30 Hilarious Star Wars Memes That Would Even Make Darth Vader Laugh

Is there anything more exciting in the entire galaxy than Star Wars? The suspense, the thrills, the effects, the characters, and the storytelling allow it to reign supreme in the Sci-Fi genre. It's not just a film franchise either, everything George Lucas' blockbuster hit has spawned since the first time A New Hope played in theater has been pure gold (Save for one Christmas Special).

From the prequel trilogies to the Knights of the Old Republic, all the way to the Clone Wars cartoons and every book, short, special, and comic strip in-between, fans and casual viewers alike cannot get enough of the epic Space Opera that has been blowing minds and box office records for the better part of a century.

But with such high stakes also comes some seriously high humor. As terrific as the Star Wars Universe is, there are some things about the vast landscape of it that are just plain ridiculous. Besides, what would be the fun of an intergalactic Space Opera if we couldn't poke fun at it every once in a while?

So in the interest of having a laugh here are 30 Hilarious Star Wars Memes That Would Even Make Darth Vader Laugh.

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30 Tell me more about hating Episode II 

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Mr. Wonka's joke here is pretty simple. If you hate all of the newer Star Wars media and are adherent to only the original trilogy, you are missing the point! The Star Wars Universe is a beautifully interwoven framework that consists of dozens of main and supporting characters and an unknowable plethora of important side characters.

The Clone Wars series gave us Hondo and Cad Bane, the prequels gave us Jango Fett and Qui Gon Jinn, and the books have opened up the lore of the Jedi and the Sith in too many ways to count. Frankly, the real joke here isn't on the meme, it's on the goons who are missing out on some of the most interesting stories in Star Wars lore by disavowing the extended universe.

29 Real Friends See The Real You 

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As much as Star Wars is all about neat space battles and intergalactic politics, it also about honest human relationships and while marquee players like Luke and Vader, and Jango and Boba, and Anakin and Asoka make up some of the most relatable duos in the known universe, perhaps no one-two punch shine brighter than the Millennium Falcon's co-pilots Han Solo and Chewbacca. It's like Butch Cassidy and The Sun Dance Kid ... in space. The pair of them are funny and clever, while still being two of the coolest cats in the Galaxy. I mean what pair of friends wouldn't want to be Han and Chewie? But beneath the slick smuggler's veneer, Han and Chewie are two friends who are literally willing to do anything for one another. They speak their own language and they always understand each other. But their smoothest team dynamics come for them when they don't even have to speak and they are dodging imperial gunners while shooting down Tie Fighters.

28 A Tale of Two Dark Knights 

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Sorry Bats, but the Star Wars universe is taking this one.

Not only does the Star Wars universe's Caped Crusader actually possess superpowers, but also Star Wars' Disney style revamp is playing much harder than the highly inconsistent DC Cinematic Universe.

While the entire future of the DC Universe now sits squarely on Wonder Woman's more than adequate shoulders, all it would take is one falter in her story arch to sink the entire Justice League Franchise. While on the other hand, Star Wars is putting out a consistent quality product that has the super-fans and casual watchers alike drooling in anticipation for the next installment.

27 Ohh, The Possibilities ... 

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Speaking of other franchises ... this meme is brilliant because of the obvious, as it brings the Merc with the Mouth into the Star Wars universe and the slightly more understated homage it pays to Deadpool's past. Deadpool has always had the uncanny ability to communicate through pages of his comics with the reader like no other comic book character before him.  He was one of the first characters to ever break the fourth wall and talk directly to the fans. He's also known to have comic books of other Marvel characters strewn about in the background of his panels. He was able to acquire those because he had a belt buckle that allowed him to jump between universes and now that Star Wars and Marvel are under the same umbrella at Disney, it is only a matter of time before we get the comic book (and fingers crossed for the movie) version of Deadpool in Space.

