinterest.com

While we’re on the subject of pop culture references, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a great thing to have our modern ones in the mix. After all, that pun Geordi made was not the best. A pun on that name during such a difficult situation is both inappropriate, even if it was a really well-timed pun. Geordi is one of those characters we can’t get mad at though. He was certainly one of the best characters on that show and certainly had an unforgettable background.

Geordi actually has a lot of cool facts about him that made him such a cool character in the show. For instance, he was actually named after a fan of the show, which is basically every viewer’s dream. George La Forge was a quadriplegic fan who loved the first series deeply, but sadly passed away in 1975. Roddenberry wanted to create characters who had disabilities in the show, David Gerrod suggested that they pay homage to a real fan who deserved some recognition. Geordi became a really important role, not only in terms of the representation he gave to fans, but also to standing tribute to a long time trekkie who’d really believed in the show.

13 He Knows He’s Doomed

Via: pinterest.com

We’ve talked a little bit about the red shirts in this article, but not so directly. If you’re not that much of a diehard trekkie fan, you might not even know who Ensign Johnson is. Yes, this was a real guy on The Original Series and, yes, he was a very unfortunate red shirt. In the mid-23rd century, he was one of the security officers on the USS Enterprise. That should be your first clue that something is going to go wrong. Being a security officer and a red shirt at the same time is pretty much just asking for trouble.

These poor red shirts just can't seem to win. 

Unfortunately, Ensign Johnson was wrapped up in a fight with the Klingons. This lead him to be gravely injured, but it wasn’t where his story ends. The Beta XII-A entity healed him in order to take advantage of his hatred and anger, planning to use his body as a host. We don’t hear about Johnson after that, although he does make an appearance under the name “Rusty” in one of the novels. So, in a way, it’s not all that bad for those in red! It also means that the poor Ensign Johnson in this comic probably lived to tell the tale.

12 Vulcan Nerve Pinch!

Via: bigeyedeer.wordpress.com

The Vulcan nerve pinch, everyone’s dream maneuver! Many nerds have probably Googled this in hopes there would be some way to knock each other out at a con, but alas, it’s not exactly a possibility in the way Spock uses it. For those who don’t know, the Vulcan nerve pinch is a technique, mainly utilized by Vulcans, where the user can put their opponent to sleep simply by pinching a pressure point in the back of their neck. When we say put to sleep, we really mean it’s a deep sleep you’re going to need to set aside some serious hours for.

A cool fact about this technique is that it was actually created as a Vulcan move by the original actor, Leonard Nimoy. When we first see this move put to use, the script actually called for Spock to use a real brutal force of action on their aggressors. But Nimoy felt that this was very uncharacteristic of someone who was so composed and logical. He suggested this would be more realistic. Especially since there were moves like the Vulcan Mind Meld; this is why Vulcans have the ability to project telepathic energy through their fingertips. It’s always fun when an actor becomes a literal part of their character.

Art by Phil.

11 Are We Ever Going To Update Their Look?

Via: pinterest.com

The communication devices on Star Trek may have seemed high tech for their time, and they were, but for the modern smart phone user, this probably seems obsolete. That being said, there are plenty of Trekkies now who would do anything for an authentic one of these babies. In fact, there are several Bluetooth versions and working cosplay replicas that would do real nicely for a holiday present to your favorite fans! While the older communicators certainly look like our childhood flip phones, they’re actually pretty cool looking up close.

They aren't out of style yet, even if they don't make sense! 

The communicator was made with a simple design, which was in fact inspired from the older mobile phone design. That being said, we can’t outdate it just yet because there are some factors that we haven’t actually broken through yet. For example, the communicator uses subspace transmissions and doesn’t rely on any kind of satellite for crew members to keep in contact with the ship. In fact, it doesn’t even conform to the normal rules of physics and can actually bypass EM interference. There’s no time delay no matter where a person is, which is crazy considering where we currently are with space technology. So while we don’t exactly get the logic behind these wacky devices, we certainly can’t call them outdated.

10 Poor McCoy

Via: amasingsuperpowers.com

Poor Bones is always saving these goofs, but the good doctor never seems to be getting enough credit. While this meme seems to be talking about the last movie in particular, it certainly could apply to almost any other part of Star Trek whether it’s the movies of the different television series. Spock and Kirk have always been the bromance of the sci fi world; you simply can’t have one without the other. As wonderful as that is, sometimes they seem a little distracted from the efforts of the rest of the crew. For example, at the end of the last movie, we thought that our beloved captain was done for. But thanks to the efforts of the crew, including Spock, they were able to save him. Now, while he did have a great role in saving the captain, Spock isn’t a doctor and Kirk desperately needed medical attention.

