22 Hilarious Star Wars Comics That Will Make You Laugh

For so long time now Star Wars fans have been battling a one sided fight against Lucasfilms that the fandom is now mainly known for its outburst towards the movies in the series more than anything else. The golden three movies have to be the original trilogy films which have attained the highest level of status possible. Since the release of Episode I – The Phantom Menace, every new movie has been highly scrutinized for its faults and these flaws have been magnified to endless degrees. Due to this George Lucas is now an antagonistic type of figure in the eyes of many.

What gets lost in the shuffle is the films themselves. These movies have stories to tell that have been ignored in favor of finding out flaws. For now, though, let’s not focus too much on the negative. Instead, the comics in this lest will show you a blend of mannerisms that the Star Wars fans display along with points to be noted in its films. These points cover a range of storytelling that you might not have noticed while watching the films. There are also comics that show an alternate point of view, something like fan theories that have a good chance of being canonical.

With that in mind here are Star Wars Comics that make us see the films differently.

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22 What Might Have Been

via pinterest.com

Anakin Skywalker’s execution of Mace Windu instead of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith can be regarded as an Epoch that turned favor swiftly over to the Empire and Anakin’s eventual fall from grace. It was this one decision of Anakin that affected the course of his life.

This comic gives us a beautiful rendition of Anakin’s life had he not turned into Darth Vader.

In Vader’s final moments he imagines spending time with both his children in peace and with his wife still alive. It’s been speculated how an uncorrupted Anakin would have been like. Look no further than this comic. Tragically, even here it is shown that Darth Vader can only have fantasized such a scenario.

21 Boo!

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Back in 1977, Obi-Wan’s end through Darth Vader’s hand had left many of the people present in the cinema puzzled. The Jedi Master claimed if he were to be struck down he would only return stronger than before. Obi-Wan didn’t leave behind a body, instead becoming one with the force and returning in Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back as a force ghost.

This comic imagines Darth Vader’s utter terror to have found Obi-Wan appearing as a ghost rather than fading away. It would have made for interesting scenes to see Obi-Wan materializing as a ghost in Episode IV itself, but we had to wait until the next installment's release to uncover Obi-Wan’s true fate.

20 Kylo Ren's Truth

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This might put into perspective the many interpretations of the Kylo Ren character by others in-universe of Star Wars. Introduced in Episode VII – The Force Awakens, the fanbase has seen Kylo as more of a whiny brat than an actual threat to the protagonists.

All the above interpretations are just about right.

Snoke took advantage of a crybaby and manipulated his powers for his own benefit, Rey dispatched f him at the end of The Force Awakens, while Han and Leia still overlooked how evil their son was. Meanwhile how he actually is sort of true. He does belong in a trash can. Kylo Ren’s obsession with his grandfather is not ignored by this comic artist either and we see just how highly he thinks of himself and Darth Vader.

Comic by by random splashes.

19 Old Habits

via pinterest.com by dino kitten

It’s a fanboy’s dream to see Darth Vader raising Luke Skywalker as a proper father. Vader was absent for all of Luke’s and they only interacted when he was the dark lord. The usual interpretation of a family scenario for the Skywalkers is one where Darth Vader has turned good again. But here we have a different take on it where he is raising a child Luke while still retained the dark lord persona.

Although this comic is on the lighter we can see that Luke would have been lured to the dark side. Darth Vader is feeding lies to his son and claiming Darth Maul is actually a good guy. An evil father-son duo of Skywalkers would have meant no hope for the galaxy.

Comic by Jeffrey Brown.

18 Woe Is Me

via tumblr.com

A lot of Finn’s backstory hasn’t been addressed so far in the sequel trilogy. We’ve only heard a few snippets of his Stormtrooper training but other than that it is slim pickings. In fact, Finn isn’t even his real name, in case you forgot this bit of trivia, he has taken up this name due to Poe assigning him this as his serial number as a Stormtrooper was too difficult to remember.