26 The man has spoken 

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It's one of the most hotly debated topics in Star Wars lore and a topic so volatile it has turned sibling against sibling and spouse against spouse. Two men sat down at a table at a rough and tumble cantina on Tatooine in A New Hope. They had a discussion and only one man got up and walked away. Some say that Han shot first because that is how George Lucas cut the original picture. While some argue back that because it was later changed, the change has become canon and it was, in fact, the scaly green bounty hunter Greedo who drew and fired first. Well, this is the meme that will get involved in that debate, as President Obama weighs in with his two cents on the who shot first debate.

25 The Fresh Prince of The Senate 

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Who doesn't love a good 'ole "I am the Senate" meme? It's an absolute classic. The shrewd Chancellor Palpatine of Naboo reveals himself to be the evil Darth Sidious, the man directly responsible for the re-emergence of the Sith, with a bone-chilling line that lets the Jedi know exactly who's in charge. But a meme of the 3-drinks later variety just wasn't going to do this fabulous piece of script writing justice. No, it deserved its own epic crossover with a Will Smith vehicle, reimagining Palpatine as the lone figure of Authority left in the galaxy. I Am Legend was no doubt a great watch, but I Am Senate sounds like an Oscar winner to me if I've ever heard of one.

24 Just Hear Me Out 

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While we are on the subject of ol' Palpatine, it cannot be overstated how much his iconic voice lends to the roll. The shadowy figure in the cloak with the pale face is a film relic as recognizable as General Zod or The Wicked Witch of the West. But just like both of those classic characters, it was truly the voice of the character that brought them to life. Darth Sidious was an imposing villain as nothing more than a spectral image. But once he spoke his first lines in that signature voice, he became the epitome of evil in the Star Wars Universe. Millions of movie fans the world over have decided to cosplay as Palpetine to every convention or only show up to the theater when the new movies come out as the evilest being in the universe.

23 A Meme You Can't Refuse

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If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a big fan of the crossover and of the double entendre. This little baby is giving us plenty of both and while we are on the subject of powerful intergalactic bad guy, this meme combines two of the most famous fathers in the history of film are brought together here for one glorious picture that will have fans of both universes howling with laughter.

Both Lord Vader and Vito Corleone epitomize power and ruthlessness and are two of the most iconic bad guys to ever grace the silver screen.

There is very little chance a Godfather/Star Wars crossover is ever coming in anything except eccentric fan faction. But this meme can always represent what could be.

22 True Hollywood Bromance 

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Darth Vader and Boba Fett have always shared a certain bond in the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans. While the two masked marauders may have different goals, with Vader aiming for intergalactic domination and Boba chasing huge bounties, they are still viewed as two of the most dangerous and feared men in the Star Wars Universe. Here the two classic interstellar villains share a tender moment with each other while Lando Calrissian looks on. Obviously, the Governor of Cloud City knew the two men liked each other, but perhaps he was unaware of their deep love and mutual respect for one another. Perhaps we can have a spin-off series in the future that shows us Vader and Fett's friendship? Probably not.

21 A Bounty of Motivations 

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Speaking of ruthless bounty hunters, how about a little motivation from one of the best of all time, Cad Bane. A product of the hotly debated Star Wars extended universe, Bane is the sort of bounty hunter that puts Boba Fett and Jango Fett to shame. I could sit here and list his diabolical achievements, but the meme has already done that for me. Without a hint of force mastery, Bane has been able to take on Jedi and Sith alike and always come out on top, along with having one of the best voices and outfits in the history of the entire franchise. Quite simply, it is hard to argue his credentials. Considering the adversaries he has faced and the scope of his body of work, it's hard to argue that he isn't solid a motivator.

20 The Music Makes the Man 

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Cad Bane may be one cool customer, but he is no Darth Vader, not by a long shot. That's why Cad is remembered for some of the coolest storylines in Star Wars: Clone Wars series, while Darth Vader is remembered as the single coolest Hollywood villain of all-time. The cape, the mask, the gadgets, and, of course, that signature heavy breathing all made the Sith Lord into a legend.

All of Darth Vader's coolness would have been worthless if it wasn't for John Williams' unforgettable score.

