23 Hilarious Star Wars Memes That Prove The New Movies By Disney Make No Sense

It might be hard to believe but the Star Wars series has lasted more than forty years, having first been released way back in 1977. It still remains fresh in our minds as Episode IV – A New Hope is considered a classic and is viewed by people of the current generation as well. In fact, the original series is given preference over the prequel trilogy. Those are considered by the most ardent fans a cop out on the part of George Lucas that retconned a lot of plot points established.

After Disney purchased rights for Star Wars, they are releasing their own sequel trilogy starting with Episode VII – The Force Awakens. That film was met widespread critical acclaim but didn’t have the best fan response. In the case of the anthology films, we saw Rogue One released in a similar manner. One of the reasons for the lukewarm fan response was the feeling that the movies weren’t necessary. To this end, these fans began picking out flaws in the recent films to highlight it further to Disney.

They still go watch the Star Wars movies whatever chance they get, but don’t count on universal praise from the people. For the most part, the reactions have been mixed at best. The Last Jedi was the source of ire for many.

Still, thanks to these contentious responses we have here 23 hilarious memes that prove the new movies make no sense.

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23 All For Nothing

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Supreme leader Snoke could very well be described as a red herring. The Sith Lord was a mystery upon first introduction in Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and much speculation went over his true identity. As The Last Jedi was released two years after the previous installment, there were a large number of fan theories over Snoke’s rise to power.

Turns out there was no need to theorize so much.

Snoke was unceremoniously disposed of by Kylo Ren. We did get to see a slice of his powers when he tormented Rey using his grasp over the force. Judging by what was shown, Snoke was immensely strong and so it was a head-scratcher of a decision by the director to cast him out with no further explanation of who he was.

22 Where's The Love?

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In Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker downright refuses to end his father’s life due to the reasoning he could never execute his family. Luke is well aware of the atrocities committed by Darth Vader but remains adamant that Anakin Skywalker remained somewhere beneath the dark side of the force. This optimism was rewarded when his belief came to be true.

Turns out Luke doesn’t really consider this when faced with a similar, and easier, dilemma in the future. Kylo Ren is birthed when the child Ben Solo turns to the dark side, and here Uncle Luke was quick in attempting to end his nephew’s life rather than hold on to hope as he had done in the prequel trilogy. So much for familial love.

21 Lightsaber Overkill

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With every new release in blockbuster films, the developers look to stir further interest through newer additions. In the case of action-adventure or science fiction genre movies, the characters’ arsenal of weapons are given an upgrade to make their new adventure seem all the more interesting.

Sometimes this can lead to ridiculous results.

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber left more than a few people scratching their heads in befuddlement. There is no use of the two sides of lasers sticking out of the handles of his lightsaber. What purpose does it serve other than making the wielding of the lightsaber more inconvenient? It looks relatively cool and definitely edgy (pardon the pun) but serves no purpose during combat. But Xzibit from Pimp my Ride would be proud of this upgrade judging by this meme.

20 There's More

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The subtitles of the episodes of the sequel trilogy are one of note. Episode VII doesn’t explain exactly what force awakened and where it was supposed to. In actuality, the name was given to the film to hype up the series’ return and matches that. For The Last Jedi, there was an endless discussion if the word Jedi was meant to be singular or plural. After watching the film it is quite clear what the title meant.

This meme takes a stab at the potential name for Episode IX with a hilarious result. Considering we saw multiple prospective Jedi at the end of Episode VIII, it might not be a long shot to guess We Found Another Jedi as the next title. It would make the most sense, after all.

19 No Thanks For The Sacrifice

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When dramatic tension is needed in big-budget movies a safe bet is the slow-motion sacrifice sequence. Amidst all the chaos and destruction one character decides to stay behind and be the martyr for a cause bigger than themselves. That’s all noble for sure but a significant weight is taken off this sacrifice when it could have been avoided altogether.

