25 Hilarious The Legend Of Zelda Comics That Are Extra Sweet

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not only considered the best game of last year, but one of the best video games of all time. The title Breath of the Wild is a marketing technique to convey the game’s open world, but it’s an appropriate title for other reasons. The game breathes new life into a franchise which, although beloved, was growing a tad stale.

Fun fact: did you know that the series was inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s wanderings as a child? He used to explore rural towns and caves and beaches all alone, which gave him the inspiration for Zelda. I don’t know where his parents were, but I’m sure glad they weren’t too hands-on. Oh yeah, and the series was also inspired by Tom Cruise’s portrayal of a fairy-man in Ridley Scott’s 1985 film Legend. I ain’t even playin’.

Others have been inspired in turn. Link and Princess Zelda and the fantastical setting of Hyrule continue to fascinate. Artists have taken it upon themselves to draw up fan comics about the series. These comics run the gamut from love letters to parodies to a variety of fan material. Some of which has left my screen in need of a good lathering of soap. In this article, we’ve assembled some of more sweet and romantic Legend of Zelda fan comics. These are plenty safe for the workplace… unless you’re afraid of crying at your desk. Your heart containers are going to be replenished once you get a dose of this sweetness.

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25 He Said Some Wonderful Things


Art by: VGCats

Link is a man of few words. The technical term is a Silent Protagonist. Silent protagonists have long been a staple of video games from the start, in the tradition of Mario, Gordon Freeman, Crono, and Red from the original Pokémon game boy games. Silent protagonists were perfect for game developers who couldn’t spend too many resources on script dialogue for their main character so they relied on the player’s— gasp— imagination. We have to pretend Link is speaking up for himself… but what if he isn’t? This comic assumes that he’s as soft-spoken for the other characters as he is for the player. That would mean the only sounds Zelda has to remember him by are “HYAH!” and the like. Has anyone even bothered to check if he has brain damage from saving Hyrule so often?

24 Urbosa's Fury

Urbosa is a Gerudo chieftain in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild who fought by Link’s side in the ill-fated rebellion against Calamity Ganon. Urbosa controls one of the four divine beasts that act as the game’s temples. Link meets every one of the four Hyrule champions spirits over the course of the game, but Urbosa is particularly interesting. Her backstory is the best, in my opinion. She’s got a strong reason for hating Calamity Ganon; he was born as male Gerudo before deciding to follow his true calling of being evil and stuff. Why any male Gerudo wouldn’t want to sit back and follow his other calling of being the only guy in town is beyond me.

23 Prince Selfie


Art by: LeMonisa

The smartphone revolution has annexed every fact of our lives— even our fantasy games. Leave it to smartphone-crazed Japan to find a creative way of including smartphones in a Legend of Zelda game, a fantasy world notably lacking in electronics. Making the Sheika Slate into an iPhone surrogate is both clever, although a tad frustrating for anyone trying to escape incessant snap chatting and selfie-taking. Although I am glad that the phone elements are slightly muted compared to other fantasy games including cell phones. COUGH. COUGH. FINAL FANTASY XV. So Link snaps a photo of a pretty sunrise now and then, no big deal. In Final Fantasy XV, you’re Instagramming your breakfast right after your father the king has been assassinated and your country has been invaded. Yolo!

22 Link Loves His Girls


Art by: Alderion-Al

This older Twilight Princess comic captures one of Link’s shortcomings. In every Zelda game, there are a ton of women who are throwing themselves at him— but he doesn’t seem much interested. Here we can finally see why. Link is simply such a wholesome and pure fairy boy that his first love is cats. Well, I guess he shares that love with, um, everybody else on the internet. Midna, Zelda, and that one girl from his hometown whose name I totally forget— they all get passed over for those cute fuzzballs. Link is even willing to— gasp— speak to the cats. That’s an honor he hasn’t accorded anybody else in his entire life. Link has only been saving his voice for the kitties all along.

21 The Performance Of A Lifetime


Art by: Dreadlock Detective

If there’s a theme I’m sensing here, it’s Link breaking girl’s hearts like he breaks and enters homes. Here we see him crushing the dreams of a Gerudo women during one of the game’s infamous Gerudo love classes. Even a main storyline of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is about how the Zora princess Mipha is in love with Link. It’s made extra tragic considering they’re not only separated by species, they’re separated by the spiritual realm. Mipha is super not alive. Link appears to be oblivious to Mipha’s true feelings even when she was alive, the same way he’s oblivious to this girl in the class and basically everybody in Hyrule who makes a point of talking about how good-looking he is. We get it Nintendo, you have a crush on Link.