Darth Vader is without a doubt one of the coolest cucumbers to ever set foot on Korriban and a lot of that dark side chic can be attributed to the incredible soundtrack that accompanied him everywhere he goes.

19 Not in this Galaxy 

via buzzfeed.com

Fans of wordplay will obviously love this meme, but as much as I love a good play on words, the real comedy here is the idea that a hapless Stormtrooper could ever capture a Wookie, let alone a master tactician like Chewbacca. Chewy survived the Clone Wars and countless intergalactic run-ins with law enforcement and criminals alike and has thus far come out unscathed.

In fact, there are many that would argue that Star Wars' true hero in the purest sense of the word is not Obi-Wan, Luke, Rey, or Han, but in fact the noble and loyal Wookie Chewbacca. If you'd like to argue that fact with Chewie, be my guest, but I don't think you'll get the answer you're looking for.

18 Couldn't hit the broadside of the Death Star 

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Those Stormtroopers may look composed, but hand one a rifle and all you get is a hot mess. Those boys can march in formation and clean a corridor like nobodies business, but ask them to hit the target and it's like banging your head against the wall.  However, the joke goes deeper.

There is an old fan theory that perhaps the Stormtroopers always missed on purpose.

Some raise the idea that the Emperor needed the protagonists alive to further his insidious plot, so he commanded his loyal soldiers to do their best to make it look like they were trying to take out Han, Lea, Luke, and Chewie when in actuality they were sparing them in the short run in favor of a much darker fate. The theory has its holes, but the Emperor has done more diabolical things...

17 Sale on Offbrand Sith 

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Not only is this meme funny because Darth Maul was so famously chopped in two by Obi-Wan Kenobi, but it's great to have a laugh at such a lackluster character. From his first appearance in the Phantom Menace, Lord Maul had some serious potential to be a memorable bad guy. Sadly, after a reign of terror that was cut down too quickly, Maul found himself thrown down a bottomless pit. For fans of the extended universe, Maul did show back, but all the anticipation and lead up to the first encounter with Darth Sidious' former apprentice is not repaid in kind, as we find him a shadow of his former self. While the meme itself is funny, the real joke is on all of us Star Wars fans for having to watch him awkwardly ride off on a scooter in Episode 1.

16 Elevate your Offense 

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For some people, it's all about the “I am your father” meme while others get their kicks from jokes centering around Palpatine's classic line “I am the Senate.” However, for my money, the best Star Wars memes stand firmly on the “high ground.” That's right Jedi Knights, if you click the link and you too can defeat the likes of Darth Maul and General Grievous while occupying the lower position. Of course, it may help if you become the one of most powerful Jedis of all time, like Master Obi-Wan Kenobi did, but even if you don't I'm sure watching the moves of the great General and tactician you will learn a thing or two about the ways of the force. So don't delay, click through and learn how you too can defeat the greatest warriors in the galaxy starting from any tactical position.

15 Sith Logic

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Never has the Sith's obsession with creating a planet killing spaceship made more sense. The hotheaded Anakin Skywalker was dispatched without prejudice in his first battle as a member of the dark side because his foe, Obi-Wan Kenobi, held the high ground advantage and gloated about it before dismembering his one-time pupil and best friend. While some people may have taken the beatdown that Obi-Wan laid on him as a sign it's time to hang up the old lightsaber, he took it as a personal insult from not only Obi-Wan but the higher ground everywhere, so he tirelessly worked to commission a weapon so powerful it would destroy all of the ground everywhere. Besides missing both legs and an arm, he was going to need all the help he could get if he planned on destroying anymore Jedi.

14 Sith Logic Redux 

We all love Star Wars and it's quirky, somewhat awful dialogue. Perhaps none has been worse in the known universe than when a young Anakin Skywalker told his lady love Padmé Amidala that he hates sand.

Mix this with his hatred of the high ground following his old master's gloating at the end of Revenge of the Sith and you can see why Anakin had some anger issues he needed to work through.

However, his rough childhood makes it normal that he would have a certain distaste for the sand people who utilize camouflage from the sand and the high ground of the Tatooine mountains to mount their attacks on travelers trekking through the desert.