In The Last Jedi, Holdo didn’t need to sacrifice herself.

Not when there were multiple robots lurking around the ship she was on. She could’ve gotten away at the last moment if the need to be a distraction was so great. Holdo ultimately rammed the ship deep into the antagonists’, but this could also have been done with ample time to escape.

18 That's Convenient

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In light of the passing away of Carrie Fisher, we all headed to The Last Jedi premiere anxious to see how Leia would pass away as well. In the end, the character remained alive, though barely. So in one of the scenes from the movie, Kylo Ren witnesses Leia on the ship which is about to blow up. The inner Ben Solo awakens and feels conflicted to harm his own mother.

Many have speculated the resulting firing on the Resistance was due to a plot requirement to write off Leia’s character. Speculation is already rife that Leia might be shown as deceased when Episode IX rolls into theaters. This meme is based purely on an assumption but if Fisher’s passing really was a factor, then it doesn’t make sense to include this as part of her character written out.

17 All That Whining

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One of the reasons why Episode VIII – The Last Jedi differentiated so much from The Force Awakens was the fans themselves. Star Wars fans have become the ultimate nitpickers. The original trilogy has been cemented in such high esteem for them that they over analyzed the prequel trilogy to obscurity. The prequels weren’t the greatest but they weren’t so bad either.

Now the same treatment is being handed to the sequel trilogy.

There were some that complained Episode VII resembled Episode IV too much and the studio played it safe. With Episode VIII being such a departure, the film has been lambasted by fans. So what exactly do these people want? With such crisscrossing demands, the story is sure to make less sense if the studio goes by fan reactions.

16 Cuteness Trumps Everything

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The Porgs were front and center in Disney’s marketing campaign for Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, and people were well aware of their intentions by now. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Pixar are also part of Disney and they make full use of cute characters to bolster merchandise sales. Take Baby Groot or Olaf from Frozen as examples.

The same has been applied to the Porgs who had no relevance in the movie except to look cute. Meanwhile, the Vultpex rescued the remnants of the resistance by guiding them to safety from the antagonists. Yet there is hardly anyone who mentions these diamond coated foxes. Instead, the Porgs remain the talk of the fandom and strong merchandise sales attest to that.

15 Kylo's Angst

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The appeal about Darth Vader, and even Emperor Palpatine for that matter, was that they had some serious level of power to back up their claim as supreme tyrannical leaders of the galaxy. Due to this, they were seen as characters worthy of the fear the movies portrayed them to command.

Kylo Ren is more or less a bratty little boy crying about his problems.

We’ve never seen much reason for him to be so immersed in the dark side other than Supreme leader Snoke turning him evil. Instead, the most we’ve gotten from Kylo Ren is a lot of bursts of anger over one thing or another. It appears as if a child has been given authority over men, and has no clue what to do.

14 The Force Awakens When Convenient

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We were all aware Leia had some connection with the force as depicted in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, where she sensed her sisterly bond with Luke. Other than that it was well established she wasn’t a Jedi in her own right. To become a Jedi, a person must be one with the force and Leia never had any training.

The Last Jedi will have you believe Leia is somewhat of a Jedi master. In the film, her ship was destroyed and she was sucked into open space. Never mind the fact she should have been no more within seconds, Leia had the wherewithal to reach out in space and glide over back to safety. This meme inserts Leia in Rogue One where her powers could have meant the survival of the others.

13 Drama Queen

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Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were undoubtedly some of the most powerful Jedi masters ever seen. Yet they always take a back seat when the topic of the coolest Star Wars characters comes up. This is due to others like Darth Maul and Darth Vader having an eye-catching appearance. At first, it seemed Kylo Ren was to follow the Darth Vader route and keep the mask on for a big reveal.

Ren’s unmasking was one of the funniest scenes of The Force Awakens.

