20 Hilarious Teen Titans Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

You know, if I had to explain meme culture to someone who has very little experience with memes, I’m not sure if I could. It’s quite the phenomenon that came with the Internet. People began sharing images and captioning them to relate their own life. And for some reason, that makes it funny.

Well, regardless if you understand memes or not, they have become a big part of internet culture and a big part of fandom culture. Memes are a great way for fans to have inside jokes with each other, so one image could leave fans cackling while others just scratch their heads in wonder. I guess that’s the beauty of memes: either you get it or you don’t, and if you don’t, you just accept that and move on. In this case, the meme can either speak to your soul or just have you tilt your head in confusion.

Teen Titans has quite a few of its own memes that range from hilarious to kind of sad. The show does have a lot of great scenarios and images that are definitely meme-worthy. But if you’re not a fan of the show, or don’t know that much about it, these memes likely wouldn’t make a lot of sense (with some exceptions.)

So how well do you know Teen Titans? Would you understand all of the memes surrounding this popular cartoon? Well, here are 20 awesome Teen Titans memes that most true fans will love. Think we missed some? Be sure to let us know!

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20 Beast Boy Is Working It!

Via: quickmeme.com

Honestly, I could totally see Beast Boy saying something like this to the villains he’s fighting. It would be the best way to taunt the bad guys, especially because it’s funny and kind of annoying, which is definitely up Beast Boy’s alley. And he would totally do it to annoy them because he would find it absolutely hilarious.

What’s also great is that it plays around with Beast Boy’s ability. The kid loves that he’s a shapeshifter, so I think he really would make a lot of jokes around them. I could also see him saying something like this to Cyborg or Robin, especially when he was feeling particularly snarky. Just imagining the others’ reactions to him going “Bro, do you even shapeshift?” is a wonderful image in my head.

19 Socializing Is Hard Work

Via: imgflip.com

My fellow introverts understand just how exhausting it can be sometimes to talk to people, even if we like the people. Social interaction can be incredibly draining and sometimes, all we need is a little time alone to recharge. But that can be hard when people are trying to talk to you.

Raven understands this struggle all too well. Living in a tower with a bunch of teenagers can be incredibly draining. And her empath powers definitely don’t make things easier for her. It’s no wonder she likes to meditate so much. So, when someone often tries to talk to her when she isn’t feeling up to it, it makes sense that she can get a little irritable. Just don’t kill them, Raven; you know you’d miss them.

18 Do You Like Waffles?

Via: imgflip.com

There are some hard facts about the characters of Teen Titans; Robin doesn’t like to talk about his past, Raven needs her alone time, Beast Boy loves video games, Starfire loves mustard and pretty much everything about Earth, and Cyborg has quite the obsession with waffles. And I mean the guy seriously loves waffles. He makes them pretty often, and when it comes to celebrations, waffles are a staple food, along with other breakfast foods.

What’s pretty entertaining about this meme is the fact that Cyborg’s love of waffles is accepted by everybody. And for him, the idea that others may not like waffles is baffling. I can just imagine a villain or someone they’re fighting somehow mentioning that they don’t like waffles, and Cyborg just going crazy on them. They don’t like waffles? Oh, they have to be evil.

17 Don’t Tick Off These Ladies

via: me.me

Have you noticed how many awesome and terrifyingly powerful female characters there are in Teen Titans? There are quite a few incredibly strong female superheroes and villains. And what a lot of these powerful women in common is they tend to get glowing eyes when they’re powered up and angry.

What’s so funny about this meme is that it’s so true. If you anger any one of these ladies, you will likely be in for a world of hurt. They pack a very powerful punch, and if you get caught in any of their blasts, you’re doomed. Whether it’s Starfire and her starbolts, Raven with her demonic powers, or Terra and her rock telekinesis, they will mess you up. So just don’t get on their bad side.

16 Don’t Bother Me, I’m Reading

Via: pinterest.com

You ever have that moment when you’re really getting into a good book and you feel like you’re completely immersed in the story, and then someone interrupts you? It can get pretty annoying, especially for people who love to get lost in a good story. And no one appreciates the power of a good book more than Raven does.

It’s a known fact that Raven is quite the bookworm. One of her favorite pastimes (besides meditating) is reading. Granted, a lot of her reading material may be a bit darker than the average person, but Raven loves a good story. And she gets equally annoyed when people bother her when she’s in the middle of a book. Considering Raven has some pretty scary powers, I really wouldn’t bother her while she’s reading.

15 Robin May Have An Unhealthy Obsession

Via: pinterest.com

This meme is actually pretty hilarious because it combines two shows: Teen Titans and Fairly OddParents. In Fairly OddParents, Timmy’s dad has a rivalry with his neighbor Dinkleburg. His obsession with his neighbor is actually pretty similar to Robin’s obsession with stopping Slade. The two have almost driven themselves crazy in order to take down their foes.