As a literal space doctor, McCoy has seen some stuff. That’s to be expected when you’re on a crew that’s bound for wacky adventures, but he also seems to be the one who needs a little extra credit here and there. We see this a lot in the new movies, sure. However, nothing compares to the different incarnations of dozens of television shows where we got to explore every nook and cranny of the universe. We also got to see how many oddities the poor doctor would have to face without any real credit.

Comic by Kadeart.

9 Cultural References?

Via: sharksplode.com

Picard probably wasn’t expecting this on his Saturday afternoon, because, really, who would have wanted to expect these old memes on their transmission? Our question to the creator of this comic is why would he be using memes that would be hundreds of years old by this point? This tamarian is clearly a hipster, but we kind of love him for it. Especially since this meme is referencing one of the more creative alien races in terms of culture that Star Trek portrayed.

References we can all understand... Maybe.

The Children of Tama were certainly one of the coolest alien races that Star Trek ever introduced. In fact, this comic isn’t entirely wrong. The Tamarian language actually is just a bunch of references to their own cultures. Now, whether or not they would have ever picked up human memes from centuries’ past, who can say? But, they certainly keep good tabs on their own history and culture. Because a lot of their language and wording was seeped in symbolism, it was incredibly hard for outsiders to understand them. If you don’t know the reference, you’re not going to be able to understand what they’re saying. It’s one of those things you just had to be there to understand.

Comic by Joel Watson.

8 Seriously How Did She Survive?

Via: trekmovie.com

If you’ve ever heard of the Mary Sue character, here’s your chance to learn about them. The term “Mary Sue” is usually directed towards a certain type of character. Usually, they’re fairly generic in the sense that they can do everything. They have very little development as a character and certainly don’t show any flaws. Well, some dedicated Trekkies started a small comic about Mary Sue’s to kind of being a real conversation about these tropes. There have been a couple Mary Sues on Star Trek, but none of them were really memorable. Which is sort of the point.

This comic is hilarious because it basically uses the world that Star Trek is based in to show how insane the idea of Mary Sue tropes are. We just love that Spock seems to also be really hating the fact that she’s around in the first place; emotion isn’t supposed to be his strong suit but he looks like he’s really owning it in this comic. For those of you who enjoy reading fan fiction or even watch popular television series, you’ve probably seen this same character with a different face and a different name. You’ll probably love this short webcomic if you feel the same way as Spock.

Art by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk.

7 Generic Moves

Via: therobotspajamas.com

Have you ever noticed that there were some things the cast did that were constant? They were sort of like little ticks that everyone had. Well, Geordi was obviously going around and betting on some of these, and clearly he did not pick the winning side. We have to wonder if there were bets like this a lot on the ship, because it seems like this was more than likely. There’s a lesson to be learned here; if you want to make bets on your friends, you better know them well enough to do it.

The moves that make the man. 

Riker is almost always doing this weird seeing thing to the point where there are literal YouTube compilations of him sitting down. The same can also be said of Picard fussing with his shirt almost every time he moves. Can you blame the man? Those are some pretty fitted outfits, it’s not like they can be the most comfortable thing in the world. But Riker actually has a reason for sitting in chairs like this and it isn’t because of a tight uniform. Jonathan Frakes, Riker’s actor, actually suffered from a back injury that resulted in him doing the “Riker Lean” on the set furniture.

6 Why Didn’t They Give Him Emotions?

Via: http://joyreactor.com

We really need to talk about Data before this list is over, because this poor guy really needs some love. Data was the first android to actually join the fleet and with good reason. His entire storyline was the basically the proof of his humanity, which was perhaps the biggest reason why people loved him. That being said, this artist isn’t really putting up with some of the logic behind his creation.

It's not that hard Data, don't worry.

When there are android or robot characters, regardless of the series, there’s often a huge storyline about how they struggle to figure out human emotions and the meaning of life. It’s understandable, as an inorganic being, but it’s also a huge cliché. The artist here basically seems to be saying that by this point in time, we should have addressed the issue with not programing these guys with emotions to better help them sympathize with the humans and other creatures around them. Human emotion might not be that complex, if we judge it off of this comic alone; surely there’d be a way to just have him at least mimic basic human emotions right? With all the other crazy gadgets the Star Trek universe had, his storyline did feel a little out of place.

5 They Do The Exact Opposite

Via: ayej.deviantart.com

This is mostly referring to the movies where Spock and Kirk pretty much almost died at every twist and turn. Somehow, Spock seemed to be playing a dare devil the entire movie and was ready to plunge into danger at every second, whereas Kirk was not about to let that happen. That’s what real friends are all about; not letting your “logical” friend do something they would most certainly regret. But then, in that very last panel, there’s poor Chekov who just wanted to save the day and earn a bit of praise. We can see why he got let go though.