One has to believe Finn would have identity issues.

At the moment the war between the First Order and the Resistance rages on so Finn doesn’t have much time to ponder over his origins. But let’s not forget there’s a story to be uncovered somewhere down the line. We might even find out his real name.

Comic by Radio Proxy.

17 How We Met

via dorkly.com by KSART-Things

The romantic implication between Kylo Ren and Rey is uncomfortable, to say the least. In Episode VII – The Force Awakens the two duked it out to see who was the better master of the force. On that occasion, Rey prevailed but the follow-up Episode VIII – The Last Jedi didn’t provide us with more hostility between these two. Instead, we got a love story in the making.

It’s not a stretch to imagine Rey and Kylo Ren as a fully-fledged couple. Perhaps by the time Episode IX ends, these two will have had embarked on a romantic relationship. The above comic shows us that the cringe factor wouldn’t be reduced by any means. Stating how they met only makes their relationship all the more messed up.

Comic by by KSART-Things

16 Cut George Some Slack

via imgur.com

It’s been about two decades since George Lucas has been seen as an antagonistic figure by the Star Wars community. Actually, even the Indiana Jones fanbase views him in an unfavorable light after the lackluster reception of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

But maybe we should give our boy George a break. Lucas isn’t short of money, the guy’s a billionaire. It’s the studio executives who force him to come up with new Star Wars stories. Unfortunately, fan reception is almost always negative these days and this comic should make the naysayers see George in a more sympathetic way. The poor guy might really drown his sorrows playing with action figures. The comic version of Lucas is the one before the prequel trilogy was released, he has no idea how much hate he is yet to receive.

15 Wrong Side, Bro

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When Kylo Ren interacted with Rey in a scene from Episode VIII he was in a less than decent manner, being without his shirt on. Rey would provide a little humor for the viewers by asking him to cover up and make the moment less awkward. Kylo, though, wasn’t playing around and ignored any light-hearted banter that might have been.

We still wouldn’t count on Kylo Ren being smart enough to figure out which part of the body he was supposed to cover up.

Considering how he has a knack for taking things out of proportion and making a bigger fuss out it all, we wouldn’t put it past him to cover his face up instead. Unfortunately, we can only joke about the horrible shirtless scene.

Comic by Ksart-things.

14 Star Wars Above All

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The Star Wars community most of the time defies logic with their lifestyle. The most ardent fans live and breathe the series, having knowledge that even George Lucas might not remember. The extreme ones choose Star Wars over anything else. The highest class of nerds are those who would give up the opportunity to impress a lady if it meant ignoring Star Wars, there are also those types of geeks who ignore their girlfriends in favor of fanboying with their buddies in Star Wars conventions.

Here we see a hardcore fan speaking in Star Wars dialogues, causing his girlfriend to break up with him. The sadness is real for this guy but his love for Star Wars prevents him from chasing after the one that got away.

13 The Truth

via dorkly.com

Those who aren’t fans of Star Wars always associate the Stormtroopers with the series. They are the most recognizable figures in the fandom along with Darth Vader. There’s no denying these soldiers look cool but those unfamiliar to the fandom mistake Stormtroopers to be part of the good guys.

Stormtroopers are mindless soldiers.

In the prequel trilogy the Stormtroopers were clones but in the sequel trilogy, they are shown to be people of their own. Finn was a Stormtrooper who defected and made his own choices. Considering how brainless their functioning is, perhaps Stormtroopers do struggle with identity crisis and unfortunately, they are more or less the World War II bad guys. Maybe that’s who George Lucas based them on. If so, then too bad for the Stormtroopers.

12 What’s In The Box?

via imgur.com

Darth Maul’s look was one of the few things the prequel trilogy got right. The antagonist was a superb mixture of cool and menacing. He had the skills of a Sith to boot and the actions sequences he shared with Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were a treat to watch. Part of what contributed to this was his unique lightsaber. Darth Maul’s lightsaber lit up from both ends and he used it to his advantage, doing away with any ludicrousness people have felt when they first saw the weapon.