His voice had been imposing beforehand, and the build-up indicated a menacing face to appear. But when we saw who was under the mask all intimidation was thrown out the window. It would appear he just wore the mask for kicks.

12 The Force Is Easy On This One

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Carrying over a strange continuity from the Star Wars original trilogy, we saw Rey master the force within a few hours at most, the same as when Luke had learned earlier on. This is a weird plot hole in that there were supposed to schools and teachers who would teach children the art of the force, and it was said this took years to master. Master Yoda was centuries old and dedicated his entire life to become the legend he was.

Yet when the plot calls for it, it doesn’t take long to become a Jedi master it would seem. Luke even states it to Rey she couldn’t fulfill her potential without a teacher when they first meet, and either he was an amazing teacher or learning the force isn’t all that difficult.

11 So Much For Hope

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The central theme of the original trilogy was hope. The character that displayed this the most was Luke Skywalker. Despite his uncle and aunt being executed in Episode IV, he rallied and sought to save the galaxy, in Episode V, he stopped at nothing to save his friend and in Episode VI, he refused to fight his father with the hope there was still good in him.

Come Episode VIII and all that remained of Luke Skywalker was only his name.

Mark Hamill said this version of Luke wasn’t "my Luke Skywalker." It’s true as the character behaved nothing like he was supposed to. A departure that was too distant to believe. He flung his father’s lightsaber with no care and was adamant not to help Rey until the very end.

10 Nothing Else Left To Do

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The Last Jedi’s climax tugged the heartstrings of many of the fandom. But like a lot of things that stirred up anger among these fans, Luke’s sudden demise wasn’t taken well by these people. A few perceived his passing as poignant but the majority were annoyed at the supposed Jedi Master moving on into the higher plane of existence after only projecting himself.

It was an enormous task, but considering Luke’s years of training, he should have survived. After all, Rey and Kylo Ren also projected themselves several times in the movie and they were fine and dandy. There’s also the matter of the lack of explanation to Luke’s demise in that he simply vanished into thin air. No doubt some explanation will be provided in Episode IX but for the time being the above meme is the best we have.

9 Hyperspace FTW!

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This nonsensical plan of the Resistance was touched upon in The Last Jedi itself where the characters argued it would make no difference jumping to hyperspace. The First Order had an entire star fleet at their disposal and numerous weapons to choose from in their assault at the protagonists.

One hyperspace jump would have done nothing, and as seen in the film it did do nothing.

This meme should have been shown to the Resistance to stamp in their heads of how useless the entire plan was put in the right context. In the end, Holdo rams her ship into the First Order’s to put an end to the assault. Here the developers wanted us to overlook the fortifications that should have been on such a huge capital ship. But perhaps hyperspace trumps all.

8 Vaguely Familiar

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This meme may never stop being funny. When Rogue One was first announced, a wave of ridicule was met as fans saw this as a blatant attempt at milking the Star Wars franchise for all it’s worth. In the narrative, Rogue One sought to explain how the Resistance got their hands on the plans to destroy the death star. The film was well made and perfectly ended straight into Episode IV – A New Hope.

While its quality is acknowledged, fans still don’t give Lucas a pass for making this film. Here we see the creator of this meme trolling George by claiming he has announced a Rogue One sequel, you guessed it: A New Hope. Considering Rogue One made almost $1 billion at the box office we don’t think George minds these jokes.

7 Not Alone Anymore

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With Finn’s introduction as one of the protagonists of the Star Wars series came a little-known fact: there were people of other ethnicities in the galaxy as well. Lando from the original series seemed destined to be one of the few darker skinned characters with perhaps only Mace Windu being the other one with a significant role.

The joke of this meme doesn’t necessarily concern this trivia as its punch line.

But it does raise eyebrows in that the Star Wars universe doesn’t make much sense as far as ethnicities as a whole are concerned. We’ve got no clue why there are some types of aliens living with certain types of humans. Nor are we aware which planet these should be native to or if there are any country division systems on these planets or not.