20 Fill My Heart Up


This is one cute comic. Making the health mechanic of The Legend of Zelda literal hearts makes sense… until you stop to think about it, like, at all. Link finds physical hearts in the grass? He’s given a giant heart for completing temples and defeating his enemies? And what? This is supposed to increase his resistance to physical attacks? Yes, I know, we shouldn’t question video game logic. But this comic makes a salient, if cute, point. The heart that beats for Zelda js the same that Link has picked up somewhere in the mud. Maybe he’s collecting empathy and love. Yes, he simply started out as a sociopath terrorizing poor chickens! Either way, it makes more sense than stopping to cook and eat a steak in the middle of a battle like in Breath of the Wild.

19 Thinking About Her


Art by: Omocat

Awwww, my heart containers can’t take any more cuteness. I have a major soft spot for comics and fan fiction where Link explicitly has feelings for Zelda. While I love the games, so much is left to the imagination— sometimes to a fault. Unless you’re actively shaping the narrative using your own creativity, Link can appear ambivalent. Since he doesn’t ever express an opinion, it’s like he doesn’t much care. The only time Nintendo gave us a speaking Link who made his feeling for Zelda clear was the old cartoon. And excuse me, princess, but that Link was a grade-A sleaze. Essentially, the whole point of that show was him trying to force himself on Zelda… it’s a laugh riot for kids!

18 A Fishy Situation


Art by: Dreadlock Detective

I can’t believe how many of these comics are about how people love Link. I swear I didn’t realize how intense it was when I first collected these. I guess my editor now thinks I have a crush on Link. He’d be right. But he also has a crush on Link. And all of Hyrule and Nintendo has a crush on Link. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is essentially a giant dating game where you try to get with Link. Here Mipha gets her hopes up after learning that Link likes to eat fish. She doesn’t quite know what to make of it, but the scariest assumption is that Link is going to devour her like the Wild Salmon he catches on the go.

17 There's Something Between Them


Art by: Sky and Zelda

Navi really is annoying, isn’t she? Navi is the Tinkerbell to Link’s Peter Pan, always getting in the middle of him and Zelda— sometimes literally. Those characters share a lot of common characteristics if you think about it. Navi is a fairy who’s jealous of any girl that gets to spend time with Link, just like Tinkerbell. And Peter Pan and Link both wear green. Think ABOUT it. Yes, I know this comic has nothing to do with Peter Pan. I’m ahead of my time. Here Zelda and Link are busy trying to awkwardly work out their feelings, hugging like prebuscents in the stairwell during recess, when Navi is that annoying friend who comes around the corner. At first, Zelda thinks something else is going on here. Maybe Link’s Master Sword is getting in the way… but nope, just Navi.

16 Ganondorf Is Only Mortal, After All


Art by: The Greyzen

In Breath of the Wild, Link has to dress up like a woman to sneak into a female-only Gerudo city. It’s a delightful episode that bafflingly skirts gender and racial issues. Kudos to Nintendo. They could’ve had an uproar on their hands. Honestly, though? I think they just wanted to see Link in a woman’s Middle Eastern outfit. They appear not to be the only ones. Ganondorf has conflicting feelings about Link that confuses him. What if Ganondorf isn’t such a bad guy bent on evil and destruction? What if he was like any of the other Hyrule citizens who got his heart broken by Link? Ganondorf simply took it as badly as you possibly can. Keep it together, Ganondorf.

15 Zelda Gets Jealous


Art by: The Greyzen

If there’s one person Link has any actual strong feelings for in Breath of the Wild, it has to be Prince Sidon of the Zora Domain. From the very first cutscene where Prince Sidon hails Link from the top of a Zora structure, then flashes his winsome smile, you know you’re done for. Gosh, he’s a suave Prince. Right away he’s teasing Link and being overly-friendly. I know Link doesn’t say anything, but I mean, come on. Link’s riding on his backs in the water not long after. Everybody knows what’s going down. Move over, Mipha, Link only likes dude Zora who are alive. We have to sympathize with Zelda here. If you like each other so much, just kiss already

14 Link Faces His Greatest Challenge


Art by: Adam Ellis

Link faces his greatest enemy. No, I’m not talking about the evil forces of Calamity Ganon. I’m talking about his love for breaking and entering people’s homes and smashing their valuables to steal their rupees. It takes a lot of suspension of disbelief in the Zelda series every time Link enters someone’s house and smashes the place up. He’s not even just stealing— he’s full-on leaving destruction in his wake. Needless to say, it’ll pose a problem when he smashes Zelda’s pretty pottery in their class. His next adventure will be bachelorhood. This hilarious comic comes from Adam Ellis, a cartoonist for Buzzfeed. If you like Adam’s stuff, I highly recommend clicking over to the page and checking out his archives so he gets the credit he deserves and I that way I can sleep at night.