Spock doesn't want to be saved, apparently.

One of the greatest elements of both the films and television series was the bonds on the ship. Regardless of their background, the crew members always had each other’s backs and would do anything to save one another. The films have done a wonderful job of bringing this beloved series up to date. But, nothing will ever compare to the long series where we really got to see a lot of gradual development and personalities grow in the characters over time. Regardless of what your favorite series was, they each had something a little different to offer and certainly played the period they were made in. You can’t not love these timeless friendships.

Art by Ayej.

4 Yeah, We Don’t Think So.

Via: therobotspajamas.com

Has anyone actually thought about how the transporters are used? Because, quite frankly, it’s terrifying. We’re kind of vibing with this alien on not wanting to bother with the transporters to begin with; it just seems like more trouble than it’s worth really. If you have to break a person down to a molecular level and transport their particles somewhere else, it feels like there are about a million things that could go wrong with the whole process. This guy probably has people waiting for him at home, we don’t think he can really afford to be messing around with the very fabric of his being today.

He looks like he'd rather walk.

The teleporters are one of those iconic pieces in Star Trek. While there is plenty of technology on the ship to affiliate the show with, this was always one of those things that really stuck with people and for good reason. This was how the crew would get to their destinations most of the time, not to mention it was tied to popular lines such as “Beam me up, Scotty!” Yet, these weren’t even a part of Roddenberry’s original design for the show. He had imagined that the crew would have to physically land the ship in order to get to their destination, but the budget wouldn’t allow a large model of the ship. Transporters were made as a cheaper alternative!

3 Keptin!

Via: vitamin-ha.com

We love that there’s an adorable reference to Dead Poets Society in this meme, especially in Chekov’s adorable accent, but he really shouldn’t be standing on chairs. He could get hurt and then where would the most precious person on the ship be? Injured in Bones’ office is where! While this meme is adorable in references, it’s also pretty cute because it shows so much of his personality in one shot. He’s always been the youth and light on the ship, and this isn’t without reason.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, actually made him like this with purpose. Originally, Pavel was supposed to be the youth on the ship that would appeal to young, teenage audiences at home. Obviously, that same thought behind his creation is still working today as he is one of the most beloved characters; but then again, if you’re a real trekkie, you probably try your hardest not to pick favorites because they’re all great choices. While we’re not sure that his creation is still based on the need to market to a younger audience, Pavel still has a special spot in our hearts regardless of age because, let’s face it, if you never grow up then you can totally relate to what he goes through.

2 He Just Took His Time!

Via: amazingsuperpowers.com

Can it really be considered a warning shot if they’ve already destroyed something? Sometimes Picard was a little off with what was going on. Like, maybe just a bit slow on the uptake when it came to being attacked. The artist of this comic isn’t too far off in thinking he might just be going about this all wrong. They’re warning you that you’re about to get in a serious fight, Picard. It’s not that deep. Please take care of that ship!

The Next Generation was a really well received series by Star Trek fans everywhere. While people will always love Kirk and his crew, there was now this special place in everyone’s heart for this new captain and his shipmates. This didn’t stop the show from actively having the captains meet; Picard has actually met several other Starfleet captains including the original Kirk. At some point, Picard did retire from active duty to return to his family vineyard in France. Of course, to know this you would have to play the Star Trek MMO where it is revealed through the storyline that he’s no longer in active command. Honestly, the man deserves a good retirement after all the space shenanigans he had to go through during his time as a captain.

Art wes and tony.

1 What Is Love?

Via: therobotspajamas.com

As ridiculous as this seems, we’ve never actually seen anything so relevant. Of course, this show has gone through many generations and the culture has changed for each one, but it would have been nice to see some more pop culture references in the show. Again, this is a common ailment that the sci fi genre often deals with because it usually can only be reflective of the time period it was made in. That being said, this is probably a more ridiculous version of something that might happen in that so very distant future. This is one way we could send out love to the Enterprise, right?

Out of all the songs we have now, they just had to play that one.

That being said, just because this beloved meme of a song wasn’t in the show doesn’t mean that there weren’t other pop culture references from the time that made appearances. Popular books like 1941 and 2001: A Space Odyssey were often used as reference. You can kind of see where Roddenberry got a lot of inspiration from the sci fi that came before him. Of course, not all of them were serious pieces. Even the movie Back to the Future was referenced. While all of these references were certainly present in the show, none of them were ever as blatant as this comic; but could you have imagined if they were?

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