But ever wonder how he got the lightsaber? Even villains like to play with toys. So imagining Darth Maul eagerly tipping over the contents of the box and happening to find another piece isn’t too lame to consider.

11 Monologuing

via pinterest.com

One thing Kylo Ren really loves to do, aside from throwing temper tantrums, is monologuing. Every instance he has someone at his mercy he takes his sweet time droning on about how he has defeated them. Mind you, Kylo Ren does try to get in a few strikes while he talks but considering he always misses we’ll focus more on the monologuing part for now.

Here we see a character being self-reflective of the situation.

He knows Kylo Ren will like to indulge in a fair bit of banter and simply asks firsthand if they will talk first or Kylo Ren will do the honors. It’s best they go first, to be honest. Knowing Kylo he’ll take a long time to gloat and throw in another temper tantrum.

Comic by Kesinger.

10 Missing The Point

via pinterest.com by Ryan the Great

As we had already known what the outcome of the prequel trilogy would be, with Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader, the ending of the trilogy was a foregone conclusion. However, one of the criticisms the prequels face is that there was an overabundance of references for Anakin’s turn for the worse. More than several occasions did we have hints for his darker tendencies.

This comic is appropriate for those who still didn’t catch on to any of the clues that were showcased. Go back again and watch the prequels again and you’ll the hints that Anakin had an evil side just waiting to be let out. Ultimately Palpatine did make full use of this and swayed the Jedi to the Sith side.

Comic by Ryan the Great

9 Always The Same

via imgur.com

One thing you can be sure about of Star Wars fans is that they are all the same. Whichever generation you look at their behavior remains similar. That’s the beauty of the series. It unites people from around the world in a fantasy that is worth the ride. Even more fitting is how certain mannerisms are emulated generations apart.

This comic very truthfully shows a son emulating his father. Back in 1977, the Star Wars hype had grabbed everyone’s attention and people had scrambled to the cinema to watch it. Forward over four decades later and the children of the people from that generation are doing the same. Truly the force is with us. That’s why no matter how badly received a film might be, fans will flock over the first for the next one’s release.

Comic by Patrick Scullen.

8 Not Cool, Dude

via imgur.com

Since Disney has bought the Star Wars series there has been much anticipation for some kind of crossover of the Mickey Mouse characters with the Star Wars characters. However, that’s more of a child fantasy and any crossover we would see would be more for children’s interest that adults. But there’s also the fact that Disney also purchased Marvel and it’s not out of the question to have some superheroes show up to confront Star Wars characters.

In this comic we see Marvel supervillains chastising Darth Vader for blowing up Alderaan.

Of course, they’re not of the same continuity but if Disney were to get really creative these characters could be seen together. To that end, Darth Vader’s act of destroying a whole planet wouldn’t sit well for Galactus and co. who are notorious for eating planets.

7 Disapproving Grandpa

via tumblr.com

Kylo Ren has somehow concocted a whole fantasy of Darth Vader in his head. In Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens we saw Kylo Ren reflecting over his position while seemingly conversing with Darth Vader, later revealed as Vader’s mangled helmet that Kylo has somehow retrieved. He chooses to view Darth Vader as the warlord he was rather than the redeemed Anakin Skywalker.

Thus, it would be interesting to see how a force ghost of Darth Vader would confront his grandson. Considering he’s a good guy now, Kylo Ren’s actions wouldn’t be met with much praise as he imagines. Instead, Darth Vader would definitely call his grandson out for his evil actions. There’s still a chance a force ghost of Anakin Skywalker appears in Episode IX.

Comic by Hella Hella.