6 United For A Common Cause

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You wouldn’t think the day would come where prequel fans would join forces with the rest of the Star Wars fandom and yet here we are. Fans of the prequel trilogy are usually shunned as those movies aren’t seen anywhere close in quality in comparison with the original trilogy but once Episode VIII – The Last Jedi rolled into cinemas we saw the impossible happen: these sides accepted each other.

Their common enemies were the critics. The Last Jedi received a unanimously positive review, having as much as a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. On the other end of the spectrum lies the user score which is at 48%. There’s no other movie on the site that has divided both critics and fans to this degree.

5 Georgie Boy

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The prequel trilogy movies weren’t all bad, in all honesty. But as negativity is more prevalent, these movies haven’t aged well at all. George Lucas is still held in contempt for several decisions he made concerning the prequel trilogy, many of which retconned the original trilogies events.

And now fans accuse Lucas of selling out to Disney and losing control of the Star Wars franchise.

To some degree, they are right, as the characters from the previous movies don’t act in the same manner they have been established as such as Luke’s behavior in The Last Jedi. Similarly, the release of anthology films, which have no bearing on the main series' plots, have been seen as cash-grabbing attempts. At least Lucas remains rich, so good for him.

4 Just So You Know

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It’s become all the rage to cast women in leading roles. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, the more diversity in casting the more inventive plots could be. However, there’s also no denying that studios exploit the female protagonist to greater lengths than necessary. It would feel authentic if there wasn’t such a hoopla over a woman taking the reins as the lead. But in the recent Star Wars films, we’ve had Rey and Jynn dominate promotional material due to their genders.

Within the film, their femininity isn’t questioned, but this meme takes a jab at the studio playing up their casting to influence fan interest. In the short-run, it benefits everyone, but this would also lead to female-lead films becoming a simple fan and nothing more. Therefore, Disney’s over-promotion of Jynn’s lead role in Rogue One or Rey’s in the sequel trilogy was unneeded.

3 Rock That Bod, Kylo

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Males and females both in the movie business have to contend with showing off their body. It’s the easiest way to attract people to the cinema or have them buy the DVD. A harsh reality but definitely true. To incorporate these scenes in the story, studios tend to show the character in question in a self-reflecting situation.

This is how Rey caught Kylo Ren off guard during The Last Jedi.

Perhaps it was the intention of the director to make the scene more intimate by having Rey communicate with Ren in a less-than-comfortable setting, but the hilariously pulled up pants all the way to Kylo’s chest only made people not take the scene seriously. This meme pokes fun at the intended effect of making Kylo seem like the perfect guy in that he can fight and awe us with his physique.

2 Love Thy Grandfather

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Kylo Ren is a man-child, let’s just agree there. He changes his mind quicker than a little boy having to choose between two kinds of lollypops. When he feels like it, he behaves evil or has conflictions over turning to the light side of the force. He even made up a relationship with his grandfather Darth Vader in his head.

Darth Vader had ended up redeeming himself at the end of Return of the Jedi, but Kylo Ren chooses to see his grandfather as the Sith Lord he used to be. Thus, this meme where Kylo professes his love to Vader, and whose response is reminiscent of Han Solo’s to Leia when she confessed her feelings for him, is appropriate.

1 Not So Out Of Character, After All

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In a reversal of perceptions, this meme points out the lack of sense in the Star Wars series as a whole and cuts some slack to The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. The biggest gripe fans had with the recent installment was Luke’s total apathy toward the war and not taking responsibility for his mistake. But as it becomes apparent upon recap, his masters had done the same.

The Jedi way is perhaps running off when things become too bleak.

Obi-Wan lived as a recluse for two decades after being unsuccessful from keeping Anakin from moving to the dark side while Yoda was nowhere to be found at the same time as well. Thus, The Last Jedi in a way stayed true to the flighty nature of the Jedi.

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