What’s so great about the meme is that even though it started out as a Fairly OddParents meme, it fits Robin really well. Whenever something went wrong in Jump City, Robin was inclined to wonder if Slade was behind it (to be fair, he was behind a lot of things). You can’t really blame Robin for being so paranoid when it comes to Slade since the guy was quite threat to the Titans.

14 Starfire Has Had Enough

Via: imgflip.com

I’m sure every mom and kid can relate to this meme. Sometimes moms just have enough, especially when it seems like their kids aren’t listening to a word they say. Sometimes all they can do is scream. Having Starfire be the one in the meme is both funny and interesting.

Starfire seems a little flighty to be a mom figure, but she is compassionate and is very much the heart of the team. What makes this meme pretty funny is the fact that Starfire is actually capable of yelling so loudly to produce great winds. The girl is crazy powerful, and I could see her getting pushed to the point of yelling at the guys who are driving her nuts. Robin and Beast Boy had better listen to her from now on.

13 Yeah, Raven Would Definitely Say This

Via: wattpad.com

Raven is a pretty popular character in Teen Titans, and why wouldn’t she be? She’s got impressive demonic powers, she has a fascinating, if rather tragic, backstory, and her deadpan personality is hilariously charming. Raven takes sarcasm to a whole new level with her monotone voice and wry sense of humor. She’s probably my favorite Teen Titan just for her humor alone.

The “nobody cares” meme has been going around for a quite a while, so to have Raven be a part of this meme is pretty fitting. It fits her personality really well. I could definitely hear her say something like this to whoever was really annoying her at the time. She’d probably even smile while delivering the line if she really wanted to creep them out.

12 This Show Is On Again?

Via: memgenerator.net

Teen Titans Go! has received mixed reactions from fans ranging from love to outright hate. A lot of fans were not happy that the spin-off series had such a different tone than the original series. For many, it felt like their favorite characters had gotten incredibly dumbed down. It was also quite a bit more obnoxious than its predecessor. The fact that the original Teen Titans got canceled early adds a bit more sting to this.

There’s also the fact that Cartoon Network started showing Teen Titans Go! all. The. Time. Seriously, it felt like the show was playing anytime you tuned into the channel. It started getting old really fast. So, this meme is great for anyone who was getting sick of Cartoon Network’s love affair of the rather zany show.

11 I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Via: imgflip.com

This meme is both pretty funny, but a little dark. Starfire was known for often saying “the” in front of words that didn’t really need the word, but it showed her rudimentary grasp of English. It was actually pretty clever since it showed that while Starfire knew English well enough, she wasn’t familiar with the nuances of English.

What makes this sad is the image is actually from a pretty intense scene between Robin and Starfire. Robin is angry since he believes Starfire had let Slade escape. It’s the angriest we’ve seen Robin, and you can tell that Starfire is a little afraid. To put such an intense scene and make a joke out if it is pretty funny, but also a joke you’re not sure you should be laughing at. C’mon Robin, you seriously need to lighten up.

10 Do You Ship These Two?

Via: memecenter.com

Terra was a rather interesting character. She was surprisingly likable, and her situation was relatable enough where she was terrified of her powers and was afraid of not being able to control them. You really felt for the girl who so desperately wanted to belong, but was so afraid of hurting others. And her betrayal of the Teen Titans stung that much more because she really did feel like part of the team.

It was even more tragic since she and Beast Boy had a pretty cute thing going on. You could tell Beast Boy really liked her and that she liked him back. But ultimately, she turned her back on him and even tried to kill him, all thanks to Slade’s manipulation. But she does turn on Slade and sacrifices herself to save the city. This meme is both funny and a bit painful because we know that Beast Boy and Terra’s relationship was complicated, but it was still better than Twilight.

9 What Was His Name Again?

Via: johnnylodeonstudio.deviantart.com

We know from the Starfire that her world of Tamaran is quite the interesting one, filled with fascinating customs, a unique language, and colorful people. The episode where Starfire returns home to Tamaran gives us a better look at her people and the customs there, as well as the craziness that’s about to happen.

But what’s great about this meme is that it acknowledges the ridiculousness of the situation where Starfire has to get married to this other alien, whose name no one can pronounce. It actually became quite the joke, so for there to be a meme about it makes complete sense. And Blackfire’s expression is hilarious, no matter how you look at it. It’s one you definitely don’t expect to see on the devious older sister of our favorite Tamaranean princess.

8 I Thought These Two Were Cute Together

Via: pinterest.com

Considering there are so many side characters in Teen Titans, it would make sense that there are a lot of fan pairings, both canon, and non. One pairing that got incredibly popular is Kid Flash and Jinx. The two do get together at the end of the show, but people were shipping them long before that even happened.

So, what was the threat against this pairing? Actually, it was Cyborg and Jinx. When Cyborg went undercover at the Hive Academy, he and Jinx had little crushes on each other. That all changed when Jinx found out he was actually a Teen Titan, and she felt justifiably betrayed. But I think people always wondered what would happen if Jinx would switch sides. This meme is great because it calls out two popular ships and reminds us that Cyborg and Jinx were a thing that happened.