13 My Kingdom Of Hyrule For A Horse


Art by: Pigeon Princess

Did you think that the main love story of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was between Link and Zelda? Allow me to rectify that false opinion. Why do you think that Link takes his sweet time getting to the castle when he could go there straight away? It’s because he’s all about those horsies. But whenever Link tries to get close to one of them, they run away quicker than when he does from Ghost Mipha and her weird inter-species ghost feelings for him. All Link wants to do is love a horsie. Luckily, you can get Epona in the game if you know how. I don’t know how, but my girlfriend does. I think she’s using me to get to Epona.

12 Can You Teach Me?


Art by: Rudy Mora

It’s a testament to Breath of the Wild’s narrative power that we care so much about the relationship between Link and Zelda given, y’know, one of them is the strong silent type. The conceit of making Link a Rumple Stiltskin amnesiac coupled with the mechanic of collecting memories works wonder for the story. Depending on how you collect them, the story is told non-linearly. You get Pulp Fiction-esque account of how Link and Zelda fell in love right up to when Calamity Ganon struck Hyrule. What makes this particular couple so endearing is Zelda’s stoicism. She tries to keep a stiff upper lip and do right by Hyrule by not showing any affection. When her armour cracks and she shows affection for Link, our heart containers get full.

11 Lazy School Days


Art by: Alderion-Al

This comic is so adorable, and it doesn’t have to do very much to be so. First of all, this comic imagines a world where Link and Zelda are in the same class together. That alone is worthy of its own fan-fiction series. It’s a lazy day and Link isn’t listening to the lesson. Presumably, it’s a speech lesson. That would explain the speech problems he will suffer from later on in his adventures. Zelda sneaks a glance over at Link. In the second panel, he catches her. Then he closes his eyes again and she smiles to herself. She got away with it. It’s a delightful minimalist story that conveys so much with so little. If you’ve ever had a crush, you know don’t just feel butterflies in your stomach, you feel Mothras.

10 Only One Girl For Link


This well-drawn The Legend of Zelda comic plays on an old meme. You know the one, where a bunch of guys are watching television and they’re not impressed with what the offerings in the first handful of panels. The last panel always has them screaming with joy at the final selection. For the memologists among you, it’s a precursor to the Hotline Bling meme with Drake rejecting something and then embracing it. I’m teaching you valuable real-world material here. So naturally, Link doesn’t much care for all the gorgeous women in The Legend of Zelda franchise except for Zelda. He’s not the only one, though. Ganondorf fancies her too. Little known fact: the tri-force represents their weird three-person relationship.

9 Asking The Real Questions


Art by: Omocat

In The Legend of Zelda, the Amazonian all-female Gerudo race only give birth to a boy once every hundred years. Can you believe what a letdown it must have been for everyone when that one male Gerudo turned out to be Ganondorf that one time? But maybe Ganondorf went all silly with the evil and the deduction of society for a very good reason. As Link points out here with unflagging logic… how do they MAKE the baby? That’s going to be a very small family reunion. I absolutely adore this Legend of Zelda comic series. I highly recommend checking out the artist’s other Zelda work if you’re a fan of the series or comedy or enjoying good things.

8 Don't Ask


Art by: Jojo56830

Ever see someone and you weren’t sure whether to address them as a “he” or “she”? It’s a problem that gets University professors fired every day. It’s especially a problem for the Gerudo guards in Breath of the Wild. They’re not supposed to let in any men into their village. What are they supposed to do when a female Goron struts up… at least, what they think is a female Goron. The Gerudo are just trying to be prejudiced and everybody is making it so hard for them. It’s difficult to tell the Goron women from the men, seeing as their physiology is mostly the same. The women get a pony-tail though. Minus an invasive TSA search, that’s about as close as you’re going to get to knowing for sure.