13 A Picture is Worth A Thousand Droids 

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For proof of Master Kenobi's brilliance from any height, you need only look to those who have challenged him. In Episode One it was the mysterious Lord Maul who attained a tactical advantage over Obi-Wan and with maximum effort even as just a mere Padawan Kenobi vanquished the devilish Maul. In Episode Two it was the half robot, half organic General Grievous who learned that no matter where Kenobi is standing he is still willing and able to take the victory. Lastly, poor Anakin meant to bring balance to the force but instead met the business end of Obi-Wan's lightsaber. Because while Obi-Wan can win from the high ground, the low ground or anywhere in better. His foes are usually not so lucky.

12 The Deal of the Century 

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Much is made of the great power of Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn. He is one of the most powerful Knights of the Jedi order, but as great of a warrior and as intelligent a philosopher as he may be, he certainly wasn't much of a negotiator. I'm sure it doesn't help to have the most powerful Dark Side force user working against you in any given situation. But what started as trade negotiations between Qui Gon and Obi-Wan and the Trade Federation quickly degenerated into decades of intergalactic warfare. Maybe Qui Gon could benefit from checking out a copy of President Trump's book “The Art of the Deal,” or maybe a basic communications course. Because if he is the best negotiator the Jedi had to offer, it is no wonder they are mostly thought of as a dead religion.

11 Ouch! Right in the Feels 

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Since we are already taking pot shots at Master Qui Gon Jinn in meme form, why not go for one more and this time with another hugely beloved hero. Just because they represent two of the saddest moments in the history of the Star Wars universe doesn't mean we can't poke fun at them. Yes, Han and Qui Gon are two of the greatest heroes in the Star Wars universe, but neither of them was powerful enough to avoid a real death, while other powerful light side force users were able to dodge a true death by becoming one with the force. Master Qui Gon and General Solo, unfortunately, each met the tip of a Sith lightsaber for real. While the deaths left Obi-Wan and Lea broken respectively, it gave us watchers some of the most emotionally jarring scenes of the series.

10 High Stakes 

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This post may be all about funny Star Wars memes but you will certainly not be seeing an appearance by the franchise's worst attempt at comic relief Jar Jar Binks. Honestly, he isn't worth the megabits.

Before JJ Abrams took the helm of one of history's most storied science fiction franchises Star Wars fans everywhere made sure he understood this clear and simple message.

If he would've tarnished the legacy of his predecessors, he would've gone down in history as a blight on the history of the franchise as big as the floppy-eared amphibian who was so reviled that rumors spread through the internet like wild fire that he simply walked off a cliff at the beginning of episode 2. Not only did people believe the rumors, they rejoiced.

9 An Admirals Prerogitive 

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While some of the more hardcore Star Wars fans had nothing nice to say about Laura Dern in the new edition of the world's most famous intergalactic opera, I must say I think she did a bang-up job. She was diplomatic, passionate, and, most importantly ,heroic. It is true that some people don't appreciate how she kept the new trilogy's composite Han Solo, Poe Dameron, in the dark about the fleet's big plan, but at the end of the day she had no responsibility to tell him. It was his own bullheadedness and machismo that brought his admirals master plan crashing down around them. Admiral Holdo showed the poise of Master Kenobi, the resolve of Master Yoda, the cunning of Anakin Skywalker, and the courage of Han Solo himself in leading the rebel fleet's retreat in the face of the overwhelming first order.

8 Don't fall into it

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Since we are on the subject of fabulous rebel Admirals, why not bring up the number 1 rebel Admiral of all-time, the deep baritone Admiral Akbar. However, what he has to tell us has nothing to do with intergalactic war or rebel freedom fighters. No, the good Admiral has an important piece of real-world advice for the reader of this meme. Any ad offering your free money is a trap!  If anyone had $10,000 to spare, why would they offer it to a random person through an ad? Come on, you're smarter than that.

“Ain't nothing in the world more expensive than free” and that advice goes double when it comes to free winnings and don't just take my word for it. One of the greatest heroes in the history of the universe is the one really telling you.