7 People Really Don’t Like The New Robin

Via: pinterest.com

The Harry Potter meme where Harry shouts “How dare you stand where he stood,” has become pretty popular with many fandoms, particularly with ones where they got a reboot that they didn’t like. So, to have Robin in this meme is actually pretty good, especially when you look at how much Robin changed between Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!

The Robin in the original series was pretty serious, didn’t joke around a lot, and could get pretty intense. He was the leader of the group and he felt responsible for their safety. The Robin in Teen Titans Go! feels much more silly and irresponsible. He does match the tone of the show really well since the whole show is pretty ridiculous. But fans that are more familiar with the dark, more serious Robin would find this Robin pretty jarring. And some would take offense to it.

6 Raven Doesn’t Do Tofu

Via: anmysite.com

The fact that Beast Boy is a vegetarian comes as very little surprise, since he can shapeshift into any animal. I can imagine that eating meat after being up close and personal with various animals probably wouldn’t be all that appetizing. So, we have Beast Boy’s obsession with tofu. But not everyone shares his love of the meat. Raven is one of these people.

This meme gives one of her greatest lines to Beast Boy. She’s acknowledging Beast Boy’s love of tofu and respects that he doesn’t eat meat. But now she’s asking Beast Boy to respect her tastes. It’s such a subtle way of saying how much she abhors tofu, or “fake meat,” while still being relatively polite (for Raven, at least.) It’s also a pretty fun interaction between the two.

5 We Think You’re Funny, Starfire

Via: cory-crystaline440.deviantart.com

It’s a known fact that Starfire has a bit of a different sense of humor than the rest of the Titans. A lot of this has to do with language semantics, so she doesn’t often get jokes heavily based on Earth culture. There’s a great moment in Teen Titans where she’s trying to tell a joke and the Titans just stare at her. She then responds with “On my planet, this is hilarious.”

That line has become such a popular meme among both Teen Titans fans and even those not familiar with the show. It’s just so fitting for so many scenarios that you could have in real life. And the image with Starfire holding up bacon (or whatever that was) to her head like horns is just so hilariously awkward.

4 Maybe Robin Really Should Eat A Snickers

Via: ifunny.co

Who would’ve thought that a commercial about Snickers would become a meme, and a pretty popular one at that? I think people love the idea that someone turns into a completely different person when they’re hungry (literally in these commercials) and that a Snickers is the way to bring them back to normal. So it’s not that surprising that Teen Titans fans have contributed to this meme.

I think a lot of fans had issues with how much Robin changed in Teen Titans Go! Everything that made Robin, well, Robin wasn’t really there in this spin-off series. Instead, we get this clumsy goofball that isn’t the skilled leader we all loved. Maybe fans hoped that if Robin did eat a Snickers, he would go back to normal. One can only hope.

3 Does Raven Even Like Waffles?

Via: imgur.com

This is probably one of the most iconic lines that Raven has had in the show. Everything about this line, including her deadpan delivery, is absolutely fantastic. And fans took it and ran away with it. There have been quite a few different variations of the meme, but this one is a classic.

What’s funny is that you do and don’t expect Raven to say this line. It’s both her acknowledging that Cyborg’s obsession with waffles is a little ridiculous, and her being so sarcastic about everything. I honestly love Raven’s sarcastic personality and it comes out in droves with just this one line. It says everything about Raven, and that’s what makes it so funny. What also makes the meme great is that you don’t get the full experience of it if you haven’t actually heard Raven deliver the line.

2 These Are Strangely Fitting

Via: teentitansgo.wikia.com

Thanks to video games and RPGs, it’s a popular thing to put your favorite characters into different classes, like warrior, mage, assassin, etc. This has become a pretty fun meme because it allows you to poke fun at characters, while still saying something about their abilities.

What makes this meme so funny is Silkie being put in the assassin’s category. It’s great because it’s both silly and surprisingly accurate. Silkie is an unassuming, mutated moth larvae. But give him the right food, and he will grow into quite the terrifying monster, capable of killing a lot of people. To those not familiar with the show, they’ll find Silkie’s categorization funny, but those fans who’ve seen him in action will know the truth. You do not mess with Silkie.

1 This Grin Is Hilarious And Creepy

Via: vincentthecrow.deviantart.com

Robin isn’t exactly known for smiling a lot. I think the only other person on the team who smiles even less than he does is Raven (and she has an excuse). The guy is a pretty serious dude. And when he’s in an uncomfortable situation, he gets ten times worse. This is what happens when he’s forced to go to prom with a supervillain’s daughter (yeah, that happened.)

At one point, Kitten asks him if it would kill him if he smiled. He responds with a rather creepy grimace and says, “Maybe...” The fact that this turned into a meme is actually really wonderful. His grimace does look a lot like the troll face in a lot of memes, so that makes sense. It’s also funny because Robin does go out of his way to be miserable for this event, showing Kitten how much he does NOT want to be there. He can be quite the troll when he wants to be.

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