6 Come Into The Light

via pinterest.com

Now, this is a scenario we just might see come Episode IX, and it is definitely interesting. Kylo Ren was teased heavily to have had some influence from the light side of the force in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Rey would try to sway him over from evil to good by appealing to his conscience. Too bad it didn’t work and it would appear Kylo Ren has usurped Snoke’s role as the main antagonist of the sequel trilogy.

But this scenario shows us Kylo’s supposed turn to the light.

His conscience speaks to him and is on the pathway to showing him how giving in to the light side might make him more powerful than remaining in the dark. We haven’t been privy to Kylo’s thinking in the films so this comic sheds some new light on him.

Comic by Foxx Fire Art and Kristoffer Rammell.

5 Parental Problems

via pinterest.com

One of the things the sequel trilogy movies so far haven’t touched on is how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren completely. In Episode VIII we saw that Luke’s attempt to end his nephew’s life was the catalyst but we haven’t known what Ben Solo’s parents were doing around this time. Han Solo took off and became the loner he was once more as he had been in Episode IV – A New Hope, while Princess Leia became General Leia of the Resistance.

But what happened before all that when Ben Solo was in Jedi training? Although this comic is humorous, showing us how Ben Solo’s dark tendencies were always there as a kid, it should make people wonder what his life as a child had been with his parents.

Comic by Kesinger.

4 All Is Forgotten

via imgur.com

Another trait all Star Wars fans have is their obsession with the movies, to rather unhealthy degrees. When a few friends meet and decide on a Star Wars marathon you can just forget their existence until they reach the end, because those friends certainly will forget there’s anything other than Star Wars in their lives. During a Star Wars marathon, or maybe even while watching one movie, fans will become so engrossed in it they won’t pay attention to any other pressing matters.

Case in point is this situation where two guys ignore a fire burning and their apartment drowning.

In the comic, the scene playing out on TV is the ending fight sequence of The Force Awakens, so it’s safe to say these two fans are too far gone to care about their lives.

3 Imagination Runs Wild

via imgur.com

The beauty of Calvin and Hobbes was the titular character’s limitless imagination. For those who don’t know, Hobbes isn’t a real anthropomorphic tiger and is just a figment o Calvin’s imagination (real shocker, right?). This comic puts Rey in the shoes of Calvin.

The Millennium Falcon was used by the heroes in Episode VII – The Force Awakens with Finn and Rey stowing away with Han and Chewbacca. Earlier on, Finn and Rey had attempted to escape but this was delayed when Rey had refused to board a ‘Garbage’ ship. This joke is reconciled with their adventure in the Millennium Falcon and we see everything as part of Rey’s imagination as the ship is revealed to be a toy. Then again Chewbacca is right there with her so maybe her imagination is still running wild.

Comic by Kesinger.

2 One Of Us

via pinterest.com

In every day and age since 1977, there have been Star Wars naysayers. These people refuse to be swooped into the whole universe and are at ease not fanboying like crazy. The reason for their lack of faith in the series is due to them not having seen the films in the series. Almost everyone who has seen Star Wars ends up becoming part of the fandom.

Unlike Marvel or DC, Star Wars can be enjoyed without comparing it to anything else.

Due to this, the series can convert any one from a certain fandom into its own fanbase. In this comic, we see a person casually checking out the Star Wars series only to end up becoming a full-blown fanboy halfway through.

Comic by PlasticIV.

1 A Fandom Divided

via dorkly.com

Unfortunately, we’ve come a long way since the original Star Wars came out. That film is now titled as Episode IV – A New Hope due to it being part of the original trilogy as in 1999 the prequel trilogy came out starting from Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

What’s unfortunate is that the fandom has been totally divided since then and now we are left with people taking sides such as those who form part of the original trilogy purists, or those whose alliance lies with the sequel or prequel trilogy. Then there are those crazy fans whose knowledge of the movies know no bounds and they are something like Star Wars encyclopedias. At the heart of it, all fans should remember they are part of the same fandom and we’d all live in harmony.

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