7 True Bromance Redux 

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This a little wordplay for all the video gamers out there. I mean, after all, this a video game based website. When he's all by himself, Han Solo is merely the greatest pilot in the galaxy and one of the rebels greatest assets in their war against the Galactic Empire. However, when he switches to the proverbial “2 player mode,” with his trusty co-pilot Chewbacca by he side, he is an unstoppable space pirate that can smuggle anything, anywhere, for anyone, as long as the price is right.

No one will soon forget one of the most heroic and debonair men in the Star Wars universe. But it's also important to remember that without his number two Wookie he's just a regular old space-pirate looking for his next score.

6 Cultural inheritance 

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Speaking of teams that work well as a pair, every Jedi Master needs a Padawan and every Padawan needs a Master. Hopefully, even after the passing of Luke, we will still get to see him, through the power of the force, pass on some knowledge to Rey. However, in a more realistic sense, hopefully Daisy Ridley is taking on some pointers from Mark Hamill on how to be the best underdog hero of all time. We all know Yoda had plenty of information to pass along to Luke on Dagobah, so hopefully Luke can pass on even just a little bit of what the great Master Yoda taught him when he was only in training. Plus it's darn cute to Daisy carry that old man around like a backpack.

5 Real Friends Remember 

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Ah yes, we all know about Ben Kenobi's seemingly cavalier attitude about a man he was once extremely close to, who he later badly wounded and defeated in battle. I think we can all agree that George Lucas wasn't totally sure where he was going to with the prequels 30-years before they happened and the proof is in the pudding.

The way Kenobi and Vader's relationship was treated prior to the prequels, one would have thought they were rivals and always were.

However, once you see the prequels the stories start to make a little less sense then they did before and that's without even getting into the fact that a Lightsaber was bestowed upon Luke that was once used to do some dark deeds.

4 One With Force

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Obi-Wan's absolute devastating victory against his former Padawan didn't come without consequences, however. Decades later, the aged Jedi found himself one on one with his former pupil and, on this occasion, he didn't fare so well. One of the most powerful Jedi to ever live wasn't even left on the floor, as he simply disappeared. To the casual eye, his disappearance may have seemed due to his being overmatched by the far more powerful Darth Vader. However, in actuality, the mighty Jedi simply became one with the force and vanished into thin air to play an important role later in the series. With that in mind, it becomes more obvious that he wasn't defeated and merely chose to drift over to the other side.

3 A man's confession 

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Even though Darth Vader may have won the battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope, it would be the Jedi who win the war against the Sith Lord when a Jedi trained Luke came back to take down his father. But, with this snarky double entendre likening Luke, Lea, and Han to meddling kids and Chewbacca to Scooby Doo, there can still be laughs had as Anakin shares his final words with his victorious son. While, of course, Scooby Doo may not be of the same magnitude as members of the Star Wars franchise, he is still a legendary pop-culture landmark that is more than deserving of accolade.

2 Picard's Advice 

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Had to have one for the Trekkies and Abrams haters', so this is a pretty great one. Here we have Captain Jean Luc Picard simply posing the question that many hardcore fans of the trilogy have been asking themselves. Quite a few people have been, suffice it say, less than thrilled with the overall direction of the new series and not the least of their problems have been the chosen titles for the new films. While I must admit I think The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi are perfectly fine titles for Star Wars films, no matter who you are and how well you do you can never please everybody. I think Disney might be figuring that out with their new editions to the franchise.

1 Not everyone is happy with Disney's Star Wars

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One more for all those haters who just can't seem to get behind what "The Mouse" is doing to the Star Wars franchise and would relish the opportunity to see an angry Wookie get after JJ Abrams and the rest of team over at Disney. A lot of people feel the Porgs were nothing but a cash grab, unlike the Ewoks who heavily contributed to the story. Others think that Luke has been changed too much, while seemingly even more people feel like the movies have just become to campy, formulaic and filled with one liners. I don't necessarily agree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I just love the idea of a throw down between Mickey Mouse and Chewbacca.

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