7 Call Me By Your Game


Art by: LethalityRush

It’s Link and Zelda’s wedding day. Everything is going peachy. Hyrule is saved. Ganon is thwarted. The strong silent fairy boy has won the hand of the princess. Only, there’s one problem that hasn’t occurred to anyone. What happens during the ceremony when the priest asks Link, “do you, Link, take Princess Zelda to be your lawfully wedded wife?” and then… silence. The others gape. The priest prods Link. Zelda grits her teeth. Link sweats and starts shouting some attacks at the top of his lungs. But it’s not nearly as bad as what will happen when Link finally does marry Zelda, as depicted by this comic. For a guy who tosses every valuable thing he acquires in the air, she’s in for some bruising.

6 A Regular Day In Hyrule


I love artwork like this. I’m not talking about the style and the merit of the art— though it’s stylistically gorgeous— but the slice-of-life aspect. This is just a regular day for Link and Zelda. In three panels, you can even see a transformation. Zelda doesn’t much care for Link in the first panel, as seen by her scowl. She prays to the goddess— for what, we can only guess. Perhaps guidance in her quest. Perhaps it has something to do with Link. Then in the third panel, we’re treated to the two of them enjoying a perfect Hyrulian day. This is just one of the hundreds of regular days where they slowly fell in love. I wish there was more!

5 Every Morning


Art by: A Sailor Soldier

We’ve all been there. No matter how much sleep you’ve gotten, it’s never quite enough. Link’s been in a hyper-coma for a century. He’s been laying there with his shirt off, you know, being classy as one does. Then Zelda pulls that old mom trick and rips open the blinds. Even though he’s been asleep for a hundred years, Link could go for another five minutes. It’s a cute comic. It also begs the question: is Zelda watching him sleep and will she watch him wake up? I don’t want to get into too many details, but there are going to be a lot of backed-up biological processes that need tending to after a century. Look away, Princess.

4 Why It Took So Long


Art by: Kip Skiff

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Many people are quick to point out that Link takes his darn time getting to Zelda in Breath of the Wild. While she’s trapped in a time bubble staving off the forces of evil, Link is honing his cooking skills and shield-riding down mountain sides. You get the impression he isn’t in that big of a rush. I like this explanation, though. He needed time to regain his memories, and in doing so, he regained his feelings for Zelda. He wanted to be sure he remembered her perfectly when they reunite. The final panel is so sweet. Another wonderful touch is the Master Sword falling by the wayside. It shows that he’s left the fighting behind for good.

3 Voes Before Vais


Art by: Dreadlock Detective

The Legend of Zelda series has two gender-specific races, the Gerudo, an Amazonian all-female race, and the Goron, the boulder-crushing mountain-dwelling men. The inclusion of these two races is a bold move for a children’s game. But the question remains— um, where do, you know, babies come from for each race? There are some Goron women, but not many. Nintendo does a little jig around these issues to avoid a higher game rating. However, that poses a problem because censors have way too many problems with natural body processes. In Breath of the Wild, you can sense how hard it was for the writers to reconcile the Gerudo with their lore without being explicit. Link can shoot arrow-bombs at human-looking goblins and viciously slaughter them, but Hyrule forbids anybody talks about love.

2 Sheikah, What?


Art by: Setzeri

Impa, you dog you. The Sheikah guardian is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series, with her first appearance in the earliest games of the series. It wasn’t until Ocarina of Time that she became a familiar face. Impa is a nursemaid and guardian of Princess Zelda’s. She’s tasked with keeping a close eye on Zelda. But she could be keeping too close of an eye… as we can see from this comic. Zelda awakens to find Impa watching over her. Zelda, quite reasonably, asks what Impa is doing watching her sleep. Impa’s immediate telltale sweat is all the proof we need to know that Impa is using her finely-honed Sheikah ninja skills to be a master creep.

1 Making Time With Malon


Art by: Queen-Zelda

Ah yes, the women of Ocarina of Time. They’re beautiful and mature women, but you feel weird because they were kids for the first part of the game. Ocarina of Time is the original game where everybody wanted to date Link (as opposed to the insanity of Breath of the Wild, where you find girl’s journal entries about Link’s attractiveness). The farm girl Malon is one of the first women that link encounters outside of Kokiri forest. But Link’s only interested in mounting one female and that’s Malon’s horse Epona. You have to use your imagination a bit given that Link doesn’t talk much, but it’s not hard to assume that Malon is disappointed when the only guy she’s ever seen (and an incredibly good-looking one) totally rejects her. In the words of Grand Theft Auto, wasted indeed.

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